Why am i coming to you live on a monday afternoon because i’m going to prepare shorts for instagram anyway, so i thought to myself. Well, i might as well just take you through the process, because i know a lot of you like finding out what’s going on. I probably don’t even have the ch the title of this live stream done correctly. I review drone footage. So if i edit it and say i add, it live dji drone footage for fellow youtubers. I edit clips live well that might be better and probably would be better for a lot of people. So i’m, going to say good morning to brandon good morning to chris, ask you for a little sound check. If one of you guys can tell me if you can hear it okay and that it’s not too loud, and that everything is fine, then i’ll be happy enough with that so good morning. So what i am going to do is i’m going to just import a couple of clips uh repurposing, some of the footage from past outings with the drone, even though the restrictions have been lifted slightly now in ireland and in northern ireland. So i do expect to get out a little bit more, but in the meantime, let’s do a couple of instagram reels because it’s reels because it seems like they get a lot of traction. So if you need me to answer any questions, while i’m going along, feel free to ask i’m going to take you along because i got to prepare this stuff anyway, so please do and i hope you’re all well.

I had a great weekend out and about have some interesting things coming up now on youtube, which i think you’ll all enjoy, and it will be wonderful because i plan because i’m working on my drone journal to get the 20 best drone shots explained and i’m going To go out and make videos again so that we will all be able to learn from it too anyway. So let me talk you through my process here so i’m now up in this corner here. So i will i’ve just started. One called new rails or new reels got to be careful with the old irish pronunciation and we’ll pop in one here called drone footage and we’ll import a little bit. So i start off by by creating uh first of all library, then we create the events and within the events we put the different cameras and so on that we’re going to use in this case it’s only going to be drone collections and then we’re going to Have another event which will be whatever sound effects and music at al to be very latin about it, so let’s. Let me first of all and then i create a project of course um. So god only knows the way i’ve been working this morning, wouldn’t it wouldn’t. Surprise me if it takes a while for things to happen, i will be looking over again at the chat every now and again for those of you who are following along, and i know a lot of you have stuff to do, and i don’t expect you to Sit through at all, this is more for people that just want to Music pop in, say, hi, see what i’m doing and then they can learn from that.

If that’s the case, so i won’t be expecting too much interaction, but nonetheless, if you’re there, and if you want to join in or ask some questions – that’s fine i’m just going to do it in a follow along fashion, while i’m working on it. So, of course, the new rails, then so we’ve we’ve basically created the library. Then we’ve created the events and now we’ll create a project. In this case, it’s going to be vertical it’s, going to be 29 frames per second and let’s. Call it um donegal, because i’m going to use one from mile and beg marlin, beg real i’m going to use another one, because i really enjoyed the last one. So because i really enjoyed the last one i’m actually going to bring in some of those different bets from the last insta clips this one here i liked so i can actually bring in things like my logo, the basic titles, the end bit and that’ll help me A lot so i’ll just copy this whole thing over, because that will make it really fast and we pop it in here. It is editing between library, so it’s going to say that and then ctrl z just spreads the whole thing out. It will be a little bit of chopping and changing, but it does save some time right. Let’S get back into the drone footage i’m. Looking for one in particular that i remember i did recently so i think it should be a good enough little clip.

So let’s look for it and we’re going to the black hard drive. I remember used to have all of the drone footage, so we’ll go in there and look for it in here, and it was one of the ones from donegal, because i have it by county man begg. I think it was the very very first clip i ever did. Could it have been that one? No, it wasn’t the first one. Was it the second one? No, although i may go back to that, was it the third one? No, i think i’m missing a clip. Fourth, one no fifth, one, no and sixth one it wasn’t. I may actually be missing a clip here, so let’s go back and see the waterfall, the bypass donegal disc, one c stack. Ah this is it here, isn’t it? Yes, so that’s the one that i want to work with. Okay now, yes, i like that little reveal so just make sure it was nice and smooth. So we started it there so we’ll eye that, and it comes up nice and smooth. I think that clip by itself will be absolutely lovely that’s all we need it’s 29 seconds. I see droney gall every time yeah that could be a good okay, so that one ends before there’s a sudden movement. It came around here. I don’t. If i remember correctly, daphne will get another real idea so there when it moves. Okay, so we’re basically looking at it to about and we landed about there.

