So if you’ve had any success in getting out with your drone or you want me to take a look at some of your drone footage, don’t be afraid to join in slightly different setup for this evening, in the hope that you can still see exactly what i’m. At and at the same time, if i can in some way give anybody any little tips i’m happy enough to do that now, if i move this up to the top, maybe even look like a subliminal message coming through here, where i’m actually asking people to join Me on instagram good evening, john toner. How is life with you? Let me see if there’s some way, that i can pop this over here and then pop this over here and then pop this over, like that. So i might have a slightly different setup for this evening, but i am very, very interested in continuing the journey. I thought i would look here at dark sky ariel, while everyone else is joining in. I think it’s very important that we continue to work on the old craft john earlier on, i don’t know. If you saw, i was working on a live edit for an instagram, um short video which in this case they’re calling it the reals, and i wonder if anyone else has had any success in that area. Let’S have a look at this guy. In the meantime, how nice is the footage look at the way he opens up there? This guy has only got about a hundred subscribers, but i like what he’s at happy easter to everyone good easter break.

Yes, i had a good easter break john. What about you? I see you’re a little more active on instagram, which is really good, hi drone viral. How is everyone in your world look at this little introduction isn’t. It great look straight to the point nice and fast, but he has some sound effects in there, which is good and he’s got a nice sky which isn’t blown out, which is really important. Music keeps us going, keeps the interest there hi jj drones. There is our truck driver. Yes, he is good evening now i’m using a slightly different setup again right. Let me see, can you show me this? Can that will this actually come up as a separate video? No, can you check my newest video, okay? Well, let’s see if i can do that directly, given as you’re asking no, you must drawn viral let’s see drawn viral. No, that is you yes, the last one i checked was there in the netherlands, let’s check this bad boy, okay, it’s in 4k. Here, okay! Let me see yes, it is just checking to make sure again drone viral nice to see that you have all of the necessary bits and bobs in oh, we have to do. We have to definitely definitely you’ve got plenty of good comments there, which is good 16 let’s. Give that a like and let’s see how we’re doing well declan nice to see you on and chris nice to see you too, and here we go.

Oh look at the way you introduced out there a little black and then boom after five seconds. We get a title linked to the music and the first shot. I love it boom a nice little swirl. We see where we’re coming ah editing to the bait, and i hear some sound effects really good and third shot out. So after 23 24 seconds we’ve got our three main shots very nice and we’re editing to the beat. This is good. Chris is on with us too hi chris uh hi, declan let’s, hope that you stick around your opinion is definitely required around the drone scene. Now my question to drone viral is: why would you not say this place in the netherlands by drone, but actually put with the actual name of the drone, which is the mavic 2 zoom and stick some hashtags in the title there don’t need don’t know if the 4K, ultra hd is important for the title, but nonetheless, i think extending that title will help even more remember. The first shot is you’ve got the music comes in first and then the first scene. What are you using? What are you using? Are you using an editing program for afterwards tom and dublin? Hello? Yes, i’m doing well, we are looking here at drone. Viral out in the netherlands starts off with a lovely bird’s eye view using the drone’s unique perspective. Yes, he is, he is tilting it downwards, which is a lovely way of seeing symmetry with lines trees.

All that type of thing, then, only after that does he introduce himself here by showing us the three lads out there on a nice reveal backwards of thirds make that happen fast, didn’t happen there, but nonetheless one of the other shots back to this one we’re orbiting Round the colors are lovely editing to the music there’s a lot of sky there is that horizon slightly off to kilter. Ah now we have the next item on the list revealing to us and everything lots of things happening lots of stuff coming into the frame. Oh, i probably would have held that shot. A little bit more let’s have a look. How long did that shot? Last this one, as i say i would have show i i don’t know if going through the eggs. If you’re go right, if you are going to go along the horizon line and keep it in the middle, you got to make sure it is dead center, even because this one’s slightly off center and i’m, not too sure about. If that was the effect you were going for not too sure now this is nice. I actually think the nicest part of this shot are the bicycles coming into the shot. Look there’s interest there. Ah, you do hold it well enough and it’s a lovely reveal where it’s actually coming in and going down at the same time look that’s a hard hard shot to pull off now. It’S a pity we couldn’t have seen that a little bit longer.

