Seven children in afghanistan come on so today i thought i would add this feature to my drone Music. Now. The idea of kinetic bombardment has always interested me, which is where you just take something up, really really high and then drop it and rely on gravity to accelerate it to speeds fast enough to smash stuff. Many countries have actually experimented with this idea and the us air force wanted to create a system dubbed the rods from god which were telephone pole, sized tungsten rods, which would be dropped from a satellite in orbit and impact the earth at 10 times. The speed of sound with the force of a nuclear weapon now i dont, think ill be able to get high enough with this drone to do that, but i can try copy another us monstrosity. These things called lazy dogs, which were little metal darts, that the us dropped all over vietnam in the hundreds of thousands, and apparently these travelled up to 500 miles per hour and could easily pass through people and penetrate nine inches of concrete. But this is something that every man claims they can do so im, not sure i believe it, but luckily they should be pretty easy to make and test they kind of just look like pointy metal rods, with fins welded on the end, which i should be able To make using a a pencil sharpener and that works on this soft mild steel. But if i want these darts to actually penetrate things and not get blunt, im gon na have to make them out of this tool.

Steel, which is much much tougher Music, and this sucks, i dont – think my little lathe is made for working on metal. This strong, it literally screams every time i try to cut the stuff, and after an hour of the lathe and i chewing up expensive carbide bits, i had created this a point. I spent like thirty dollars on tooling to create a single point, although it should be stronger than the mild steel, at least, but im going to have to figure out how to be way more efficient with my time if i want to drone strike the vietnamese. So i checked the metal hierarchy of coolness and selected this 1045 steel, which is softer but should still work, and this metal machines way nicer on the lathe and also makes some very interesting, looking and tasting metal shavings. I would describe it as being closest to facili pasta in shape and texture, as opposed to tool steel, which makes these big spaghetti style chips, which are always a little on the al dente side. But my favorite definitely has to be mild steel, which makes tiny chips similar to rizoni and is super gentle on the tongue, Music and in my last video, a lot of you pointed out that my lathe has a very important function, which i didnt utilize. The auto feed with one flick of this lever, the lathe moves on its own and does everything essentially becoming a minimum wage worker allowing you to just click, walk away and come back to some finished parts? Music.

What is this you sneaky bugger and now i have this and i just need some way to stabilize it and after searching bunnings for different metal things, i eventually found these which, when arranged in exactly the right way, form this. Oh damn it um. Sorry, i i meant this, which i reckon will make for some good stabilizing fins, so i just welded them all together into this bar and then cut it into little segments Music and then welded it on top of the dart. And now this thing actually looks incredibly dodgy, but i fixed that problem when i welded this little hook on the top turning it into a harmless christmas tree. Decoration Music, if youre, currently buying, presents to sit beneath your christmas tree, make sure you use the sponsor of todays video honey. Honey is americas number one shopping tool which automatically searches for promo codes? So you dont have to see this little button at the top of your browser, thats, honey and thats. What saves you money if there is any way to save money on your purchase, honey will find it. How does honey work? I hear you ask well lets just say: im buying the usual christmas items like a sword and some other stuff when im at checkout honey, scours the internet and applies the coupons and saves me money. Look at that. I just saved ten dollars on this scimitar. I love that money, saving feeling ive been using it for years on all my purchases and have saved so much money, its so easy and works on all the sites.

You are already using its literally free savings. Do not miss out so go now and add it to your browser for free at I did a thing: thats join I did a thing. Okay and after a full day of slaving away, i now have an arsenal of different sized darts, but i need a way to drop them and my first thought was to create a hook kind of thing on the drone and then, if i accelerate the drone in One direction fast enough: the dart will just slide off, but that doesnt allow me to be very accurate, but then i realized another way: drones have the ability to turn on and off lights. So all i need to do is make a claw mechanism that reacts to the lights being turned on and opens when i want it to and to do this im going to have to use a bunch of complex components like this arduino uno, a server motor and Something that reacts to light then i just stole someones code from the internet and modified it a bit to suit me Music and created this, and now, when i shine the light on the moth, this little servo motor opens and closes, which is great, but i need It to be much smaller and lighter if i want it to fit on the drone, so im going to have to create my own circuit board and do some soldering, which i absolutely hate, especially soldering circuit boards.

