I have bought a used drone off ebay, which is faulty. Can i fix this drone and can i get it going and everything else that comes along with it and one of the most interesting things about this? Video is the fact that you actually get to find out what this drone is at the same time as me, so lets get into it. So you may well be wondering how on earth i do not know what this item actually is. Well, to explain that im going to show you my ebay purchase so on the ebay page you can see where i bought this item. It is listed as the dji mavic mini fly more combo, i paid 160 pounds, which is obviously our currency here in the uk, which is absolutely debt cheap, but it is listed as not not working and for parts only if i actually scroll down to the uh Item description, you can see that it apparently has an activation problem and therefore is being sold as spares or parts lets. Take a little look, and this is where the confusion comes in, because who knows it could be a brick inside here. So if we actually look at the photograph which is supplied, it is one photo supplied on this listing. Have you noticed something about this photo? The photo is a dji mavic air. The listing title said its a dji mavic minifly, more combo. However, the photo shows the dji mavic air, so guys you are going to find out what this is and if i can fix it and if the fault which is listed is actually true at the same time as me, so yeah lets get lets get into it And lets i thought this would be a cool video, so right lets uh, get it up and then lets start got my nice, nice sharp knife.

I think this seems to be wrapped in a carrier bag there we go weve got white, but you can see im kind of looking over here. Um interesting. I have no idea what it is im, not looking. What is it im gon na have to move my knife further around at the moment. I cannot see what it is. Can you see what it is is that the back no idea, okay, ive just seen, lets check out the way its a dji mavic air fly. More combo were good guys. You still got all the stickers on and everything else im really excited to hear whats actually going to happen here. I did actually take the liberty of downloading the dji go app just in case it actually was this drone. So there you go, this is a dji, mavic air. So, first things: first, i guess what im gon na have to do is press this button here and just see if theres any battery life in it and it looks like weve – got three flashing bars. If thats focused there id press that again three flashing bars and whats the controller got, the controllers got two flashing badly. If you can see that there, so i think the best thing i can do is, like i say, youre gon na do this live with me. Obviously, i might have to cut some bits and pieces out, but well see, well see what happens. Okay, um, okay lets go for.

It then lets just take that sticker off carefully. Here we go so now lets quickly pop the uh. This is the usb seat, one in right, so ive got the controller and my phone in the controller ive got the dji. Uh sat right here so im gon na start, my screen recording okay, so you can see exactly whats going on at the same time as me. So what i think the best bet would be to do is to turn the controller on to turn the drone on. Okay, so im gon na usually wear press that on so its on right, so lets boot up the app dji go 4. There you go its saying were connected now were getting the option to click the activate and lets just see what happens so lets click next lets, agree to all of that and lets just call it gav that will do oh lets. Click continue mode. Two continue. Beginner mode, doesnt really matter just quickly blank out my username. There lets click activate and just see what happens so. Yeah weve got that activation filled and the server error thats quite interesting. If it still fails after the retry. Please contact dji support right folks. So current situation is, i have done a bit of a google search, and many people are having the same issue with this drone and the activation error. That is absolutely fine, because of course, that is what we actually saw. The fault was, i just didnt know what drone it was going to be if it was going to be the dji mavic air.

I did check google and just see if there was anything that i could do now what ive actually done. I have contacted dji support that have actually given me a returns label for this drone. So, even though i bought it off ebay because its actually never managed to get activated, theyve not asked for proof purchase doesnt ask for anything. I give them the serial number, but what im actually going to do is very quickly plug this into my pc, open up the dji assistant 2 and just see if i can flash the firmware and once i flash the firmware lets see what happens. Ive got my laptop and ive got the drone, all handy and ready to go. So what im going to do is load up dji assistant two there we go and then lets click restart factory defaults confirm lets just give this another go and see what happens. Music lets go again and click activate, so sadly, yet again that has actually failed and basically nothing ventured nothing gained because dj, i have already said i can send this back. So what im going to do is im going to pick this up once i receive this back and just update the progress of this story and see exactly what has happened so its certainly been a few weeks later i mean honestly, it was quite some time ago. I recorded the part that youve actually just watched, but the drone is here anyway.

This has actually been returned to me from dji and what i will actually do is i will post a video, a separate video on my experience with dji and because there are many of you out there that have had indifferent experiences with dji and mine wasnt. The most smooth – but i will talk about that in that follow up video, so do look out for that coming up on the channel, but ultimately, then, back to the main part of the video. This drone is back from dji, and now all i actually sent is obviously this is quite a small box. All i sent off was the drone inside the dji mavic air case, and that was it. I didnt set the battery the batteries here. Um, i didnt put the controller in the controllers here, so lets go ahead and open it all up then, and just see what exactly is inside um. One thing to note as well is: i do possibly believe it might well be a different serial number. The reason why ive got to believe that is the case is because, when dji sent me the shipping label, it had a different serial number as to the one that i sent off. But of course i will check it during the course of this video and just make sure so lets have a quick look then, and we have got our flight safety guide, and this is something ive never seen before its quite a nice little flight safety guide booklet.

