If this is totally not a snow globe but it’s a real drone like you got ta, you got ta like the because it’s cl, like just pay, no attention to the fact that it’s a snow globe and just pretend it’s a drone, because i didn’t have any Drones for this bit should i get a drone that actually kind of cool um? Okay, i guess we should roll the intro. Now it’s it’s been long enough um! All right. Are you guys gon na roll? It are you gon na roll, it yeah press the enter. Just press the button, no the button that says intro, not the button that says, delete channel. No, the green one yeah yeah that one there it is yo what’s good everybody welcome back to the channel it’s russell plays with the space youtube channel. Today, i’m in the roosevelt’s youtube channel i’m guest hosting there’s a place youtube channel. My name is russo. This character’s name is: plays we’re a duo, there’s the drone whoa hold the phone or, should i say, hold the drone. Let me get my knee in the shot. That’S a real knee slapper here, guys make sure you like the video so that my kids can eat. Okay, um today we’re playing delivery, simulator almost a drone, simulator delivery, simulator, but drones have been added to the game and, as you can see, they literally do the work for you. They’Re like automated, so first let’s claim a warehouse.

This is what i got last time. If you guys don’t remember when i played this game, i basically got like insane boxes, and now i can pick up like a lot of them. I can pick up almost all of them and i can place them in my infinity truck so eight at a time. I can place in my infinity truck. This thing holds literally infinite boxes, so we can do a lot of deliveries here, but the newest update is drones. I know i’m a few days late to it, but here’s what we’re gon na do to make up for it. All right, i’m gon na get the best drones possible. If you can get multiple i’m gon na get all of them all right. I’M gon na do whatever it takes to become the best delivery person ever and we’re gon na make it to the next area of the neighborhood. As you guys can see, i need 197 boxes. We’Re gon na have to deliver 197 boxes, mr smith, in the bungalows. If you look under my face, cam he’s, the next one we need so, mr smith, we will deliver all right smash that, like button take a second. It takes like literally two seconds smash that like button and, of course, if you guys haven’t already make sure you guys, as somebody’s like crashing in the background, if you guys haven’t already make sure you subscribe to the channel, all right statistics show that none of you Are subscribed so make sure you subscribe i’m kidding about none of you but like there’s, a lot of you that aren’t so make sure you subscribe.

I’Ve been posting two videos a day. Every single day i missed some, sometimes um awkward, um tapping got’s updated the other day, and we got a good update, video on that and now we’re checking out delivery sims. So in this video we’re gon na basically get the best drones or multiple drones, whatever it takes, i like how they have doctor ones kind of looks like doctor ones, and we also have to check out the rest of the stuff in the update which they also Added a city area, they added boxes now saving trucks and they added a lot of bug, fixes so we’re gon na check out, basically everything they got and get some drones and the drones look like they automate things for you. They literally do things for you, so that seems pretty epic. That seems pretty awesome. Let’S go ahead and test it out, though. So, basically we just started the video but i’m gon na make sure. By the end of this, i have literally like as many drones as i could possibly have. The first thing i need to do, though, is get more shelving, like i don’t have that many shelves. If i’m being honest, oh look, racks and drones, wait, you can have some, you can have some that do delivery and some that do stacking. So you can have multiple drones so that just proves it right. There that’s pretty sick, okay. First things first let’s go ahead and grab everything that we can and stack over here, that’s what our drones will do whenever i have them, so we’ll stack them right here.

We don’t have everything full let’s leave it, because what i want to do is get drones to do it. For me, baby imagine drones in real life. They could just like make youtube videos for me: that’d be pretty sick. You just a robot making a video here’s. The drone shop, so here it is, you buy it with money and it looks like okay. This is a mini stacking drone. They all have different stats and, as you scroll through there’s, a basic there’s, a tri stacking drone, which is just three at a time. Pretty cool this one has four and then they just keep going what’s the best one. What is the best one? How far do they go? Oh this one, the ufo stacking drone, 45 million dollars that is uh quite more than i have. I don’t think i have 45 million yet um. If you use code, russo and buying robots a premium that might help me out guys. I’M. Not gon na lie oh and there’s, so you have to get a stacking one and delivery. So let’s just test it with the mini ones. For now let’s get a mini delivery. Let’S purchase three of these and purchase some stacking ones, so we’re only gon na get oh, we can only get okay, you get two i’m gon na get as many as i can of just these few, and we just have only mini drones now so again, this Is not like amazing drones, these are not the best drones.

