So, first and foremost welcome everyone to tonight’s live stream, where we are going to look at footage from you guys and anybody who does come on if i can just check this and make sure that it is public. Yes, it is. That will mean that we should be able to see comments as they’re coming along so hi everyone all right, and that gives me the possibility and then the last check here is there? Yes, so that is going to come out and will eventually make its way down to about there. So that means that everyone can join in so we’re going to look at footage tonight. Some of you had asked me even to look at your footage. So if you do come back on do let me know your channel this one from mediocre coffee bean. Has this dji mavic air too let’s just take a look at it, we’re doing we’re, taking it hello, jb 2786. Now, if you have any footage on youtube and you want it reviewed – let me know because now’s the time to hit me up before people come on to the live stream. So if we look at this one here, this guy very much, his music is good. No he’s using he’s using it well immediately. I see that he has a good level of perspective where he does know now that’s nice. Now let me just check my screen here to make sure that i’m i don’t want it to be too there we go.

That should be better for everyone, then we know we’re, definitely seeing everything. This footage was really good and he has uploaded it in 4k, which is really good. I like the fact that he’s not giving us too much sky here so nice, so nice now i’m, one that doesn’t really like to put music in where there’s actual lyrics. Because then i have to watch the lyrics so, but this is beautiful in as much as there’s, not over saturation of colors, and he does have a point of interest here, a focal point which is really nice in this case the lighthouse and nice and slow that’s. What you want, and the best thing about it is some people will tend to speed up the footage and it makes for the sk for the shoreline to go where too fast. Now there is a good chance that this will become infringed in somewhere because of copyright, but how nice is that nice, slow, orbits that’s? What you want you don’t want it to be to the point where you’re not even getting a chance to appreciate the footage isn’t that nice lovely and calming well edited nice little bit of color mediocre coffee bean has got it right and he’s using adobe premiere and He’S giving us another shot, which is really nice, he’s mixing it up here, you don’t want all the shots to be the same. If he starts off with one going forward, look nice then a second one is immediately into an orbit and then up close and then over so you’ll see here a a nice reveal, but upwards and that’s really good good evening david doyle, nice to see you here And thank you for joining us this evening.

I hope you’ve had a good evening very excited because they’ve just announced in southern ireland that you will be able to move within your county as in a few weeks time, which means that i should be able to get out again with the drone and get some Decent footage to be able to present to you so nice look at this look now. Look at the nice dark, colors he’s bound to be using a filter here. I often wonder if i put that over like that yeah it does mean, then that if you were to put that there yeah i’ll leave it. I think i’ll just leave it, but i will have to work on that regarding the layout now. It would be good if we could have got a bit of a story happening after this, because it’s just footage. I do appreciate it and as much as it’s very nicely let out. However, there’s no story telling me anything other than the name of the place now. The colors are very well done very well done anyway. We’Re north enterprises good afternoon and jb 2786, so let’s go in and see jb 27 it’s x, let’s see if we can find that channel. If it’s a channel let’s see, we have our instagram people also now, let me see, am i spelling that right, obviously not j, b? Ah jb? Here we are yes, i have seen some of your stuff before and now let’s get a look which one would you like us to see? I have looked at this one here before and it was just wonderful and i loved the fact.

Yes, do you remember it was so nice we commented on this the last day too, that was so nice anyway. Let’S go back and have a look at another one, while we’re waiting for some more oh peter vanya bit of anya. Look at that! Listen to it! Oh, we all love a better vibe. How have you managed to use that look at that for an explanation now. We know what’s happening, okay, a lot of names there. I think you need to put some hashtags in your text so that they appear here too, but listen, brilliant, start nice. We all love scotland, oh my goodness. I love dania loved. It nicely pierced footage plenty of points of interest. Nice autumn colors there just spectacular. 29. 30., okay, i know that your way of doing it is slightly different to mine and as much as you like the longer scenes. Oh gosh, so nice, nice, nice, nice. Now that is really nice. Now, if there’s any others that you really want me to to look at within your playlist, please do let me know in the comments let’s see, who else we have here, hi, patrick good, to see you working out working but docked out to see some summon down Time i did the north coast 500.. Did you dave doyle? Well, you’re, always up for a bit of positive criticism. David doyle guys put the links in the description. Oh my god. Look at that now.

