Welcome back to the drone cams channel today i have a first look and review full flight review, an overview of the gap, rc cine log 25, so they’re going for the full cinema inspiration here with this quad. But the good news is that this one, not only cinema, it will also freestyle on a 4s configuration and the starting price point on this. One is around 179 for the analog version and, as you guys know before watching my channel, i always tell you the truth about these reviews. We look at the camera footage itself, we’re not going to show you the gopro footage, because that would kind of be cheating, because we have hyper smooth on gopro i’m going to show you the nebula pro on this one. This one is the pro version which is around, i believe, around 279. There is a cheaper version um, i believe, it’s around 219 and then the cheapest one around 179, but they all support dks gopros or the beta fpv smo 4k camera, which is one of my favorite and and my choices for this type of setup. If i was going to do full professional cinema work with this quad it’s, also pretty fast for what it is flying in acro mode. This quad moves out on a 4s 850, and this little guy is not only top components and top shelf components on here from gap. Rc it’s also one of those quads that has duality it can freestyle and it can do cinema.

So this is one of those quads where they got things right, there’s, not a lot of washout and tumble, and they also added in something extra special in this design. That i’m going to show you when we get back from the flight test, so let’s go ahead and strap a 4s 850 on this one and go out and do some flying and best of all again with these 2.57 cinema whoops is that it’s under 250 grams? With the four s850 guys um, so yeah we’ve got a lot of good stuff going on here with this one we’re safe under the 250 grand mark – and it will cinema and freestyle so i’m. Pretty happy with this one – and i have to report back to you that the tune is really good on here, as always: we’re rocking the uh, the gep f420 amp four in one aio flight controller on here, and we just did a build with that one. On the channel a couple days ago, so here we are again flying that same flight controller, which is great stock tune out of the box in beta flight, all over again it’s, like deja vu in a smaller format, so i’m happy with this one, but let’s go Ahead and do some flying and then after that, we’ll come back in, take a little closer look at the cinelog from gap rc, another Music, another very good release and possible home run from gap rc.

Here we go guys. You be the judge, Music Applause, Music, Music, Music, so Music, so Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, foreign Music to Music, all right guys. There. It is the cinelog 25 hd pro running a 4s 850. It does have a battery mount. That goes from the side. Just like that, and the strap that comes along with this guy is big enough to accommodate the 450 size battery the 650 and the 850. So if you want to fly this a little more on the freestyle side of things, you can run a 450 on here and you can still get you know the average three minute flight time three and a half minutes. If you decide you want to get a longer flight time, but you still want to kind of be able to freestyle a little bit. You can run a 550 or even a 650 milliamp battery running 4s. I really enjoy the 4s 850 on here for kind of a long range flight. I did fly it on the dji controller and you can do either tbs crossfire nano rx on here. You can do the fr sky rxsr on here, or you can also get it without a receiver um. I think the price point is over 300 dollars for the crossfire nano version on the website uh without receiver. It is around 299 if you go full blown pro version um. So if you want to cut costs – and you don’t have dji goggles get the cheaper one for 179.

now originally i thought this one was around 279, but i was mistaken, so you can check out the micro version of this. One is 279, so the pro version is 299 and the analog 179. So this one has the cadets vista on the very bottom and they do give you a little tiny cable that goes along with this to be able to get to the vista on the very bottom. So if you look under here, there is an access point and it’s not a lot of room underneath there just like all of these designs, but it is not hard to get to it because of the cable that they give you. So they do give you a cable that can get you in there and get you inside betaflight without a lot of fuss um. But i think the biggest difference between this one and some of the other cinewoops out there in this category is the fact that i want you guys to look up front here and tell me if you notice anything different about this one. Yes, there is the wire sticking out for powering your external gopro that’s, already set up for you or your smo, 4k that’s, pretty sweet. We would like to see that standard on all of these cinewoops that come out, but beyond that. What else do you see here? That’S different well, they have this platform here, which is usually dampened straight to the frame and supporting only the camera that’s above it and that’s.

