We continue our road trip to payao, still three things to do here. In chiang rai number one visit the white temple number two rescue my drone, which is still on the floor in the center of chiang rai next to the night bazaar. I really hope i can get my drone back number three. I want to drink a proper chia, rai coffee and i think there is also number four because i just discovered there is a beautiful temple right here and i think its one of the main attractions here in chiari. So maybe well start here with this temple and then we continue our journey for today and then well check out and continue. The road trip to payao lets start the day: Music, Music, Music, Music, wow guys this place is unbelievable. This temple is called vatwai placang and, to be honest, i didnt know about this temple. I just discovered it by driving around and like wow. What is that beautiful temple and then i just followed the directions, and i came here and im so glad. I found it because its unbelievable have a look Music, wow wow, what a place. If you come to china, i would recommend you to stop by in and visit dont make my mistake of not knowing about this place, because its its really special so lets continue on the journey. Lets go to the city center and do two things drink. A great coffee and try to rescue the drone lets go Music, so here we are with a drone story to clarify a little bit better.

The situation. Let me bring you back to yesterday evening at sunset time when i lost the drone, and let me show you what happened so guys. You cannot believe what has just happened to me im right here in uh right next to the bus station here in china and right next to the night bazaar as well. One of the most popular area, like the the center of chiang rai and i just wanted to fly the drone because now its sunset time i say: okay, let me just fly the drone a little bit to have some nice aerial shots and – and i think it Triggered like the airport security signal, it started to blink and it kind of forced the landing wherever it was. So i couldnt control it anymore. I couldnt bring it back home. It just landed right there where it was. It never happened to me its the first time and it basically just landed right here on this roof. It just landed on the roof, and i couldnt find anybody to help me. I asked all these shops and nobody theyre like no. No, no, no, sometimes thai people would when they dont know what to do, or maybe they dont really understand. They just prefer to shut down and say like no. No, no and it happened three times and i translate it. I show it to them, but i cannot really go up to the roof, so i ask a security guy so like i can give you 500 baht.

If you can help me out – and he said you have to come tomorrow morning – because the main shop here will open tomorrow and thats, where you can actually go upstairs so ill, keep you posted, but for now no more drone. So i just arrived here where my drone uh fell on the roof. This is the the rooftop. I i google translate a phrase to tell the the person here that my my drone fall down on your rooftop. Can i pick it up lets hope for the best. So that shop has no idea, and they told me that they cannot go on the roof, so there is no. There is no actual access to the rooftop and all these buildings here, theyre all like abandoned and shut down. So i cannot even access it or ask inside so its really tricky the situation it seems like. I cannot really rescue the drone Music Music. Oh, oh so i dont have good news to be honest. Like these guys at the bus station and the tourist assistants, they were super helpful. They called the firefighter they called the municipality. The police came like they really helped me a lot, but at the end of the day, this roof doesnt have an access. So you cannot really go there and the firefighter you know they have this kind of uh arm with a staircase, but its broken so its they send it for service, so they dont have it and to contact like a private company that will have that kind of Truck with with a long arm that can go on, the rooftop would be expensive.

So at the moment i dont have a solution to be honest and it kind of sucks. So i need a coffee and just to sit down to maybe think some new ideas and yeah. I need a coffee, Music, the coffee from chiang rai character, all right, this one Music house, a proper chiang, rai cappuccino, so yeah guys thats. The final uh verdict uh the droning – cannot be rescued at the moment. I have to, unfortunately, let it go and uh leave it right there on the rooftop of the chan, rai night bazaar. If you ever come to chiang rai and youre able to get on the rooftop youll find a pretty new dji mini 2. for now ill leave. It there i dont, really have a solution for it. I dont really know how to rescue it and they asked the tourist information officer. They asked like a lot of like local people, their taxi drivers, security even like i think, like the head of the police just stopped by. I can see that it was very kind of an important person because everybody was like bow to him and like oh hi hi, and he kind of give an opinion. He said theres, nothing, you can do. You can hire a private company, but its going to be very expensive, maybe even more expensive than the drone itself. So and, as i said, the firefighters they they have their truck out of service at the moment.

So they cannot really come and this kind of buildings they dont have access to the roof. All the units inside they cannot actually go in the roof, so i dont really see any hope at the moment and at 12 oclock i have to check out and continue my road trip. But first i want to bring you to see the white temple because its amazing, i finish this coffee. We go to the white temple. Then we check out and well drive to payao, because i want to continue the non road trip loop, which is amazing on a motorbike, should be like a lot of fun, driving the the motorbike on those roads and uh lets see if there is a solution, maybe In the next days, i can still stop by chan ryan and pick it up, but i dont think i can really get this stone back to be honest, so yeah, Music, Music, okay, guys, we made it to vat rongakuna, which is also famous for the white temple. Here in chiang rai, its definitely one of the most extraordinary temple here in thailand, let me show it to you, Music mmm. What is the difference between here and and people put money there, ticket or ticket, and these thai people thai people free? Okay, so the entrance fee is 100 baht if im not mistaken. Before was free of charge four years ago now its free of charge for thai people, but for foreigners for falang, its a 100 baht, but its, i will say its worth it, because its a beautiful temple Music.

This is definitely not your typical temple here in thailand, because not only its white but few years ago, this temple was completely ruined, destroyed and was nothing special and a lot of money for renovation and in 1997, one thai artist from chiang rai challenge. I considered pipat chalermai decided to take charge of this temple and with his own money, to completely fund the renovation of this temple, with his own style, with his own skills and with his own creativity. And this is the result. This unique incredible white temple, which is now the main attraction here in cheray Music, a fun fact. I met actually challenge four years ago in 2017, when i came here with my mom and with my sister, we just met him outside here. He was just hanging out at the restaurant, and some people told us like hey. This is the founder. This is the one that actually made this beautiful temple were like what really so we just went there. We took picture with him and he was a lovely guy. Very friendly, very, very approachable, and we actually met the founder of this incredible temple, and now i just saw that he made a gallery here like an art gallery that you can visit. Maybe well have a look later and you know we might bump into him again. I hope so Music do – and this is definitely not your regular temple, because the the founder, the creator, the artist, wanted to like to be thoughtful while exploring an experience in this temple.

So there are a lot of controversial character, a lot of controversial meaning person. So every person has to kind of make up their own reason their own meaning out of this spiritual experience inside of this temple. But one thing that is for sure is that he shows also the suffering the pain, the destruction, the illness, that the new capitalistic world is creating in our society, with money with petrol, with greed with illness with wars. So you can see one side, the beginning of the temple, which is kind of the dark side and then, towards the end, the more you get closer to buddha. You will see more like the lighter side, the spiritual side, the angels, the saiyans more like the the purified beings, while at the beginning, theyre more like the demonic and the heavy and the greedy beings in a way, but again its up to each one of us To make a meaning out of this experience, but its its incredible, i highly recommend you to come and visit this temple Music, okay, guys that is it for this video. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this beautiful white temple and also the other temple that ive shown you and chan rai in general. The only downside is the drone that i lost it. I hope to get it back or i hope to maybe buy a new one soon.