This is uzis toy. Oh youre, going to open it then okay lets open it. I think its battery operated no actually its rechargeable thats, how it is so what it comes with is nothing basically just this robot lets see if it works. How does it work? How do we charge him wait check in the box? It might be something else: honey, Music, look here. It is theres a charger. We found the charge, aussie thats the charger. Sorry guys, okay, if i can dont break it, open it without breaking it: okay, okay, so its just an on and off switch over here, Music wow. That is super cool guys. Did you see that who wants to try so hold him? Hold him yeah and put it on like this on switch it on now. Wait wait! One second now hold him straight now, get this hand get your hands flat, ready there. He goes and you have to catch. It make sure the ball now thats it yeah its always hes tired to fly this hand, sensor motion controlled anti gravity, machine hold it now, let go. Would you let go? Lets go open your hand, oh, that hurt its not really sensitive. Blades, though youre like a space man, lizzie Music, there a little bit slowly, fine wow, where is he pushing auntie motion sensor? Drone lets test the wings to see if this childs friendly all right, im gon na put my hand through it, thats all right.

It doesnt.