That means this is amazon. Custom returns electronics day, so i have in front of me – is another gigantic mystery box. This was pretty heavy too. It weighs uh 32 pounds a 32 pound amazon custom, return, electronics, mystery box, so i ended up getting pretty much a whole palette of these boxes. They cost me 250 a piece and today were going to do another one. Last week, the box. I think it was worth around was it like 800 or so? I think it was, if i remember correctly, ish fantastic value for the price, so today well do another one of these boxes, its all electronics. Some of the stuff in here will be brand new somethings going to be used um from the last the last uh box off of the pallet um, i dont think anything was damaged. I dont remember anything being damaged as far as i can remember. So its all been really clean products so far, and hopefully this box will be as profitable as my last one here we go amazon, customary, oh right! On top i see some apple air pods right on top of the box. You see them right. There see. Let me set this thing down next to me. Ah right on top, we have apple air pods. Last weeks video i had a pair of uh airpod pros couple. People in the comments said: oh those are fake, they werent fake, they werent fake and, i think theyve already sold too.

Almost everything will be for sale on my ebay store thats in this box. Oh theyre, both in there it looks incredibly clean. Those dont even look used wow those look practically brand new, the case isnt, even dirty, no scratch. I think we ever bought this. They opened them up and they sent it right back the chords all factored out. Yeah these these are brand new. This is pretty much an open box item right here of uh apple airpods, freaking sweet, and this is actually the one with the wireless charging case too. So, im gon na look up on ebay as we go through this video just to kind of uh see prices on this stuff. Okay, looking on ebay for just the apple airpods um like open box item im, seeing like 70 bucks, thats all airpod pros airpod pros heres 62, so 62 70ish Music lets see its kind of like a challenge to actually find like pre owned, like new condition, because I dont think these have been used yet uh ill, probably honestly, well probably end up asking on ebay, like 75 bucks best offer more like so that first item its a home run home run falling right back up with k6 tws factory, sealed earbuds still completely factory. Sealed on ebay factory, sealed usually sells for about 30 bucks, not bad those first tribes right there, like 100 bucks. First, two items: i will take that in a heartbeat, a sound pad sound effects, controller attachment for the playstation 4 from the brand niko, probably not super expensive, probably not much more than like 10 bucks, maybe not super expensive.

A wireless security, camera victor is the brand box a little bit damaged to the box, but this is, you know, liquidated merchandise, so some stuff can be brand new. Just like damage box items that look like its still all factory packaged up. Lets see some value on this one, its like 20 bucks as high as 20 bucks. Okay, thats, not bad, okay, easy money. We have oh, what is this cocoon cam, baby, breathing and video monitor? Some of this baby monitor stuff can get kind of pricey because baby stuff, if you ever bought this stuff new new baby stuffs expensive there, it is looks to be fantastic and honestly once again looks like just open box item. Doesnt look used so hopefully this is not going. Hopefully this will be a home run. Item lets see them this ones worth 25 to 30. Bucks in that range even 25 ill. Take it heres a big box. What is this? Oh, what looks like we got a big old drone right here, not a small one. This looks like a much bigger drone packaging. Oh nice, extra propellers theres, the drone and lets see, looks like it has been used very lightly used. Drone is a camera and everything on it like its a camera thats on like a gimbal, too kind of awesome, um whats nice. If, for some reason, if one of these propellers dont work, the replacement motors for these things are always like insanely cheap, they usually dont cost much, but its like a couple bucks, because ive uh had to fix plenty of drones in the past.

Ive got in liquidation because people buy them theyll crash in one time and within the crash like one of the uh propeller motors will get damaged and then they send it back to get their money back, but its just very, very simple fix. Okay, looking on ebay looks like they. They sell new for about 120. The last used one sold for 70 bucks, so fantastic item right there, another like 70 bucks, whats, the platonics voyager legend headset, okay. So this is just like the earpiece part um its all right. There i dont im not sure what this thing actually sells for hopefully its a good item. Looking on ebay right now, um for some reason, im having some internet difficulties looks like the internet has gone down, so i can look, look at prices right now, 30 bucks or so lets just say. Let me go ahead and let me reboot my computer like right now, maybe i dont know. Sometimes you got to reboot your computer also, but yeah i wasnt getting anything coming up. Nothing was working. We got an olympus digital voice, recorder, thats, the imac starting back up. Lets see if my iphone still says my wi fi has signal. Maybe my computer just needed just my name need to be rebooted or something anyway lets look up. This ill do quickly on amazon, because itll be faster so on amazon that sells new for 60.. So open box item lets see if its like, like new condition or not.

Oh, that things still factory hold on no no thats thats, actually still factory sealed on both sides. Factory yep, thats factory, sealed so sells new on amazon for 60 bucks ebay, then probably about 50. 50 bucks right there. Nice lets see. Next, we have another lumi by pampers, smart baby monitor. I know some of this baby stuffs not super exciting, but uh. Some of this stuff is like crazy, expensive. Looking on ebay, my computer, i just need to be rebooted. Looking on ebay used, 50. 45. 45. 79. 70. 60. 91. 60.. You know what probably about 60 bucks between like 50 and 90, probably more like 60 bucks in that range good item right there. Once again, i think its heavy. What is that we have a 750 watt bronze power supply. This thing is heavy, probably half the box weight just right here, theres the power supply. Of course i have no idea right now. If this thing works or not, it might be, you know a person might have bought it and returned their old one thats burnt up or something you just never know so. Some of this stuff – i, like quote prices, but obviously it hasnt been checked out yet to see how much this stuffs actually worth, but it might work also, okay, so on amazon it was faster to search by the barco amazon sales new for 65 bucks. So, if im able to test this thing out, put on ebay for like 25 untested and nine times out of ten, the person buys it they get it, it works and they say.

