I mean it was always here, sock sunday, where were gon na, be reviewing the top memes of the week. Um plaza just sent me this this morning, um. If we hit 29k members, i have to wear this and its at 30k. Yes put it on im, going to put on it im getting it. Ah, i dont think this counts, but i couldnt find that one, and this is the other one could i see? Yes, are you ready blasa, look its the impostor symbol, you bought a little 1g well. That was the only thing that was on amazon. That would come in two days. Really i didnt have a choice. Today were going to be reviewing the top submissions on the slash one reddit, you can join down below its free and if we hit 100k members, i will wear a made dress as promised all right. I know its a good week when it. The first meme is something with the penguins hey. I i think you could read this line say something smart kowalski, oh monica isnt real amen. Oh my god. What look at that alpha shad status right there. They gave you some muscle, real muscle, okay, theyve been listening when i said ive been working out im getting there im getting what you cant, you cant see it here, but its its happening. Are you winning son dude? I im glad someone im glad someone made that meeting. No, i i cant, i just cant imagine lets say see we.

We can talk trash about nadway now because hes gone hes on vacation, but i cant imagine his parents just walking in his room and hes. Just talking to monica you know the scariest part, okay, he downloaded a mod that allows monica to see whats on his computer screen, thats literally just a virus thats literally a virus. What, if he logs into his youtube account they? They know his bank account his security thing and hes like talking to monica and monicas like. Oh, your bank account info very interesting thats, some mighty fine, password, literally dude, hey, hey. We got mr meme god in the house friday night yeah see. I would have done more videos on this, but uh i suck at it theres, no other one theres no other way around it. I wanted nadway to make some videos on it, because hes actually good but uh. I dont know – maybe, if i just put my time into it, but im lazy so theres that hes got everybody all the characters in minecraft. You know how long that takes. Oh, this is wrong. Meme god looks taller than me and blasa wait a minute. Wait! A minute this is incorrect information meme, god should be around like down here, while blazers should be like in the sky like up here and ill, be right in the middle theyre. On the ps4, too, you know how long it takes to build on like controllers too long plushy among us dude, oh, my god, thats, so cool its like, like a little scarf but its smokers.

Okay. This is why hit that like button, if we should open a p.o box, all right should we have one and when we could do like unboxings and stuff, like i feel like, i would love to have this like up there on the shelf. You know we should have like an unboxing kind of thing that should exist: p.o box, unboxings, yeah right, like i dubs you know like yeah, then he opens his box and theyre like 10 ruts and bananas inside. I cant wait to be sentenced, rotted, bananas, socks and among us, be like i ruined among us dude. I i have to say i think we carry the game if it wasnt for us among us would be dead. Im excited well, it is now but like i we, we led the way all right. Mods are the way yeah. We thought i think its pretty boring. That sounds like another game. I know minecraft little blood with the beetle. Oh my god, but i love beautiful. This is my favorite folk man blossom pokemon video when, on your channel im gon na, do a pokemon go video and im only gon na look for beadoos, oh my god blaza. Let me write this down wait. This is actually a really good idea. We make a beadoof army on pokemon go and take over an entire state of only beerus, nothing else. We take over every single gym its an army of unstoppable forces. Its alive speak my child monicas real, oh shoot.

I forgot to give you a brain. As i said that was not here, we could roast it lets go whats. He gon na do what is he gon na? Do nothing hes? What like 14 halfway across the world? What is he gon na? Do huh fight me? Dont think so that way: hey thats, thats, nice thats, a really cool sketch. You know and it doesnt look like cringe. You know like if i were to draw like a spaceman character like this. It would look really stupid it actually doesnt. Look like it looks good like i could actually like if you just like fine art it it could. I would see that even on a t, shirt yeah right using this like tubes and uh and the things and the spaceman things little business did the crab cross. The road it didnt it used the sidewalk uh. Is it because crabs walked sideways? Did i get it? Did you get? It is that it is that the multi billion dollar question im just im too slow, hey. Oh, my yo everyones got the glasses. Everyone joined the glasses gang that looks good. You transformed them blast like tvh with the glass that looks cool right. Maybe we we got to get him to join the glass gang. His emotes need glasses now bro, he looks way more dope. What about this? Oh thats? My high quality thats, some high quality stuff right there. I love how they like developed a character for muffin.

You know like no one knows how he looks like all we know is that he rides a unicycle and hes in the middle of the farmland. A lot of people drop him like this. I really like it. He even has an often hand and a muffin. Everyone gets their own meme ball space boy, monkey, fake, doctor, bread, infant toddler. I like how theyre the same categories as crabs, alley boos just straight up. Why did you get the one shes in the jar bed? Thats cursed? What dude i dont know. I look hot im just gon na say it bro. I look hot bro. What are you gon na do? What are you gon na do about it? Blossom im not saying anything yo i got the cat ears. I got wait. Im a woman, hey you got boopas. Where did those come from just popped up? They just popped off man, all the all. The pizza rolls bro im. Looking like too mad out here bro. I like, like youre, holding a plate with nothing just my depression. Oh my goodness, minecraft manhunt, 100 days. I i mean i would do the hundred days if it didnt take so long. It takes months. It takes months its either 100 days or like 10 manhunts or nothing. I mean i uploaded like a tabs video on stocks for one and that did really good see. I honestly we just we should just do any game that we we find enjoyable.

At this point, there arent that many games yeah nothings out right now, oh yo – is that from the anime is this right? This is from an anime right. This is from an anime. Wait, wait, wait! This is forgot which one this is a hundred percent. Is it this? Is this the anime family? That means that that means what anime is this from? Please comment section i would watch it. Wait ive seen this before dude dude, its so good plaza. You look like the guy. I would hire to get the job done. Like you go, kill that man like thats, how you look like you know, go, do his glasses and it like shines. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you, you look like the guy. That does the dirty work. You know, meme god looks like the guy. He gets all the girls. No, maybe now, why do we look so cool as anime characters, especially muffin didnt, see him thats, so good? That is so good. What is this? That is amazing? You have your own evolution plaza. Oh, it evolved its you that is so cool. That is so good. Wait, i think you can get that done these days like get your own custom pokemon, you can do that now, like you can edit them and change them. This could be real. Just call me pokemon, i like to have a sponsorship at this point. Why is the artwork getting so good? Oh my god.

Look at looking that way. Looking that way, literally, why is ally just a computer screen? Oh wait! Shes a v, tuber dude! I was like what i like how you can see the menace and laughs eyes already. Why do i have a plate over my my crotch area, protection from what from mimi? Oh, no price attack? Where are we looking at? I dont know what were looking at and i want to click off im going to click off im going to click on real slowly. Okay, i dont want to look at into his eyes his hands or anything. Im gon na im, just gon na keep scrolling care to explain, wait. What is this, how are they in my room? They broke into you they broke in. Who is this? Oh? No, oh! No! What is this song its my explain this song, its my sister? Oh god, oh god, shes infiltrated the room, my brothers, a youtuber chad, oh no! This was a good idea. Oh no, we thought this was a good old video. This is really old. This is like like this is like when i just moved in dude. Oh no. What are you looking at? What is that? What do you mean? What am i looking at? This is cultured. What do you mean its culture? Look at that they said: minecraft, uh, hot minecraft, specifically wow, oh and oh hes scrolling. You want to see some more. What is that you guys thats, not bad thats, wait.

I look so young dude. What the? Where did the years go? Where did the gears go? I look. I dont look old now bro, if you guys, like that subreddit make sure to go, join down below its free.