So this is where i just substitute it and we’ll replace it from the start. Yes, we will we’ll take this one out. Take this side and we’ll take this out, and we do know that it’s coming here now we’re going to replace the music too, how fast it’s so nice. We can take that out too. Let me bring this right up. Probably we don’t want it more than 30 seconds, so we’ll bring it to about there. So this is how fast it can be to actually create a reel. Do you add stabilization to any of your clips when there’s a little extra movement you don’t want what i generally will tend to do. Brandon is, i will actually just cut it and then add it in again and just add a little effect. I wonder if i can move myself out here, you’ll be able to see it just a little cross dissolve would be one of the things that i would do if i can get myself here, move myself out of the way for you to see. So i would just add one of those little cross dissolves, which i suppose would be over the sweat for you looking at it that’s, where i would tend to do it, hello, everyone at kipper, cobu, um, so yeah that’s the way i would generally tend so immediately. What i’m going to do here before i start any color correction is i’m going to transform the clip so that it fills the screen.

First of all, i’ll bring it to about 25 so that i can see it. Then i bring it right up. I know, then, that it’s it’s within the guy within what i’m, after bring it to the very beginning, it’s not going to be more than 30 seconds, because it has to be that this has to be within three seconds, moving up so i’m going to actually bring It to start it within about a second that music is going to go anyway. We can bring this over to here and the title’s over too. Yes, now the clip in and of itself, it needs to be more centered for the first three or four seconds are going to be the most important, so it’s bringing it in nicely boom. I think that’s nice now let’s find a bit of music for this. If i delete this music now, will it there just deleted that little bit and off we go so i did find some music earlier um, which i thought would be nice. I like this one wasn’t it! No! No! No! I didn’t. Actually, i wanted to okay. I’M gon na have to look for a little bit of music here, so let’s bring that over for a second i happen to use epidemic sound, so the work they usually suggest a few, a few different clips for me. I probably shouldn’t, have clicked on their ad. There with this one love it keep it simple, download the full max let’s bring it in pop it into sound effects upload.

It should be within uh it’ll, be within my downloads here, uh let’s. Do it from content created uh, not there downloads there we go it’s, probably that one like it. I like it so we’ll make the first second like this, bring it in right from there and that’s where i’d start my music or my titles. So is that too too long marlon bag yeah? Then it comes in again with donegal, and then it all disappears on the third bait. So within five seconds i might even put an ireland in there ctrl c ctrl v, starting from there make sure all my titles stay the same, and then we just pop the third one. It has to come down because it’s actually duplicating it and we call it. Ireland boom make it a little bit bigger so that it’s just the same size as the rest. Oh, we need to come out there. Okay, let’s see what’s going on over on our chat, hello, hello, moj on air usa, hi host good morning and hello capture, life creation and keeper couple. Yes, all we’re doing is editing and we’re editing it for instagram reels, get on it and also youtube shorts. Get on it so the way that i hopefully, if you’ve missed it, you’ll go back over and see it. I like to throw my logo up in the corner. It’S not gon na appear on the feed and the restrictions have been lifted slightly in ireland and in the uk, so we will be well on track and anyone over 40 have been listed for their vaccine.

I don’t know what it’s like in other parts of the world. Please do tell me so i got my first dose of the vaccine on saturday past it a bit of a sore arm for a couple of days, but apart from that pretty good. That was the astrazeneca one, so i’m, pretty happy about that. So here we go we’re gon na color correct this clip afterwards anyway. Now that just was slightly off there’s where it has to come in and then it should all disappear. At the same time, in my book boom boom, i i wonder that ireland, one there’s a little bit we’ll, just bring it down a tad mile in bed. County donny call ireland, so hi everyone who’s here watching. I know there’s 11 of you so, as i said, every now and again i am going to i got the johnson and johnson had no side effects. Well done you yeah. I had a couple of side effects, but not too bad hello, mendes drawn ups now mendes drone ups. He sounds like a habla espanol i’m, not too sure vaccine is slow here in spain. My neighbor is over 70 and just got his elim, my god. Well in the uk and ireland we’re pretty hot and getting the old vaccines that’s one thing: we got ta hand those guys in the british government they’ve got their act together there and basically anyone but over the age of 40 has started getting offered the vaccine uh.

The early last or late last week – and i got right on to my local pharmacy, because the big vaccination centers were pretty hectic and packed, and i just went on to my local pharmacy and they said yeah. They said yeah yeah we’re doing them too. So i popped down on saturday morning and i got it at half ten and everything was fine until the evening and then it got really sore and it has been. It was very sore for a couple of days, but hey not too bad. You guys chat among yourselves, um i’m, just adding a little instagram clip here which will be used in reels because some of them are getting up to 10 000 views. Some of these original bits of video uh when i first posted them to youtube, really only got a couple of hundred views. So we got ta repurpose our content, while we’re not getting out there, and in this case this little intro clip of uh malin begg, which is one of the around the coast of ireland. I see the way it just changed. Suddenly there let’s see how well it goes there that’s, okay for a little clip, it’s, fine and i’m gon na do the color correction soon, but i’m doing a little reveal into it. Our family has been tested all negative for covert a few tests so far, yeah. Well, my sister got covered lost, her taste lost her smell all the rest, and i was in her presence for this was around christmas time and i was in her presence all evening.

