But let me show you what im talking about, because youve been with me throughout this journey, like we drove, we went to best bar and uh ill. Show you some of the cameras or the drones, and you saw them so now, im home, and i just about to show you what im talking about so this is this: is it right here you see it best buy is in the back the drone. Oh this: is it right here so set it down uh, so i will first start with a gopro. This is the gopro right here. This is the gopro so like for this gopro, this gopro i bought a event. One week ago. I bought this gopro one week ago, but uh uh, i didnt, did a review on it. So since its still new – and i added it on this new package – and i decided to also uh – show it out to you – so you can see the gopro. So this is gopro 10., the gopro 9. This is gopro now, so let me open it right here, its all. I already opened it up, like i told you i bought is last week, so i also bought it from best buy. So this is it so, like my daughter, she uh like took the he got, something like a tray can be in it, so they took the tree, but im gon na use it like this so thats. Why youre not seeing a white tree that can be in it that almost like a compartment where you put the cameras you pull or if possible, you pull the mount yeah.

So so this is the gopro right here. This is the gopro camera right here hope youre. Seeing it good its gopro 9 yeah so and this is the battery, so i got one battery that came with it, not not an extra battery, so only you buy the gopro, you guys one battery and uh. This is it and uh. It came with a mount. So just this, this mount right here and uh, something like this, you so how it works like on our a you, remove this uh remove this, and then you place this right here and screw it and the sites. So this is where you do you set. This is how you set the mount on a gopro but im not already gon na installing it im just showing you what i bought. So you can know man. I want to take this its very serious, because this is what i love doing so now i show you the gopro. It got a very decent back, so this is the back, so i got a reason yeah. The only thing that removed like like okay, i didnt show you the manual so its it also came with a manual or car, so this guy gon na show you how to use the gopro. This is right here to be honest, im still new on all of those things i bought, because i dont really have much idea on them, but i know im going to learn it because it came with an instruction.

So i just have to read the manual and know what to do so. This is right here, so this is for the gopro. So i done with the review for this. Let me just place it right here and then so for today i got a rechargeable battery, so this is an extra battery. I got for the gopro because one battery uh from what ive learned aint gon na, carry me that long so theres gon na be a steam bar. So this is an extra rechargeable battery and then this is a hair strap. This is a hair strap for the gopro jar in case i dont want to hold it in my hands. I can just put on this hair strap right here yeah. This is the hair scrap. So let me open the hair strap for you and you see. Let me open that hair strap okay, so i got it open right here. Whats in here you got ta come up. Oh, it seems to be i wan na come out. Oh okay, oh wow! Oh this is how small you look. Okay. So this is the hair. Strap its like a okay thats, a elastic, a rubber elastic here is a rubber, so you got a rubber band on it. Wow, oh okay, so its gon na be something like this. So you see so this is where i know youre going to set. This is where youre going to set that gopro, like i told you, im still neon so here i havent set it up yet, but i just want to do a little reviews and show you what i bought so im gon na have little difficulties in doing it, But the most important thing is you already seen what im talking about so this is it right here? This is the hair trapped, so with this you just put them put it on.

Oh look at this. Look at this. Oh, my word: man look im a professional, a little kid on my face. This is sarah. Oh imagine me having the gopro attached to inna. Imagine me having a gopro attached to it right here. Oh i like this, its cute whoa c, c, c, c c wow. I love the little bag. I love the little bag. What what? What? What? What? What? What man? I love this bag? Oh just come this way, man this back, trying to open the back. I know in the back. I love how guarantees the back. The back looks guaranteed, so you guys written in here all of the accessories for the gopro i mean for the drum you got everything see what we got right here: whoa theres the little jet yeah the little drum right here, man, it just fits got it in My palm is in my palm, so small, so cute, so now: okay, um, okay! So now, oh okay! So, okay! I think this is there to protect. Is there to protect the wings yeah, the wings of the gopro thats good wow, guys see see what im talking about see. What im talking about see, what im talking about see what im talking about so this is the honor. No, so so this is the sensor. I think light, so it is light. I think this ball is, should be there to like detect whenever the drone is coming down, so that it knows the pressure to come down with and uh.