You can get they’re just mini let’s, go to drones and place them so mini delivery, mini delivery, mini stacking and mini stacking. There we are wait, did i place it? Did it work is it is? It is it working why isn’t it working? Why is it working the mini? Wait, oh mini stacking. There we are, i was placing the wrong one. Okay. So now i have too many delivery and too many stacking drones. So, look at that the mini delivery – one, the mini stacking ones – will actually bring them over here and look at that. It’Ll literally stack them here. The only thing is since it’s mini it can only hold one at a time, so it’s pretty slow, as you guys can see, but it’s stacking for me and then the delivery ones like do they just put it in the car for me or do they take It to the next level do they like bring it to the house. That would be pretty sick if the drones only put it in your car that’s. Not really that helpful, it would be, oh, my god they actually deliver. They actually deliver. Oh my dude. They just delivered for me, so the drones actually deliver wait. A second that’s actually pretty crazy, so you’re telling me if you get the best drones possible, like all the best stacking and all the best delivery ones, they’re just gon na be auto. Let me see i had 197 look at that.

I have 195. That means two boxes were delivered by drones, so drones can automate this process guys. I am so excited make sure you smash the like button subscribe if you’re new i’m excited for this update, because this automates this game a lot more. This is huge all right, you guys see my mini drones. These things are just wack. These things are not very good. We’Re gon na go and get the best drones possible. The only thing is, we need a lot of money to do this. Oh, i just realized i’m. Not gon na be able to have enough money. Let’S buy that let’s buy that much, so we bought two million dollars. What can we buy with this? We can buy a we can’t even buy a heavy stacking drone like this thing has six capacity. This thing is 15 speed, so it’s much better than the other one. Oh it’s, the same speed, though it’s the same speed. I can get a medium stacking drone, but like this isn’t that good, i want the best one. How am i gon na get enough money for this bro 45 mil and then this one too futuristic delivery plane delivery, the best one 75 million, all right, well, here’s the thing i can get this one pretty soon. I i’m gon na buy this one. Now the super heavy delivery drone let’s grab that one purchase. We already got one of them all right. So now that i have the super heavy delivery drone i actually might get two of these.

Should i get two of these i’m gon na get two of these i’m gon na get two of these super heavy delivery drone, because the delivery drones are more important. In my opinion, those are more important in my opinion. I don’t know for sure, but they seem to be because stacking is pretty easy, so we might not even have to use our truck let’s go ahead and replace the two that i have let’s go to drones. So delivery i’m gon na go ahead and put super heavy duty on place and then super heavy duty place. Can i do it please? Okay, so i have two super heavy duty: delivery drones here, there’s only room for four drones. It looks like i don’t think you can like expand your plot or anything like that, so that’s, what we’re gon na have to do with for now um. I need to get better stacking ones, but i do have two super heavy duty delivery. Now so what they’ll do is they’ll take six from this area and they’re way faster, so they’re able to deliver much quicker. Look at that 187. 186. 185. 184. 183, 182, they’re, literally doing it so quickly, that’s insane! The only problem is now. The stacking is slow because i only have minis so we’re gon na have to buy even better ones of these, which is gon na take uh a lot wait: what’s teleport to stores oh here’s, the stores where i can get better like stuff box capacity.

Wait in the second area what’s this shelves and carts. Oh, this is where i can get better shelving. So i think i do have the best shelve right. I don’t think i have mega shelf. I think that’s, the one that i do not have. I do have massive shelf, though i have one of those. Should i buy one more it’s i’m gon na be spending a lot of robux in this video guys make sure you subscribe. Okay, i’m gon na need it all right. So i just got myself some money. Uh, i think i can buy a massive shelf here. I bought another one, nice there’s also carts i can buy. I own. I think i own the super heavy jack right. No, i have the heavy jack. I don’t even need this because i have stacking drones. You know what i mean, so i don’t even need a rack so i’m good on that or a jack. I should say i need the rack so let’s place this new rack that i just got i’m gon na replace the uh the standard zero out of three one that i have and then i’ll be able to stack 12 more so let’s place that there. That is good, oh and i can also place a shelf here, mine as well. There we go nice so now i have four shelves much more room to stack, but i need better stacking drones. If i want even more automation, so we’re gon na have to spend even more robux, this is really getting expensive.

