So the whole reason why we went out on this particular day in the first place is to get some shots of morgans new ipad mini using my new camera, which i cant talk about yet, and we decided to go to snake pass, which has some great mountain Hill type things and some incredible views perfect for filming and getting some great shots were finally on the road theres. A petrol shortage. Really annoying people are queuing up. Panic buying frustrates the toilet roll situation all over again, so poor morgans had to queue for ages filling his car up. We were meant to leave at one oclock we didnt leave till about just before three i had to go to two different towns. Villages, literally just to try and find some fuel everywhere was out. So the third place where i went where sam lives is the only place that actually had anything cause where i live is the best. So give me a minute feeling all right, more uh, no just swallowed in my ears have popped. I bet it dont. Even look steep on camera, does it oh, this yeah? No, it doesnt, all weve done so far is walk from the car which is over there. Oh this little bit. In fact, all the way there. Actually, we did quite a bit, and not this bit were both bit worn out. Hey all right lets carry on crack on Music Applause, Music. It was actually youre right.

He swallowed a fly. There was actually it just flew straight in my mouth. There was actually one of the channel four stings that was filmed up there on the top of that hill maam tour and see that little thing over there. That was in the background. So, as we got to the top, we started planning what shots we wanted see. If we get a 24 to 70 or a 70 to 200, and we get a car down there to pass through, look at that, it cant just be like a you know like a golf or a polo or a courser. Its gon na be like a look at porsche old school range rover. Yes, and it was going so well. We were getting some really good footage that looked incredible Music hearts going. I just nearly dropped this 250 pound filter down. That would have been good. I just watched it happen. It was like slow motion. It was him reaching over Music that wouldnt have been a good end to the day. Little did we know at this point that things were about to get a lot more expensive, Music, Music and silly me. I forgot to turn the sensors back on once its here crashed in there 100. Oh, you actually have yeah, oh wow um, somewhere over there, so were gon na have to go and fetch that yeah. I thought you were joking now look. I took the drone down further. I wanted to get a nice shot of it, passing through the valley with the cars in the middle and then the mountains either side, and i sort of i dont know i just i just probably became overconfident.

I wasnt looking at where the drone was. I was just looking at the image on the screen and you should always have a pair of eyes on the actual drone itself, while youre looking at what the drone can see on the remote. So i was sweeping around with the drone getting this nice shot and, just as i was about to pull back on the joystick, it just crashed. That was it just heard. This beep sound, the screen went black and i thought oh dear. This is it. It was bound to happen. I knew it was going to happen. Look at this Music, so weve got to go all the way over there. The other side of this mountain to go and find it so thats going to be the trek its not that bad hes flying the drone. Next minute, i hear him say: oh ive crashed it like in the most casual way possible. I was like i just laughed it off. I was like yeah hes yeah. Where is it? Hes? Actually crashed it see now weve got a vlog now weve got a story. No word of a lie were on a rescue mission, but this is a dangerous rescue, because neither of us have got walking boots on weve got sleepy vans with no tread. This is a steep hill look at the incline and that, where were going up is even worse, so on camera it doesnt look like much. It just looks like a normal hill that anybody could just walk up, but until you get there, it just looks like this.

Sheer vertical drop, basically, what weve got to go up now. Is that probably the most treacherous part of the whole thing now i dont expect you to come with me more just be at boots on id feel better. So dramatic right come back right. We are almost in line with it, so i mean come on, though it is pretty yeah. You might be right, it is pretty steep – and i know youre, probably thinking im being over dramatic, but for an inexperienced climber, all it takes is just one wrong footing and thats it game. Over and youve got to be very careful because were talking about a drone here we can just go out and buy another drone, but if you fall over and break a leg or worse, then thats harder to come back from do you want to stay here and Ill give it a go. You do dont you. If i fall down, you need to be able to call an ambulance hes on a mission hes. Just just look at how steep that is. Do i take my camera? What do you think i want to take my camera to film it when i find it, but i need both hands and i need this dont and that needs to be plugged into that. Okay. What if i? What? If i tell you when youre getting close to it, what if i keep that – and i shout to you yeah, because we all know that filming it is more – is its probably better than finding it right im going up.

