You find me today, leaving the little town of cowichan lake. We are going to take the pacific circle. Route were going to go down to port renfrew down a road that used to be a dirt road, but they paved it quite a few years ago, but i havent been down it for a while, and i thought today it would just be a casual vlog gon Na try some dronage somewhere, where its relatively safe and my wifes along for the ride as well. We just had a coffee at eds in lake kohichan, and that was really delicious, so were off to masatu lake right now. I dont know why i put this jacket on this morning. Ive got all the vents open, but i am warm its not that warm its only 27 but uh. It feels quite warm yeah, its a bit of a special day for my wife and myself today, anniversary many decades, and actually the proposal was up here at a place called honeymoon bay. I know how romantically, unfortunately were not going to go. There today were going to turn left before that, so you know nostalgias all well and good, but its a better road. How can i say it so? The back countrys all shut. I cant take the husband off road, so i thought the next best thing is to go off road on this bike down a tar road which is open. I hope so welcome to masachi lake and its around here somewhere that theres the turn off to port renfrew.

On the x logging, road, which is turned into a very bumpy and uh poorly paved but pave nonetheless road victoria port, renfrew, okay, were gon na. Take a left here. No cell phone coverage for 56 kilometers no problem so been some nasty accidents on this road motorcyclists. Just going way too fast, this road has no markings, no real signage, it gets narrow and there are blind corners. Very twisty, well, be taking it nice and easy partially because ill be flying the drone, and even though it does about 55 kilometers an hour. I probably wont be going that quick. I dont want to lose it, but im happy to find a spot to stop and uh get the drone in the air and have it uh. Have it follow us off to one side of the roads? Safety dry dry dry. No water left in that creek anywhere once came through here, and it was about oh 40 degrees at the beginning, right where we are now and by the time we got to the south coast. It was about 12 degrees and there was fog. It was incredible. The temperature change it was so cold uh we were sort of dressed like you were on a dr 650, and this is when it was dirt, and it was just like a hair dryer at this part going for the first 30 kilometers or so, and then it Gradually started to get a little cooler than within two or three kilometers of the coast where the fog was boom.

It just dropped its down here, no well, not down here a little further on theres, a true dirt road, and that will take you to a crashed good, lord second world war, mitchell. Yes, they were practicing and there was an raf pilot and some rcaf crew on it and uh during very misty low. They flew right into the top of a hill and every just sorry november. The 11th a whole bunch of people go up and walk through, and the wreck is in, you know its torn apart, but its in its definitely a plane, uh and its quite something to see and its quite a reverent place. But you have to wind up into the mountains im trying to remember the name of the mountain now um. I should do a vlog on that sometime. I will thats a great idea yeah, i think ill pull over and turn these off on. Launching the drone. Little did we know that within five minutes it would be lost Music, Music, Music. My first mistake was setting it to follow this at a relatively low height and off to the right, and slightly behind. I hadnt taken notice that most of the tall trees are on the right and that it really needed to be directly behind us overhead of us or much higher Music Music. As you can see, the skydio drone is continually trying to pull itself over towards the right hand, side of the motorcycle and remember this drone is flying itself.

It is completely autonomous, it uses obstacle avoidance, gps tracking and the images from its six cameras to follow us. Music, Music and so far so good. I was really impressed im able to watch the video feed on the bike as im riding Music Music, and here he goes again trying to get down to the right its the obstacle avoidance that stops it from getting too low. It sees the trees and decides to go high again or around them, but all the time the sky does trying to get low relatively low and, to the right hand, side of the bike. This eventually will lead to its demise Music, Music, Music Applause, so Music see the trees ahead, thats, where the skydio makes its suicide move, it tries to go to the right and low inside the trees. Unfortunately, when it realizes its losing sight of me, it tries to make a fatal move and dislodges its battery Music, okay, folks so heres the deal ive lost the skydio its far far far away from me and we searched for it. But ive come back to get a sell signal, so i can find a location on it and were going to go back and take a look. It seems to have come down near a river, so were going to take a look im very disappointed right now. Hopefully, we can find little blue once again thanks for watching everyone. If this is the first time youve watched, please consider subscribing, i do product reviews, motorcycle reviews off road and on road vlogs, as well as tours dont, forget to follow me on social media, thats, instagram.

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