Make sure you like the video subscribe if you’re new, all right, it’s gon na this is gon na, be pretty pricey. So now i have two million i’m gon na buy it again. This is a lot of robux. Please like the video okay subscribe. If you’re new i’m gon na have like 4 million something and i need better stacking ones, so let’s buy the best one we can buy for stacking. Oh heavy stacking drone, four million – we got ta buy it, so we can buy one heavy stacking and then i’m, probably gon na buy a million more. So i can get a medium stacking that’s gon na be pricey, so let’s go ahead and do that let’s buy more cash in the store. Oh, this is so expensive. Make sure you like the video guys. This is. This is literally all my robux down all my robux. As you can see, i don’t have that much all right, let’s go ahead and take these two, so we got the heavy stacking and the medium stacking. I still have a million dollars, not that so let’s replace our stacking drones uh these ones over here. So this one is gon na be a heavy stacking let’s place that there this one’s gon na be a medium stacking bam. So now i have heavy duty delivery. Drones and i have really good stacking drones. What is this guy waiting for? What is this delivery? One waiting for 100? Oh, it needs to be like 100, like full, like the capacity now he’s ready to deliver.

Is that the k is that the case? Why does it take forever to deliver? I don’t know why they’re waiting, maybe it has to wait for the other one i’m, not really sure, but, as you can see, i’ve literally done, like probably 40 boxes since i started this game since i started this video and i haven’t even delivered one box myself. So the drones are meant to automate things and there’s like six more right there with that drone, so it’s pretty awesome. The drones definitely help a lot and i’m hoping that i can eventually get the best drones in the game, but i’m not gon na, be able to get it with robux it’s, just gon na be too expensive, so here’s. What we’re gon na do we’re gon na go ahead and just keep on stacking, but i wan na i wan na get some care packages in i wan na get some insanely like rare. Oh rare boxes has been dropped. Wait where did the care package drop? Is it right here is this where the care package drops? Oh here, it is so it it drops with rare boxes right here, and i think i have to grab them and other people can also grab them that’s the problem, so hopefully they don’t grab. All these am i ready ready for this all right all right. We got a lot of boxes here. Let’S get more let’s, get more let’s, get that emerald one.

There we go. We got the emerald one see people stole mine, but it’s. Fine because i got i got really good ones as well. Okay, so i stacked a bunch on there it’s better to do this when you’re, not in the same lobby as people. Oh, i kind of want to get the times the 1.5 times cash and the two times cash. This would wait what, if this affected purchases, then i just wasted a lot of money and two times car capacity don’t mind. If i do, i might as well grab these boosts while i’m. Here i can buy rare drops i’m gon na buy 10 obsidian boxes and see if i can gather as many as possible. Oh no, my stacks are all full that’s. The problem they’re all full they’re. All full this is not good. I need some delivery drones to do some work. I need some delivery drones to do some work. Bro. Oh no, okay. We got the obsidian boxes. Some people stole some of my obsidian boxes, but you know what whatever i’m great you guys you know take them. Hopefully you guys are fans of the channel all right. So i need to wait to stack these because i don’t have any room. So i need delivery. People, so what i’m gon na do is uh. Oh, i can’t pick up any and i can’t place any in here. I can’t load. These i need some help. I need some help.

Let’S stack those right there let’s pick up some of these let’s let’s help. My my boxes out or help my uh, my drones out let’s just place these in the truck we’ll grab. All these place, these in the truck i’ll do some deliveries myself. Okay, i don’t need a robot to do everything for me. It would be nice, though, all right, let’s just grab all these and then i’ll do some deliveries myself. So let’s take all these and do some deliveries. We got all the boosts ever we have some really good drones and we have 125 more to unlock the next area of the neighborhood, which is sick. The thing is, i haven’t even done any deliveries in the next area, the area after this. So i want to see what that’s, like all right, let’s grab these there. You are there’s two boxes and let’s put the last one back in there all right, where’s, the next area. Where are we going? Is it in the next area of the neighborhood? Yet oh it’s over there, okay let’s turn around excuse me. Excuse me, coming through sorry about your car. Sorry about your house. I love the destructive nature of this game. All right, let’s grab some of these let’s grab three and then we’ll. Do this there’s three come again see you later thanks for doing business. Excuse me sorry about your tree, whoops whoops, sorry didn’t mean to let me just i love this all right.

