It was really really painful because i didnt know if i was gon na – have to pay a lot. If i was gon na get it back fast. What was gon na happen? What was the next step, i didnt know anything and i tried to look online and all the videos either theyre really negative or theyre good, but they dont give you enough information as to whats gon na happen once you crush it. So i did cry a little bit: yeah, okay, im, not gon na hide that from you i did cry a little bit uh. It was extremely painful, but i want to save you guys, the pain of going through that and knowing exactly whats gon na happen. If you crash it will make, you feel, i think, a little bit better in the eventuality that it happens or if it already happened and thats. Why youre watching this video, Music, Applause, Music, okay, so im gon na guide you through the entire timeline step by step day by day, everything that happened from beginning to end lets do it so. On september 26th, i crashed my dji fv drone. It had scratches the rear arm was broken. The small propulsion motor was broken. All the propellers were bent to the point where you had to very much trash them. So what i did is i went back to the studio. I opened the case with dji. You just have to follow through the different points say what happened when it happened.

If it was your fault or not, im pretty sure you will pay no matter what, but you have to write it down if you want to otherwise you just say that it was your fault and youre good to go, and that same evening i got a shipping Label to send it for free with ups back to dji, since it was a sunday. I had to wait until next day to go to the post office, give it to my local carrier, who will then give it to ups and send it for me. Eight days later, october 5, i write to dji to ask them where we stand on my drone repair, because i did not get a notification and the status says shipping. They tell me that they had a little bit of a delay with the logistics and different carriers. So they asked me to patiently wait a couple days later on october 7. They confirmed that the drone was finally received, and that is 11 days after the original shipment. It is now october 14 and i get an email by noon. That says that the assessment of the damages was done and when i say assessment of the damages, i mean actual assessment of everything that happened and im going to tell you what that means. They tell you the flight number when you took off in normal mode. If the gps was on the flight time in normal mode, the relative height the distance to home points, they tell you at what time the pilot switch to manual mode when you pull down the throttle when your drone crashed what happened exactly gps location and everything.

So you really get a full breakdown as to what exactly happened in that same email. I got the quotation telling me how much i would have to pay so heres the breakdown for the rare right arm module, which was damaged. I had to pay 7 euro 44. for the propulsion motor, the short one. I had to pay 7 euro 44. for the rare left arm cover that was damaged. I had to pay 41 cents euro. The repair fee itself was 50 euro. The shipping fee was 20 euro. I got a discount of 25 euro, probably because it crashed so quickly after i bought it. Not sure, then. The v80 was 1266 for a total of 72 euro and 95 cents. That is the total amount that i had to pay to get my drone repaired and shipped back to me, which is basically a joke, especially if you take into account that i do not have the care refresh on my drone all right by 2 pm. They have the 72 euro and by 2 37 pm they confirmed that they received that amount next day. October 15. I get the confirmation at 1 pm that my drone was repaired and by 2 30 it was shipped back to me. That is extremely quick, like like very quick within a half a day, my drone was repaired and shipped back on october 20. Five days later, i received the drone with ups all right, im actually very pumped because i just got the dji fpv back.

Finally, after all these days of waiting lets open it up carefully so got some bubble: wrappings and thats great uh. We got the goggles there, you go and the drawer, oh cool, cool cool, so i originally sent it in the box. That was not the original box because um, i only had a big combo box, which was huge. I didnt want to send it back with that. So now they gave me a box which looks pretty much like the box. You would get um if you would just buy the drone by itself. All right lets see how it looks. Oh yeah, i like that. Okay, okay, so we got the original little foamy things here to protect propeller holders, um and otherwise its its like a new drone. Like literally theres a little sticker here, the yellow sticker you get when you buy it first right here and the the aavb propellers uh little stickers. It looks pretty new to me. Im gon na have to check the serial number but im actually 99 sure this is either a new one or a refurbished drone that they just sent me back, which is great. Basically, they dont even repair your drone. They just send you a new one, at least in this case, and i did break a few things thats, the drone theres no propellers on it. I sent it without the propellers. I have the second set that i got originally with the box which im gon na put on afterwards and the other thing is.