If you dont see any more youtube videos ever, we know why we shouldnt joke about it, but just saying its been fun, seeing a bit see you morgan, bye, sam, see, you morgan! Am i a bad friend for staying down here now i dont think so. Im down here, making sure hes going in the right direction: hes just up there, bang on straight just keep going that way. What a mess this is. This is scary because its so wet, but luckily the grass is long, so i can like grab into it. Im gon na keep going thing is, i could be in the right area, but i have no idea if i am or not so im trying to get more morgans got the foot huh yeah morgans gon na try and make the drone beep. So i can so. I can hear it, i thought that was it then two new members of the drone rescue squad, these two people actually saw the drone go down and now theyre helping us go and find it its quite mossy, its getting dangerous, so i might have to give up, But i hate giving up im not going to give up yet because i mean were talking 1200 quid but 1200 quid all you know breaking my legs. So mum wont be happy. Sorry mom. So the drone is a dji mavic 2 pro its one of the best. You can buy in the sort of prosumer range and its just incredible its got all the bells and whistles on it.

So, as you can imagine, i want to get this back right were giving up because its just too dangerous at the moment, its crazy. I mean look at that. You cant, you probably cant, tell on this, but its not good, so were gon na head back and admit defeat come on morgues i hate giving up more than anything. So the fact that weve spent nearly an hour looking for this and im turning off the drone remote it kills me giving up, is worse for me than losing the drone hey look on the bright side. At least we get the steps in at least we get. The steps in i dont think ive even done that many im not even wearing my apple watch. Oh, i got on the rich steep bit im going ill. Tell you what right i am ache. Everything aches knees, ache, ankles ache! My toes ache! Ive got toe ache, face shake face ache from smiling so much because its just been such a crying, much theres, some great shots as well. Did you download the footage before we gave up not yet down the phone? No, you got to download it before youre. Out of range, you are, you got to download the footage before youre out of range. You cant just download it. When you get home youre not connected to the drone lets. Do it havent we, i would download the footage you got. Ta connect it to the controller.

Oh feb, Music, after a treacherous amount of walking and terrain, we are almost back at the car. Well, im down a set of glasses im, always lost ive lost, my glasses lost his glasses. Well, its been. What did you call it a successful day? So i asked you on instagram: shall i go back and have a look? It was a hundred percent. Yes, so i went back. I could not give up so yesterday we started at the bottom and went the way up, but we couldnt get any higher up. So what im going to do today is im going to go up that side and then work my way down and see if i can find it its showing on the gps so lets just see. If i can get anywhere close, am i even allowed in this bit Music? After what happened yesterday, i decided to bring my actual walking boots. So ive got a bit more of a chance of gripping to this hill. I made it to the top all the way down there. The car is now ive got to go down this i dont know um no way im going down there. Im gon na keep walking around see if theres a uh better way of getting down than that. So gps is telling me i was hoping it was going to be a little bit further around because it looks like its easier to get there. But its telling me its right on the other side of this bit so im going to have to go down there, but i can only im only going to go as far as its safe, because its really scary, plus im, worn out so im gon na, have A rest for a bit and see if i can go down dont try this at home.

If you lose your drone somewhere, dangerous just leave it so its saying its like up there a bit more and i just cant get look at that. I just cannot physically get any higher than that, its so annoying because i dont know like if i just go a bit further. I might be able to see it but its risky and i dont want to do that. Im speechless right now, im so frustrated. I really am, i just hate giving im so close, ive come all this way. Ive come this far im pretty much sat on top of it and id hate to think that id gone home and it was just one pace to the left or something but its too risky. If i go up again, you dont know what might happen so its not worth it. Unfortunately, ive had to give up so im at the bottom. Now sheep there on the way down, i put my hand in some sheep ploppy, probably the biggest bit there so annoying. Luckily, ive got some uh soap in the car, its nice to be on the ground again ill. Tell you that i dont like heights, so im the worst person to take part in this mission who built that honestly, at least i found morgans glasses up there, though. So i found them, they were morgans so good for him. At least he got something back from that trip. I think hes still got my lens cap.

I lost that as well, so its actually day, three, its six oclock in the morning and weve come back. Someone that i know was very very kindly offered to help and look for the drone, because they know somebody thats a climber, so they were so eager to help and they didnt want to give up any more than i did, but were talking about people that ive. Never met before i mean how nice is that the reason why were so early is because theres climbing restrictions, because of falling rock and stuff – hopefully there wont, be any well here. We are its pitch black at the moment. So im not gon na be able to see what were doing so. We might have to wait until it gets a little bit lighter in the meantime, im gon na have this. So here we are weve got the two absolute legends, so ryan set. This whole thing up and then weve got jake the man himself, who is actually gon na go up. I mean rather you than me, jake, look at the state of that for him, though its nothing ive seen him climb up pretty much like vertical walls. So here we go, lets go and do it. So what plan of action is were going to try and make the drone flash and beep? So we know exactly where it is, and then what climb up and get it Music Applause before we lose darkness lets go.

