Have you heard that someone telling you that you can't do something you're, not good enough. Your grades, aren't good enough. You don't have enough money to do something. You'Ll never have enough money to do what you want to do and you'll never be able to leave your hometown, because you have no education, you're, not going to college all these things that people tell you your entire life seems like they spend a lot of time. Telling people that they can't do something now, when someone tells you that you can't do something. Remember that you can. If you put your mind to anything, you can do anything you want to do, and that is really the point of this video Casey neistat's just did a really awesome. Video and it's called do what you can't. I suggest looking that up. This is a short brief. Little video of some really awesome video footage that he's compiled over the years and he's trying to to influence people to go out and do their own thing. The way they want to do it because you know what it's a big wide world out there and it is such an awesome positive place. If you look at it in that light, you can do anything in your life that you set out to do whether you're young or old middle age. Maybe you just lost your job, maybe you're, just a recovering alcoholic or you got over a drug problem, family problems.

All these things that bring us down in our life, sometimes we get to the lowest point. Of course, there's always a way to get back to the top, and the top of a good life is being happy and that's really what this is all about enjoying yourself. You know, success is really success to me is being happy in your life doing what you do, no matter what that is, your dishwasher, if you hear an RC car guy or if you fly airplanes or if you're a doctor, a lawyer or maybe you work in A restaurant, if you're a cook where you work in the medical field, whatever you do as long as you're happy doing that that's what's most important and you enjoy the people around you and a lot of us do that. We surround ourselves with people that lift us up and a good part of what I do spending each day. Making these videos, for you guys, is to lift you up, maybe even just for a moment out of that current situation that you're in wherever you're watching this video from world, I can come into your living room. I can communicate with you from anywhere in the world and you can message back right on this video in this channel. You can make a comment, and you can tell me something about yourself, as some people choose to put me down and that's okay too. But you know what we're able to communicate on a daily basis, almost and that's – an amazing thing, because, as an amazing reach that I can reach out into the world and communicate with you directly when I make these videos a lot of times.

I am speaking directly to you, the viewer and trying to show you something new or just have a little bit of fun for them, even if just for one moment of your day that you can come and watch a video and enjoy yourself and kind of break Away from that situation, like I said so, this video channel it's it's not it's, not about me a lot of times I'm showing just the product on the bench, and you know I do have my own personal image on here, which a lot of people on YouTube Do but at the end of the day, it's about you, it's about you, the viewer and showing you something show and tell teaching you something new, maybe something that you never saw before, because if you learn one little thing that can spin you off in a totally Different direction and can change your life literally change your life, one little piece of information, a little positive seed planted in someone's head, whether you're, young or old. You see something that inspires you and that's that's. What this is really about is inspiring others to go out and try something. They'Ve never tried before that might change their life, and I think that's, probably one of the most important aspects of of what I'm doing here and it's really cool. The International reefs that we have on this channel is so broad based. I can do a video and I can reach people from all over the world.

Now we have over 50000 subscribers and that's cool you guys are from all over the world. I mean we get comments. I get messages all the time from emails from people from you guys, yeah they're, literally from everywhere: India, Philippines, Malaysia, China, you're from Russia, the USA all over the USA, Japan, Germany, France, the UAE, Pakistan, middle east of Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Italy, Netherlands and even some Remote Pacific Islands way on the middle of the ocean. I'Ve gotten emails from people out there that fly drones, it's, really really cool and I've learned a lot about you guys since we started doing these giveaways, and that is really satisfying to me, because what's happening is I'm learning about you and I'm getting to know you As well, I don't talk a lot about my personal life on my channel and I don't discuss matters about my family or my background. Really too much with you guys. But you guys know a little bit about me because we do communicate quite a bit and there's a lot of people right now that email me and ask me: how do they start a drone channel or how do they be a successful youtuber or influencer or whatever You want to call this that's that's happening on YouTube today, young people ask me how they get started and someone wrote me an email a couple days ago and asked me, and I told them just to keep uploading, do what you want to do.