I send the goggles to check the transmission, see if theres any problem with it and well theyre the same. They just came back. Oh wait: the antennas are not on it uh who are they? Okay? Well, i think they didnt send the antennas back, which is uh kind of sucky okay, so i sent my my goggles originally with the antennas uh separated from the actual from the goggles, because i couldnt fit it in because they take quite some space. But i did put it in the original box so now, im gon na go and chat with dji and see if i can handle this and see where my goggles are because otherwise im not going to be able to fly after all this time. So lets go check that out and yes, i can confirm now that the drone is different, its not the same one, because it has a different serial number so either its a new drone or its a refurbished drone. I dont know, but i got a brand new drone and on the antennas after a good half an hour, 40 minutes of chatting with dji and going back and forth as to the fact that i did put the antennas in the box. And they asked me for evidence of the box that i received. I showed them the fact that i dont have the antennas, and after a bunch of back and forth, they finally decided to give me a coupon so that i can get the antenna as a new set from the store shipped to me.

Now i had to wait for that coupon to be approved so next day on october 21st, at 9 30 pm, i got the confirmation that the coupon was approved and by 11 i had ordered the antennas on the dji official website, the next day at 1 pm. The antennas were shipped, i just got the box today. It is the 28th of october 2021 and i finally got the antennas from dji were gon na open this packet right now and see whats inside. I already know whats inside and this huge, its a small box, but this is what we get there you go, so these are four antennas for the dji fpv drone and im. Finally, gon na be able to put them on my goggles, but the adventure is not over yet next day. Im ready to fly im all happy, but i get a bill from ups that i have to pay 55 for the shipping and for customs, which doesnt make sense, because uh dji told me that i was paying 20 bucks for the shipping. So i get back with them, i got into the chats. They asked me to send an email which i do related to the case and what they give me as a solution is either a you get a refund which could take up to a month. So i will probably have to wait a good month or b. They give me a coupon, so i can get stuff from the dji website for that amount.

If i pay the ups bill there, so that gives you a little idea a breakdown in terms of time. As to how long it took me to get everything ready, so it was about a month before i was able to fly my drone again. So this drone right here is a brand new drone and i do not have dji care refresh. So i want to tell you a little bit more about this djrk refresh specifically when were talking about the fpv model. Okay, so the thing you have to know about dji care refresh is that it basically opens the door for you to take advantage of the program itself. So you pay for a year a certain amount for, for example, an air meeting. You pay ‘ euro for a year for an air 2s. You pay 99 euro for a year and for the fbv drone you pay 199 euro and that allows you to be part of the program. If you crash your drone, you have two replacements per year. Once youre part of the program, but the thing is those replacements are not free what you have to do when you crush it. The first time is paying 269 euro and if you crush it again, you pay 289 euro to get your drone basically replaced. No question asked that does cover water damage. I do not fly my drone when its raining outside, but lets say that you crash it in a river or in the lake or in somewhere that is wet.

They will just replace it for you, so that is cool. You also get free shipping and you get a bit of a priority over the regular drones, and i calculated about two weeks saved on the time that it took me to get my drone replaced. So if we do a little comparison as to how much i paid how much i would have paid, if i would have used the dji care refresh program, i would have paid 468 euro for the first repair, which is ‘0 euro. More than what i paid to get my drone basically replaced, and if you take just the fee that you paid to be part of the program without any repair, that is almost four times the amount that i paid to get my drone replaced without having that dji Care refresh program lets even just say that you really really crash your drone and you destroy the gimbal that gimbal costs 96 us dollars. So still you will pay less than being part of that refresh program specifically for the fpv drone. Now, if you take it for other drones, maybe it is worth it because you dont pay a lot, but for the fpv drone the thing is, you will pay a lot of money, even if you dont crash it, you still you just pay 200, which is more Like almost four times more than i paid to get mine replaced, so in conclusion, what do i think you need to do before you get into the fpv world? First of all, download the sim simulator is a its a vital thing.

You need to do abso, damn lootly, so dji has a great simulator, which works pretty good. I also downloaded liftoff, which is another one that you find on steam its about twenty dollars. That one is a little bit. I find a bit more realistic, its not as good as the dji specifically for the fpv model, but it gives you a good idea as to how the manual or the acro mode works. The other thing is the dji. Fpv is actually a great drone, because, yes, you can crash it. Dont worry about that. You can, and you probably will. I want to thank dji for their help and assistance along the line. It was a pain. The most painful thing, though, was the time i had to wait, because i missed every single day that was good in autumn now, all the leaves are down its raining, so i cant go out and fly anymore, which is a massive pain in the butt, but at Least i have my fpv drone back and its new, so i cannot complain which other company does that for that small amount, literally 72 euro to get a new drone. I think dji is doing great. I think its a great company – and i hope everything i told you in this video – about the care refresh about the price for crushing it about the times the logistics and everything else will be helpful to you and subscribe to this channel.