So this is the dji mini 2. Music, Music. Now Music. What did you think about the intro? I love shooting and editing the intro that’s. One of the main reasons why i bought this drone to get shots like those, i hope you loved watching it. So yes, finally, after doing five years of youtube, i was able to buy a drone and the feeling is just next level now. I know a lot of you guys out. There might have questions that why the dji mini 2, why did you go with this specific drone? Well, there are two reasons for that number. One is that this is my very first drone, so i wanted something basic, which also has some good features for video shooting. The second reason is price. This drone is fairly priced, it’s still a lot of money, but it is less as compared to the other drones out there. So because of these two reasons, i went with the dji mini 2.. Now talking about the dji mini 2. The name is perfect. This is a very small compact and lightweight drone. In fact, it is just 249 grams, which is one gram lesser than the limit. So a lot of countries require license for your drones, which are heavier than 250 grams that’s. Why this drone is 249 grams, like just under cutting that limit, and that is excellent so as it is very lightweight and very small like as soon as i showed this drone to my friends, they were like this drone is very small.

Are you sure, it’s gon na be able to shoot some good photos and videos like it’s, incredibly small, and that is a good thing. It won’t take a lot of space in your backpack now, while we’re on the subject of size. The drone itself is very compact, but the controller itself is huge as compared to the drone like they do not match each other. I think the main reason here is because of battery life. The controller has a battery of its own and it will also charge your smartphone while you’re flying the drone so that’s. Why? I feel they did not want to sacrifice on battery life and, if that’s the case, then it’s a good thing, because i don’t want less battery life for the controller. Now i went with the fly more combo and i would recommend everyone to go with the fly. More combo because it comes with all the things that are required. So first off you get the drone itself, then you get the controller. You get three batteries and a charger to charge those batteries simultaneously. You get extra propellers extra joysticks for the controller and you also get a very sweet bag in which everything fits properly so that’s. Why? I would recommend everyone to go with the fly more combo because it comes with all the required things and you will be sorted. Let’S get to the part of actually flying the drone. How is the experience of flying the drone for first time, users like me, like how was the experience? Well, it was pretty scary and exciting at the same time.

So flying the drone is not that complicated. So there are two paths to flying. First is the drone itself, and second, most important part is the controller which is connected to your smartphone. Now inside the smartphone, you have to download the dji fly app, wherein you can control everything about the drone. Like all the drone settings can be controlled inside this app itself, the controller itself has a lot of buttons. First up, you have the joysticks. The left joystick can be used to take a drone up and down, and it is also used to tilt the drone. In 360 degrees, so you can go up down and tilt the drone. The right joystick is used to move your drone in forward backward left and right directions. It also has a couple of controls on the back side. So, on the left side there is a wheel which can be used to move the camera up and down. So if you want the camera to look down straight, then you will have to use the wheel and will change the degree of your camera on the right side. You get a shutter button which can be used to click a photo or start or stop your video recording. Then the middle part is where you can keep your smartphone and connect a cable to that smartphone. So, while you’re flying the drone, your phone will charge as well, which is a good thing. Apart from that, there is a dedicated return to home button on the controller, which is a very important button.

So when the drone is out of your sight and you don’t know where it is, and you want it to come back home, you can just use this button and it will return home. You can also change the mode of the drone right from the controller, so there are three modes in which you can fly. This drone number one is cine mode, which is the slowest. Then you have normal mode and finally, you have sports mode, so cinema can be used to get those cinematic shots and it is extremely stable and slow cinema is perfect for cinematic shots. Then you have the normal mode, which is a little faster and finally sports mode, which is extremely fast. So in sports mode you have to be very careful while taking the shot, because even the slightest movement will give a jerk to the camera, and that is clearly visible in the footage. So if you want to use sports mode and get stable shots, you will have to get used to it as a learning curve to that you have to be very sensitive with the joysticks. Now i shot most of my footage using cinemode and some of my footage using sports mode, but the footage that i shot using sports mode had to be stabilized in post production, because, yes, it was a little bit less stable, here’s. One more point stabilization. So this drone comes with a gimbal which keeps the camera stable and does a very good job at it.

Having a good gimbal is a very big aspect for a drone, and this one does not disappoint in that, like you can trust this drone to get your stable footage and that’s the main thing at the end of the day, but the camera quality itself is also Very good, so if you’re shooting videos, you can go up to a maximum of 4k at 30fps, and if you want to shoot 60fps, you will have to go down to 1080p now fun fact. The entire intro was shot in 60 fps at 1080p and not in 4k at 30fps, so 1080p60 also looks very good out of this camera. I am not disappointed at all. Obviously you can also shoot photos with this drone. You can shoot in raw format as well. So if you like to edit your photos in post production, you should shoot in raw, because the photos look incredible here are some sample shots which i have shot in raw and edited them in lightroom. I feel that they look amazing, you guys. Let me know about the shots in the comment section down below, so in terms of photography and videography. You are sorted because the camera quality is incredible. Next up, let’s talk about battery life, so on a full charge. One single battery will give you somewhere about 20 to 25 minutes of flying time. Now this depends upon the mode that you’re using in my testing period. I switch between cinema, normal mode and also sports mode, but majority was cine mode.

So for that i was getting somewhere around 22 to 23 minutes of battery life, which is okay, not too good, but not too bad either. Now one awesome thing over here is that, with the fly more combo, i got three batteries, so i could remove the battery, replace them and keep flying the drone. So in total i flew the drone for about 1 hour 1 hour 15 minutes, and that is excellent. If you are on the show so definitely make sure to buy the fly more combo, because those extra batteries are very important. Now, if you want to charge those batteries, there is a dedicated charger wherein you can charge all the three batteries. At the same time, you can use the usb type c port to charge up the batteries, and not only that this is also a power bank. So if you want to charge your smartphone or any other accessory using this power bank, you can do that. There is a dedicated usb port on this battery bank, which will use the internal batteries to charge up the other device. This is very smart and again convenient dji put a lot of effort into this drone, and that is clearly shown over here. I absolutely love this feature now. This drone has a very big limitation, especially over here in india. You cannot fly it above 15. Meters of altitude, so the maximum altitude is 15 meters and that is kind of limiting for drone shots and it’s.

True, it is limiting for drone shots. But, as i said, this is my very first drone. I want to learn how to fly it and for that it is actually kind of perfect. You don’t take the drone too high. You learn how to fly, and, yes, you do get some incredible shots at 15 meters as well. So i am okay with the limit, but yes eventually i will switch to a bigger drone which will be able to go much higher and get better shots. Now i have been using this drone for about a week or so, and the experience has been top notch. It’S everything that i imagined a drone would be. I am not disappointed at all. In fact, i really like this drone. As i said, the 15 meter limit does not annoy me, because this is a starting point. I might switch to another drone in six months or so when i get comfortable with flying. Also, i love how small and compact this drone is that’s, a very big point over here. This is a consumer drone. Literally, anyone can buy it and start flying in a couple of days. It won’t take more than a couple of days for you to learn how to fly this drone. It is extremely simple, very intuitive and, as i said, everyone can fly this drone so anyway, these were my first impressions about the dji mini 2. Do let me know how you feel about this video in the comment section down below if you like, this content go and hit that like button, if you haven’t already, please subscribe to the channel to mean the world to me, my name is punjabi and i’ll.