This is my hash today, i’ll be checking out this new drone from a company called snapton. They were nice enough to send this to me for review so let’s see if it’s any good. So this is a very basic beginners drone. It has a 1080p camera, but the video can only be recorded to a phone with the wi fi connection, no memory card supported also there’s, no obstacle avoidance or anything like that here to register online for the 12 month warranty. These are the prop guards. The controller is very solid and sturdy and the joysticks are a pleasure to use flip this open and pull it out to attach the smartphone or you can easily fly the drone with just the remote without a phone. This is the power button, speed button. It has three speed levels. Several other functions available, including headless mode return home button circle, fly press this to take off. This still turn the lights on and off land and this to stop in mid air and this button to calibrate the drone, the joysticks for flight control and this button records video to your phone, and this takes photos remove the screw for the battery compartment in this Pouch we get an extra battery, usb charging, cable, screwdriver and four pairs of extra propellers and screws in this pouch we get a quick start manual and use them and all here’s the drone itself all folded up Music. The battery is here has a flight time around 12 minutes Music.

It looks like a dji mavic, but much smaller and lighter remove this camera cover before flight. The camera needs to be manually, adjusted and cannot be controlled with the app or remote. The power button is here to install the prop guards, remove this piece here and then just slide. It in Music use the screwdriver to remove the battery cover and put in three aaa batteries for the remote to work. Compare the remote to the drone by powering on the drone fast and then the remote then push the left stick forward and then back the lights. Stop blinking means it’s paired, then calibrate the drone by pressing the calibrate button and then let it go when the lights start blinking to charge the battery, you need to stick the cable here and they are then to usb port charging takes around two hours. I try attaching my iphone 11 to the controller, even though it fits it’s, not strong enough to hold the weight and the phone can easily fall off. Luckily i have an iphone sc and this fits perfectly, even though the screen is small and too dim for direct sunlight. Next get the snapdragon mate app and then pair the phone to the drone by powering it on and then searching for the snapton wifi connection. On the phone’s wi fi menu in the app make sure you choose the correct drone model and then press the play button. You can see the video coming through on the screen press the button here to access the flight controls personally i’m just going to use the controls on the remote.

The screen is too small on the iphone and it’s hard to see in direct sunlight Music press. The take off button and up it goes it’s pretty fun to use, but the controls are now very precise and there’s no obstacle avoidance, but this is just a 90 drone, so you can’t expect all that. I tried to fly it as high as possible and then the battery ran out – and this happened after wiping off all the muck. It was clear that the drone was dead, so that is the sad end of the snapton a15 edge it’s a fun little drone and can take a lot of beating but don’t fly it near water.