Here we go down, it comes and nice on to the next one. Even oh, this is nice now could you have got closer to that tree like? What are you showing us here? Is it the tree, i suppose it is, is it off center? Is it off center? I don’t know that one’s, not i don’t, know perhaps it’s not off center. It looks off center, not that it’s off center. It looks higher here than it does here, but that may be just my wonky eye love this shot lots happening, i’m, able to discover, see what’s going on and then we’re seeing the trees. So i am liking that drone fox live oh hold on there’s. Actually, somebody else to see there has a drone fox live i’m, not sure if that’s what’s going on there – and here we go on to this again – you’re good at this tilting down – shot, look that’s very nice again. I would love to know more about what’s happening within the shots, but then that’s just me a little bit of the history as you’re going along wouldn’t go a mess, but it is so nice. The footage is so nice even do another one. At the end of the drone footage after you’ve shown us all of the nice footage, perhaps give it to us again with uh the history appearing along the lines, especially if there’s no vlog aspect to it. Because i don’t see you like introducing it and saying what you’re going to do.

This is just showing drone footage now i’m, a big fan, as many of you know, from my past reviews of making a story out of it it’s all about storytelling. This footage is great. Yes, it is the reflection on the shot is awesome. Yes, this the the shots are awesome, there’s, no doubt about it. I love the fact that you’re good at these reveal, where you’re doing the orbit and the reveal. At the same time, i think that’s something which not everybody does, but you could get a few daisy cutters in there where you’re flying lower and there’s a gr, greater sense of motion. This korean idea, which is coming up and revealing at the same time, is definitely definitely good and the whole slider shot is also really good. I thought i saw one there earlier we were just moving to the side might have been it wasn’t, one of the two. There, anyway – and this is lovely the way you have here this going across – i suppose that’s, one of the best parts of that folks don’t forget to like this live stream. If, indeed, you are enjoying the content and please do join in the chat – and let me know your thoughts also on this video – which to be fair, is really good. You know that i’m saying it’s really good, but we’re trying to make it even better that’s. The name of the game here when we look over our videos, patrick fancy, checking out my latest video, please i’d love feedback on the new style with a story in the background, as you say, oh well, we are going to get right on to that.

No doubt about it, john, you can count us in for that one okay, i love that video. Please continue. Drone viral continue, keep it up, get it going. I Music love. It keep up the great work, okay, but add some story. If you want to keep me intrigued, let’s go over and see how john has interpreted that john toner don’t forget to like this little live stream. As i said, if you’re just coming on that, why does it say that i’m not subscribed? That is so weird. Now you know that i’m a subscriber – but anyway here we go let’s, see now what we’re doing this is a st patrick’s day. Like no other wow, we made a ho. We made home a postcard, we made home a postcard. We made homer postcard ireland in 4k. The dji mavic air 2.. I would suggest that you put the location because it does help the location down here and that’s done in the settings when you’re uploading, it don’t, be afraid to put where it is. I love the intro you’re, giving us a story. You’Ve got the logo coming up very, very fast, which is good boom off. It goes on and off that’s. What we want is the same patrick’s day like no other a day that none of us will ever forget. I hope you can use that footage without any any. The story has been my primary struggle. I’Ll be fixing that, though, yes, you will flight of the many yes, you will, because on this live stream, we’re all about making our drone videos with a story.

