The rivian r1t ive previously said on my channel that the anticipation of getting a new vehicle is sometimes more fun than the getting of the new vehicle and thats still true. But three years is a lot of anticipation, its been so long that ive had enough time to build my own electric vehicle, like this ev humvee behind me, and you might be like hey jerry. If you already have an electric vehicle, why buy another one and youre right, but a production ev has a few things that this doesnt, like air conditioning. One thing that added to the anticipation of getting my new truck is that last summer my uncle asked if he could buy my tacoma, and i said yes thinking that the riviens are right around the corner. That was eight months ago. The rivians did get delayed and ive been sharing a vehicle with my wife ever since dont trust delivery days during a pandemic. Today, though, rivien says my truck is ready for pickup, which means today might be a very good day. Lets get started. Applause, Music, normally rivien, brings the truck to your house to drop it off, but i live really close to a service center, so were just gon na drive over there. My moms my chauffeur today cambrys a little busy now normally, i would say that buying a vehicle right off the lot is a terrible financial decision and i still 100 agree with that. But im gon na do it anyway and ill explain why a little bit later in the video as were driving, let me tell you: whats happened so far so about two weeks ago i get an email from a rivien guide, which is the person in charge of Making sure my truck is the exact specification that i want.

We solidified the design and then about a week later i got another email which allowed me to pay for the truck put insurance on it and after it was paid for and had insurance. I got to pick a delivery date and that delivery date is today, and i should be seeing my truck for the first time in just a few minutes. That might be my truck and no it has different rims were getting close, though i can feel it look at all those. This is really in heaven right there that ones mine with the black rims. Yes, oh that looks good, so many trucks, we got the rivium blue and then we have mine right here we have the white its charging up. We have the black rims. I suppose a little extra got the cover. This is the founders edition, so theres a couple. Little extras here and there so i think they want to go over a couple things with me inside so ill. Let them do that and i will let you know afterwards, what they say: im excited ill walk you through all of my interior design decisions and everything that i chose for this truck, but first lets do some driving now ive already driven quite a bit. Ive made a video with rivian in colorado, where we took these trucks off roading now rivien has never paid me, and they also did not give me a discount on this truck, unfortunately, but im a big fan and its officially mine, Music Applause, Music.

So obviously, ive only had this truck for a couple hours now, and so this is not going to be a full review, but im going to do a walk around in a minute. I want to talk a second about why i think its okay financially to buy this truck now. Anyone who buys a brand new vehicle obviously has their own justification for buying it. But im going to tell you a few of mine: one electric vehicles are just so powerful. I saw a video literally two days ago that showed a drag race between a rivien, this truck and a ford raptor. Obviously, the rivien won with a zero to 60 of three seconds, but the cool part is is that after the race, they loaded the rivian up with 6 000 pounds on a trailer and it still beat the ford raptor. The power of electricity is just insane plus theres. Virtually no maintenance on this truck rivien has an eight year, 175 000 mile warranty on their battery and drivetrain, which is insane. There is not a single gas vehicle on the market that has a similar warranty, even tesla. Whos made more electric vehicles than anyone says that their battery pack is still at 90 percent capacity, even after 200, 000 miles. So the longevity of electric vehicles is not even in question so in my mind, while the rivien is a little bit more expensive up front, it makes up for it with longevity and just how fun it is to drive the rivian can tow 11 000 pounds has 15, inches of ground clearance, 908 pound feet of torque, with 835 horsepower plus.

If you want to get nitty gritty, electric vehicles are sold out everywhere for like the next year or two. So i could literally turn around right now and sell this truck for more than i bought it, for which, in my mind, makes it a pretty good financial decision, plus something that people might not realize is right. Now there is a federal tax credit of seven thousand five hundred dollars. If you buy an ev from a company, whos made less than two hundred thousand so teslas dont qualify anymore, which is a pretty solid discount off the price of a rivien. I think this riven right now is number one thousand six hundred thirteen, so theyre still pretty new and if you think its crazy that the government is offering so much money for electric vehicles, wait till you find out how much theyve, given the oil companies Applause. So its a little windy up here on the mountain but were on a mountain and its time for the walk through. Obviously, the most important thing of any truck is the flashlight hidden in the door, but lets talk about some other things. We have heated and cooled seats, heated steering, wheel, big screen in the center smaller screen up here, for how fast were going. I chose the black interior and the white exterior, as you probably noticed, from the rest of the video and right here, is where we find the air conditioning when its parked the handles pop open like this.

We can grab them and then they close in so theyre flush with the side panel for aerodynamics one cool thing about aerodynamics which ive only seen in electric vehicles so far, is this little slot right here when youre going fast like lets, say above 30 or 40 Miles an hour, air resistance is one of the biggest obstacles to range. So what this does right here? Air comes in through the bumper and creates a curtain around the tire so that the tire doesnt cause any turbulence or drag that combined with the recessed door handles and that it can lower down when its driving fast on the freeway or something like that makes it. So that it is more aerodynamic and increases the range, we do have 314 miles of range, which is quite a lot now. If we are towing, it usually decreases that range by about half or at least thats. What i found when we tow with my wifes model x well have to do some towing tests with this a little later on, since it is a truck, and i do plan on using it as a truck speaking of which we can drop the tailgate down it Automatically lowers, but you do have to lift it up into place and since you probably remember from my colorado video, i made sure to pay a little extra for the spare tire coming over here to this side. We do have the gear tunnel, which is kind of like a cavity that goes all the way through the truck we can store stuff in there.

We have five seats storage compartment here here as well, as i mean theres, so many things going on. I almost forgot. We have the air compressor right back here, so when youre off roading or need to air down the tires, we have an on board compressor, which is also used to raise and lower the suspension, 15 inches of ground clearance and once again over here, we have the Aerodynamic curtain over the tires and a front trunk and inside of here we have a storage, cable, the gear guard and some child seat brackets. There are four wall outlets as well, two in the truck bed and two in the gear tunnel that you can use to charge up things off of that massive 130 kilowatt hour battery. As you can tell, i am super excited for this truck. I have been waiting. Three years for it, i do plan on making a full review video and putting it through some tests later on. Let me know when you want that review video, though, like after 10, 000 miles 50 000 miles, make sure you hit the subscribe button. So you dont miss those turn on notifications and come hang out with me on instagram and twitter.