I crashed my mini 3 pro last night and its okay, its fine. I recovered it and it flies just normally. Thankfully i wasnt going that fast, but but i thought i would take this opportunity to do what i do on this channel and thats teach people what not to do when it comes to flying drones. So what i was doing yesterday, i was just finishing up my initial review on the mini 3 pro. If you havent seen it yet watch it right here, its kind of long but theres a lot of information in there, its called 51 things. You should know about the mini 3 pro before you purchase it. So i put a lot of time into that video 5 weeks and over 30 flights and so theres a lot of information there and i was just finishing up the video all i had to do was put on my lower thirds and then i wanted to add One more thing, of course, the last thing i wanted to add a little bit of a parallax like an example of what a parallax video is its like, where you zoom into a subject, you focus on that and then you kind of go around it. It looks really cool its its an awesome technique, so i was doing that right over here. This gravel pit across from my house – and i just started it. I picked the piece of equipment that was on the ground like this huge piece of conveyor or whatever.

I dont know rock crusher, so i picked that as my focal point and then i started moving to the right and then within a couple of seconds. It just stopped im like what the heck like did. I lose video feed. I mean no, i know exactly what happened after i took a couple of seconds to think about it. What is there at gravel pits? Theres big piles of gravel? So so i was moving sideways and i ran into the side of one of the gravel piles and uh and so im like oh crap and thankfully saturday evening. Nobody was there. I could just walk across and walk through the mud. We just had a rainstorm super muddy. I wrecked my new a6 im not happy about that, but i did find three golf balls, so thats a positive, but anyway i got over there and i trekked up this. What seemed like a mile high hill, but actually its not that high its only about 60 feet high and uh, i got up to the top after stopping a few a few times its really hard to climb up gravel. Did you know that so i retrieved it theres a couple of geese on top theres, actually, a goose nest on top with some eggs, thats pretty cool, so i flew over there later and got some footage of that. But so i got it and im like i felt like such an idiot, because i did one of the cardinal rules and i wanted to share that with you thats.

Why im posting this video? You guys, because the purpose of my channel has been from the very beginning to share my experiences of flying drones, so you guys can learn from it and a lot of the time. I do stupid things, and this is just another example. So normally, when you fly in an area that youre not familiar with im very familiar with this area, but normally the first thing you should do like the very first thing is once you get up, get your drone up survey. The area find the tallest obstacle in that area. You know know where youre going to fly, find the tallest object, go to it and see how high that is, then you know, and if youre going to be doing any lateral movement, any flight going side to side. If youre doing any kind of focus tracking anything like that point of interest, then you know if youre above that height youre not going to hit anything. The mini 3 pro is awesome with the forwards and the backwards and the downward obstacle avoidance. But it does not have lateral obstacle avoidance. I kind of wish they would have put those instead of rear. Sensors have sideway sensors because the majority of crashes happen when youre moving side to side, and so my advice to you is anytime. You go anywhere even if you are familiar with it, fly up to the top of the tallest obstacle, and just remember that height and and just know, if youre going to be flying below that height, be very conscious of where you are, and i wasnt like.

I just totally like oh im way, im way above that, but i wasnt i was about apparently 10 or 15 feet too low, so so thats my advice for you, you guys i um. I know im gon na catch a lot of crap for crashing. I crashed my mavic 3, but that one was kind of i really pushed that one. I was trying to fly it in the trees. I was kind of trying to crash it that time i wasnt trying to crash this one so um, so, thankfully its fine, its okay. This thing really is tough. Ive dropped it, i dropped it in the kitchen the other day and it makes a heck of a noise but but nothing broke on it. Um i hit a tree branch one time and it i thought it was going to be. I thought a propeller would for sure would be cracked, but it, but it wasnt its fine, so it uh its a tough little drone. I think it helps being so lightweight like, even if it does fall to the ground, its lightweight youre not going to like destroy it. You know just a couple of minor injuries so, but that gimbal is pretty vulnerable. If gimbal really sticks out there, the benefit of having that is, you can go up to 60 degrees with a gimbal, and you can go like way down its so good. You guys its so good. The range on that gimbal, you know yeah its really really cool.

So anyway, like i said, if you havent watched my full review ill put it down in the video description, and let me know if you have any questions you guys, i got a lot more videos coming on this drone, its going to be really really popular. I think a lot of people are going to really buy into this drone just because of the how light it is you dont have to register it.