Here quite interesting, and then at the top i have some props and i dont gather theyre, not brand new props um, because of course, this drug has never ever been flown, of course, because the fact it couldnt be activated, this drone has never seen um air time. Its not done anything like that, but ive got some props in a carrier bag and a little plastic bag lets open this up then and yeah. I have got my uh. I dont know what i was doing there remove that and so yeah. I have got my dji case. Lets go ahead and open this up then, and you can see, the drone is sat right there, nice and neat, and first things to notice is: i did pack this with the propellers actually on and you can see. Theyve been taken off so im guessing thats. What they are, they didnt want to ship them back in this case with that on. So what i want to do is just to quickly confirm whether this is the brand new drone or not. Lets have a quick look at this serial number and that ends in qcv lets. Look at the serial number then here and it ends in zero, five five, so the serial number here does match up to what was on the shipping label being sent back to me. Even though the last run had never been flown, dji have sent me a brand new drone, so this is really exciting.

So the next thing i need to do is get my phone into the controller lets pop the battery into the drone, and then i will start up the app and just make sure this does activate and well pick it up at that stage. So, to save a bit of time, i have already gone and installed the props and what ive also done is. I have repaired the controller to the drone, of course, because this is my original controller, and this is a new drone. I needed to quickly pair them up again, but it was a pretty simple process. So what i need to do now is flip to the dji go app and then make sure that we can go ahead and activate this. So what im going to do is very to quickly just skip to the bit where we uh put in my details and activate the drum then, and obviously youve already seen the process more than once already and what were going to do is very quickly just skip Through these and then lets press the button to make the activation and finally that has actually activated – and i could not be happier, of course, hes trying to sell as dj – i care refresh uh, because of course this is the first time this drone has actually been Turned on, however, if most of you that are familiar with the channel will know that i actually use the uk drill insurance cover drone, because i find they offer a better service than what did your ik refresh do and basis the the cost for what you get And if you want to check out that comparison, video ill get a quote from coverdrone, you can do so with the link in the video description so now, thats all set up and its all activated.

What im going to quickly go ahead and do is just quickly do these firmware, updates and then im going to quickly come back and then im going to open up the gfr app and just see if we can spin the props, because of course, if we can Spin, the props, which is what it wouldnt do last time because it wouldnt fly it wasnt activated. We know that this joint is working, absolutely fine, so lets skip to that. So there we go. Then we have clicked the go fly and we have got the dji. Go for app open, you can see im using my little osmo pocket to record this video and i really do like the way that the go4 app is actually laid out. I find it really intuitive and of course, dont forget this is the mavic air and this does have front and rear obstacle avoidance sensors. So if i move the drone forwards and backwards, youll start to see all the bars light up, and i just find that an absolutely great feature, but ultimately, then im not going to do a full, app walkthrough. This is just purely to see if i can get this drone uh to take off. If i wanted it to, and hopefully all the firmware is up to date, the props are props to run without all the hassle of updating firmware in the past didnt work. Wouldnt activate, finally, you know after sending it to dji and after it coming back after about a month, um.

Of course, it is on the bench and im going to see if i can spin the props now so lets do this lets just pop this right in front of me and do it the usual way hold this in my hand. I could just do it. The lanyard push the props into the bottom corner and there we go. Those are spinning, so lets stop them, and i am quietly confident that that is one fully fixed, activate fair up to date. Geofenced fly safe up to date, drone ready to go out and tackle the world. Now, of course, i did buy this off ebay and most of you that shop on ebay know sometimes it is a lottery. Dont forget this was a used item and it didnt exactly come as advertised. Well, actually, it was advertised as a mavic mini. So we know that. However, this was supposed to be a dji. Mavic air fly more combo. Sadly, it didnt come with the combo uh. I didnt actually even get the actual charging brick uh, so i had to purchase one in order to make this video quite frankly and not to mention it only came with one battery, so yeah, normally under normal circumstances. I could have some cause for complaint, but given the fact that i paid 160 british pounds for a fully working, dji mavic air controller works, drone, obviously being brand new thanks to dji um, i dont think i can complain too much now.

This drone is obviously years old and i cant imagine many of you are going to want to see me fly it, but if any of you are actually interested leave me a comment in the section below, and let me know if youd like to see me, do A little flight with this drone just to see what my personal thoughts are and, of course, ive never actually flown with the gopher app as well. So that could be quite a cool lenin experience so that wraps up the video. Please do let me know what your thoughts are on this entire process, its really been quite interesting and eye opening and, of course, like ive already mentioned, i will do that. Follow up video on the exact service ive received from dji in a follow up video, and we can just see you know whether we did your eyes customer service as good, poor or somewhere in between. So thank you very much for watching. Hopefully, you found this entertaining. I wanted to do something a little bit different on the channel and, as you can see, its all worked out for the best dont forget to check out all my other videos.