We have a brand new toy to mess around with. We have got the mavic air 2.. Now ive already opened it and flown it a few times, but im going to show you guys what all came with this and if you guys noticed in my last video, if you guys watched it, i actually used some footage for that. Video ive only flown this. A few times, but look at this thing: it is a brand new drone and its awesome. The footage that you get from this is really incredible. I cant wait to use it more im going to just show you guys what came with it came with the drone. Obviously this is the controller um. The little thumb sticks hide inside there and then you just put them on whenever youre ready to use it, then you lift this thing up, put your phone in there pretty neat, and it also i got like the fly. Combo pack thing so it came with extra propellers um these little filters for the camera and two extra batteries, because you cant really fly this thing for, like a super long time, um it only the batteries only last around 30, 35 minutes or so, which seems kind Of short, but also it is kind of a long time. So um im really excited to use this in more videos. I havent got to fly it as much as ive wanted to just because its getting winter, i didnt buy it at the right time and its been raining quite a bit here in maryland and if its too windy its kind of hard to fly.

This is like a pretty good model, theres a smaller, smaller model than this and um. I actually got this one just so it could handle more tough situations, but anyways yeah it doesnt come with a lot. Just comes with a few things, but im going to switch over and show you guys some of the footage that ive gotten with it now i wish i could have taken more footage but um, like i said, its been kind of bad weather, so so im just Going to show you guys some of the clips that ive gotten its not all going to be skating. Sorry, this video is going to be a little bit short and different this week, but i just wanted to show off my new uh drone and see what you guys thought of it. So, im just going to talk over these clips and kind of give you a backstory about where im at and what im doing. This was the first day that i went out and flew the drone. I was actually really nervous because uh, you know when you have something so expensive, like in the sky and so high up. It gets a little nerve wracking, but uh im at this open parking lot lots of space lots of room to mess around with, and this is actually where we film a lot of our um challenge and obstacle course videos. The parking lot is actually at a stadium. A little minor league baseball stadium, i thought this shot was pretty cool.

I had like uh had it hovering above the little lamp pole and just kind of going in circles, and i was just trying to figure out how to fly it and try to like. You know just do different things with it still learning how everything works and skating while trying to control it is pretty difficult. Somehow i was able to do it a little bit, and this is a better look at the at the stadium that i was talking about. Just a minor league baseball stadium, its called the blue crab stadium here in southern maryland, Music. I thought these all looked, really cool. It almost looks like im in a helicopter or something its just its incredible. What kind of footage you can get from this thing? And this is just a couple more skating ones. I wish i had more skating but, like i said it is really difficult trying to control the drone. While you skate, you can see me looking at the controller im, always worried im going to fall, so this uh. Next little compilation of footage is from the college that i actually work at. If you guys dont know, i make videos for a living thats. What i do so i ended up taking it there and showing my boss and my co workers and letting them try to fly it around so thats how we got these little shots here. It was actually a really nice day. The weather was really good and uh got some cool shots.

In my opinion, this is the track. You can actually see us standing there on the track at the bottom right Music. This thing goes really high too. There is actually a limit of how high youre supposed to be able to fly it, and if you go any higher than youre technically breaking the law, its a lot of rules, a lot of uh things. You need to know and courses you need to pass in order to fly it legally, so im still working on a lot of that trying to get it all figured out. But i am excited to start using this a lot more and especially in the summer, its going to be easier. Not only is it going to help with the youtube channel, but its going to also help with my work, because i do a lot of different videos and projects. Oh, this one was really cool. I just took this the other day i was kind of just flying. It over this little pond here getting a shot of the ducks. I think its this one, no its not this one, its the next one, its also really scary, like having it fly over water, the combo of water and being in the sky, is like a double nerve, wracking feeling uh this part right here i get so close To the duck – and i got freaked out because he splashed it – it actually got the drone wet. When i came back and landed it, you can see it there, but that is gon na just about do it uh.

Thank you guys so much for watching and if you havent seen the last video go check it out. The obstacle course number three: the hockey obstacle course number three. It was a lot of fun and theres some drone footage in there. So let me know what you guys think about the shots.