Where is the 500 that you’re talking about? I don’t see it. Where is your most recent one that’s? The last was we’ve already seen this one. Unfortunately, i crashed my drone there. Oh you’re, talking about in round scotland, okay jj drones. We were chatting earlier this morning, jj drones. Yes, we did like it. Oh there’s, somebody has the same. Jj drones, look they’ve the same title. Oh, this is yours though. Okay ooh, all right. Oh okay! Okay, yes, we had looked at the all right. I like when there’s a bit of a vlog going on those are pretty straightforward ones. You can do my video on jj drones. Oh it’s got a bit of everything jason. That is a proper title that is a proper title, putting in mavic air 2, i’m a mavic 2 pro sorry in the title the afternoon. Okay, you’ve also put the proper place that it’s located. This is really important, even if it is that’s like this one let’s say great video, because i know it will be. I just know it will be. I know it anyway give this guy. Some love give jj drones. Some love let’s. Take a look: oh all right, jason from the travel centers in barstow, california, that’s right i’m in california, again and okay. I was able to go to kingman arizona and in kingman arizona. It actually looks like your drone is just hovering there by taking during the daytime it’s not in the evening, and i also have a secret weapon that i haven’t told you about yet so we’ll get into that in a little bit now, that’s good, that that is Actually, a good way to now we’re already 40 seconds in mr beast, would probably turn around and said, tighten that up a little bit, tighten it up and just say to me: okay, we are here.

This is what we’re gon na do stay tuned and it’ll make for more audience retention, because because no, not everybody, so it is hovering. The drone. Well love you for okay, keep a couple we’re gon na get to yours too, but listen. Can you see the comments? Then, yes, you can, yes, you can. How do i get it to to actually be something that window capture all right, that’s, giving feedback on my latest video, because, ah what oh hold on a second lads, this that’s a notification. I hope it didn’t cut off the old live stream. Hopefully it didn’t let’s go back into instagram. Are you still there instagram? It was paused a little bit. Okay, anyone who’s on instagram! Please do come over to youtube, because that is where it’s all happening. Okay, that should still be okay. Sorry about that lads. Yes, people do have a very very short attention span, james, they don’t all have the same critical skills as a man like yourself, so you might want to just do it a little bit short of that intro? It is still very good and i, like the hovering drones – and i am coming to you from the travel centers of america in barcelo california, that’s right using the mother. You need to see the difference, that’s good sure. Yes, you’ve got the title: the titles, the descriptions, everything can’t fault it, but tighten it up and on the way here i was able to go to kingman arizona, all right because that’s, oh now, there’s a big difference.

There there’s a big difference there in the audio quality because i actually had to put it up a little i’m going to go ahead and fly this around a little bit to hear the difference. Now you do have a lavalier mic. It seems on there. I wonder what that’s connected to probably it could be your iphone all right and then it just goes a little bit loud on me. Nice little subscribe button there then we can see what you’re doing on instagram should cut away while talking that’s a good point. Good point good point, david mix, that you could, of course be showing some drone footage as you’re going along, but there there your volume gets, gets very loud now the intro’s nice. Okay. What do we have here? I love a good title. Good title will always help to keep people engaged and that’s. What i like tell the story of where you are, what you’re doing little now? How long is this intro not do the intro there’s 15 seconds again, i would tighten it up a little bit just a little bit more to just keep it flowing nice nicely just because of the way the youtube audience is now it’s still great. I i still want to see all those shots, but you literally could do that in half the time anyway. Still amazing, i hope that’s your truck that you’re throwing up there now, if you’re, if you’re a trucker, i want to know that in an introduction, can you go to about minute seven? I will.

I will i well oh well. Well, but listen. I would um if you are a truck driver, and this looks like it’s inside the cab of the truck. I would be saying that to people in the intro i’m, a truck driver that’s, going around america and today i’m in kingman arizona, all right, let’s get up to this nice drone footage at your request. Don’T get carried away all right here. We go okay, inviting us to subscribe all right now. We’Ll get this up a wee bit more okay and you’re, telling us here about travel sanders. Look at this lovely footage like the fact you’ve got the logo in there too. Beautiful music nice reveal of the canyon immediately bringing us to another shot. Yes, look at the colors. I, like that there’s a point of interest coming along here very nice, indeed giving me time to reflect on what i’m looking at and cut to the music, nice and there’s we’re. Obviously, next to the highway there’s an amazon lorry going by that’s, it show it to us yes, now, that’s, a lovely reveal that is a lovely reveal. Okay, so we come along here like this first little reveal, i would probably put your favorite shot at the very beginning. This is lovely also bit faster, nothing wrong with that there he is it’s a bit blurry, though what happened there, such as because you’re going so fast or did you speed it up in post still would love afterwards to be able to like it is that the First shot, there is a lovely reveal there’s, no doubt about it.