Try and ping it lets see if we can see uh tail lights flash up, so we can see where it is on the cliff face. So so were level with the drone where it is now where its saying it is and theres a feature where you can make it flash and beep so were gon na see if it works here we go enable indicator, flashing and alert sound. You ready moment of truth, oh and its not worked. Why didnt, i think, of this on day, one when the drone still had a full charge well, plan b plan b is were just gon na have to go up plan b well, go up yeah! I ill tell you: i can only go as far as that bit. You know well see where it gets all like lumpy yeah, yeah, yeah thats. As far as i can get with you without crying okay, all right should we give it a go. Oh, you got a light, thats good, look at that. Yes, Music, say again, so well, go up this bit here, yeah cut, underneath that big rock face there yeah hes off day three. I find myself up this cliff once again. I said to myself: after the second time i wouldnt go again and there i am, but you know its only right if somebody else is doing that that you go with them, but there was only so far i could go because it would.

I went even higher than i should have gone to be honest and the adrenaline really kicks in and when i turned around to face the other mountain and look at how steep it is, and i was looking down at the road below me like it hits you Like i actually felt sick because it was so high and i just thought what am i doing im not a climber, it was wet through sleepy and im, not good with hearts anyway. So what am i doing? I think its nerves. More than anything, do you know what i mean yeah, you know when youre not used to it were pretty high arent we yeah, but despite how scary it was being up there, look how breathtaking the view was myself and ryan actually managed to take some pictures, while Were up there ryans better than mine? Obviously, Music got work after this apparently so, apparently, jake has camped out where that cave is dont. Catch me doing that so, where we were was sort of at the bottom of like almost a cliff edge and the gps was showing that the drone was just on this little peak. So jake got up there and were also referring to the last image that the drone took, and it was exactly the same. We were in the right position, so its just a case of literally looking for a needle in the haystack at the moment. Fingers crossed should be able to see it.

I just wish we could make it flash by the way im not going up any further its, not looking good. I thought wed have found it by now within minutes, but must be just buried in the grass, because weve got to be in the right place. So this is not how i thought it was going to turn out its getting cold now and windy. Starting to rain looks great, though up here view is amazing. Look at that its raining, its getting really windy. So were heading down my hat. We tried shaving, it yeah. I felt so close every single time we uh, we moved a little bit and the picture we saw looked identical to what we were seeing from things such a damn. Shame in it yeah. I really appreciate it man, the most frustrating thing about it is being in the correct location, yeah on the gps coordinates and we cant, i feel like personally i mean i pre obviously appreciate jake and ryans help theyve done a very kind thing, but i feel like Weve got so close. Its almost like weve failed feels like weve failed, but in a way look what weve actually done. Look what weve just done that climbing up there is not a failure. Is it really look at that yeah? We cant say we didnt give it a good go yeah there he is look mate. What are your thoughts im devastating mate all day? It was a good sunrise.

Yeah. I stole every single piece of that cliff face, listen lives. I really really appreciate like even even like just you know offering to do it its a massive thing, so i cant thank you enough, thats, all right yeah, all right, i mean its not yeah its, not the reason we wanted it, its still a bit of fun In it yeah we had a good morning. We came out, we saw a sunrise, so this was my last chance. I had to phone the insurance to see what my options were good afternoon, its actually a drone that ive lost policy all right. Well, i think thats. It then, i think, ive blown it thanks for your time cheers. So the three things that ive learned from this whole experience is a youve got to have complete focus while youre flying a drone. If you havent got a perfect line of sight, i mean this is all in the rulebook anyway, make sure somebody else can see the drone two get proper insurance for all of your equipment. Drone cover is completely different and three, if you put good energy out there, youre gon na get that back in return, and what i mean is like. I used to think that social media was a scary place. You kind of putting yourself out there and opening yourself up for criticism. Basically, you dont know what people are saying about you, but when this happened, i was amazed with the amount of people that actually wanted to help me and were talking about people that ive never even met.

So i want to say a massive thank you to everybody that got involved and chipped in you know and did the very best they could to find it, and it just means the world to me that they would take the time out of the day to even Just try and help somebody that they dont even know so, although ive lost a drone, ive actually gained something even more important, which is a solid community of people that are willing to help each other. No matter what basically – and that means more to me than any drone – you cant – buy that so im incredibly thankful to have the support of these people, its just an amazing feeling and im overwhelmed with gratitude and gratefulness. So thank you very much.