All right got my box cutter this isnt working. I think i blunted it lets get it done. So this is dji mini 2, so im currently selling my uh xiaomi mi drone 4k on ebay. It is a beast and it is a pretty awesome drone, but there are some uh downsides to it so, especially after new regulations came at the end of last year, but anyway, so this is comes with the care, refresh bundle uh. It basically covers you for like 12 months um. I need to get into this thing now: yeah, accidental damage and stuff, like that, oh man, but yeah. I had to go on one of these the other week, a friends, one and uh. I was shocked at one. How well it flew even in higher altitudes, where wind is generally a bit higher? I cant get in this one, so um yeah, even decent wind, considering its size. I think everything has to have like a an asterisk next to it, considering its size, because i think it performs incredibly well for that um and yeah ease of flying as well jesus. It was so good and speed yeah. It was just generally really cool, very impressive. The responsiveness as well within the um within the app and yeah the response, the feedback that you get in the video so yeah, i thought amazon was having well not an offer, but um yo. Every now and again when they say, oh, you know buy now pay over five months thing.

So with that i thought. Okay, in that case, i dont need to be in any rush to get rid of my so lets just sort. This out, i dont need to be in any particular rush to um to sell the other one before getting this one so paid the you know the first installment and then you know by next month, hopefully ill just sold the other one. I can just pay the rest off anyway, but yeah regardless its not a big deal. So here we go. Um got good reviews: okay, heres, a load of propellers nice whats. That three sets well. Does it only have two spares? Then? Okay, only two spares fine. Oh, its already got props installed, so its actually got three pairs of spares. Then nice comes with a little holder as well theres the little little beast this little camera. Another thing i was really uh concerned about was yeah. I know it says 4k, but look at the size of that thing. Tiny little sensor but ive got to say im really impressed with the video quality that ive seen coming out of them, so thats good um reason actually ill stop with the uh with the actual unpacking and just to get everything out of this damn box. So another reason um so – and this has probably been said – like a million times before already, but uh yeah. My my me drone 4k is enormous, so much so that uh, the bag that i use to carry it um is the size of overhead storage, uh overhead.

Your hand luggage uh that you put on a plane its a massive hindrance um and caused me to basically never take it out because, especially with a baby, now you cant, really, you know weve got more important things to be carrying, like you know, baby paraphernalia, um And the last thing, the last major drawback for the xiaomi one is um. The app is not updated anymore uh, it im running it on my 8 pro and it runs okay in wireless mode, but for some reason, doesnt support usb type c connectivity, so yo thats. Another issue there theres yeah theres a lot of drawbacks like dont. Get me wrong. You get a lot of bang for buck with the uh, with the xiaomi drones, um, but long term support is basically non existent, which is a shame because it, you know, inevitably its going to end up in landfill, a lot quicker than something like this, which you Know from a reputable brand who will actually support the product for a long time you know but yeah anyway, thats thats it with the whinging uh this. No, it doesnt come with an sd card. Okay, thats! Fine! I can take the sd card out the other one. Uh, i am going to charge the batteries uh or a battery at least um read the manual install the heart at the software and then probably take this out for a test flight in the back gun new toys.

Can you say hello? Can you say hey hello? Getting away with the camera, hello, no cool maiden voyage. Take off lets come back Music Applause, Music, Music, Music, Music. So i think its uh fairly obvious that that wasnt all one run um ive, actually had this drone for about three weeks now, um taking it out in various conditions. Um and just you know, various locations um. I love it. So good um ive already mentioned this, but its just because of the size of it it just you can take it anywhere and its really no big deal ive even flown it in 15, mile an hour winds and from the footage i do played earlier on, or Just now uh, you would never know unless you were looking at the trees moving underneath or in the image itself. Um ive been really impressed with it. The video quality is great. Okay, it doesnt have d log but um to be honest for some basic b roll for some of my youtube videos. I think it will be more than sufficient um. I havent actually been recording in 4k, either ive been chopping it or switching it down to 2.7 k, so i can get the 60fps all my. I think all my videos are uploaded in 1080, so 2.7 is again more than sufficient um. I can even crop in a little bit if i have to, and if, even if not it should be for some pretty crisp 1080 because it would be getting downscaled, um yeah really happy with it.

A couple of accessories. I got uh, which i think are a must: are these little nd fillers um, they just clip onto the lens, and they just make it possible for you to get some slightly more cinematic footage uh. One of these is actually circular circular polarizer as well, so it should give you slightly deeper blues in the skies uh get rid of reflections in water. You know all that good stuff and also, i think circular nds are usually like uh one stop. They reduce the like. By about one stop, i think so. These are really cool. Theyre really cheap, as well like 20 quid for the set of three the feature that it doesnt have that i kind of wish it did, but also there is a hack for it. Uh follow me mode. This doesnt have follow me because it just doesnt have all the proximity sensors that it would need to be able to do it um also to keep it in within. You know the weight class that its in um. However, it does have quick shots, quick shots, pretty cool. I think its got four quick shots, um and theres one where actually, i think in some of no, i removed it from the last set of footage, so uh in the ill put some b roll up. Now of me, using the quick shot so theres a rotate or an orbit, its an orbit mode and what you can do is make sure youre in the middle of the frame and then say which row which direction you want the um the orbit to happen.

In and then you make sure you walk in that same direction and what happens is the camera is constantly trying to go around you, but it never can. So it ends up looking like its actually just following you, so thats one nice little hack, im, not entirely sure. I would recommend the flymore combo pack um, you get a nice pack, bag and stuff with it, but i didnt run one battery down once um. I guess its good if you travel a lot and youre not going to be near charging points very often, but for me um, i could have probably just got away with just getting the drone um, and you know the standard one battery that it comes with. The extra spares are quite nice to be to be honest, and i think its like an extra 100 pound for all the extra bits and bobs, so it kind of its more economical to do it this way. But equally, if you know youre not going to be using it as much as you would need to to justify the extra cost, then you could probably get away with saving a few quid here and there as well by just not getting the combo pack. So one thing i found is uh: if you want any kind of decent video out of it um, you know nicely balanced video. You have to use pro mode um instead of auto, so you can set your uh, your shutter speed and iso, and your color balance as well.

I actually just set auto white balance, but its really, the um Music yeah, the shutter speed and the iso that were the important ones uh for that, because what happens in auto is it will expose for whatevers taking up the most space in the frame, which is Understandable um, but it means you either get really light like ground and blown out skies or exposed for the sky. But you get really dark ground um and i think there might be some. I think i might have some uh examples of that as well, which i probably show um, but in pro pro mode um you you can expose properly to try and get the most dynamic range out of it. You know again, this doesnt have d log, so you kind of got ta. Do what you can. The nd filters definitely help with that um, unfortunately, because the lens is so small on this thing you cant get a variable, not a variable nd. You cant get a graduated nd for it. I think a graduated nd would be fantastic um. I tried seeing if theres any way, that i could adapt ones for phones, but it doesnt look like you, can even get graduated nds for phones, so um just got to do the best you can expose as evenly as you can, and i think some of the Footage ive got is actually pretty decent in terms of exposure, so yeah that that was what was on my mind but anyway, thanks for watching.

This is my experience with the dji mini 2, and it is awesome. I would highly recommend it if you like. Video consider sharing subscribing, i think, im just about to hit 100 subscribers, which is nuts because im pretty sure. I only know about five of those people, so thats awesome, um yeah help me grow the channel thats it for now and uh ill. See you next time.