Look it’s, bringing us in oh you’ve, even put a little card to me, that’s very nice wow. Oh, how come it doesn’t go there. Oh there, it is. Ah troopers have somewhere to go to be on the same level as this guy that’s very kind of you, sir. Thank you. I hope, i’m, not being very critical of your drone video now that’s the speed of the drone. Okay, listen! You are a seasoned pilot there’s. No doubt about it, but if you’re a truck driver, i want to know that in your introduction, because i think you’ve people will love following your adventures around the place, no doubt about it and that’s what you want to even get a little bit of the footage From inside the cab as you’re driving along even if it is with the iphone – because i am oh – you probably tell us that anyway or do you. Let me just check that out all right about all right, you’re, jason and you’re from god’s country. I thought i thought ireland was god’s country, a body slagged, yes, making fun videos on my travels added them and share them with the world that’s what you got ta do i have included there. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Okay, that is just brilliant, and the footage is amazing and the music is amazing, and this edit is really good. There’S, just one little tip i’ll give you when it comes to this edit.

Okay, this was nice. This was very nice let’s see. Was it the next scene, i’m enjoying the music here as we’re going this one here i right so i see just open that top corner and that’s what i want to say, so i probably would have started this cut when you start to reveal. Let me say from now as it’s going up and then it makes for a nice reveal that way it doesn’t even look choppy it doesn’t. Even look like a drone shot, the master is the one who is the one who makes us feel that it’s not actually drone footage because that’s lovely and then i would stop it in around there, which i believe you have yes now you can adjust the yaw Of the camera for evens, more cinematic, but a beautiful shot, the fast bit there i just think, goes too fast, but hey, i suppose, you’re fastening it up to the music brandon. Welcome now we’re seeing okay, oh let’s, see that’s even nicer view of the canyon music’s great. I would be keeping each clip to about five to seven seconds, because people just get bored after a while, so you want to keep it tight. That would be my recommendation. Overall is that your editing skills are very good, you’re, not afraid to go on camera, so that was definitely an important part. I love someone who’s not afraid to appear on camera, so you’re not afraid to appear on camera good point.

Your drone skills are on point. Second good point: the the fact that you’re traveling around the country means that you’re going to have loads of content. You can give to us. You’Ve obviously read up on how to do your titles you’ve put in the exact location, which is better for the analytics within within the youtube algorithm you’ve. Given us a decent explanation and you’re telling us where we can, where we can contact you just tighten up all the shots, tighten up your intro and tighten up even your little um. Your little introduction of what your channel is all about. That’S my recommendation for now, and i look forward to seeing more of your footage jason. This is excellent. Look at the nice little reveal we’re going to see here, but again each one of these shots five seven seconds, if there’s no story being told, but it is beautiful and what about some b roll? This is lovely, look, nice and smooth. You have it at 1080p, which is fine and the music’s good, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant there’s so much there that you can work on, and it will just make a tremendous difference to your videos, which are good in and of themselves, but could be better and that’s. What the name of this game is and that’s what the name of the the purpose of this little live stream is on a tuesday evenings, and i hope it will serve for the other people who have stayed tuned in okay, let’s, see um, welcome, love reveal shots.

Coming between the mountains, have i missed anything should cut away while talking and go back. I like that little tip all right keep a couple. Did you say you had something love you for the criticism? Oh, oh really, i don’t want to go. Keep a couple. I don’t want that. That sounds bad when you say i want to criticize your drone footage. No, you want me to look over and to give you some positive feedback. That’S. What you want me to do. Oh there he is the man himself. Yes, you are kevin. Okay, all right, i betcha this is gon na be amazing. Spring is here spring. Is here he’s right into it that’s? What we wanted to say yes spring is here, got a bit of a card there too, going on all right all right bit early for the card. Kevin don’t put it in just yet don’t want to distract me from this video pop it in later on and let’s see what you have to say: love the hat: honda; okay, still a bit of snow up around there. Oh, you can see what we got hitler yesterday i’m gon na have to buy a new drone because a lot of people on my channel here like watching the reviews all right boom right into it. Okay, i like it, you can see what we got. We got hit the snow, buy a new drone because a lot of people on my channel here, like watching the reviews all right but you’re, not gon na – buy a drone just to be able to review it.

