Engine 5 experience based on the matrix franchise is called the matrix awakens its in preparation of the movie matrix resurrections. I have no idea what this is. I know its gon na show off some crazy graphics and plenty of people have been kind of hyped about that. I dont know anything else, aside from that im, just gon na dive right in check this out and see what its all about the visuals that theyve shown so far through you know the teaser trailer and the stuff they showed during the game. Awards already looks pretty impressive, but uh lets see what it looks like running on the playstation 5., the matrix by the way is uh my favorite movie of all time so resurrections, you know im, certainly uh highly anticipating that hoping it hoping its pretty good. You know it: doesnt have to be the masterpiece that one was per se, but i hope its um its better than reloading revolutions, and i personally didnt hate reloading revolutions as much as some people did, but uh. Certainly the matrix one was far superior and uh. Hopefully, resurrections inches closed towards that, but anyway, lets go to settings real, quick subtitles on sure i dont want to invert anything, so that should be okay. Lets enter, oh man. This brings back memories and nostalgia is straight up just the scene from the first movie hi im thomas anderson. Like many of you, i work with computers. I, like the freedom i feel outside the limitations of the real world, but computers are also mirrors, reflecting back who and what we are and the choices we make the worlds we build this on real time.

They also confront us with questions about why we want to choose this or that why we want to make x instead of a y, where do ideas of who we are and what we want even come from. You take the red pill and i show you how deep the rabbit hole goes like. Are we in the game already real? I mean this is the movie. How do you define real, for instance, im not even sure why im here, i remember waking up and thinking that im supposed to come here that it was important for me to ask people. How do we know what is real? Okay now i can tell its uh. I not a film im keanu reeves over 20 years ago. I first played the character thomas anderson in the matrix trilogy those films pioneer digital cinema, with shots like bullet time back then, we talked a lot about where the digital age might take. Cinema narrative in an industry where actors have tried to remain perpetually young, we wondered about digital faces that could become immortal, hi, im, carrie, anne moss, and i play trinity in the matrix films 20 years ago. We asked ourselves how long it would be before faces and bodies could be changed as easily as we change clothes and the motion capture. We wondered what would identity mean in a completely digital world and what would reality mean when a world we can build feels as real as our own Applause? Honestly, these graphics? What just happened yeah this is what they wanted.

They said they were fine with your theoretical mumbo jumbo, but they needed some sexy action. Is this running in real time the marketing people marketing? I thought we were supposed to have total creative control. Welcome to the matrix Applause Music. There, hello! Sorry i was told this is a sim preparing me to fight the system right on. You know about this yeah, its all supposed to be a little unreal. No word of advice. Agents are bad, but whatever you do stay the hell away from marketing Music. She knows she knows whats up Music. Oh! This is playable its crazy that yeah this. This actually looks like next gen graphics. Oh look at the agent, oh my god, so cool oh get out of here son! This is all playable its crazy, like how cinematic this looks, especially with that film grain kind of filter, but its just like the lighting, the fidelity of the models. Sorry, boys, Music, hang on what did we say about the highway trinity? Oh god, we need a full fledged matrix game. Inspired by this. Oh, my god, i cant believe this. I cant believe this is playable. I mean the gameplay is uh, pretty rudimentary wow these particle effects. This is the most impressive graphics, just pure fidelity wise that ive ever seen, thats an interactive piece of media. Oh looking, all this fun down. Now there we go. This is so cool. This is the future of graphics. Ladies and gentlemen – and this is just a tech demo now – all im doing is basically using the right stick to aim and then r2 to fire thats, all its a pretty gameplay experience: Music, whoa, Music, destruction; okay, no pun intended, but this shits unreal.

This is kind of mind blowing when you realize. Oh man, graphics can go this much further Music because it matches with the whole idea of the matrix of real versus simulation and its becoming harder and harder to discern between reality and virtual ill, see. Toggle, mass ai, visualization whoa – oh, this is just you can just trigger this live you just. What did you just immediately switch between the two and its just like like that and the graphics adjust – and this looks photorealistic like i can barely tell this – is computer generated imagery like this right here, looks like a real shot from some drone, except you can do This wow say we want about epic but their game engine stuff is, i mean ahead of the curve right now night, visualization wow. I cannot wait for sort of the mid to late time frame of this generation of consoles because thats, where were gon na start seeing stuff rendered like this right, i can walk around whoa. Please let me walk around. I can fly thats insane. Look at this. That looks real, oh my god, wow! Sorry, if im gushing a lot, but i mean come on – this is impressive. These are literally the most photo, realistic, graphics, ive ive seen oh i can. I can uh theres a. I can toggle basically photo mode kind of. I just pan the camera around and this thing is like its its its running pretty smoothly.