We were playing board games, we were having bears and wine and still didn’t catch. It so you know for some people, it’s super contagious and for others it’s not that’s. What makes it so darn unpredictable anyway i’m, going to cut off the music here, but i would like to hope that we all are able to get back to some sort of normality this year, okay, so i’m. Just deleting this end clip because i don’t want it to be any more than 28 seconds and that way i’ll be able to upload it onto different platforms. Now it is you can see here. This is the clip we’re going to use and i will control c. So i’ve basically added my logo at the top added my music added, my uh county, donegal and so on. Let’S add a couple of sound effects before we go on to the um and one or two sound effects before we move on to the color correction, and that will be the last of it. So drone views media had it last summer, wasn’t a nice experience. I’M sure it was not new york city is in good shape. I see more people in outdoor cafes socializing. I did some traveling boston, philadelphia, orlando wow that’s, nice uh illinois opens up uh to 16 euros, plus second faisar shot on the 21st good. So you know, but there is this theory that until the whole world is vaccinated, nobody’s vaccinated, so we need to make sure that everybody gets the dose the dosage of the vaccine as and when um so i’m going to pop this up here.

For now, because we are looking at all this great, my friend from today, we have a little more space to drawn in ireland. Yes, we do drone views media, which means that i can now easily go out to host to the to the waterfall outside to the lighthouse there and i plan to do that over the next few days. Definitely definitely okay, so let’s get back to this clip before we do our color correction, we’re, going to add one or two sound effects. We’Ve got our title in we’ve. Got donegal got ireland, they will disappear at the same time. Oh let’s command, plus that to make it a little bit bigger and that way we make sure we’re getting it exact there we go. That should be better. Now, yes, and then we can, we can bring it down a little bit the timeline, so i hope you’re following me here. The whole idea with this is i’ll, be out to balbregan. Well, good for you good on you, patrick, yes, that’s right, please guys remember to like this live stream like it like it like it share it share it share. It all helps towards the old watch time as they say. So this is a little clip. The third, the next step i’m going to do is add some sound effects and then i’m going to color correct it. So it’s not the way it’s going to be posted, but we will, we will add a little bit afterwards and you’ll be able to see if you can stick around you’ll be able to see the final version on instagram later on so don’t forget to like and Share, i am just chatting away here to those of you as you pop in and out, the americans will be up getting their coffee because it’s still the early morning there.

Those of us that are over in ireland we’ll just be about to wrap up the day at five o’clock, perhaps even get out, and do some drone footage so i’m. Just wishing you all a really good day, the drone um the drone visit my channel and i will visit all yes that’s mo moj on air usa, getting a little plug, that’s perfectly okay along the live stream, and i do want to tell you that tomorrow evening Of course, we will be reviewing live so as we’re chatting away here. Let’S get a little c in here. Let’S get some sound effects. Let’S look for the crashing of the waves. Shall we let’s go for waves? I had to say just to bring something in. Sometimes it takes a while say: water, water and a lick, no water and a lick, no uh let’s, see anyway. Oh no takes a while that’s, not too bad. Yes, ocean water. Like that one. Should we do one two or three that looks okay doesn’t it sound. Alright let’s see Music gon na have to bring it down where don’t i town let’s, see. I don’t think i need that much of it and it can disappear after nice. Okay, i think a little one, little sound effect at the beginning. Just of the waves, though it’s not actually that way of a no, i think it’s better, that one so let’s take out the birds let’s pop this one and i think, that’s more true to what’s going on here, bring it down a little let’s see.

What do you think lads because you’re looking at this little bit here and then it would just disappear as the music as the proper music starts, so we’ll add that over we’ll delete that we’ll bring that to stop? Oh? Why did i do that nice? I think that’s good should i add some signs, some other signs, perhaps with grasslands, now there’s, no grasshoppers in ireland at this time of the year uh. What about just fails? Wind failed if we’re going over. What do we have here? It’S a tiny little there’s. A couple of these are a couple of sheep that were there. I wonder, would that be? Would that be a bit much it’s a lot of them isn’t it because no need no nade leave it like that, then i’m, not talking to myself i’m talking you through. My live edit here as i’m, doing it for instagram reels and hoping that i’m providing some sort of value for you, yahoos that are out there watching me so i’m, basically preparing a little short here which will go on instagram and it will also serve for tick. Tock and it will also serve for youtube shorts, so that is my friends, that’s ctrl c so i’m going to pop this on now, and i will pop it out the end of this clip. Let me see w that oh no control z bring it in with the q. What have i done? There, ctrl z.

