I was still like Music today, i am trying out the motion controller by dji and it runs this guy right here. Their first person view drone. I like to uh sit on something when im flying that drone. Just in case i get dizzy, you know sorry ill. Try to point the camera out my face, you guys can actually see me all right and im gon na set you right yeah there we go that should work. I have the headset turned on im, going to turn on the motion. Controller double tap just like everything else, and now im gon na turn. This on all right lets. Try this thing out. There we go. We are connected. First, i got ta say were good up here. Double tap, i believe nope single, tap Music. There we go its just: a double tap were gon na go in normal mode for now, okay, Music. There it goes so you hold it down to get it to take off. Okay were airborne Music press, the trigger goes forward, and then you just point it where you want to fly. Oh yeah thats, pretty cool Music im in easy mode right now, so well just do a couple laps in easy. First, Music Applause, pretty tame so were gon na change modes going to sport mode. So you cant do my. Oh there we go. I got some speed. Now: Applause, Music, oh i crashed it hold on Music hold on.

I got ta get this thing home, Music back in manual mode Music, so i just clicked the home button held it down and its supposed to come home Music. I wanted to do a video about how to use this motion controller and instead i end up crashing it all right lets see if we can get this thing to land Music, im gon na check this thing and ill be right back seems to be okay. It is making a knot up theres, a little piece of that got me a little nervous there, its kind of scratched up a little bit or its just marked up from twigs. I must not have hit it too hard. It looked worse than it did in the first person view that was kind of scary, though that brings me to the point that this thing has an app that you can practice on plugs into your phone, and then you can wear the headset and use the controller. I recommend doing that more than just whipping the controller out and starting to use it anyway were going to try this again. Everything looks fine, well ill play the footage again right here: Applause Music, oh i crashed it hold on. I was still like all right lets. Try this again, this time without crashing, i have the camera in the shade now thats. Why im like not sitting in the sun, weird right? Okay, here we go turn it on take off Music looks like were okay, sport mode man or normal mode, well stay in uh normal until i get to the hang of this thing were going up Music and right.

It is super cool i might have mentioned this already, so you cant do manual mode with this thing. Manual mode is when you have like full control of, however many axes, it is axi axis, so you cant do that with this. Obviously, but this is still fun feels like youre flying a fighter plane, not that i know what that feels, like Applause, Music staying a little higher this time, all right now that im flying around a little bit lets go to main or uh sport mode. There we go, we got some speed now yeah. That thing goes thing moves right along, not something you want to mess around with or get going too fast. Okay, let me make sure i know how to use everything. Okay, thats, like the panic button right there. I have not flown this in manual mode, yet ive only done it uh with the app for practice, so i obviously want to get quite a bit better at it before oh yeah, before i throw it into manual mode. Okay, lets go down a little bit without hitting anything here. Lets fly, fly through some stuff and, of course, theres kids out there watching yep, not gon na get going too fast. Oh, what happened? Oh low battery, okay were going back. Oh lets see what it does. Music, it says low battery, oh okay, so it just stops when it has low battery so well come back home and put it back into normal mode.

I dont know its kind of weird landing it like this. Here, double tap Music. Maybe there we go so you press and hold this button and it lands Music. There we go. That was a little bit better, this time, not really a trick. What youre supposed to do is turn the drone off. First then, the controller ask me how i know. Oh, that was nerve wracking, oh its fun, though you know throw this battery on the charger. You know throw this battery on the charger here, throw this battery on the charger.