Even if the story is the drone or the drone challenge or the drone outing or the drone moves that you’re doing, whether that be sliders, rising shots panorama curves. All of that type of thing anyway, john let’s go like no other a day that none of us will ever forget. Today’S children will tell their own children and grandchildren gosh. Do you remember that last year about the national holiday in 2020 that have no parties? No parades the clips are from all over. Ireland will definitely put ireland everyone’s staying at home. I heard that does help its discovery in years to come. Let them say of us when things are at their worst. We were at our best nice, intro, ah it’s gon na be shots boom. It’S gon na be one a second love. It love it. How much of our hometown do we actually see? Oh, no, so who is this you we greet the same postman drive. Is this your voice, because, if it is, this is a fabulous idea, fabulous we’re at our best? Yes, five shots in five seconds. How much of our whole town do. We actually see we greet the same. Postman drive down the same cluster of roads until we assume there’s nothing left to discover, love this shot, look you’ve got the bridge and you’ve got the cars going over it, and then it looks like there’s a train going along love. This shot, whoa let’s! Listen. We greet the same postman drive down the same cluster of roads until we assume there’s.

Nothing left to discover is that your voice, john nope, i hired a guy on fiverr, very good, oh very good. Didn’T want the island or an iron accent coming out how’d to get a proper irish accent. Ah, very, very good. I hope it already costs you a fiver god, damn it Laughter. Okay into a year of delayed weddings, birthdays spent inside nice roads last traveled left, quiet rivers heard from miles away, that’s a brilliant idea, it’s a brilliant idea. You’Ve got somebody right. The intro there of of leo veruca or varadkar uh is like like as long as that’s, not copyrighted and you’re free to use it then brilliant. Then we go on. Probably i might have even just kept it a little bit shorter, but i like the way you’re introducing it here with the sound and then boom and you go to the story, love it love it that’s what we want. If anything else, we create a little story, and this is a good story. How much of our hometown do we actually see? We read the same postman. I love it. This is a story, drive down the same posture. We yes there’s, nothing left to discover. Of course i love it, we assume but isn’t there so much. We can all discover in our own local areas happy days into a year of delay. I like that little sound effect, you’ve put in there too, into a year of delayed weddings.

Birthdays spent inside rolls less it’s, just another sense, that’s being engaged in the footage. Another sense so we’re, looking at the footage and we’re hearing the story, even if it is no, the shots, are amazing. The shots are amazing. We know you’re a great drone pilot now, it’s all about story left, quiet rivers, if you haven’t so look. Where is this? Stop i had a subscribe, see that i subscribed there again and then, after a few minutes, it had gone what the god damn it anyway make sure everyone. Everyone on this drone live stream, subscribes to john toners. A regular guest on our live streams, make sure uh. Yes, wasn’t sure how to introduce from leo introduce the overall theme of the lockdown yeah yeah. Well, i hear you there’s nothing wrong with that um. Perhaps no it’s really good. I suppose you could do that famous. You know the way when they start all these contagion. Films and movies about about uh covert outbreaks, there’s lots of little news clips you could and because you do, that little glitch effect at the beginning anyway see that you could probably have brought that into a few different news clips between and then you would have engaged Even more but again, of course, it’s for ireland, so next step is to get confident in front of the camera and non drone stuff. Yes, i always hit my edits once i upload them. Hindsight is cruel. The first cut.

Stop it stop it! No, who cares? What it’s, like you, got ta, read seth godin’s book the practice one hour a day every day until you have ten thousand hours done, you can’t even say, or that might be outliers there’s a couple of books. Talk about that. I always hit my artist once i upload them, how everybody does, because everybody wants to be perfect, but you’ll soon get the feedback, oh yeah, and if you don’t get it wilson, give it to you. Let us have a look at your footage and you’ll get more tips on this live show than you’d ever imagine. My friend just give us the permission and we will do it in years to come. Let them save us right, so we’ve got the lovely footage. Nice slow calm as we adjust our zoom cameras and only dress up the top halves of our bodies. Now did you come up with the script, because the script’s really good? I like the way you’ve thrown in the bell there that’s a sound effect added as we adjust our zoom cameras and only dress up the top halves of our bodies. Nice, we had just grown one of our favorite jeans and assumed the world waited for life. To start after our feet left childhood home steps. The fact you’ve got a story in there is amazing, love it right at the burn that’s on my bucket list for this summer, rather than forgetting the feelings of bumping past strangers.

