We found this season 8 trailer and a teaser, and we even played the season. 7 live event early, but what lux doesnt know is. This is all completely fake, because i have a fake season 8 on my computer. Please find any of this video funny subscribe to the channel right now hit that red button we just got everyone in loxs fashion show to become an anime skin. We are about to go inside of the skin. Changing booth, as you can see right here, when we go inside of this booth, we are about to become naruto. Why is everybody an anime skin? Look at this person who just came into the stage they already animate. Look at that stupid little anime grin on their face out of here. Everyone knows: naruto is an anime, so um lets slowly hints that we have an unreleased season 8 skin. All right dude! I want to just judge together lets. Do this what the heck bro honestly? What is up with that? That is anime, sick dude. I love this anime skin you pass bro, i just eliminated one. Why would you pass that bro? I dont know dude its almost like. I just really love these anime skins and its almost like theres gon na. Be another really good anime skin coming up soon. Here there is only one anime skin i like oh, my gosh seriously, all right seriously: another anime skin yeah dude. Honestly, i just love these skins, so youre youre, literally not even asking me bro youre, just passing them as soon as lox gets mad enough were about to go into the skin, changing booth and equip naruto.

I dont get it. Did you tell everybody that this was an anime, only fashion show or something you just passed it bro? Do you love the uh season 8 anime skin thats coming out all right? What what do you mean this teasing? I know youre talking okay, but this is an anime skin. I can appreciate because it looks like jewels, so you know what im gon na pass it. I love that skin all right here we go here. We go all right. Honestly, your pass dude stop bro bro! You have to ask my opinion too dude. We cant just pass all the same anime skin theres. Only like three anime skins in fortnite. Wait, you dont, like anime skins. Is there something wrong with them? Would you be mad if i equipped my own anime skin? Is that what the issue was? No just look at this dude, an anime skin just gave me a hug. I literally feel uncomfortable dude just get out of here. I dont know why all these anime skins are here dude. You know how i mentioned anime in season. Eight well um check my shirt screen right now. What hey dude, how you doing four night season? Eight! Should i launch it? I mean i have it early dude. How do you have fortnights season? Eight, no dont worry about it back to the fashion. Show, sir, what whoa whoa whoa whoa bro bro bro bro bro, chill chill out bro? Why are you showing me that you have fortnight seasoning and all these skins are anime um? It doesnt make any sense get out of here.

Dude im going to do you a huge favor, sir ill. Just close, you know, youll get out of here too. Just get out of here too go go, get get, get shoo! Shoo! You stupid, anime! Skates lets go to the skin, changing booth, honestly dude! Before i go into the skin, changing booth um, look at my share screen because well dude, im gon na compete too, because well i have a seasoning anime skin myself, a season, eight anime skit; no, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No bro dude! This is all cap dude. This is literally cap. You dont have season eight, your shout out to reformator the first part of this break. This is naruto in the locker lets: delox, hey dude, how you doing man uh, i dont know. I think this would be a really good im. Looking im looking at your skin right, wait what what is that naruto yeah man? What do you think should um should i use this in the fashion show? Would that be good? Oh, how ow hold on hold on im coming down there right now, bro bro, you dude, you cant, be naruto. He has no idea. Wait, youre, not naruto! Well, you dont have season eight. I do. I see naruto on my screen. Dude. If you want season eight, i can give it wait. Dude youre, actually not capping. This time. Dude, you literally dont have season eight youre, just wearing a random anime skin dude.

This is a literally cap. Prove it to me all right dude. This is footage from earlier. Today, dude, you have to trust me more. Do you believe what what the, what the dude, how how oh and now we are about to show the fortnite season – 8 teaser were landing down at coral castle, because i have a fake map of fortnite season eight and, as you can see, this is where the Cube might be lets go box that kevin is back dude, dude dude. Where are you? Where are you? Where are you so bro kevin? Oh, my gosh, its been so long, but i i i literally dont see anything bro were literally at coral castle were were were just were just that coral cat theres no kevin, that is, i dont, see kevin and owl dude youre in fortnite season, seven thats! So cute im getting out of here im gon na, enjoy kevin and uh yeah. I dont even understand bro. How did you even get season? Eight dude dude? You are literally full of cat right now. Bro i mean i mean i dont even know how he got the naruto skin youre hacking or something bro its fine. You dont have to believe me. It really stinks that im getting all these limbs as the secret season 8 battle, bad skin easy. What are you talking? What are you talking about? Wait, what dude howd you get, and it really stinks that you dont trust me because well, i am the season.

8 teaser, sir. Okay, this changes, everything you have the teaser yeah i mean all you need, is one elimination and ill show it to you dude. But if you die no season 8 for you all right, easy dude, someone right here, all right im going to get the olymp bro dude, it really is going to be so easy gets this elimination because i want to show you guys this teaser come on. Come on come on dude, you are so bad. You are the worst. What do you mean? I just got the alarm bro. No, now you have to show me the teaser dude no games. No, nothing show me the teaser season. Eight then give me season. Eight, sir. Yes, sir, the teaser is playing. Lox has no idea. This is fake, hey dude! What theres dr sloan theres rick. What sometimes you got? Ta trust me next time dude. Oh my gosh dude agent jones thats, a joke. Whoa long live the io thats. All i could show you it really sinks were in the storm dude because well i have the entire trailer for season eight as well, that i havent shown you yet but um. We have to win the game for me to show you that dude thats so easy thats, always we just got ta get out of the storm. Dude come on. No! No! No! No! No! No! No! Please! Please! Please! Please! Dude! We are about to show locks.

The trailer, but first were back at my desktop. This is for night season, eight, hey lox! Are you looking at my screen, dude yeah im looking at it? Well, honestly, man were going to the recycle bin. You dont deserve it. No, no! No! No! No dude! Stop! Heres, the fake seasoning trailer lets show lux: hey dude. What is this honestly? What is this youre such a good friend, so i figured id show you this wait: thats right, kevin, thats, right and watch out here. He comes oh, my gosh, its kevin, its kevin and boom kevin on the ground, so dude what you really got. Ta trust me next time that i have season eight early huh. What and thats all i just snuck locks into a fake creative map of the season. Seven live events bro. I got the popcorn, oh my god. Oh my god, sir. This is the season. Seven live event follow my lead. So are you happy youre, my friend now dude? I love you. I love you so much bro. This is where hes probably going to realize this is completely fake. Dude dude, oh my god dude. This is like wait. Why are the? Oh? No! Oh! No! Wait! Oh! No! No! Oh! No! Wait! Theres the mothership up there! Dude! Oh my gosh theres! Oh my god. We need to destroy everything dude, they really meant. This was gon na, be really interactive. Didnt. They, the vacuum hatch, is open.

We need to hurry locks, wait. Where are we going? Where are we going? How does he not realize its literally a creative map at the top of the screen? What the heck theres more of these dudes wait? Arent these the guys from creative. Oh, oh, oh! Oh! No! Wait! What the ship is intact! Brace yourselves! This is! So what do they mean? Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. What zero to explain levels of absorption is that the zero point reality. The zero point is fighting back. Where am i supposed to go? Somethings happening somethings happening. Oh there, it goes there. It goes its exploding. The cube its kevin dude, its coming its kevin lux bro, its kevin. Are you happy and hes twinkling? I brought you in a fake map that was fake. The mothership season, 7 live event concept. That was a completely completely fake video and i got you good bye. Bye buddy subscribe.