Um mini drag, so my um first video ever um, i actually um viewed it and um yeah. So now i said i was gon na. Do every toy um separately so that’s what i’m going to be doing today, drunk not every toy, you know what i mean so hold up. Wait. Why is okay? Okay? Can you see that this out of the way Music? Okay? So one thing about this miniature i’m? Actually, really fast well, i’m in the house right now, so yeah i’m, not gon na um, be able to put it on high speed. I actually broke the controller. Well, i i i broke it so, as you can see with this there’s no thing so like i seriously broke it yeah, so i seriously broke it so yeah. So this is actually a turn button, so that’s, actually gon na, be very painful, um yeah, so turn it on press that okay, all right, i have it working all right, let’s see all right three, two one and there we go so i just flew it all. The way over here all the way back there, okay, it’s um, um yeah, so it’s – definitely a starter drum. So if um, if you want a drone and you don’t – want to spend too much money and then break it um, this would actually be a really nice drone, because um as you can see, the things are scratched up. I actually broke um this and i had to get a new one Music, so yeah.

Also one thing i didn’t do is read the instructions on how to um fly. It make sure you read the instructions or else you will be stuck there. Like you, won’t know how to turn it on and there’s a power button, yeah and stuff that you won’t know how to um. Take it off so very important that you read the instructions um. It uh fits in this little thing and you have a white long. Usb charger like when you charge your phone and then you have this when you can just stick it in there, that’s probably gon na drain the battery a lot. So i would not recommend doing that.