, its been a really tough time for me to waiting for this. I had already pre ordered that, but it took a long time and though i have already made a video on that that i went to check that, but today, finally, my one is already here: im going to dji store. They said you can come and pick yours. So stay with me and find out – and i will also show you the way the city is very beautiful. So if you want to see also the city and want to see the dji store and the dji mavic 3. So stay with me till the end of this video and if you are new to my youtube channel, please make sure to subscribe and smash the like button. It means to me a lot because, and it helps me i like to grow my youtube channel, so lets go outside right now, im in my room and dormitory shaman university, i will go outside and show you also the cd this one for the damage Music. Do Music do Music do Music, Music, okay, guys so? Finally, right now is 2, 38 p.m and im here this is the plaza very beautiful shopping center. I will show you some glimpse of their shopping center. Today is not that bright day the weather is kind of foggy hazy and cloudy as well, but im going inside to the store i dont have to do anything else. I will pick the drone and show you the shop and lets go with me inside to the store Music.

Such a beautiful shopping center im already inside, and i need to go downstairs minus two. So there is the dji store, im seriously very excited to get this beast and it will increase the cinematography skills and the technology more in my camera bag. Look at these guys, Music, okay guys. So finally, i got one – and this is my dji mavic 3 scene and its really heavy. I didnt expect that but im going to pay them, and i will tell you later, how much did it cost in china? So thank you. She said uh. Thank you to him because he kept me for he kept for me this one because uh they are sailing like a very fast and you can see all other people are also buying this the same. So he kept this one piece for me and i will get this one im very happy im very excited, and this is very expensive, like you cannot imagine how expensive is this, but still im going to buy this, because when you like something and uh its like A dream stuff, so yeah ill pay right now, the money and later i will show you how many did it cost for me, Music, okay, guys so im. Finally, back to my university, this is our school, its very beautiful university number one in china. So if you havent been into my these videos about my university so down there in the description will be the link of my new university.

So one of the most beautiful university in china basically number one so guys, uh, im, really happy and also very hungry as well so ill go back because i didnt have my lunch so ill have some lunch, some food as well and tomorrow i hope, im sure I will unbox this and do all these experts in this this drone. So thank you so much for watching this video and please make sure to subscribe and push the notification bell on till tomorrow.