Why have i not seen this in a reel? Why is this clip alone, not in a rail on instagram, got ta get it script, also hired another person on five or so a grand total of a tennis budget? Yes, now you got ta be like mr baste and invest all of the money you earned from this video into your next video love it i love it more. I was more amazing sanska at school, not english and creative. Writing. Well, listen. Nobody was skill. Doesn’T teach! You what you need to know for the real world now you know what’s really important! Oh dear, oh, my goodness to rediscover lovely, lovely imagery, lovely shots that sits by the riverbed that’s a lovely tilt, that’s a time shot, keep it going! Nice nine! Oh! I know that that’s out in sligo, buried treasure beautiful ben bulban. You got ta get some. You got to get make some of these into little shorts for instagram rails folks, because there’s there’s an opportunity to get discovered there. It’S, a beautiful reveal of ben bulban that’s like a poem that’s, really good. I like it. I like it a lot picking, apples, picking, apples and making them into crumbles nice picking up the phone and return those calls we’ve seen that footage before at least you’re repurposing. Your old content and that’s the name of the game when we can’t get out repurpose that old content take a look at it again and see what you can do with it doing.

This is so important, even if it’s honing the skills they’re making the viking series down there. I don’t know if you know that john you probably do, that is the set for the vikings, which is a netflix series i think netflix or or amazon. Prime again, listen! The shots are beautiful, the drone shots are amazing. They’Re you’ve kept my interest because there’s a story – and only for that am i entertained for three minutes. Let’S write letters and dance. I would put your logo up into that corner. You know so, as i can see it, but hey. I think you have it down here anyway, a postcard and a sweet, lovely, lovely, brilliant story, link tree john toner, brilliant story, amazing shots. I think that we can all agree that you know your stuff and we have a story behind it: hallelujah hallelujah, it’s, easter time, folks hallelujah. This is so important. Get a story. Tell me a story. Tell me something to go in and around your drone shots. Yes, howdy mr red asks: how do i, how do you send your drone stuff in for a review? Just tell me that you’re up for it, mr red and we will go and find a video yeah, is that what you’re saying is that what you’re saying mr red is it? Is it because we will look for it? We look for the channel and we will try to identify Music where you are among all of these yahoos.

This is mr red isn’t, it, mr red, my goodness, there’s lots of mr reds. Ah, you can ping me up on instagram, also that’s a way of me getting the link directly to the video, because then i can open it here. So if you want to just put in instagram and send me a direct message with the link directly to the video, like some people, do um, i wonder: can i see them here? Music? Let me see, let me see, like some people uh over my last video. Oh see, there’s fly. Light drone, for example, is giving me, oh my goodness. Where is he, though right a type, mr red mavic, air? Okay, i should have done that mr red mavic air, and what do we see what oh mister, hey there we go all right, which one would you like us to look at what the heck i checked. My interview, are, you sure, are you sure? Okay, this has got some good stuff here, beautiful flight with an nd filter, you’ve got i like i like vloggy type stuff, so which one would you like me to look at you’ve got three here. Mr red tell me which one crew take off got those phones going um. This is interesting. Cabin crew let’s see what’s going on here. Welcome to my droning channel at least there’s a story in text top left find my latest okay, okay, okay, my latest my latest. My latest top left all right.

Here we go it’s 14 minutes. This will not be able to go through at all we’ll flick through bits and pieces. It’S a nice it’s, a very nice let’s. Give you a note so head over to mr red. Please give him a no subscribe, don’t forget to like this live stream. If, indeed, you do like what you’re, seeing if it’s giving you any tips – and you also not only do you put the flag, but you need to put the location in the settings when you upload it go into advanced. They say that that really really really helps. It really helps carbon crew prepare for takeoff. Yes, we will everybody, oh excellent, going out for a bit of a burn today. So we’ll see here we go okay, all right. Let me just get up. First. Take off i’ve got the nd 8 filter on okay cool cool. I like it. I like it we’re, seeing what you’re doing here in the top corner, nothing wrong with that at all we’re. Seeing the settings that you’re using, i imagine and we’re getting a view of what’s going on now, i would be slightly concerned that it’s 14 minutes of just going around the countryside. However there’s. That means you are getting out, but remember for someone who’s not in to draw. You want to be discovered beautiful flight with the mavic air, but is it the mavic air too djo drone in japan? You got to be careful for some of these comments.

