So sun has come early and uh. My replacement, dji mini 2s here. So lets get my mate stanley on the job unbox this dude, so i dont know guys, as you can see its sealed. I think its a brand new one, but well maybe do some uh. I dont know a smell and maybe a taste test well work out. If hes a brand new one, oh here we go so this is from heliguy in the uk and so ive got the repair refresh with them, not dji, because apparently dji, if you send off, i wont put that on blast um, apparently with dji. If you send um your drone to them, it goes to the netherlands and the turnaround times. You know really long um. This was really good. It was like five six days so just gon na move the box out guys lets have a look okay, so i sent them my samsung box from. I think, probably my tablet that i bought. I had this like return box from samsung um, so i sent them the broken drone and also my um dji mini 2 controller so that they could pair it up for me. Okay, so heres the drone im seeing stickers, guys yeah brand new man – oh gimbal cover as well, hey brilliant there you go guys so brans banker, um so yeah. I didnt know if it was gon na be like a refurb one theres a couple of stickers missing there, but i presume they will have had sort of flown it.

You know um just see if theres any other signs of ever being used or i i think this is brand new yeah. Even the gimbal stickers are there, so you know thats going to come from the factory at dji. So great im really happy to have one of these back in my hands. Thats going to work so um wont do that. Well, leave the gimbal cover off guys. So there we go um theres a little dude there and heres my controller back. So this will just be the same one that i got with it, but you know theres nothing wrong with it anyway. So its all good, so yeah, the only downside i lost the battery, so weve had a guys, um repair scheme. You have to give them back. Like for, like so um, you know, i couldnt give them the battery because i couldnt recover it. So therefore um you know its lost, so its fair enough would have been nice, but you know they cant. Do everything? Okay, so well. Take these stickers off guys its quite nice its actually, because when i did my original unboxing, my camera stopped running. So i couldnt um give you a full unboxing experience because the stickers um yeah, my camera, died when i took those off so there we go. So this is dji mini 2, the second coming so the first one i was calling jack the ripper because it cut my finger um my finger.

If you look, there guys get my camera to focus its just about healed. That was only a little nick off the props but um yeah. This is a brand new drone, so well treat him like a a new child and ill come up with a name for him, so yeah thats, it guys so recommend heli guy in the uk, as youve, probably seen on my other videos um. Oh look at that guys. I dont know if that looks like it sticks out a bit too much yeah thats a bit weird its flimsy that back covino um. Let me know what you think guys if youve got a dji mini 2. I this concerns me this um back cover because i had a battery in at the time. So im left at the moment with ive got the fly more combo, obviously guys so ive got these two batteries and the one that was in the drone when it hit the tree. It just flew out, which i think is pretty rubbish. You know, i think, what ill do im gon na write to dji um write to them ill, send them a letter, no im gon na email dji, because you know im not happy with that. Surely that back cover it, shouldnt fly open and, as you saw there, ive just opened this its a brand new drone and its really. They are really flimsy, but otherwise, brilliant day. You know really happy to have this replacement with me now.

So its taught me a lesson: dont use quick moves when you dont know what youre doing um you know. Please watch my crash video that showcases how to be an idiot but um yeah. You know im just gon na make sure im in an open area. I think i have to do risk assessments now. It sounds really sad. You know i hate like health and safety and stuff like that, and you know in um sort of a jobs with sort of um industry isnt it but yeah. I think you know im gon na have to start really thinking. Oh, how high is that tree need to get my drone higher than that, and you know other things just do a general risk assessment before a start off um ive, never also, you know, tried the screws on the props to check whether theyre tight enough. You know if you lose a propeller, um youre, risking that the drone could just fly off or you know its going to crash in it. If one of these fails so things like that, but yeah, like i said, really happy boy, i feel like um ive got my tie back and you know ive ive kind of dodged a bullet, so this was 49 pound for the repair refresh um you dont have To pay an excess, its just one upfront fee, so if youre in the uk and youre looking for a drone, i still really recommend heli guy um.

The turnaround time was was really fast for me: um the communication with them, the very prompt they got this to me on a saturday as well, which is really nice so, like i say all round, helly guys great, but yeah this little dude. My new friend well be doing many many flights together. Hopefully this one i dont, destroy him and weve. You know i can hand him down to my grandkids. I dont think itll last that long but yeah anyway, guys. Let me know what you think about this. One hit me up in the comments, as always: take anorek out take care hi guys, so i always did this sorry. I always do this. Like ive just thought: do you use two batteries, or do you use three batteries guys or one like? What do you need for your um flight needs? Do you need just two? Do you need three? I im just thinking. Ive got lots of footage out of this guy and ive never had to bring it down and change batteries yet um, obviously im just doing short flights and like 20 minutes to half an hour but yeah just interested. You know any mini two owners. If you could, let me know how many batteries do you use? Does it vary, or you know presume some guys, ive just got this who just bought? You know the standard package. So does that do for you or do you need one two, three, four five.

You know i suppose everyones needs are different, but just interested all right, guys, im.