Videos and i’ve always wanted one. Finally, i got the dji mavic air 2 and it’s everything i dreamed of and more it’s, not just for video shots, it’s also for great photos and even time lapses. If you guys want to see if this drone is worth purchasing, then stick around what is up guys, it’s chris with everyday chris, and welcome back to my channel the number one place for home tech and everyday life. I just want to give a shout out and thank everyone for getting me to 600 subscribers it’s insane. I mean i was at zero subscribers and now i’m at 600 and it’s just crazy. How i got here so make sure you guys subscribe and hit that like button and share the video with your friends and family, so i can get to that 800 subs baby now, there’s. A reason why the reviews are so good for the dji mavic air 2.. The features and size for its price point under 1 000 is amazing. The mavic air 2 comes in around 800, but it is cheaper if you get it in a bundle. You can fly this thing everywhere: it’s small, it’s, portable and super easy to use. You can fly it inside. You can scare your dogs, you can make the drone follow you. You can do these awesome, preset, quick shots that make. You seem like a pro best of all. You can control it with the remote it’s, every guy and girl’s dream.

Now, when you first unbox the air 2, it seems super confusing with all the parts and labels and stickers, but once you understand it, it’s pretty easy. The drone comes in its smallest form. With all these tags and letters you have five propellers knobs cables and all that fun stuff. So let’s set up the drone first there’s four arms and two of them swing straight out, while the other two swing down and out next are the blades. If you look at the top of the drone, you’ll see that it’s gray and if you look at two of the propellers it’s, also gray, two of the other drone handles are also black. You simply have to line up the same colors twist it so it’s, secure and that’s. It then there’s a little arrow with the lock button to tell you which way the blade locks open and in the middle of the drone, you have a replaceable battery to remove and charge the battery. You simply squeeze it and it pops out in the front. You have a cover for the gimbal: do not throw this away, it’s meant to protect the camera and gimbal when not in use on one side, you have storage for your micro sd card and the other side. You have a usbc port to transfer files, just letting you know that port does not charge the drone it’s simply meant for transferring files only and that’s pretty much it it’s pretty simple to set up now.

The drone for its size has a ton of awesome features on the front and back are sensors to prevent it from running into objects, while it’s flying there’s also a sensor on the bottom to help it land and you can even land it. On your hand, when the drone is ready to fly, you have lights all over the arms and it even makes a small chime telling you it’s ready for flight there’s, also an led light on the bottom to help. You see the drone in darker conditions somewhere on the drone, there’s, also a gps sensor. That knows where it takes off and can land in the same spot. It also has a find my drone feature, which is really cool that allows you to locate your drone. If you lost it, lastly, to turn on the drone, you simply press the button on the battery once which shows your battery life. Then you hold it the second time and that’s. What brings the drone to life it’s that simple now in order to use the drone, you need the remote. I love the remote on the mavic air 2. it’s, simple and easy to use. I did find some issues when mounting my 10s max with a wallet case. So the only way to mount the phone was to remove the case. You get two sets of metal handles with one set at the bottom of the remote where you can store the handles. If you have to store the remote or place it in your backpack or something, this is also where you charge the remote via usbc.

Now let’s go on to the buttons first right off the bat you have the power button in front of you. Like the drone battery, you simply press it once to show you your battery life and hold it a second time to turn on and off the remote there’s. A switch that switches between different modes for the drone normal, which keeps the drone at a good speed. With the safety features on sport, which turns off all the safety features, so i don’t recommend this mode if you’re a noob like myself and tripod mode, which is great for beginners, because it makes everything slower, there’s, also a return to home button where, if you press It it returns back to where the drone first took off, there’s, also a button on the side that turns on the led on the drone or re centers, the gimbal there’s a record or photo button to start recording and on the right side. There’S a button that switches between video and photo mode. You can also adjust the tilt on the camera itself, using the scroll wheel on the top of the remote you remove the black handle, which is actually an antenna, there’s, a cable on the bottom to switch. If you have a different phone type and you simply place your phone on the handle and plug it in if you’ve ever had an rc car, this is exactly the same thing. It’S so much fun to play with the remote feels great in my hands and has a nice rubber grip on the bottom, so it felt very secure.

While i was using the drone, even with my super sweaty fingers now, the quality on the camera is amazing for still 48 megapixel photos or videos there’s a ton of options. You can shoot at 4k at 60 frames per second or even at 2k, or you can even get some awesome, slow mo shots at 1080p or 120 or 240 fps. They even support ak hyperlapses, which is awesome. I do recommend putting some filters on the camera, because i did notice a lot of overexposure, especially during bright days and having a filter on the camera, makes it so much easier to film your shots. If you don’t put the propellers on correctly it doesn’t, let you fly, which is good for noobs, like myself, when you first start flying it’s, always a good idea to see the drone. So you know where the drone is once you get the hang of the drone. You can just use the screen to fly and i found the distance is about six miles, which is insane keep in mind. There aren’t any sensors on the sides or top of the drone. So if you’re only viewing it from the phone be careful, you don’t run into any objects. I’Ve never had any other drone before, but this drone was pretty. Quiet still has that propeller buzz, but it isn’t that loud also when you first start flying your drone, make sure you turn it on where there’s wi fi coverage and update the drone there’s.

Always software and safety feature updates that they push through for the battery the drone and even the remote itself flying the drone is super easy. All you have to do is find a clear area press the take off button and that’s it once you get flying it’s pretty insane how high and far the drone goes. I think my hands were honestly constantly sweating. The first few drone flies because i was scared. I was gon na blow away or i was gon na lose it, however, that never happened. I was also really afraid that my drone would be flying too high and run into any aircrafts, but there is a super awesome feature that you can enable in the remote settings that tells you, if there’s a manned aircraft nearby, which is super useful. Another thing you should enable is the over exposure warning. It shows you the areas that are overexposed in a gray and white checkered format, so you can adjust your exposure properly and in the app you can also adjust the exposure or the iso on the lower right hand, side. What makes the dji drone perfect for any one art’s flying features, you simply go to quick shot in the app on the right hand, side, and this setting is awesome for beginners like myself, because it has preset modes that the drone does to give you awesome aerial Shots you can do a separate video on the drone shots and the modes alone, so i won’t go into too much detail there.

However, this setting is where you can do all your quick shots, your panoramic shots and take your photos write in the comments below. If you guys want to see a drone tutorial overall there’s, a ton of ways to make the drone better in your everyday life, such as filming shots of your new kid taking it on vacation to hawaii or something or even just using it to film your home. To see how the new solar panels are coming in, the drone is really awesome, because not only does it take amazing video shots, it also takes cool panoramic shots and it does everything automatically. So all you have to do is press the button and let it do its thing as far as portability goes. The drone is fairly small and can even fit inside of my sweatshirt pocket and it folds up nice and easy. So you could pack it away and not damage any parts of the drone after multiple flying attempts. I found that the battery life lasted about 30 to 35 minutes, which was awesome. However, i did have another battery pack, which i recommend you guys purchasing as well, because 30 to 35 minutes is not that much fly time now. One of the first issues i ran into with the dji mavic air 2 is that you need a permit to fly the drone because it’s heavier. It does need a permit to fly, but it was super easy to go to the website put in the serial number and then that was it overall.

The dji mavic air chooses solid purchase and i can’t wait for this coronavirus thing to be over. So i could travel and use the drone with me wherever i go thanks for watching my video guys hope to see you guys soon.