The family reunion, i thought, wed bust, this guy out, get some cool shots of the corn fields and kind of fly by the water tower and in doing so, yeah it crashed. But ive crashed this thing before and you know what still alive. I do like these arm braces now. The cornfield was kind of a nice place to crash. In that you know, i think the corn stalks helped absorb some of the blow, but also finding this thing in the corn field was not fun dirt on here, anyway, um. I i think it crashed for a couple of different reasons: one im not the worlds greatest fpv pilot. It was definitely a little bit of pilot error, but two when youre flying the dji digital fpv system. You have to know that there is variable latency, meaning um. Its going to kind of change your timing, just a little bit the end here, where im, where i do crash, i was doing a flip and i kind of lost the timing of it. It was really kind of odd kind of had some almost like a glitch in the goggles, but not really just kind of slows down speeds up it just its its kind of difficult to explain. Now i want to find my drone in the goggles and what that does itll show you the last couple of seconds to kind of help. You survey the landscape and find your drone, so i use that, but it wasnt super helpful because it was showing me what i saw and it was kind of like a glitchy last couple of seconds so yeah this crashed.

It survived um, but just kind of know. You do kind of have some of that latency and its variable latency, which you know was just kind of goofy and different than analog, and today yeah. It was my fault that i crashed but hey enjoy some flights from cowboys Music. Two straws: Music is Music: hey, Music, two straws Music; yes, lets go Music Applause! Hey thanks for watching, but before we go one more tip, you can see ive upgraded these goggles. This foam is a hundred times better than the foam that comes with the standard uh. Its like 15 bucks, but its absolutely worth it. The comfort is just so much better with this updated foam, so something id recommend looking into ive got a link for you down below anyway. If you havent, checked us out on, make sure you do. We got all sorts of good stuff from fpv to photography.