Yet the new hyundai i30 sedan in if youre, watching from overseas and wondering what an i30 sedan in is well its the car behind me. Its got a bit of a identity crisis. This model in most markets, its called the elantra and in its home market, is called the avante n, but out here in australia, its the i30 sedan n, not the i30n sedan, the i30 sedan in either way. This is hyundais new small sedan with a hot motor up front. It matches the i30n hatchback in that it uses a two liter turbocharged petrol, four cylinder, making 206 kilowatts of power and ‘2 newton meters of torque. What youll find in the cabin of this car is either an eight speed, wet clutch, dct automatic or a six speed manual transmission, australia, almost didnt get the manual but hyundai motor company. Australia decided to invest in the tooling to do it for our market. So both of them cost forty nine thousand dollars and as well find out in this video the i30 sedan n lets. You jump into a pretty spacious four door with a boot with an absolutely raspy rorty engine up the front, a manual gearbox. If you want it a dct, if you dont, want to row your own, and this thing is actually pretty great fun out on the road, not least because its actually lighter than the i30n hatch now were going to do our usual thing in todays video well jump Into the cabin check out what were working with in there for our 49 grand have a look at the back seat and the boot discuss the running costs and then well head out onto the road and the track at sydney motorsport park in the new i30 sedan.

Inn to see whether its worth your money before we get started hit subscribe down below the video and the notification bell jumping into the cabin of the i30 sedan, and we start with the underlying sort of shape of the dashboard from the cn7, i30 sedan or cn7. Elantra, but there are a number of bespoke n items in here that set this vehicle apart, which is important because it sits at the top of the range, its 49 grand plus on road, so 50, something with driveway pricing included and many ways. It fills up to that price and it starts with this steering wheel, which is perforated black leather performance, blue stitching and performance blue shortcut buttons down here now. Hyundai have actually gone the way of audi rs in more ways than one. Actually, these actually get you into a custom, end mode number, one and a custom end mode number: two: it used to be just cycling through the drive modes like eco and other stuff, youll, never use over here and then an end button over here. Instead, you can make this custom for one set of roads and this one custom for track use, for instance, which is pretty cool, and all of that customization happens through this 10. A quarter inch touchscreen up here, which has a really cool end screen that lets. You change the characteristics of the steering suspension, the transmission here in the dct model or the rev matching in the six speed manual, the elsd, the stability control and the exhaust.

You can customize all that stuff and the engine response too. You can watch your g force. Graphic – and we also have a circuit detection system in here that knows, when youre drawing near to a recognized track, and it uses the cars gps to set your lap times without you having to really do anything now. At the moment, sydney motorsport park, eastern creek and wakefield park are loaded into the system, but hyundai promised a range of other australian tracks will be included in early 2022, so were going to watch that one but ill be testing that later in this video at motorsport Park in front of me, ive also got another 10 and a quarter inch digital screen. It doesnt have the blind spot cameras, which is a bit of a shame, but it does have the crisp bright, high resolution, graphics and if we go into one of the end modes, a further uh look sort of similar to an audi rs, where we get a Big taco in the center there we get. You know quick feed data on your turbo or boost pressure, the torque, the cars producing and your temperatures for both the oil and the engine and thats pretty cool, and you can kind of have a quick glance at your attributes for your engine response. Steering and suspension sitting right in front of you now, because this vehicle is the eight speed dct we have sort of metal effect, um paddle shifters behind the wheel.

Naturally, the manual doesnt get those the other key difference between the dct and the manual. Apart from, of course, the shifter that sits between the seats is this red button. Here on the steering wheel in the dct, it says: ngs that stands for in green shift, effectively its a push to pass button. You get 20 seconds of over boost 213 kilowatts of power from the engine and maximum response from the dct transmission as well. On the manual, this is simply an on off switch for the automatic rev matching feature in terms of further end changes to the interior. You get these good seats, so they are perforated black leather seats with blue stitching performance, blue stitching, theyre, heated and cooled driver gets power, adjustment 10 ways of it and memory manual adjustment for the passenger seat over here, but theyre quite comfortable. I dont think theyre as aggressive as the seats in the i30n hatch, but that sort of goes with the character of this car, which is a little bit more gt car, a little bit more refined than the i30n hatch and thats. Something well see when we take it out onto the road as well, but what about sort of this underlying i30 sedan interior? Well, mostly its pretty good, the design is cool. Modern! You do get soft padding up here on the dash, but unfortunately, like all of the door skins and down here is all scratchy plastic lets not pretend that this car isnt an affordable option for the kind of performance youre getting out of it.

So we cant expect a weld of it, but thats one area where itll differ to, i guess a key rival, which would be something like the audi s3 sedan down here. Weve got a climate panel, nice and easy to use. You do get buttons in this car for the stuff. Youd want buttons for you get carplay and android auto, but only with a cable, its not wireless in this vehicle. But you do get an eight speaker, bose stereo, so its not that high on the speaker count. But the clarity of the system is actually really good. Your music sounds great through it and this car isnt as loud inside as an i30n hatch. So you actually can enjoy your music quite a bit partially thats down to the michelin pilot sport 4s tyres, which are quite a bit softer in terms of the noise they throw up than the pirelli p0s that have been standard on i30n products up until this point. Above me is a 2 000 option, its a porthole sunroof. The only other option is 495 dollars for premium paint on the vehicle, so thats. A look up front lets have a look at the back seat, which is pretty cavernous. The biggest difference between the i30 sedan n and the i30n hatch is back seat, space and boot. Space and they also drive quite differently, but there you go so where im sitting here, you can see that the legroom in this thing is just enormous.