My original mount for my camera, which i broke because i crashed and it separated in those two spots right there. So that was one downfall of the amount itself. They might have to go back and rethink how they have that supported. So that’s one one one bummer about it, but we do honest reviews so that you get to to see and hear about that information. But beyond that, did you notice that this nebula pro is suspended check that out it’s? Actually a part of this mount that goes down to the frame here, so the fpv camera is actually suspended and dampened as well so mounted to this whole entire unit. Here you can see that all move together, that’s epic, because that reduces a ton of jello and vibration straight to your main camera. So if you’re only recording, dji digital video back to your at your dji goggles in 50, megabit, then that’s great that’s great for you, because you can get away with doing some pretty nice videos and again the cinelog. It is a hybrid style frame. You can see this one’s kind of cut shorter in the front versus some of the other ones, go sort of the full x, and so this camera is pushed back. The arms don’t come past the camera. There is no props in view whatsoever. For the main camera view – and we have longer arms on the very back there, so we’ve got this piece that comes up to the front and it’s kind of doubled up up front.

It makes these arms a little beastier. If you go in for a crash and again the gap, stuff generally has better carbon fiber than some of the other binding flies out there. They did they just do they have beveled edges, they have more refined carbon fiber it’s, usually 3k carbon fiber versus eachine quality. Carbon fiber, so um and the components on here just seem to to work out better for me in the long run as well. So we do have that gap. Rc 20 amp all in one flight controller in here, and we just look right under here and you’ll – see those wires coming out the back right there. You can see the usb port that is accessible. You can get to it there. It almost looks like that. Prop guard is in the way, but it’s not. I was able to get my usb cable in there and no problem. So again we have inverted motors – and these are kind of hard for me to see in this lighting, but we have gap. Rc 1204 motors – and these are 3750 kv – i believe um i’ll get a good close up for you guys see if i can come back around there there we go. So let me flip that over for you and show you a little closer up. 1204.. We get the light just right, so you can see the kv and go ahead and zoom in there for you, 1204 and just take my word for it: 3750kb speedx branded with gold bottoms super nice looking motors and the biggest benefit honestly for an inverted quad like This is the fact that all this airflow is not being obstructed by the frame, so that’s really nice, because you get a nice clean flying quad, and this is also rocking.

The gem fan five blade props on here and even though they’re five blades, the quad is really quiet because you don’t have the extra noise of the airflow going through the frame. So this makes it really quiet and it makes it better indoor flyer as well. So when i’m flying around indoors, it does great indoors it’s, just a more stable drone, and ever since i had my original drone camp store, horizon hobby sent me a few sort of family friendly quads that had inverted motors on them. I think it was called the i believe it was called the blade nano um years ago now, so that nano series was really nice. They were ultra light and they had the inverted motors and they just really had a nice stable hover, and this has the same feel to it with all the extra power of the 1204s on here just freaking awesome. I also think that gaps prop guards are going to prove to be more durable than some of the other ones. They look ultra beasty in here. They have two strut supports on all the three strut supports you see here and you can’t really see that one because it’s underneath the carbon frame there, but they have three main strut and then two strut support here and just look a little thicker than some of The other ones i’ve seen and they lightened it up by shaving it off a little bit there, but it did bounce i did crash it.

It also has the eva foam bumpers on the outside, which also dampen it when you crash, and my flight time was, respectively, between like six minutes and eight minutes, depending um, depending on how it’s flying. If you have a windy super windy day, then you’re, probably gon na, have a shorter flight time. You know five to six minutes with an 850, but you get some brand new 850s and you will be good to go now. This quad again on the scale here. Let’S put it on the scale, so you can see it 130.8 grams, and i don’t have my 850 here, but putting the 4s 850 on the scale earlier was getting me up to around 230 grams. So that is going to be questionable for putting your smo 4k or your dks gopro on there generally those weigh in around 30 grams. So if you want to get this one under 250, with your action cam on top and your extra tpum out there, you’re probably going to have to run the 4s 850 to get it under 250 grams and that that’s probably the best way to do that. If you’re, really strictly wanting to go by, you know what the faa is requiring for non registration drones, but overall i like it we’ve got that same. I believe that was the momota antenna in the very back there running down to the vista, and it looks like we have a pretty beasty tpu mount back there.