Whatever makes you passionate to create new new things, just keep uploading constantly and it doesn't matter whether it's, good or bad. Some days I make a bad video. I don't like it and it's okay, I put forth enough effort to do something for that afternoon and that day and that's what we have to do. We have to keep going and you have to keep your ambition alive, while you're doing what your set out to do. What your goal is your end goal and what my end goal is for this channel. I don't know I'm just kind of riding this wave and enjoying it at the moment where I am right here in this moment so what's the point of all this, I think the biggest point like I was saying before is to lift you guys up I'm here To break you out of that moment, at least for part of your day, and you know, show you something positive and show you how amazing this world can really be it's a it's, an amazing world out there now, after I'm, dead and gone. If this video reaches someone else out there on the Internet, or if some of my other videos reach people, I think the biggest benefit to to my life would have been influencing someone else and giving them some kind of ambition to do something in their life that That radically changes their life and maybe their their life direction for the better.

So that is a huge gift to me, and this is great because I can reach people no matter what their economic situation, whether they have a handicap issue. There have cancer, or they have some kind of terrible home life, abusive relationships. You know from a friend or relative some types of drug addictions that you guys have shared with me: you're recovering alcoholics and mentally ill there's, all kinds of things that any list of negativities in your life that that you have shared with me. And I really appreciate that that you feel like this helps you out and you can being just a little bit happier and you remember that person sitting in the room, maybe in your classroom or at work, that person that always seemed to be kind of a little Bit unhappy in the room and they're not doing that well and a lot of people ignore that person. Sometimes if you just reach out to that person and encourage them the tiniest bit, that person will have their life change for the rest of their life. They'Ll always remember that you reached out to them some whatever their situation was – and this is you know, like I said in school or at work on the street or wherever just reaching out to someone for one single moment of their day, will change their life and They'Ll always always remember that it happened to me when I was a child. My art teacher reached out to me and she changed my life.

She changed my way of thinking because at the time everyone else was telling me that I can't we're constantly telling me that I couldn't do this. I can't do that. I can't make a living doing art. I will never be able to have any money. I will be a poor, starving artist, I'll live in a hut and a plywood hut with a dirt floor, and the reality is that that was all negative fabrications that they were trying to put into my own mind, and that was wrong of them. To try to do that mainly because they were projecting their own unhappiness on to me as a child, and no one should ever do that to a child, absolutely wrong, so reach out to that person that you see. That might need a little bit of help and encourage them. When you look on the internet from wherever you are in the world, and you can have fast the internet it and you seek oh man, I'm, so small I'll never be able to amount to anything. Just remember one thing that this is 2017. A lot has changed in the last 20 years, with communication we're a smaller global community now and were able to just with one click we're able to reach out to people across the entire world. That'S really really amazing and powerful. Do you think about that? For a moment, one click one like one dislike we've affected, someone's life from one side of the planet to another and in an instant and that's, really powerful.

So, like I said, we're up to 50000 plus subscribers now and we reach millions of millions of people on this channel and it's quite amazing. I can upload a video at any day any moment of the day and I can reach as many people as a YouTube concert and that's that's pretty wild to me, and I can do it without charging you a single penny. You don't have to pay to watch. My video it's completely free to you to watch this video. You can get public why by and you can go sit in the library somewhere and you can watch this content no charge to you, that's, really cool, so guys. What I'm saying here is don't ever compromise. Your ambitions to other people, no matter what other people say, and I know it's really hard to do – not listen to them. When they tell you negative things, some people will spend it. What looks like a half an hour trying to write a five paragraph comment on how terrible terrible that my video was. It was the worst video they've ever seen. It was the worst explained shown filmed. The sound was terrible. Maybe I didn't upload it in 4k. All these things that they come up with it that try to bring me down. You know what I don't even read: half of them, what they write anymore. I read like the first line and it's really terrible, so you just delete it.

You don't have to spend or waste your life listening to someone trying to bring you down. It'S it's, not it's, not even worth your time, it's, really not a lot of times. When you have someone like that in the room, they're. Usually the odd person out in the room and that's that's, probably the way it is in their life, and I have to feel compassion for that because a lot of times when people are like that in real life situations, the rest of the crowd in the room Is kind of ignoring that person because they know that that person is going to try to just be that way with them. So you know mostly generally people looking to socialize and look out for one another and be a part of something bigger than themselves. I grew up in a small town in North Carolina and I remember hearing all kinds of stuff from different people growing up and they always like. I said before they always telling me I can't I can't I can't, I can't do something. I said I want to move to New York City and I want to do video production. Oh and I want to go work for MTV or some big company corporation. I wanted to be a video editor and film and television. Everyone told me you can't do that you're from a small town, you don't have any money there's, no way you can make it up there.