You know you want to make sure that they’re, good and authentic anyway. This is great. I like the fact that i’m hearing what you’re stay in saying, okay we’ll go up and down slowly out. Okay, now, where are we going? Okay, let’s go let’s, go up higher than anything and then we’ll be happy. Listen. The nd filter is really good. Let’S give you some tips. This is a shot with plenty of point of interest. I probably would have even okay picture looks nicer higher than anything there. There’S, a lovely nd filter, that’s, giving you the beautiful color so well done there. Now. If it is a question of showing us the nd filter, then i would be interested in seeing the footage again and seeing the footage again, but then seeing it without the nd filter. Why not do a comparison for us if the whole light, if somebody’s searching nd filter it on the mavic air 2 or on the mavic air it’s beautiful flight, of course it’s a beautiful flight? But if i want to see beautiful footage, i can just go on to the national geographic challenge. Art challenge national geographic channel. So if you want to up your game here – and you are indeed into your nd filters, as you probably are – because it sounds like you know what you’re doing give me a comparison, tell me all about this: nd filter throw the specs up on the screen too, And then give me the before and after perhaps this same shot now, i would definitely cut it way down.

I don’t want to see green fields, but i do like this one here that has a bit of a river going on. All of that is really good. So we’re all right, okay, let’s see what we can get. Okay, i would go down too. Do folks we’ve got to get more than just flying along. I am we need to get start using all of the different reading. The comments here as we’re going along let’s, see make full use of the tilt reveal down, go along practice. This shot stay in this area. Even in this area, we don’t need to fly too far away. Even here, look you’ve got a lovely point of interest here with this little river. Okay, they’re good this one here look around about here and all this area here is enough river. You could definitely you are following the river, but keep it in here. Keep it tight. Um i go high on the way back. I i’m not a big fan of going up too high, to be honest, because we don’t want necessarily to see now that you are getting a nice little shadow here coming in into the sun, which is nice so i’m. Using battery going up but uh, i want to go up to the okay around 50 percent. Oh man, we’re cruising back now so you’d be afraid. Now you’re going to see this little area here, that’s, where i would have concentrated that whole video get down there get down closer.

Tell me about the bend in the river. Is there any stories about it, what’s going on down here and show me more sure, they’re fishing, this river tell me a story. I don’t want to watch drone footage just for the vehicle watching it. I’M. Sorry. I’M. Sorry, mr red, listen. The footage is lovely. Don’T. Get me wrong, you’ve done very well here. I love the greens that you’re managing to achieve with the nd8 but i’d like to see it now without the nd yet, and i only want to see the area that has plenty of points of interest. That’S all i’m saying for today, that’s all i’m saying or even this island what’s going on look at the fence, get some b roll go down onto this little bridge. What does that sign? Say? Let’S see this video again remade this time. Just that area, mr red, you are the man, and i know that these videos are going to get so much better you’re, getting the love you’re, getting the support like this live stream. If you do like it, indeed give it a no like uh, i, okay, okay, okay! I know i know that’s enough all right, that’s it that’s it. Okay, the first cut. I keep my videos to under five. Oh flight of the mini let’s see flight of the many. What time is it i should be in my bed? Oh here we go that’s you all right flight of the mini let’s subscribe.