I got some boxes here. We are badabing. We got ta put this one back in look at this i’m: a delivery guy. So my drones between my drones and me – we are churning away at this 100 more to get to the next neighborhood, so we’re going to make it to that next area. I don’t know: oh my god, i just crashed into a player um. I don’t know how many more to get to the max area like the highest area, but i’m gon na try and get there all right. So there’s three in here so let’s three oh got some golds and silvers one two three that’s gon na be pretty powerful. That’S gon na be a lot of money. Let’S, take this to the next area, almost under 100, 101 more, the thing is: i’m, barely getting any money, even with all these multipliers, even with all of these boosts i’m. Really not getting that much. I need five. Okay, let’s grab five, two three four five, all right here. You are one two, three four five, so look at that 100k 9k, like that’s, nothing if i’m trying to get 45 million. How do you get that much more money? I’M, assuming you need to get to the new areas, and maybe the the people pay more, but i don’t know how i also need to get the carry store, upgraded a little bit what’s this. How much is this one, okay, obsidian box? How much does the obsidian box give 57k that’s? It that’s nothing bro! That is actually nothing 83 more to unlock the next area, all right! Well, here’s! What i’m gon na do i’m gon na do the 83 more i’m going to get to the next area and we’re going to try and see if we can get the best drone possible, but the drones honestly make the game sick, they’re, automating everything here.

It is so these drones are doing work i have so many left and my delivery guys are even slower than i thought they would be, but the thing is we have. Should i put these in the car. I don’t really want to put these in the car. The only downside is i’m not really making that much money. Like i’m, i probably made a million dollars and it’s been like 15 minutes, and i know that seems like a lot, but that means i’d have to sit here for many many hours in order to earn enough to get the best drone. So i don’t know if we’re gon na get that, but the drones are pretty sick and they’re doing a lot of deliveries right now, so i’m, actually gon na grab some boxes, even though these aren’t, like super rare boxes, i’m gon na grab as many boxes as I can just to relieve the shelves a little bit carry as many as i can and i’m gon na put some in this car. I got 20 inside i’m gon na i’m gon na i’m gon na just fill this up. Honestly, let’s just fill this up so that my my stackers can start doing some more stacking put this in here, i’m at 28.. Let’S just take the 28 and go on a little drive, so my drones will do a lot, but i have now made it to the next area, so i haven’t even done any deliveries in this neighborhood right here, which i don’t know why they’re not assigning me, But i unlocked the next one, so i have the carry store here, which i can buy.

Some more carry stuff i’m. Definitely gon na. Do that and then the next area here it’s got a church right here. It’S got a bunch of really rare houses and then you can even get to the next neighborhood above after this one. The thing is, i don’t know if that’s the final neighborhood or not, but it might actually be excuse me. Let me just break some stuff here. Let’S actually go up there and see if it is so i’m gon na drive up here. Excuse me, excuse me, pardon me, i’m, a pretty good driver, just got ta, say, and here it is so i can’t go through here yet obviously, but this once i have 608 unlocked i’ll get through to here and i don’t think i don’t think there’s another area. I think that’s actually the final place. I could be wrong, though, if there’s anything else after this, let me know there might be like six areas after this. I honestly have no idea but again, like i said, i’m, not making that much money right now, i’m. Not doing any of that person i’m not doing any deliveries in this place. I don’t know why it’s not assigning me there. I don’t know what you’re supposed to do to get them, but that being said, i can probably expand my carry capacity to 10.. So now i have it maxed out. I have it maxed out at 10, so i can carry 10 boxes in my own hands without the the drones or anything helping me so that’s pretty good.

So, oh sorry, so between like me, and the drones like we can do a lot of work here. The problem is these: regular boxes are not really worth that much money, as my contact dries up so i’m, not really making that much like honestly, it’s, not really gon na be possible unless there’s another way to like buy money quicker or maybe like buying money. With these multipliers has, you know, boosts that’s. The only thing i can think of like if i, if i can buy more money now with the with the boost on so i have 2 million right here for 5 000 let’s – see what it gives me. If this just gives me another 2 million, then uh it’s not really going to be it’s, not going to be worth spending all this robux 4 million yep, so there’s, probably not going to be a way to get that many that that much money other than actual Grinding and it’s not what i have time for in this video, but at least we got some drones and we made millions. We got some insane drones, we didn’t get the best, but we got some really really good ones again: four million dollars that’s after spending a lot of robux. In order to get the best drones, i will literally need like 45 million to get the best stacking drone. That thing is just ridiculous and the best delivery was 75 million, so we’re pretty close.

We got like one of these and we got one of the best stacking ones. So, all in all, i think we did a pretty good job of the drones. Make things a lot easier and i made millions of dollars so i’ll. Take it all right. Hopefully, you guys enjoyed this video if you did smash that, like button check out delivery, simulator and see what you can get yourself, if you guys got some insane drones, let me know we unlocked a new neighborhood we’re, not gon na unlock this one for a while, But maybe we can afk this for a bit and maybe in the next video, if we do one i’ll be there alright, thanks for watching.