Can i please get it out? Dji mini drone, my first ever drone people. What are you doing? Oh it comes in this beautiful box, nice little case, yo thats. Very good quality im impressed what thats the size of the drone youre welcome holy. No, you have to like open it. I know i know the controller folks, Music thats, all at whats in the box. Everything else is up so unfold. The front arms forward, Music. Wow. Sorry about that, i had to kill my brother because hes being a little beep but anyways lets continue this video yeah im gon na charge. The drone there you go um is that even charging all right charging the the batteries right now and look at that right. There that beautiful gun is also charging thats, a different video in a on a different channel so like so is the drone on make us on. Oh take off Music. This place recorded yo that is sick landing in the grass everythings. Fine awesome, 4k quality. You cant wait to see the footage, but that was it cant wait to make a lot of good content with this drone in the bush. The bushcraft is going to be lit, camping videos, everything now, so you have reached the end of this video hope.