Why i crashed it on a set of a film lets, get started, whats good everybody, ken here, youre watching original adobo. So yesterday i posted a video just sort of like some cinematic shots that ive been filming throughout the week since ive been here in kauai and last night, we were wrapping up filming at one of the locations and weve actually been using this right here. The mavic 3 for a lot of the shots. Initially, when i was first hired, they wanted more of some fpv style shots, but they started realizing. They wanted more of a static, locked off stable shot. So because i had this, i was like well. I can use this since, if thats, what you want, thats what well use – and then this happened, so there was a shot that the director wanted. He wanted like something like coming down onto the train tracks, as the train was passing sort of signifying an end of the day shot. Now where we were positioned, we were trying to stay out of the shot. I did not see that there was a tree beneath me. Believe me. If i would have saw that there was a tree beneath me. I would have never attempted that or would have pulled myself further back to get that shot. But the weird thing was the obstacle avoidance didnt notify me that there was anything beneath me and i can only assume because that tree branch was so narrow, maybe the obstacle avoidance didnt quite pick it up, and because of that, this fell.

Probably what i would say is maybe about 10 feet down onto the ground. Now i think if this would have just fell into the grass, maybe it would have been perfectly fine and there wouldnt be so much damage, however, because it fell and hit a rock near. The railroad track the leg ended up bending backwards out of the joint i had to bend it back into place. We also have some scuffing and some damage on the gimbal, and now what is more, concerning to me is, as i fly it im getting this vibration in the camera sensor, every 20 seconds or so ill, get like this pulsation that will show up in the film It almost acts like if there was a gimbal guard on and the gimbal was overloading, so it basically renders the footage absolutely useless. Now i can still take photos with it. I can still do a vast majority of the things that i would want to do, except for video video is almost absolutely useless with this camera. As of right now, i also got a pretty nasty little cut on the clear nd filter or the clear filter thats on the front of here. But beyond that i mean its. It actually held up pretty good. All things. Considering i mean it fell onto a railroad track and it survived now. This was no fault of the drone. This was just because i didnt have my visual observer, where they can see the drone, and i was letting the director sort of say, hey go here.

Go here go here instead of saying hey, we need to stick to the shot list. We were just sort of all over the place. I mean durability. On this i mean i was really concerned with this front piece here, like this top piece here, just doesnt feel quite as durable as the previous generations, but it seems okay now the front cowling did come out and there is some, like i dont know some debris In here, where its smashed into the ground, but i think i can overlook that and i think thatll be fine uh, the gimbal did take the most of the damage and when it did hit the ground, it stopped recording and i had to actually walk over to It to find it, i changed out the props, because i did bring props with me. I dont i never bring props for gps drones, but i ended up bringing props and im actually glad. I did because the props were bent and um i mean i guess i could have went up instead of down or it could have went down instead of up. I dont know what the right move would have been there. I mean i think regardless it would have happened. The only thing i could have did was let it sit there and hover and maybe walk over there and then try to get out and then catch it. You know football catch, it just a bad situation. Im just glad we got the primary portion of the shots done.

Unfortunately, a lot of the videos that ive shot this past week were in 24 frames per second, i never shoot in 24 frames per second matter of fact. The only reason why im shooting this video in 24 frames per second is to match up with the other clips that i shot um. This has just really honestly been more work than pleasure. This has not been a pleasure trip. I havent done anything that i wanted to do. Um. I wont get to do anything really like that until next week, when im on the big island with uh 808 states so sort of a bit of a bummer but um, the good news is im going to get another unit. There is a dealer on the island of honolulu or hes in honolulu and um hes agreed to swap units with me, so hawaii drone services. If you are watching this, thank you so much for working with us over at droneworks. To snag me, another unit and uh being so cool. So if youre somebody whos in the hawaii area and youre looking for a drone check out hawaii drone services, there will be a link down below where you can check that out me personally. I never put care refresh on these because i have business insurance. So if i wreck one im, just gon na ill ill insure it out, thats, just par for the course um sort of a bummer and uh real, quick you to all the people that are like.

Oh im so glad you crashed it heres the idea heres an idea, the people bitching about how much these costs theyre complaining, because people are racking these work harder. So you can afford, like everybody else, i dont feel sorry for you. I heard they checking for me. No were checking on me, so i had to go up a for me. My successors only made them envious. They got upset. I had to put all their egos in check. I want the money to power, respect, and i heard you know so and so youre not a threat cause. I really know so, and so they like my family, so they go pretend that they cool till they bust up your chest im getting good.