Oh, my goodness, i got such a great deal, pretty much give the buyer like an ungodly deal and whenever it works most the time they are incredibly happy. We we have a motorola video home, monitor full hd, 1080p sweet name brand once again and like once again everything this box has been: oh thats still a factory package too thats all factory packaged right there, everything this box so far has been on electronics. Most everything has been practically brand new yeah im uh loving these new style of uh custom returns, ive been buying whoa. This sells new on amazon for 150 bucks, whoa dang. Let me actually look on ebay for, like, like new open box item. Okay, looking on ebay like like new open box item im, seeing 95 99 well lets see, looks like not very many have actually sold, maybe its not listed very much but im seeing it sell on average for about a hundred bucks on ebay, like open box, like New condition, of course, on amazon sells new for 150 on ebay, sells new for a hundred or like, like new, like open box, for about a hundred bucks right there. So nice we have a wi fi, smart camera, easy to achieve real time, remote, viewing wi, fi, smart camera. Quite a few cameras in in this box like home cameras but uh its easy money. I mean people always trying to get like um home security systems. I dont see a brand on this um lets see if i can find it might not be able to find this.

One looking on ebay looks like the brand is. Actually, i see s e like ixy and looking on ebay for, like similar items, ive seen like 30 bucks on average 30ish 30 bucks for that camera easy money. Next, we have oh ape man: c550 1080p dash camera noise, freaking sweet, oh looks like it is all factory packaged up still theres a little memory card. It comes with its still in there sweet yeah, im loving this stuff. I mean everything. This box is clean. Nothings like damaged everythings, clean product and good product too. This is freaking awesome. Looking on ebay for like, like new open box item, not super expensive, it feels like fighter still brand new, its like 50., so open box, its like 25 to 30 bucks, just say 25 good items. Still, though, lets see we have a amazon echo, glow, multi color, smart lamp, for your echo, for your amazon echo, it looks to be in fantastic condition if it was used, it was very lightly used. This probably is not very expensive because uh, some of these attachments for the echo just are not super expensive, quick search on ebay, new for 20, so used im, just gon na, say: half that, like 10 bucks factory, sealed steel factory, sealed box rock space, dual band Wi fi repeater, like amplifier thing, factory, sealed thats, one of my favorite words in the world. Whenever youre a reseller, you hear that word, uh factory, sealed it just kind of makes, makes your reselling just mind explode when you hear factory sealed so lets see on ebay.

For new change that to new okay, okay, 20, 22, 20., 25, 20., so about 20 bucks fighter, sealed brand new ill. Take it lets see oh sweet. We were actually looking to get like a childrens tablet for our grandson. If this is kind of like what, hopefully, that were trying to find for him, were actually going to buy something like this just for him to play around, because he hes like uh. How old is he now about 17 yeah about 17 months old, like a year and five months, its pink in color, but honestly, who cares? It still has the film on it. Oh, this is, this might be perfect form its like soft. The edges are kind of like a softer material, so this might end up becoming our grandsons tablet. So on ebay, open box item heres one for 30 35, like 30 bucks for this, but yeah that might become dustins new tablet, though lets see plum. Mobile ram. 8. 4G, we have a cell phone, its its like sealed up. Okay, wow open box item go ahead, its just like retaining somebody else. Open box item on ebay sells for like 65 to 75 dollars. It is in there theres the phone. It still has the protective screen on it on both sides – theres no, like usage, because you know whenever these little flip phones over you use. These youd have, like you know, like permanent, wear and tear on this.

This hasnt even been used. Yet this goes as high as like: 75 bucks on ebay for open box. Like used item 75 bucks right. There bam easy money. Awesome here we go. We have a baby monitor pvo. I know, like i said before the baby stuffs not super exciting but um. Oh its still brand new, it still has the film on it and everything thats still brand new, not fighter sealed, but its brand new. I looked on ebay. I cant find this brand pvo, so im looking out amazon im, still not seeing it but im, seeing like like the same kind of brands for like 50 and 60 bucks so say 40, even like go down a little bit, maybe like 40 bucks. For that we got two things left weve got a fixing home, theater portable, led projector. Some of these projectors can go for a hundred dollars, plus, i think the one i had one that sold like 250 bucks last year, its all still factory packaged up. I dont want to undo it, especially on camera, ill end up just making a mess out of everything im seeing between 35 to 50 on average, in that its like 35 bucks. That was not a super expensive monitor. Here we go last thing: brand new factory seal package. We have a dymo label manager, 160.. Still a hundred percent brand new factory sealed ebay brand new 20, 20. 20 20 bucks right there. So that is everything in this electronics.

Amazon custom return, liquidation box and i think i did pretty well again right now, like the total of it. I also have no idea, i know its at least double what the box cost. At least double i mean im guessing, maybe seven hundred dollars. Maybe that range may be close to three times my money. Everything here is clean. Every like nothing here looks like needs to be repaired as far as i know, repaired or fixed or cleaned or refurbished, like everythings, clean product, its all good selling merchandise, especially fourth quarter christmas time, so yeah im very happy. This will be profitable. I got a few more of these or actually no ive got seven boxes left.