It is fairly thick and robust, and the antenna is a little shorter than some of the other ones. I’Ve seen stick up way high so that that’s that’s kind of good for, if you’re, going in for a heavy crash, but doesn’t this thing look cool. I mean the design on this. One is really. The best thing is that this front camera is dampened. Thicker prop guards. Here they are replaceable, you can get extra frame parts from gap, and that is ultra cool so that that smooths things out a lot i’ve had some real issues with vibrations um from some of these cinewoops in the past, so it’s nice that this one, like most Of the gap stuff that i get comes out of the box ready to bind up and the vista is all wired up to the flight controller properly, so that, if you have a dji radio, you can you can fly and bind up to it with your dji Radio, because they didn’t just throw the power on there without hooking up the rest of the wires i’ve had some other binding flies like that. That came with a vista that just wasn’t all the way wired up that was kind of annoying. So i had to go back and do it myself, so gepps done that, for you guys – and you know they have an xt30 on here – we’ve got it under 250g. It flies good, it freestyles its cinemas and overall i’m happy with this one.

I think the cinelog series it’s going to be a higher quality type of experience than what you’re going to get with the 95x series, the the newest one um so and you’re probably going to have more reliable gear on this one gap. Rc just keeps coming through with like quality gear, and i you can call me a fanboy of gaparcy but guys i’ve been flying. The gap rc since well well, over five years now and i’ve, had literally two different experiences with gup rc, where they sent me something that i had to like fix to fly and recently i’ve had some other companies send me things. I’Ve had three different quads get sent to me from a company who i will not name right now, but you guys have a good idea of who they are um and i have had to request components that were complete failures and one of them caused me to Crash in the middle of the road and scratch my insta360 lens, which insta360 was nice enough to send me a new one but man, the unreliability factor of some of the binding flies out. There are pretty big so that’s something to take in consideration and again like with gap. I rarely ever dealing with that. So that’s, a good thing. Reliability is huge, so um, you know 179. If you already have analog goggles get the 179 version um and i don’t. I don’t know what camera it is on there, but i believe it’s like the run cam, uh, runcam, micro or something like that.

But i’ll put the link down below you guys can check out your options. If you already have dji goggles go for the the nebula pro version, hands down, go ahead and spin. The extra three go ahead and spend the 300 bucks on that and and have a nice experience. But this one would do fly through for real estate. It would do backyard flying awesome with this killer, camera and it’s quiet enough that it’s not gon na, like totally disturb people at like a local soccer field, it’s not as loud as like the three inch cine whoops, so um three inch cinewoops are more for, like Big fields and sending them out there a little bit, but this guy, you know with the flight time. You can send this one out there over a mile out too and and have some fun with some range flying with tbs nano rx on there. So you have that option as well, so short range or long range. This guy is, is awesome, indoor or outdoor um, a total like thumbs up on the channel for the cinelog. I love this series. Quad and i’ve been waiting for weeks for banggood to go ahead and put up the purchase link for you guys, because this guy has been under the radar, the whole entire chinese new year and finally, i’m able to get this review out. For you guys and give you an honest look, um and opinion on this quad and what i really think about it.

I think that this one out of the box did better than a lot of the other ones, so um yeah, they just gap, keeps pushing the bar and they they get their stuff right before they send it out to me, which is huge. Some of this other stuff is still like in beta phase, and you know emax and gepp seem to be the companies that keep sending me stuff ready to go without big problems, and that means that the boxes that are coming to you from the factory have also Already been well researched, all they’ve done all the r d, so it’s awesome, but thanks again for watching this review, guys, um cinelog series from gap is looking pretty pretty good, so take care guys and please do subscribe on the channel. I’Ve got more epic epic reviews coming up for you. I got another new release from gaprc coming up this week, so stay tuned uh. We got some really really cool video coming up for you, i’m justin davis guys take care. Please do subscribe on the channel and i will bring you more awesome.