This is the protection, so it is a protection glass. So let me just try to remove it right here so now i remove it and uh like this. I dont want to remove the whole thing. Okay, so let me take my time because, to be honest, this is my first time having a drone like this. I had one before, but it was very small, so it didnt come out of those stuff on. So i just want to be careful how i work on it. Yeah. Oh okay. Oh the camera move forward. Oh okay! Oh all right! I got it so so this is the protection glass for the camera. You see right here, Music, so im going to put it back, and this is here so right here you got a tip on it, the wings so youre just loosing it and its going to get free. So let me try to loosen it up: okay, ill! Remove it, so i want to open it up im trying to open the wings and open the wings trying to show you what i got here, thats, what im trying to show you? This is what we got so guys. This is the drone. Let me place the drone right here and uh what else we got. So this is the controller, the controller right here. Let me try to open it up, lets see using the plastic. So this is the controller right here. So this is what you use to control the drone.

This is it and now so yeah. This is the controller you use this for the, so you got it so so you got a big like right here. Uh you got this. Its sticking right in here almost like a screw a screwdriver right here so but its this is used to control the uh the drone, so you just remove it and then youre gon na screw it right here, yeah you screw it right here and uh the screwware. So this is what youre going to use to be able to control the drone. You see here highest like all right and then uh else. We got here okay, so this is like a mount for the phone or mount. So this is where youre gon na place. Your phone, so your phone gon na, be placed right here as youre controlling the the drone. Well, why? The drone is in the air youre controlling it at the same time, logging at your phone and then the quality of the camera. If you want to take photo, you take photo. If you want to record you recall, so you just have to download the the apps. You know, as you download the app on your phone and then, as you got it right here, youre controlling everything from right here from your phone and the purple, the the drum is in the air so guys this is it right here, yeah im, not a professional Im, not an expert in this, so im going to be able to already explain it better to you but im, just showing you what i know.

So this is a yeah yeah and i like, i already already feel that you know that its really guaranteed its really strong thats it like nothing lasts forever. But with this you can know that it is something that is really guaranteed its really strong yeah. So you see camera right here, ive seen the camera im seeing red. I think the rest should be that they recall you see the camera sound, you see red also, and i got something like uh. You see this is flexible, so i i know this is also important. You use it on the gopro to control it also yeah. So guys, if you know what you know, this mean right here. You just tell me also man, so this is it yeah. So so let me place it right here and let me check in the back again to see what we got. Oh, okay, okay, so this is the accessories. This is the accessories, so it might be. It should come with a charger or the plug whatsoever. Oh, the battery Applause yeah. I love the box more than the plastic. I love the cartoons. So let me see what is this its in a lot of plastic right here as well? Applause? Oh okay. So this is the battery. Yeah is the battery, and artisanal is the battery charger, so you use it to charge. So you see so this sticks up to three batteries. You got one battery two three right here so and, as i learned uh, this battery can also be used as like a power bank.

So once all of those batteries i charge, you just use your usb cord and connect your right here and then you can charge your phone only at the same time, so its also good yes, so this is the battery. So i this is the size of the battery, see just remove it right here, and so you see it place it back in good, so it is a a usb plug. So once you got all of your 3d batteries in here, you can also charge only so this is it wow. So this is what we got guys. Let me place it right here. Oh, you still got some things so, okay, so this one is used to is like is the usb plug. So you connect this right here and then you connect it to your phone. You just plug it on your phone also, so i believe with this. So now all of your data are going to appear on your phone yeah, okay, guys so after showing you all of this stuff. I know you might be thinking about one time, and that is how much did he bought it? How much so i got it right here with me: im just going to break it down a little bit or give you the general price, so this uh! These are the receipts right here. These are the receipts. So what i did i just did a calculation in general, so the total price for all of those stuff.

You saw me showing the total price, including sale, price and tax or and including uh protection plan, so it came out to 1200 1274.54 thats the amount i spent to get all of those things.