This small, the soldering wire, never flows where i wanted to, and i always burn the components myself and then end up inhaling smoke, and this whole process just makes me feel like a giant with absolutely no dexterity. I feel like im giving a haircut to an ant, but after a couple of attempts, i finally created this a professional looking circuit board. Then i just stuffed all of it into this 3d printed cradle, which perfectly snuggles against this crack in the drone right here, which positions the light probe right in front of the drones hole and if i thought the little metal dart looked dodgy. This drone, with an unknown black box, duct tape and wires hanging off it looks a thousand times worse, Music and after a quick test. Turning the drones light on and off, it works and moves this little latch which will release the payload so lets go outside and test it to see how it drops things Music. Now, before i throw a dart onto myself, i thought i would try dropping some harmless things. First, like water balloons and an anvil to test its accuracy, Music, and i decided to take it up to 10 meters for the first drop. Okay, three two one hey, which was actually pretty accurate. He was only off by half a meter and then took it up to 20 meters Music. So i tried again Music and its very clear. This thing is going to be pretty hard to aim.

I literally had to try and header the water balloon to get hit, but i think i have a brilliant idea for aiming it lasers, Music. If i can put a laser on the drone pointing down, i can see exactly where the drone is located in relation to the ground, but i quickly gave up on this idea after blinding my left eye. Instead, im just going to rely on the gps on the drone and try and position it that way now its maths time. So i just asked someone else to do them for me, and william osman may be this neat little graph, which shows that i would have to drop my dart from 600 meters high to reach terminal velocity of 432 kilometers per hour, which is a little too high For my yard, as i already made a couple of holes in the roof in my last video – and i dont really want to make any more and i do have the option of just doing what america does and going down to the local primary school. But then i discover that its school holidays, so instead i asked you guys on twitter. If any of you have some land, i could drone strike and lucky for me. Clavenmore responded, who gave me permission to travel two hours down the coast to their property and drop stuff on it without having to worry about damaging anything or anyone. Music, this horse is definitely going to be a problem were dropping here, so its not your horse, so its so its all right if it gets killed with a drawing, then is that what youre saying and after scaring the horse away? I took the drone up to 25 meters for its first drop Music, and that was pretty great.

I managed to hit the barbecue plate, but did absolutely no damage to it. So i reset the drone and took it up to 50 meters ready three, two one. Obviously, try to look out if it comes towards you right away: okay, rock, which was surprisingly accurate and only missed the plate by around a foot which gave me enough confidence to go up to 200 meters and see how inaccurate it was barely visible, yeah. Its kind of terrifying, the cameras gon na, be back a lot more and its dropped. Oh yeah, i can see it, i can see it falling its wobbling yeah. I think it hit the grass and i have no idea where that one landed and after almost killing the horse, we decided to change, location and target and see what it does to this car. The winds blowing that way the wind or towards the house perfect, which is pretty dodgy as the car, is only 20 meters from the house. So we decided to be safe and drop it from a meter high to see how it would behave. Oh, you got it and then felt confident to go up to 50 meters: Music, okay, okay, ready three, two one yeah its falling come on! Wait it wasnt for the patty would have gone through yeah a bit higher itll. Definitely go through that look theres a little penetration theres a little pokey um hole in here and even from 50, it went through the metal roof only catching on the interior liner of the car, and even though i got caught, i definitely wouldnt want to be sitting In the front seat, so i reset the drone and now took it up to 100 meters, Music.

Okay, 100 ready three, two one yeah! I can see it come on, come on! Oh look! How close it is to the gopro five centimeters away, ten centimeters away from the gopro its in there, oh its caught on some metal in the in and that went through the window and got caught in the metal frame of the seat. So now i want to see how accurate i can be with it. So i positioned the drone directly above the window and went straight up to 100 meters and missed the first time and the second and the third and then this time i got ta direct here. Music went all the way through the window and where is it oh its down? That is amazing, oh its kind of stuck in there as well. I mean it wouldnt hit you in the passenger seat, but yeah. If it hit you in the leg. Itd, take your foot off: youd lose a toe itll suck love, my toes, which went straight through the window and embedded itself in the floor, and with that last shot i ran out of drone battery and there you go. I dont really know what this test showed. The drone was incredibly hard to aim, but i now have a device that can take a mans toe off from 100 meters. Take your toe off yeah! Thank you so much for watching.