Are you perhaps you are a trip to seal island? Use multiple drones for footage. Okay, all right! We might learn some. The paranormal, my god hold on a minute here, hold on a minute kevin, or can i call you kev? You know your intro’s pretty long too. That was what hold on a minute. Oh no, wait. Wait a minute here if i’ve just been to jason and said, tighten up your intro. I think you got to do that too. Pop that in get speed that up you’ll even see the likes of mr based on peter mckinnon and and casey, and all those guys they actually, their intros, have actually got even shorter and some of them don’t even put an intro at all. So even the ken hearn one and his is a big, fast heron in the win, and then he goes so it is good to let us know what you’re doing, but but but tell me a lot faster like watching the review yeah, we do. Okay from me, from 13 13 to 42 that’s 30 seconds of an intro nah that’s, your homework kevin for over the easter holidays, get a new intro. My friend tighten it up and it’ll you’ll notice, a massive difference. Otherwise, and in fact it would be very interesting to see what your analytics are like to see your people dropping off in those first 30 seconds, and it might be because of that, because you’ve got me with.

I wonder what he’s going to be telling us about and then you’re back 30 seconds later, and i can only make so many cups of coffee in 30 seconds come back brand new day spring is here: oh you, yeah yeah, now you’ve already said that it’s almost Gone it’s getting warmer again guys. We had pretty much a week of really warm weather. Oh we’ve got a subscribe going in there that’s all right, i’m going to say the highest was 10 degrees, and then we got nailed with this, but uh, hopefully it’s the last one of the year. Now. Why is that not? Why is that? Why is there a black? Why is there a black border there kevin is that the editing software be able to get back to the hiking in there yeah. I know this winter kind of killed us with not being able to go hiker. We all want to get out hiking. My friend show you guys what we used to do. Yes, i started doing these drone flights and reviews guys but i’m going to get back to the hiking stuff again and laura will be joining me. Don’T worry, as it will still be doing, reviews plus incorporating drone footage into all our videos. Good. We don’t want you leaving us for the hiking community, stay with us we’re, just waiting for the warm weather to hit aren’t. We all trails to be clear of all the snow okay, but that being said, i’m gon na head out somewhere today to show you guys some nice views with the drone.

I have three with me today: the mavic mini the mavic air ii and the femi x8. Se 2020. genie mac i’m, not sure where i’m gon na go guys, probably i’m thinking out around ceo in the area, but not exactly sure yet, but we’ll find somewhere to go and i’ll either do just a regular drone flight or you know, i’ll mix it up. Like i used to do okay, so i guess i’m gon na head in the car hit the road and catch you guys back in a bit peace guys getting all really sucks guys. What don’t be telling me that today is actually my birthday. I am now 46 years old. This image is me, goddammit! Stop it gavin! No, no done with that sort of thing down with that sort of thing, but uh it’s, not the topic for today. No it’s, not the topic for today, all right, but i want to hear more about this we’re supposed to be inspiring the younger generations. You all right, let’s, get on to the footage. Okay, okay, i heard you. I heard you saying that all right, let’s take a look. Let’S take a look hold on. Is it peace out or i’ll? See you later you got to get coherent here with your little intros yeah. We need to work out what’s going on here. What editing program are you using anyway? Here we go is reality, listen could be, worse, could be a lot worse dies this week.

Remember that my friend a couple of thousand years ago, huh sunday he came into he came into town on a donkey with all his palms and then look what happened to him by friday. God damn it. So you know yeah anyway, we’re not getting to will not get into that right. Now. Okay, let’s get back here, but we got a chat about this okay let’s. You should be hitting me up on instagram and we sit down and have an owl and i’ll uh chat on instagram live splitting the screen and having the chats so yeah that’s. What i’m gon na do i’ll get you guys a little be with us, and then i think we’re gon na head off right right, let’s get back to the footage. Okay, beautiful first view beautiful nice little, not all over we’ve got the bridge. We’Ve got the nice ark it’s a lovely arc going on there and nicely into the next one lovely overhead shot. The colors are really nice. I mean there’s a bit of a reveal. Okay, not yet. I thought you were gon na reveal something to me there and then you didn’t, okay, nice right, i probably would have then just if you’re not going to reveal it to me. Don’T start the reveal, because then you get me excited for no reason and what good is that to me? So if you’re going to give me this shot, which you do, then you give me that shot which is lovely.