How far can i fly speed up no way holy, crap and theres so much here, thats like simulated theres like pedestrians, walking around im just flying wherever whoa, i just bumped into that car. Whoa, look at the level of fidelity and visual detail here, just even zooming. In just like, following this car around, what is that? What how is this possible theres, some popping back there, but and how big is the city? This is surreal. Look at this. I cannot tell this is a video game. If you told me this was a real shot, uh from from real life, i would have believed you, like you, showed me this footage right here, as i pan the camera around in very cinematic fashion. Lets head on down here, like yeah everythings, still just simulated. The illusion of this city is so well hidden its just the fact that i can like zoom so fast through the city, and it still looks like this with very few details lost with a bit of popping here and there, but not much like in terms of Distant objects, it look at this. I could. I could sit here for a while and just watch just the city operate. I can like dodge some cars like and then some of the the the blur and the camera just the slight camera shaking and stuff like that and holy crap. But this is crazy. Some like strangeness and some of the glimmering of the windows here and there, and i can occasionally notice that frame rate dropping a little bit, but at this level of fatality like how much can i walk around? What blows me away is the scale of this city like this looks like i.

This feels one to one almost just how large scale this world is. This city is it doesnt feel miniaturized and i dont know if thats, just an illusion or if theyve, just full on rendered an entire city to scale weve got some npcs down here. Lets see if we can slow it down, so we can get a a glimpse of these npcs and theyre, not just standing still that you know this. Lady has like a cup of coffee shes, looking around man shes waiting for the traffic whoa hold on. I just want to look at this real, quick, like lets slow this down, i can do like like a like a like a shot right. I can pan the camera around like this, and it could almost be a shot from real life. This is the cinematic camera pan. Oh my god, this is crazy. Can you imagine what games like grand theft auto 6, if rockstar forgets on that will look like like if this is the future lets see if we can go all the way over here like whats missing from this? Is you know an actual game, its just more of walk around this world? Look at the world. You cannot go past this section right like its just this area or can i go outside and i can just keep heading on through here? Is this all also simulated id be shocked if that were the case? Okay, there we go theres that invisible wall, okay, thats! Fine, though i mean i wouldnt, have expected all this to have been uh simulated for a tech demo, but the fact that this much is simulated – and it looks this good – i i cant get over this – oh my god, look at all these cars parked and some Pedestrians still walking around – oh, my god, lets take a look at you guys lets lets uh lets lets make the cinematic oh there they they are twins, it would seem so some character models do repeat, but again its a tech demo.

So its not like a a nitpick on that too much and all the rtx stuff going on here. The reflections here on, like on the surface of the car and stuff, like that, i want to spend so much time. Just looking around lets see what happens. Oh, i can, i can uh bring the character model back here, lets just like walk through the streets or run through the streets. I wish i could steal a car what you can, what? Oh, you can uh? Okay, oh this! This feels tanky as hell, but it is a pickup truck so lets crash into oh, my god. The destruction stuffs all already in place. Obviously theres. No, you know police system oh hold on. Can i run into pedestrians? Are they gon na pop into particles? Oh, i see yeah theyre, just the simulation, but look look at the destruction here. Wow, look at this theres, so many my new details in the dense, the reactivity of the objects, look at the way like i i went up on this car and like it its dented the top. Oh, my god come on, lets see if i can uh exit. So obviously the animations arent all set in place, but like okay, so this guys driving here can i steal the vehicle uh? Okay, i cant interact with uh with vehicles that are already being driven by pedestrians because theres, probably no animation for you, you know nope dont. Do that uh walk there, we go yeah, i cant, i cant steal cars, but i can drive whatevers around like this car ill just drive around for a bit and then ill call it.

But i am. This is kind of incredible what theyve achieved here like theyve, already got the basics of this open world down. You know they need to build like the rest of the game. If you know this is planned to be a game, but like the city itself already looks pretty well simulated future. Oh no! I bust this car uh. How do i exit uh x? Oh wait: theres an animation now wondering why i didnt play last time. Yeah the car got busted up pretty quickly. Lets go for something a little nimbler sure lets go this and this so ties into the matrix because its like you, as the player know this world is a simulation right. So everything to you looks, you know youll notice, a few things here and there that definitely look a little fake, but to these uh pedestrians here to these people. This is their reality right. Just thematically fits really well, oh man, unreal engine lives up to its name. This is unreal. I want to drive around for a little look at this Music. All right, yeah lets drive around for a bit. Try not to crash a car. This time the vehicle controls arent the best currently theyre a little tanky, but not not the worst either. All right lets just drive, see where, where what we find, i dont know this really looks to scale like i dont feel like this is a miniaturized version. It likely is to a degree, maybe but ive, certainly hidden that very well.

