Justin davis today were going to talk about beta fpvs express lrs, 2.4 gigahertz brand new full size module. Now this one comes with a ceramic antenna and also a dipole antenna and were going to jump into an honest review here of that module ive been testing it out for over a week now some of the other reviewers have done reviews on it already and im. So happy to chime in on what has already been said about this module and kind of just give you an elrs update on what this module should be all about and how you should approach buying it. This module is a pretty decent price. It is much cheaper than tbs crossfire, but theres, two main differences here between both of these modules. Now this one is the beta fpv module with the full screen and the ceramic antenna on top. It has a little, not a joystick, but actually a push button controller. Here for navigating the menus, it has a bind button. It also works without adding the lua scripts, so they also have their main firmware. That is downloadable from beta fpvs website. So you can get that off their github. That will be updated, hopefully soon, because we have a few issues with this module that we have to talk about now. What are the main differences between say, crossfire, full blown module and something like elrs well. For me, this is my personal, honest opinion. The elrs kind of fascination has been around since last year, maybe even before, who knows but this module.

For me, this is my tiny whoop and micro brushless fpv race, quad module. I only break this out when im going to fly, something like the say, the beta fpv meteor 6.5 pro right here so yeah. So if im going to go out and fly one of my long range planes with eye nav on it, gps, all the bells and whistles im gon na go with crossfire or tracer, so yeah im gon na fly. What i know is absolutely not gon na give me problems. Ive been flying this one now for gosh over five years. It seems like this module is still going strong. It can also be powered by a 2s battery. It has an xt30 on the bottom, so tbs crossfire kind of leading the way for long range. For a long time now, elrs is sneaking up into the crossfire market. By releasing so many different versions of this module. The developers are working with manufacturers, which is you know great for us as a community and hey everybody likes open source right. I love that this is open source. I love that we can get a 2.4 gigahertz version of it and 900 megahertz version of it. This one is also powered up to 12 volts. So if you put a 3s battery on there, thats charged up to 12.6 volt guess what youre going to fry this module so dont do that. But it is nice to have an external battery outside your radio battery powering this module, because at 500 megahertz it does suck down quite a bit of battery and if youre running, something like the tx16s with a full screen.

Even though it goes to doom its going to drain it pretty quick, so in my testing i definitely need to supply the secondary battery. You can use something like a 2s say like 850 on there or maybe even 1100 battery thatll. Last you at least you know a few two to three days worth of flying. Absolutely the module itself is smaller. It does come with leds on here, a usbc port which is nice, and i think that the overall inside the interior looks pretty good. I did open it up. You can also change the color for the leds on the outside. It kind of has what they consider like the iron man, heart of the module itself, which is kind of cool, and i believe i dont know at this point. If it does show different status by the color of the led that you see on there for the connection, one of the big things that people were talking about with this module were going to get right straight to the good, the bad and the ugly here. Starting out with the the ugly so weve already talked about the basics of this module, but where were at right now is that barwell has done a video, and he has clearly demonstrated that when you go into the menu, if you have a quad on – and you Say youre flying and you want to look at the back of your radio and change your power output.

The minute you go into the menu the module will fail, safe, so thats one bug in the software from beta fpvs version of alrs. That needs to be addressed and hopefully in the next update that they can figure out how to fix that. If thats a hardware problem thats going to be a problem for the community if youre doing long range. But if you want to ask me how many times justin have you changed your power output after you were in the air, i would tell you zero times. Zero times have, i ever had to have a friend go around to the back of my radio, while im in fpv and change my power output. If i know im going miles out im going to set my power as high as i can get it on my tbs crossfire module, of course, before i take off, i dont ever forget, take off in like 10 milliwatt its not going to happen. So this one has been a really reliable module for a long range. Ive only maybe fail saved this one time. Okay, so long range module im, still sticking to crossfire for for for the meantime, for someone who likes to tinker and play around if you wanted to grab this module and just buy one because well its kind of a new frontier of our radios, it thats what It is uh at this point. Its kind of like the early days of like clean flight were in like the the wild west of of this whole frontier.

So take your time getting into elrs start out with your micro brushless and your whoops around your property fly out range test. It penetration test, you know, fly behind the house with it and see how it does as far as the highest output power at 500 milliwatts. So i think that you know the recess button on here. Also for or the recessed usb port usb c port is is recessed. So what i had to do also is actually take. You can see how thats recessed there, where the usb port is. I had to trim back a usbc cable to be able to have it fit down in there now. Hopefully, version 2.0 when it comes out will change and fix that the other thing about it was the button. Now the button on the tbs crossfire module. That is not just a button, but also a joystick. It will move around inside and it will not fail safely and change power, so they got all of their development right before they released it to the public years and years ago. Now i dont even know what the original manufacturing date of the full size crossfire module was, but this one came out with only a push button. Working short press will actually move you up and down yeah, but the left to right up and down doesnt work. So long press will activate the item that youre currently hovering over, which is a little bit crazy and wonky and hopefully thats something that theyre going to fix coming up in the future.

But i think that for the price you know again were were in were in. I would say pre beta stage um, so were not even really in like the beta stage of this module. I think this is more like alpha stage at this point. So if you dont mind getting in uh in the very first couple months of a release of a project that is not quite up to par jump in on it, if not grab, tbs crossfire and off, you go and you will not have any problems. But if you dont mind tinkering grab one of these with my radio today i have updated it to edge tx and edge. Tx is working with the module, which is good news. I also have the radio master ag01s installed in my radio, so with with all three of these new items on this radiomaster tx16, i have good news to say that its been working decently so far i havent had a lot of issues with it, but check out This super bling here on this radio edge tx is loading up, welcome to edge tx thats right and my cnc gimbals are installed with the led rings on there, and you know what im not sure if im going to keep those installed. You know i want to keep the karens way, obviously out in the field, and i dont want to attract little kids while im flying, but it does look kind of cool if youre into bling.

This is awesome, so i will put some links down below for the ago ones from radio master and theyre actually around 89. I think for these cnc gimbals, i believe theres, like an extra 10 bucks for the leds, now im going to go into the menu here. Real quick and once i get to a model, you can see that my home screen is up right there on edge tx and on the back boom there. It is iron man heart right in the center, and if you long press that button again itll take you into the menus and youll be able to bind. The cool thing about it is, is that beta fpv made it so that you can bind to a model from the module not have to use, go into the system menu to the lua script like originally, we were doing with happy model module and some of the Other ones out there, so i know theres been a lot of recalls on a lot of different modules out recently. So i will keep you updated right here on the channel and please do subscribe on the channel because we got more tech reviews coming up and yeah. I think this is kind of just the early frontiers of whats happening out there with elrs and im, not totally surprised that beta fpv made a few mistakes on this module. Now someone considered a great mistake to fail safe, a receiver when you go into the menus.

Others dont really care because theyre not really adjusting things while theyre flying in fpv, if youre not flying and trying to adjust things. That would be fine most of the times your quads on the ground. When you make those adjustments and then you have no problem, make those adjustments, you lose transmission, you regain transmission, you take off thats, probably you know how ninety percent of us are going to do it out there, but for the long range guys yeah watch out for That but the news is out there, the informations out there, and i will keep you updated again on els, coming up in the future, more reviews on ers products and different things, because im obsessed with it, i love it and i love being in the kind of Early days in development of nightly builds on beta fpv and the newest radio modules coming out, so you can check out the links down below guys.