Hopefully i have the remote here. The drone is there on the ground. Hopefully the next footage is from the drone, see how it goes. Music, just relax your mind. Close your eyes were blind and i bet youre fine and be Music Music, thats right Music, but you cant Music, only one on the team. There is no next up beautiful black queen. I swear that your heart is my treasure screaming out what kind of forever i just want to make room and make sure that your heart is a place of light, never return a collection of other messes honor broke your hearts and the second guest to spring clean And i sweep the dust down with my love, so you can breathe again enemy, trying to get your mind to leave again thats what i said, relax cause. This love from god is not passive. It attacks lets, go just relax your mind. Close your eyes were blind and i bet Music thats right. It looks like youre listening. I can see it in your eyes. I can feel it in your smile. Relax brings mental repositioning. Well, i love the physical different positions and wait on another note. I can take your love till i overdose and even when i feel like im on the ropes in the midst of the storm here, youre on my boat. Listen for just one more rhyme lets go back in time for the trials and situations weve been through.

You were the most beautiful girl in my world ive ever seen, and i really didnt believe that i could be with you, but shout out expectations with my imagination. I thought you to be the one i put my ring on the thought of us life living.