Yes, i did see one of your things flight of the many now where are you best exploring the world? Have you got a an email address to give us all your in the united states, excellent, so many drones, yeah i’ve, seen this i’ve watched this let’s see Music converse city park flight of the many nice? Oh yes, for the other, guys don’t be afraid to put one of these little things up: nice music, my friend, oh nice, transitions too, and i like that you’re doing the rule of thirds and you’ve added a card which is very good and we don’t have too Much sky, but we do have a lovely point of interest in there with the train and we got a title right at the beginning flight of the mini converse city park. Where is this converse city park? Where is that i’m from ireland? I have no clue where that is tell me more. Tell me more. I need to know where it is put it into into your location, Music, nice transition, lovely train, what’s, going on with this train. Tell me what i’m looking at put it here on the side. The transitions are, very nice cut to the beat of the music we’re going nice and fast. No, i i always would just try and keep the shots very s very much slower and smoother going around just so that i know it’s not a drone. If that kind of makes sense, so that first, that shot amazing next shot amazing nice little orbit, where you’re keeping the center love that nice and smooth giving me time just take into consideration everything now could you have put in a little sound effects? How do we get that we sub animation, oh i’ll, send it to you i’ll, give you one for free, just send me a dm on instagram at patrick d conlon, and i will give you one for free and you throw that onto your footage.

So, if there’s anybody on here that wants that little animation to set to subscribe and all the rest just hit me up with the dm on instagram with an email address, you made the animation yourself. I made the animation in after effects. Okay, well you’re all different level above the rest of us. Some of us didn’t do it in after effects, but we got it done so perhaps this shot here i like that you’re using the rule of thirds. We don’t want too much empty sky, always very good to do that. Transitions are good. This shot is good here, perhaps a little fast, but that’s, okay it’s only when it starts going around that you start to notice the jerky movement of the drone. So if you haven’t really adapted the yaw on your gimbal to suit that it can come across at times that it is an actual drone, and i would try to avoid that. I, like this there’s people walking Music, okay, we’re using we’re using all right and we’re. Getting a little night shot or evening Music don’t be afraid to slow it down, don’t, be afraid to keep it nice and slow. Oh man, i went back there and now you’re, bringing oh you caught that rivet. That was a good reveal shot that we were seeing there. I i notice you’re, using a lot of different uh transitions. I don’t know what people’s opinions are when you have a little look at the real life: real tech, one versus two patrick little snippet at six.

Two two: a little snippet of six two two we’ll do that after this one, and that will be it for tonight um i would like it. Uh. Okay, let’s see that anyway, here we go so you are seeing here. I wonder i wonder what people think about using if you start off using one transition, perhaps just keep it to one transition during the whole video, as opposed to having five or six different transitions. I’M. Just wondering about that. I just wonder as long as it doesn’t distract you from the video i like the cut to the music, and i like that they saw john doing that in one of his days or not john um, the fella from the netherlands who was on at the beginning. I like that when it goes black, what do you say nice, i think that’s, a brilliant shot, the way that cuts to the music there definitely definitely should have a lot more subscribers than 130. you’re getting my subs. My subscribe anyway you’re telling us here, what’s going on oh it’s in texas, okay, the brush will come with drainage, puns, don’t, fish, okay, well, you’re telling us a little bit about it. I don’t always read it though i would rate it on the screen. If it was on, i must so. My two tips for today is the rationale of the fast transitions was to suit the fpv drones more yeah. I thought i thought that that could be the rationale.

I should have done a voiceover on this one. Yes, do voice overs too, let us know what’s going on, and i was thinking that the fastness was probably to try and imitate the fpv uh drones, which are all in at the minute, and everybody seems to be getting in on the novelty factor. But i wonder for for this type of thing, if we’re telling a story, if we’re using the normal drones – and we wanted to be part of the storytelling experience and we want to make it better, i would slow it down. I bet that’s just my opinion and i respect that. Other people may not think like that, but that’s the way i tend to look at it if we’re, using normal drones as part of our footage and showing us the local areas, Music and perhaps keep the transitions to one or two per video. But i don’t know if i’m right, i don’t, know that’s just my opinion and if you put your video up for scrutiny on patrick conan’s, live stream. Well, that’s what’s going to happen, you’re going to get my opinion, and i mean it all in the best possible taste and i do not in any way wish to offend but wish to give you some positive critique to help you grow and to help you grow. As an artist in the world of drones, it is art, make it art don’t, be like everyone else push the boat out there get all of those drone shots in the slider effect, the rising shot, the parallax shot, the the gimbal all the different tripod shots, the Overtake shots that oh there’s, so many the tilt down reveal the crane, the sliders, oh there’s, so many little so many that i’m actually going to do a video on each one.

