It costs less than 84. first test is lets see if it flies theres. No video. This is a plug and play what that means. Is you meant to just wire up a receiver plug it in and fly it? I shouldnt have to have checked the video to make sure that the video transmitter was actually working so were now having to do in field repairs to see what the go is in field. Repairs have failed and its still not working so its also starting to rain. I need to get out of here well, come back to my exploits in the field a little later on, but first lets check out an unboxing of the tcm mrc over frequency 220.. It came in eachine wizard box and it certainly wasnt the wizard, the props, that you see these really big chunky things: five dollar cashback card from the manufacturer, which wasnt too bad but im not going to use it. Zip ties theyll come in handy the battery strap, which youre definitely going to need uh prop nuts wrenches and they dont work because theyre cut too big or too small some feet to stop at scratching on the concrete and extra screws which are pretty handy. You can never have too much hardware and now lets check out the quad itself. I was quite impressed with its construction quality and soldering that looked pretty good. The motors seemed to be quite nice, as well. Overall frame looks pretty good theres a dipole antenna which blew my mind: do you think youd put a dipole on it, but anyway xt 30, and that connector is a s, bus connector for your receiver, but were going to be putting express lrs on it.

Overall, it looks to be a pretty good quad, so lets get it set up in betaflight i wired in a happy model. Ep2 rx running express rs, 2.3 and weve gone into betaflight. To do the setup it comes with betaflight 4.0. So all i needed to do was select which port the receiver was connected to go through. Add in my channels make sure the receiver was connected up in terms of basic specifications. The motors are 2206, 20 300 kv, so we are going to be running 4s on this. The flight controller and esc stack actually comes from the eachine tyro129. The flight controller itself is an f405 processor with an mpu 6000 gyro, which is pretty good. It also comes with a barometer so youre going to be able to have support for inav if you wanted to and theres also i2c ports which are used for connecting a compass, theres, five different uarts on it. So theres going to be plenty of options to connect up all your different peripherals, such as connecting in express rs, crossfire or ghost to one of the full uarts, as opposed to using s bus. It also has a 10 volt, 1.2 amp bec, which is really good. If you wanted to convert this to hd0 or dji down the track, the esc is the eachine tyro 129 esc, which has 40 amps of continuous current, with a burst of up to 60 amps. It is rated for 2 to 6s.

So if you did want to upgrade this to 6s down the track, thats absolutely possible, the firmware is bl heli s, so that is going to be able to run bluej and thats. Something were going to do in a later video. The vtx that arrived doa was a top rc mini xf5805, which is up to 300 milliwatts and channel count out the field with the cheapest fpv drone and were gon na, hopefully get it to fly this time, and i also found that the camera wasnt plugged into The flight controller correctly, so i had to cut off the connector solder that to the inputs on the flight controller, and we now have a proper video source now in terms of the video transmitter, i didnt necessarily want to make these upgrades initially, because i really wanted To see how the stock vtx with that really horrible dipole antenna worked, but unfortunately, with the dead on arrival vtx, i had to upgrade it so ive gone with the iflight uh success. Vtx it has 800 milliwatts and ive also used a gap. Rc pagoda, which is an mmcx antenna, were now going to see just how well this flies im flying with a big, daddy, fpv, 1300 million power 4s battery with a 100c rating in terms of how the over frequency flies it isnt too bad at cruising. However, you can see the prop wash there as we come back down into it on these different maneuvers.

It doesnt really like prop wash at all and im, not sure whether thats down to the tune or its, these chunky boy, props id hazard, a guess. The chunky boys are probably the major cause of this quads problems. Snap rolls and flips. You do get quite a bit of bounce back. However, it does like these long punch out maneuvers as well, and its pretty quick youd expect this to be quite fast from the pitch on these props. It certainly keeps it moving. Now you can see. The ground is absolutely soaked, and i did crash into that earlier. In the day, but it survived and pretty happy about its durability. Overall, it seems to handle tight, turns as well, and it does have quite a bit of amp draw and again the biggest thing that we can do to improve. This quad is going to be changing. These props out, as you can see, those snap rolls there is a bit of bounce back and it just it. Doesnt like those its not much of a problem with the br heli sesc that handles it perfectly, but were gon na. Do some upgrades and see how we got get on im gon na spend a hundred dollars upgrading the cheapest fpv drone. Let me know in the comments below how you would spend that hundred bucks to upgrade this im. Guessing propellers should be first on the list.