You don't have an education. Well, guess what I did and I went, I worked for a couple different companies in New York City and I was a professional broadcast editor and I did that. I did what I dreamed of doing and I did it by the time I was 23 years old. I wanted to quit my day job and I wanted to make things for virtual reality. Games and people around me said: that's, absolutely nuts, you can't quit your job to try to make virtual reality games you're not going to be able to do that. You can be able to make a living you're going to be penniless you're going to be broke, guess what I was able to do that quit my job and be successful at it for more than a decade. That is really really fun and I had a lot of fun doing and I enjoyed doing it and that's people a lot of people. Couldn'T understand it. You know they say: oh you're, just avoiding your regular life you're on you want to have a virtual reality. Life you're not living in the real world, you're, not a doctor or a lawyer, you're just making things that don't even exist that people buy. Why is that important, it's important to me, because I was enjoying myself and my life and I wasn't stuck in a cubicle somewhere in New York City, for you know the rest of my life riding the subway to work every day to sit in a cubicle.

So I read myself from that and sometimes when you think you want something, can you finally achieve it? It might not be what you really want once you get there and you stand on top of that. So when you look down, you think well, this is really what I wanted: it's okay, to change your mind and try something different and do something different. When I was in high school, I said I want to go to college and I'm gon na get a bachelor's degree and a lot of my teachers said you can't. Do that you can't you don't have a good good enough grades. You really terrible at math and you'll, never be able to do that and guess what I did. I went to college and I got a bachelor's degree and three years ago I decided that I wanted to start up. Drone camps and people told me that yeah that's not really a good idea. Drones here, dangerous there they're illegal. You know you're you're, a spy you're going to spy in my window and I got told all kinds of ridiculous ridiculous things about drones: that from people who had no idea what a drone even looked like all they saw, was a phantom on the news channel and They tapped into this paranoia that was created by the media and the FAA. The National Park Service and all these other entities made up this rush to make up all these rules about drones that you know so far to my knowledge, no one's been killed by a drone.

You just have to be responsible and make sure that you go by your town or city's rules about drones. You know people would tell me on my channel when I first got started, and even still you know that I'm, a sellout that I you know. Why do? I waste my time showing you guys the cheapest crap toy drones out there. You know I'm a sellout, because I I show things that are more affordable in a channel. I'Ll show all the high end stuff like DJ. I am even some of the really high end stuff. Like the inspire they told me, I was I wasn't smart enough to do this channel. They told me that I wasn't sharp poo. They told me that I wasn't mr. steel. They told me that I'm not flight test I'm, not all these different things, but I don't have to be you know I don't have to be I'm, not obligated to hold up to anyone, else's standards except my own, so I can be anything I want to be, And I did I did that, and this is my own thing and I'm doing my own thing and if other people enjoy it, that is what is really awesome. Now, if you're watching this video and you're younger person – and you don't, have quite as much experiences someone like myself, I'm a little older than some of you watching this channel, we have a pretty young demographic, but I just want to keep you in the loop about People that make those negative comments.

You have to realize that a lot of those people that make those negative comments are they're trolling or the just mean to you at school or you know in in your job. You have to remember that they're pretty unhappy in their life and they're not satisfied with themselves and that's the that's, the biggest problem with those people. You know it's sad, so you just have to tell them hey man, things will get better for you. I swear. I promise things will get better. You know just lighten up a little bit and everything will be okay, because all of us are here and we're all supporting each other on the channel. We'Re communicating like never before on the videos for making comments and I'm talking back to you guys and it's a lot of fun. I really like the interactivity of putting a new video up and getting your responses on. It really makes me super excited. When I see a comment come up and I get to read what you said so keep making those comments for sure and for those guys that are full of negativity. Just remember that the door is always open for you here on the channel. You can come to the other side, where we're all having a good time and join the party for sure and, like I said, success is enjoying your life and what you do and that's the biggest thing to me is success is enjoying your life and what you Do so encourage other people to keep dreaming and just remind them that they can they can do it.

You can do anything.