So i’m kind of looking up here wondering it probably seems that i’m. Looking at the video but i’m, looking at my own co at the comments here as they’re going along, you can do all sorts of different things: different shots, there’s, so many nice ones and of course you have to really just be enjoying yourself and it shouldn’t be A chore you need it to be something that you really enjoy: Music, nice, okay time for one last one don’t forget to like this live stream, if, indeed, you have liked it and do subscribe to my own channel. If you haven’t already follow me on instagram, please so that you can see what i’m doing on a daily basis, and then we go over to the real uh life, real tech of declan, all right here we go and what? Why does that not load up? There is there, no logo declan where’s. Ah there it is okay. My connection may not be great right. So what did you ask me to do? Go to minute 6, 22. on the mini one where’s, the mini one mini two: all right let’s go into the videos. That’S the ronin that’s, oh here it is yeah. Oh, is it this one, no that’s the wind test is that the one you’re looking at uh real life, one versus two i’m, trying to wonder where it is? Is it this one decking if you’re on there tell me which one you’re talking about all right, guys welcome all right guys so we’ve just finished the test? Applause – oh, this is the little bit.

Is that it a little bit of footage. Uh 622. Is this us dropouts no issues and it got the shot we wanted? Is it the castle one? No, the fourth video, all right, okay. Fourth from the end, i take it. Fourth, from the end, you got ta give me the one two, three four, oh that’s, the one that was on and up to number six that’s it. Okay, many two here we go mini one due to signal issues: couldn’t complete it perfectly now the mini two, as you can see, there’s no dropouts no issues and it got the shot. We wanted. Okay, let’s see some nice shots with the dji mini one versus the mini two of the castle. Nice Applause see that i like that nice and close, where it’s, nice and close, and you can see what’s going on okay, so we’re jumping over to test so we’re. Getting a few little tests here definitely well, i say i tried to fly through a window and uh successfully. Nobody thought with the mini 2. First time: okay, we’ll! Let you look at this. This is the mini one coming up now so from there. It does look like it was me, but if we just look at this shot really quickly um. This is what i’m saying it: it’s the wind. Definitely the wind ouch all right guys so ouch crashing your drones like that the burn many ones it was very enjoyable. I’M.

Sorry about your mini one uh that has to be put down: okay! Well, the shots were very good guys head over to real life, real tech. These guys are reviewing some footage, they’re reviewing different different um drones, in this case the dji mini 2 and the mini one, and definitely worth listening in on what they have discovered. So again, these are both these both were filmed in cine and we got some lovely shots of the castle. Nice let’s see more declan, very good cut to the music two or three shots. We sure had more shots nice, i like it. I think you could do much more get out there more with that drone. Definitely well worth it want to see you using that talent that you have and you and tim reviewing more stuff real life, real tech, nice and we have two months ago. So keep uploading. Keep us informed of what’s going on folks, i got ta go it’s, been lovely it’s been a pleasure. I hope your easter is going well. I thank you for joining me for this live stream. Don’T forget to like and subscribe like the little live stream. As many of you have already done, i hope that those who got a little bit of advice have found it useful. I mean it in the best possible way, we’re all here, to help each other grow and to continue to create, but to create stories with our drone footage.

Tell us what’s going on in your area. There is so much for us to discover. Everybody’S area is so full of history that it’s well worth documenting it in some shape or form and sharing it with the world.