Oh lets. Uh lets lets go this way. Lets go. Lets go into this into where the all the tall buildings are without respecting the laws of traffic, because in the matrix the rules can be broken as morpheus said man. This is why i love technology like i am all for stuff, like this im, a nerd for this kind of stuff, see how much you can see into the interiors here see if i can uh like peek inside, maybe no, i cant go inside, but i can Definitely peek no people inside and obviously a lot of copied and pasted and shared spaces, but still like theres, like an actual like a kitchen space here like theres enough detail here where it sells the illusion of this be being a proper building. You know its just not theres nobody in there, but again for a tech demo. Theyve done plenty all right. Lets get back in the car here drive for a little bit more. I dont have anything fast or anything like a sports car. Something rich people would drive. A lot of stuff looks pretty like pretty basic vehicles. Yeah its great lets just drive whatever lets. Just take this for a drive. This lighting hey buddy this. This video is streaming out longer than i thought. I thought this be just a couple minutes, but im too im too entranced by by the fact that this is a real thing, im playing like a real piece of software, thats interactive and it looks like this man, but i think i mean i dont know what Else there is to show, i think this is uh a good stopping point i feel like ive only covered like two percent of the city, i mean look at this, like the architecture, is on point the lightings on point, the renderings on point, the fidelity of the Models is on point the the attention to detail just like looking at the textures on the road and stuff can peek in there.

Nobody working, i guess for now man, all right. Oh im, noticing theres a menu button, so that brings up this okay. So we got a map of the city. What are those dots like the orange versus yellow? What does that represent like explored areas? Maybe are there objectives here that i can do im, not sure, then you got uh okay, the menu, so you can go to the main menu. I love the the windows 98 uh computer visuals here um, but yeah okay, so this is menu stuff. Then we got. Oh actual, like a proper photo mode, so you can uh yeah, i mean no doubt plenty of people will be playing around with this, but you can. You know yeah compensate for exposure aperture. All these things you can play around with uh focal distance and then so a couple options. You can hide the ui if you, if you you know, want to take that picture or that screenshot thats, really cool, oh yeah im sure were going to see plenty of shots that were not going to be able to tell whether its from the real world or, If its from the matrix – and we got oh settings of the world sun rotation – oh you can like in real time hold on, i i need to fly for this wheres, the sun there. It is all right lets see what happens if we uh play around with these settings, lets go to menu and then look at that.

I wish i could make it go a little faster, hey. You can like look at the the sky box rotating along with the sun and the lighting down there look at the way, its changing that is so cool. I wish i could make it go faster, but this is man seriously impressive stuff and then the crowd density can uh modify on the fly now. This takes a bit of uh takes like a second to load, but i want everything at 100. I dont know why. I want to go less than that. You can have all these different views, theres, primitives instances, clusters developers in particular will no doubt appreciate some of this stuff and then theres the default view with all the effects. Oh, you can turn off the matrix. Oh, you can get rid of that green hue. Music lets see lets uh lets. What does the world look? Like still looks pretty good, just less green, less matrixy. I know i like the filter. It gives it that otherworldly vibe yeah, i dont know for the matrix. You kind of want to play with this filter right, but yeah, okay, so those are those options and then this is oh visualization of crown traffic thats cool and then you got controls over here. So for those wondering about that and look sensitivity lets you know, we can tune that a little bit higher. We so desire and theres the map, its probably a good time to let you guys go, but this is uh.

The matrix awakens take one last gander at the at the city by zooming out up here and man yeah theres, so much more to cover, like i barely scratched the surface man that all of this is explorable like just this on its own could be enough for, For an open world game like theres plenty of space here plenty of density, you could fill this stuff up with plenty of activities and and just like driving around this highway here, my god. This is what i call a tech demo and its not just visual. Usually, you know with tech demos, they show you the tech demo, but they dont. Let you interact with it all. This is an interactive tech, demo and yeah im controlling the camera im controlling all this. This is a real. You know game prototype of sorts that may or may not actually turn out into a real game. I really want a matrix game now. You guys man all right ill. Let you guys go. Thank you for tuning in folks. I believe theres not much else to this. So just one last gander here and get a drone shot. Oh look at that sun and the way it reflects the light on the city and just how true to life. It looks its crazy look at this shot right here. Panning the camera up towards the sun. All right all right, thank you for tuning in folks uh, for those who dont have a next gen console.

Yet this is a glimpse and no doubt youll be able to experience it for yourself. You just have to download the software its free, pretty simple. The future is going to be fascinating to behold with gaming and these graphics and games made uniquely on the unreal engine 5. You know tailored to the unreal engine 5, utilizing all of its features and creating things that look as visually astounding as this crazy.