So this is a short review of the insta360 one rs im sure youve watched several videos on it already there was a lot, a ton of release, videos on launch day and uh. So im gon na make this one just a little bit different. You probably know all the specs, you know the comparisons and things like that. So right now i know a lot of people are interested in hearing the difference in the audio between the 1r and the 1rs. So on the screen im going to show you right down in the corner here, which camera is the audio coming from right now, so every time im recording every time you see me on the screen, talking youre going to know where the audio is coming from and Also, where the video is coming from so im going to record with both the 1rs and the 1r with a 1 inch mod on it. So i have the 1 inch mod on the 1r and then the 1rs has the 4k boost. The new 4k boost lens on it, which so far for me anyway, has been pretty good. So the first thing that i want to do is i havent seen anyone do this yet is to mount the one rs on a drone and when i say drone i mean a real drone, sorry mike, but if you havent watched mike from drone supremacy, he did An amazing review of the 1rs ill link it right up here in the corner and ill put it in the video description as well, but im going to mount it to this monster right here.

This is the new dji, m30 enterprise drone and ive been testing. This thing out now for almost a month – and it is incredible – why am i putting a action camera on a drone that already has four cameras, because i can and because its fun and i know its stupid – and i know youre going to say in the comments: Why are you doing something so stupid its just, because i want to do it so the first thing that i need to do is i need to craft some type of mounting thing on top uh to put on top. This has psdk compatibility, so i third parties can make anything for the m30. So im going to do that, i already tried it with some gaff tape that did not work out very well. So im gon na actually try to build something for this and then im gon na put the 360 mod on uh the one rs core and get it up in the air and just see what this looks like. I think its gon na look pretty cool. You know just to give you that 360 perspective of a drone flying in the air, so lets do that first thing. Okay, here it is here, is the very first psdk for the m30 in my tree, sam 30.. So i just took a piece of wood and drilled some holes in it to match the mounting holes here on the m30, and then i put the insta 360 selfie stick and then here i got the one rs uh with the 360 mod on here.

So i just need to screw this down to here and and then were gon na get it up in the air and just see what this looks like um. When you have the selfie stick like this. It makes it invisible because the stitch line takes care of that. The only thing im worried about is that um that mounting screw right there that still might show up in the in the video but well check it out and see Music there, its flying pretty good everything, looks okay, Music, all right! There we go so i think it worked pretty good. I dont know if i would do this on a regular basis, but uh, but now we know it can do it. Okay, so were going to test out the stabilization of the 1rs versus the 1r, with a 1 inch mod on there. I have it on a helmet mount. I dont know if its going to work because its pretty heavy, if it doesnt work ill, just put the 1rs on there and then going out and then ill put the 1r coming back and well just see. You know with the stabilization difference of these so yeah. This should be pretty fun right bud. I got a partner coming with me ready to go, should we go find some mud best time of the year, so all right, let me put this on and then well check this out. Oh that tastes, gross Music Applause, Music.

I hope ill see you on the other side, Music Applause. Music. What do you think? Did you get money a little bit, not bad, not too bad? All right. That was fun. Okay, heres everything. I think you need to know to decide if the one rs is something for you. I took this camera to the water park with my family Applause Music. I took it to the sports, show we took its shopping and, as you saw, we took it mudding and we flew it on a drone. Now the flow state stabilization is on point. It is on level with the gopro hero 10 and heres, a short clip showing you that footage. So here are my thoughts about whether to choose the gopro or the insta360 one rs. The gopro, in my opinion, is way overpriced its 500. But if you spend 50 on a yearly subscription, then you get 150 off so technically youre spending 400, its the dumbest business plan ever and i really think it needs to go away. The one rs with the 4k boost lens by itself is only 299 dollars now. Secondly, if you get the twin pack, which includes the 360 mod and more for 550, you have the most fun camera you can get for not only recording family fun but also capturing any action activities that you happen to engage in and dont forget the modular design Making this system future proof theres no need to buy a brand new camera every year.

The new mounting clip is a wonderful design and you can change lens mods in about 10 seconds now. The new selfie stick no longer requires you to twist. Lock, you just pull it out and it stays, and i love it. The battery life is much better than the 1r. I tested it in 7 degrees fahrenheit and i put it up against the gopro and the 1rs lasted 74 minutes, while the gopro only made it to 53 minutes now. I dont think too many people are gon na use this for photos, but you can now capture 48 megapixel photos which are really nice if you want to zoom in to a particular part of the image and not lose any quality. Finally, the quick menu options and the zoom while recording features, are very welcome and convenient. Now, if you have the 1r, should you upgrade to the 1rs? I honestly only think you should, if you want better audio and a better battery life. Otherwise, the 1r will continue to bring you much joy, oh, and if you use the one inch mod a lot like you, switch back and forth between lenses a lot and you hate having to unscrew and screw the lens back on before opening the mounting bracket, then Yeah get the one rs that is such a pain. The design team that came up with this idea right here should get a raise. So if youre going to get a 1rs, there is a link in the video description and if you use that link, it does help support the channel a little bit.

So thank you for considering post any questions about the camera in the comments and ill answer them. Oh and comment this seriously: do you think gopro is losing the action camera battle? I honestly want to know what the masses think and i guarantee you that insta360 will be eyeing. The comment section thank you for watching everyone, and you should watch this video right here.