Now. Oh, my freaking lens fogged up it’s so hot out here, i’m, going to be doing an update video on my second channel for all the upgrades i’ve done on the toy hauler, but long story short on this project i’m about ready to roll out for a trip Which i think i’m just gon na, do like a big northeast tour, so comment down below, if you have any ideas of where i should go in the northeast Music today is a very special day because about once a year there’s a local balloon fest and if You guys have been tuned in i’ve, been making videos at this balloon fest for, like the last three four, maybe even five years and somehow inevitably at least the last three years i either got reported to the faa police were called holy, sh that’s, another story. Somehow the police or the faa are always called at these things and it’s, not because i’m doing anything wrong. I don’t know it just seems cursed for some reason, but that’s. What we’re doing tonight, we’re gon na go, fly around the balloons of the balloon fest, so that bug that nearly took my head off while i was up on the toy hauler is called a cicada and you can hear them in the background. The northeast is apparently being overrun by these cicadas, which hatch every 17 years. They come out for a couple weeks, mate and then like bury into the ground and don’t, come out for another 17 years.

It’S extremely weird. I don’t understand it for some reason. They seem to be very attracted to my paramotors i’ve posted on instagram a couple times. They’Ve burrowed into my engine on the maverick twice and they’ve also tried to hatch in the harness of both the maverick and the scout. What the is that those are cicadas freaking growing in my engine. Look it it’s, like freaking crawling out of the shell. A lot of people suggested that this motor was warm and that’s why the freaking larvae were in them, but it’s been sitting here cold for days. Yesterday it was fine and they’re freaking back god, damn it that is so nasty dude. For that reason, i’ve moved both my paramotors into my living room so that they can be in the air, conditioned climate, controlled and bug free area. So i’ve got the maverick and the scout my two primary paramotors and in deciding which one i’m gon na fly tonight. I really only have one choice and that’s because i broke the scout in a recent video. I put a new harness on the scout it’s, a new, updated version and unfortunately, the material used for the seat board is the classic corrugated plastic and the first couple flights. I was flying pretty gently on it because i knew it was gon na fold in half, but then a couple nights ago i was flying it and i wanted to stress test it and just see how much it would take to snap it.

Didn’T take much. Maybe it’s just my build that i have a scrawny ass and it puts a lot of force right in the middle of the sea board, but the stock seat board definitely isn’t going to hold up to a lot of g forces. My maverick, on the other hand, a lot of people have been asking some people are like: did you get rid of the scout? Truthfully i’ve been flying this setup more often for two main reasons: the first is it’s new i’ve, always flown the scout, and recently i just put together this configuration with an old engine and a brand new frame, and i wanted to put more seat time in it To get more really in tune with how it flies and how it is to operate. My second reason is: it has a three blade eprop and i love e props, and i have yet to get my hands on an e prop for my scout. It needs a special model. The quick acceleration of the e prop has been drawing me to this motor. More often, i talked about it in a previous video, but here i go again. If you fly a moster and you haven’t experienced an eprop, i sell them on my webstore check them out. I got the two and three blade for the standard mosters and the 130 centimeter all right, we’re loaded up. We got the maverick mobile. We got tons of gas headed to the park and i wanted to share this with you guys.

A couple days ago i went flying. There were five of us. The flight was insanely awesome and i was just flying for fun. I wasn’t planning on posting any of the footage. I was just filming in case. Something catastrophic happened. Nothing catastrophic happened, but the footage was so good. I wanted to share it anyway, so cue, random, throwback, transition to epic footage and then we’ll be down at the park. Music, all right, so here we are at the legendary park. Wind conditions are a little bit stronger than i expected. It’S been super hot today and it’s been really thermally, but dan just went up check the air, so it was fine. So i chose dan i’m gon na take off and i’m going to fly that way, downwind and get to the balloon launch, hopefully before they launch we’re gon na try to time it right and then i have to fly back home into the headwind, which is not Preferable but hopefully we time it right and i’m gon na try to get back kind of early so that we can run over we’re actually going to where we print the risky biscuits co merch to watch the logan, paul versus floyd, mayweather fight, so that’s the plan. Hopefully, everything works out seamlessly Music, okay. So before we go any further, we have an important order of business to take care of recently we dropped some sweet new t shirt designs at risky biscuits co.

You can find them linked in the description and we’ve been giving away gopros in between each video so far, we’ve given away two gopro nines and it’s time to announce the winner of the third gopro, the winner of the third gopro, is axel klinger from somewhere in Delaware, congratulations axel! You will find that fresh new gopro in your order. Now, in order to spice things up for a grand finale, i decided to throw in an extra prize for our final giveaway, because i got involved in an aerial dog fight with a drone in this video. I figured why not give away a drone, so we’ve got a dji mini 2. This is one of the drones that you don’t have to get registered. You don’t have to worry about any of the crazy regulations. This thing is freaking sweet i’m jealous. I wish i could have this drone, so the scoop is we’re going to throw this drone in a random order placed between this video and the next video. So visit pick up some sweet risky, biscuits, co, merch and you might just find the sweet new dji mini 2. In your order. All right, the paramotor gang is just rolling up hot and dirty got dan over there got jeff up there. Targets acquired about to wreak havoc, not really we’re gon na be respectful bro that balloon is landing at the tractor supply. How freaking redneck is that yeah i’m gon na need a new rake, a couple hay bales and a fresh killer for the john deere.

Just loaded up in the basket put my mcdonald’s run to shame, bringing tractor supply run in the hot air balloon that’s next level, dude there’s, two of them they got their freaking trailers set up in the parking lot that’s a fat wing over my guy. Oh, nothing to see here guys nice to see everyone being covered friendly in that balloon basket. There eh hell yeah brother, you, you know it’s hot, when i can see their sweat stains from over here. Oh, my good friends, cue everyone on the internet saying why you always care about right now during my neighborhoods they’re trying to enjoy the pizza quiet up in the air, now you’re wild readily a little too stroke of meal. That was a lot yeah, so that’s. Basically, the situation i’m not really allowed to fly over these neighborhoods and all the balloons are drifting over that way over all the neighborhoods so uh. This is about. As far as i can go because i’m, a legal law abiding respectful young handsome, paramotor pilot god, damn it dude that’s, still the most gangster thing here – parking your hot air balloon from the tractor supply flying my paramotor to the dmv holy. I got ta! Do that! Oh a drone holy you can’t, get me drone. I am far more capable than you air to air combat paramotor versus drone, whose drone is that just trying to help you get a good shot. Buddy check out this maneuver corrugated for l drag killing it absolutely killing.

It that was sick, Music all packed up. We made it to the shop, the fight or the stream started like an hour ago, so we’re gon na get it on and see what’s going on Music world’s biggest screen over. Here you have to excuse the noise. My neighbor just fired up his lawnmower. It sounds like a damn world war, one biplane, so the mayweather paul fight, if you guys, have any interest in that sort of thing. I don’t even know what to say. It was weird. Did mayweather let logan win. Was it all just an act? Was it pre planned? I don’t know comment down below what you thought at the end of the day it was entertaining. I was honestly hoping for something more spectacular to happen, but it is what it is. I hope you guys enjoyed. The episode so far i haven’t heard of any reports to the police or the faa, so i think we officially did the balloon launch flight without any issues make sure you check out down in the description check out the risky biscuits, co merch, you might find A sweet, dji mini 2 in your order, appreciate all your guys support i’m going to go.