We want to command c that pop it in command v, and we are going to be correcting this and then bringing in the original footage and revealing it so that’s what that’s all about so i’ve just copied it there before. I do actually bring it in. Ah, chris has received his new fpv drone. Yes, you have and you’re planning to get out nice nice, nice nice. That should be good look forward to seeing some of that footage. Okay, so let’s now do a little bit of color correction. We didn’t! We do need to view it uh will we do. I do want to see. We can keep it like that, but then i do want to see the no overlay, but we want to see it as the waveform, no microscopes, no instagram, yes, but all right now let’s bring up our color wheels here and that way, i suppose i better move Myself out of the way so, as you guys can see, what’s going on and it’s all about bringing those shadows down to just above to just above where’s that red coming, oh that’s, probably right, let’s see anyway, so the shadows can come down to just above zero And then the highlights, where are we here? Why am i not saying those all hold on wait, a second that’s better to like the way it form so the shadows? No, we have form for the whole all right for the three colors okay.

I need to just give this a little moment all right here. We go now shadows we’re, going to bring down to just above zero, then the highlights we are going to bring up to just below 100. it’s already looking a lot better than the mid tones, bring them into the middle then top about 50. Like that all right and then master it a little bit more saturation, is that too much just give that a minute to render out? Oh, the blues are a little bit over right, so we don’t want it to be okay, let’s bring down the master a little bit. I want to be too much all right. How are we getting on over here? Okay, so there are a few of you on here. Yes, that is really uh, so chris is getting himself the new fpv drone. I agree: it’s a great bit of kit. Let’S, just see this nice dark coming in now. What does it look like beforehand? A lot better, i just would like the greens to be a little bit i’ll. Try that it looks a lot better. Ultra conservative yeah! Well, you should be chris or you will end up in trouble, perhaps that i just bring it in here: Music. Hmm! Now you may be asking me: why are the titles where they are well? The reason why is because these will actually end up being closer to the middle of your instagram reel, which we want to make sure so man, bag, county donegal, i’ll, bring it up a little bit, and then ireland well, the water is blue.

Now, because i’ve adjusted it slightly um, so yeah, which mode are you flying? Which mode are you flying in when you crashed, or some of you guys are talking among yourselves, that’s okay, like are those a little shaped there, nearly convinced of it if i’m not mistaken? Oh okay, so this one will be over here and now we will join these two together. Sorry make a little compound, clap new compound, clip it and we’ll okay. That will open it up and now we will do a little reveal in the first few seconds. So we will do it from left to right, so we start it there and we’d like to think that by here, it’s been totally revealed so pop it in there by here, command said that command z again so by here. Oh, what sorry sorry so get it back to the beginning. This is where i’m doing. The little reveal currently have no interest in manual mode. Okay, you guys just chat away no problem at all, all right, so let’s pop it in here move it to here. By this stage, we will want it right back to there and let’s see that’s it perfect. Okay, let me just bring a little color correction added. So, oh remind me about that later, not now, not now. Okay, i think that’s about it. Folks tell me what you think: let’s go back, then we’ll add a little give it a chance to render out, and you can tell me what you think again.

As i said, this is a clip which we were preparing, it’s going to be for instagram it’s, going to be for uh, instagram reels, youtube, shorts and tic toc and it’s just going to show you the difference between the two nice and then we just put a Little cross dissolve at the end. If we can, we might have to create it separately. There we go. Oh don’t want it. There just start nice, Music, ah, okay, okay, okay, i used to have my. I need to put a little frizz up here and for drone enthusiasts, you can go there. Okay, we’ll use one of these ones. Ctrl c bring it over pop. It here, ctrl v get that title it’s over here. Somewhere there we go and we’ll just say: go to for for more let’s have more free tips. What do you think i’m gon na put that music feeling out at the end? You see that just did that, just as you were saying it see that boom so i’m, going to pop that in for more free tips and we go to go to patrick can’t, learn dot tv what’s that happy dares make it a bit smaller just in case And that’s us boom happy days. We happy enough with that. That’S me clip that’s the clip for today. Folks, i hope you’ve enjoyed that nice to say hello to you all. This is now going to be rendered in 4k, so that i can let’s call it.

Let’S. Put a hashtag in the title, so we’ll put hashtag dji drone footage from donegal. Ireland hooray number two and this video is a modern beg rail with the dji with the option dji. Next there we go so tomorrow evening, of course, we’re going to have our live. Uh, reviewing of other people’s footage don’t forget to go on instagram now uh later on and share this reel, and hopefully it you will like it and you can share it with your buddies. If that’s the case – and i will chat to yous all tomorrow evening – hopefully for our live stream, thank you for joining me and i’ll chat to yous again bye, bye, oh and i’ll, say a quick bye, bye here, of course, bye bye, everyone, Music.