I would stop it about there because don’t start the reveal and then and then i don’t get it and now we’re back to this one, which is perfect. Is there any nd filters on music skate? Oh, oh that’s, a difficult shot, kevin that’s a difficult shot! Well done, look at him coming out of that ravine. I bet you was down there too wow that’s a nice shot. Yes very good, nice and nice and quick that’s good, keeps me interested looking forward to seeing it there’s a sailor. There’S some seals gosh. It gets a bit shallow there. The sails are good. They’Ve got a little area: oh seal island, duh, sale island. Yes, i agree with john there very tight and skilled shot to pull off. So if there are seals there, what does that mean? Is that going into the sea or is it yeah, i suppose it’s some some sort of asteroid, that’s lovely that is so nice? If i click on this, then what happens? Oh, it just brings me into sea lion, and so seal island is sea. Lions are they sea lions, or are they seals check that out guys? I didn’t plug i’ve done this the other day too, and it totally had me confused let’s, see these see you’re showing me to follow the fish and they come back here. I like this, when you’re showing us in the corner. There too leads into the atlantic that’s pretty good, but the filmora there’s something here.

You got ta, try and sort this out with your edges now for anybody who thinks i’m too close, i’m i’m, not close i’m. Not going to bother these anyway sorry i’ve got distracting i’ve gone on a different video there, but um okay, so what’s my conclusion to this little bit of footage. Let me see yeah you’ve, given us ours, a little bit more. Thank you for watching. I love you guys until next time, it’s a long conclusion it’s a long conclusion that you want to tighten that little bit up there. Just because you want you want us to stare to the end. Oh yeah, i get what you’re showing me here. Ah, the seal all right now i see it didn’t see that last time around anyway, that was good, john tunner suggests it could be an expert setting if there’s anybody on instagram do pop over to youtube and keep on you know looking at us anyway. Do you think it’s, because i’ve chosen standard instead of widescreen could very much be that absolutely i’m, not familiar with you missed the seal follow scene i know, is that was that on this one yeah that’s, what you’re doing you’re following that seal yeah see it now? I see it now. You didn’t tell me that you didn’t tell me how am i supposed to know you need to put something on there and say stay tuned until the end, so that we can see the old uh seal follow scene.

If you have to tell me afterwards in the comments you may have missed it wrong aspect ratio regarding the exporting of your filmora anyway, absolutely on the money regarding police places that we can visit. So you have no excuses kev, except for the fact that it is of course locked down. Well don’t know what it’s like up with you guys but it’s locked down where i am, and i think that you have your your manner on camera. Your demeanor is really good and you just have to tighten up the old intros a little bit, even if the video is a little bit shorter because it’s about watch time, but that percentage watch time too so um yeah. I think that was really really good. Look forward to seeing more um get that intro redone, and no more of that talk about being 46 and feeling old. I know no we’ll talk about that later right. What time is it? Oh, my god, i’ve been on here for 45 minutes i’m gon na have to leave it there, lads, okay, so enough of the of the lockdown business. How long are you on lockdown for enough of the air? Tell me about it: brandon it’s, terrible uh. We are in lockdown for another few weeks, they’re slowly, but surely they are um, giving everybody their vaccination. I popped up one there, the other day, just of with the kids that i’m sure that you have all seen.

Don’T forget to have a rummage around my website. This is my little shameless plug towards the end of the live stream and, if there’s anything there, that you feel will help you don’t be afraid to get your free resources if you notice any mistakes on the website, please do let me know um. You can also support me in different ways, as some of you have already done. Thank you very much and yes um as brandon says, let’s keep uh optimistic as we all emerge from lockdown and hope that it doesn’t get any worse. Well. Southern ireland is a little bit stricter than northern ireland because the northern ireland people yes do get talking to me, hit me up on instagram everybody and then don’t forget folks. Yes in northern ireland, they are vaccinating people faster. I hope to get mine in the next few months. Folks, it’s been lovely chatting to you all this evening for all of you who were there don’t forget to pick up some tips and tricks um and if you want to view products, and if you want also, if you have a mavic air too and also want To get your complete infographic and you can also do that too um i’ve been working on the website today and off we go. I see that opens up that. I didn’t find more mistakes, don’t even want to yes, and then i had to correct this. For someone this morning where they were like, i made a video i made a video where i said, bear with me: lads bear with me i’m working on it i’m working on.

Yes, i am guys i will chat to you all later. Thank you very much. Have a great evening – and this is patrick coming to you – live and hoping that you all have a wonderful easter, not sure if i’ll get on next tuesday, because it’s easter. But i might so take care stay in touch with me via instagram. And we will. We will be in touch bye, bye and check out. My last video, where is my last video on my channel? Oh there’s me live yeah this one here that one yeah got the kids in there anyway. We’Re north enterprises have a good day too, and we will catch you all again.