This drone channel has been online on youtube for eight years now, over eight years of fpv drone reviews and tutorials to help you guys keep your fpv drones intact and up in the air, and today were gon na start, giving away some of this stuff. Basically, to you guys, because i cant fly at all – i cant be a drone hoarder. I want to get the stuff out there to you guys. So i had this fantastic idea. Lets start a free drone store and put it on So now theres like five ways that you can get a drone from drone camps, which is pretty cool so number one. You got ta be a subscriber on the channel number two go to click on drone store and see whats new there refresh it every day. You might see something pop up, but you have to be a subscriber on the channel because we do a youtube drop, thats, a youtube short and when i basically drop this 15 second video im going to tell you in that 15. Second, video whats, going into the drone store now its going to be completely random thats, why you have to be a subscriber to know when those youtube shorts are going to drop. So if you also pay attention to the community page, i may post in there one day on the random that im gon na do a drop at a certain time and you guys can all run over there and refresh the page and try to be the first Person to grab that item, so you can now go to the free drone store.

You also have the option to get discount drones for really cool stuff, say something like this. One may show up in the drone store at some point. This one wont be a free one or a dollar drone, but thats the other way you can get a drone on my channel im, also doing like really nice fpv racing drones for one dollar, and we have one thats going to be announced today in a youtube Short at some point today just keep your ears open for that and then also you can hop in there and get a mystery box. So a mystery box is really cool. They come in different multiples, so you can get a fifty dollar mix three box. You can get a 100 200 500 and maybe a thousand dollar mystery box with three random drones in there. So and those will have details on each one of those as they come out as well. So youll see that gold box itll say in stock one and you grab it right then thats when you can get it tons of ways to get a drone on the channel now, as well as airplanes, rc cars and other randomly cool tech stuff. So stay tuned guys subscribe on the channel and jump into the free drone store on guys, take care peace out, and i will see you in the next video which will be the youtube short for the dollar drone. Today, diaton roma v2 coming up for grabs.