Ive got this seat set to my drone position. You know: ive got 20 centimeters of leg room or something like that. Toe room is good and head room for a six foot up, ive got about an inch left or so so thats. Absolutely fine. You could get someone in the middle if you needed to this car is a bit wider than the i30n hatch theres. Only a small hump in the floor as well. You dont get a center armrest in this car, which would have been a nice addition. So four people could be really comfortable in the vehicle, but you do get air vents back here. All hard plastic, though something to remember, is actually the i30n hatch has really high quality interior materials, including soft touch plastics, on both the front doors and the rear doors. Now i know thats not going to matter to that many people in a hot little sedan like this, but at 50 grand it kind of does matter to me. You get a map pocket behind the passenger seat and the angle for your thighs on the back seat is pretty good, so you feel fairly supported back here. The view out of the window is decent, so all in all its a nice spacious sedan. Second row moving here behind the i30 sedan in the first thought that i have is that this vehicle actually wears the end styling cues. Well, i sort of thought that the i30 sedan or the new elantra, whatever you call it was you know its its over styled.

I i think, thats probably fair, to say this vehicle wears hyundais parametric design, language and while it is absolutely cool and has a whole bunch of sharp lines that will almost cut your fingers, i think in base spec with small wheels its its a bit much. But here, as an n, this absolutely works you can tell this is actually like what they designed the car around this model in mind. Weve got these really nice big 19 inch wheels that hide 360 millimeter discs at the front. Weve got the red trim. If you go for any color apart from a red car which then gets grey trim around the lower part of the vehicle, weve got this really cool illuminated light bar here at the back, weve got a black wing and weve got the end characteristic triangular fog, light On this particular car, i still think thats coolest on the hatch how its the third brake light, but thats just me now. Speaking of the hatch, the sedan is massive compared to it its 33 centimeters longer its basically a mid sized car like we still call this a small car here in australia, but it feels mid size, which kind of makes the position of the sonata end line. A little unusual, though thats even bigger, again also compared to the hatch. The sedan is 30 millimeters wider and its 30 millimeters lower to the ground in terms of overall height. We have a button here to release the manual boot lid that opens up to reveal a 454 liter boot, which is usefully about 70 liters, bigger than the hatchback being a sedan.

Of course, the aperture is the main restriction, but then the boot itself actually goes back. A really long way to some red additional bracing um it doesnt look easily removable like the one in the hatchback is, although i dont know how many people are in there in their i30n hatch, taking out the sort of additional rigid bar that often anyway, but i Guess its a very usable size, this vehicle, if you need to carry suitcases on the reg, we do have pools here to release those back seats. So you can fold them if you needed to and then you can work your way around the bracing, but its a bit of a ghetto boot. We dont have any handle here to help us drop it. So youve got to touch the paint, which is you know, a bit dirty if youve been actually driving this car. The way it wants to be driven. Weve got a cable here, its just not that well finished, but underneath the boot floor we do have a space saver spare and then it closes down nice and easily very light piece that boot so whats it gon na cost you to run an i30 sedan in Well, this car actually has remarkably low ownership costs, which is a really big part of the appeal, its not that expensive to buy and its not that expensive to service, particularly if you purchase a prepaid servicing plan from hyundai. When you put your money down on this car, a five year plan, which covers 50 000 kilometers of motoring costs 1 675, which is pretty cheap for a performance car like this, particularly one with an actual mechanically locking, limited slip.

Differential and complicated parts like that. Keep in mind, though, its not 75 000 ks of servicing, which is what we would usually expect over five years and thats what you get on an audi s3. For instance, the warranty on the vehicle is five years with unlimited kilometers, which is good, although it does trail kias seven year, unlimited kilometer warranty in terms of insurance. Over the last 12 months, the median budget direct customer spent 899 to comprehensively ensure a new hyundai i30 keeping in mind. That includes the whole i30 range. Everybodys situation varies and your premium will vary based on things. Insurers take into account like where you live. How you guard the car, your driving history, etc, and, lastly, fuel consumption? Probably not this cars best attribute on my touring run yesterday up and down the putty road here in sydney i managed eight liters per 100ks that was pretty spirited driving. I wont lie to you kind of around town in traffic. You should expect about 10 liters per hundred, so not as frugal as something like that s3. I just mentioned, although not stratospheric either. So what is the i30 sedan n like to drive and how have hyundai managed to kind of distill the n experience into a vehicle? That is, i think, probably designed to be a little bit more refined, a little bit more comfortable and compliant than the i30n hatch, which is, of course, a traditional hot hatch. This is a sedan and i guess the easy thing to do would just have been to transplant everything from the i30n hatch into the sedan and not make any changes, but that wouldnt have been possible because, while this car is called an i30 at least out here In australia it runs a completely different platform to the hatch.

The hatch is the pdi 30. This is the cn7 i30 sedan. There are some common components um, but the actual chassis itself is really different. I mean i think i mentioned um when i was having a look in the boot that its 33 centimeters longer something like that fundamentally changes how a car handles, and so, for all intents and purposes, despite the fact, this is called i30, its a different car to The i30n hatch that we know and love. So what im going to do is im going to drive it here on the road im going to talk about how it works as a daily driver and how it works as a car to you know, go and burn up and down your favorite mountain road and Then were going to take it on track, and i think it shows how confident he and they are in the car that were going to be tracking it at sydney motorsport park, which is the premier tier track here in new south wales and its a big fast Track its really taxing on any car, but particularly something hot hatch based, i guess if you like, and front wheel drive, so that should be absolutely illuminating, but first of all lets talk about on road performance, so under the bonnet the i30 sedan end shares the. I guess n family engine, the two liter turbocharged petrol, four cylinder theta engine that produces 206 kilowatts of power and ‘2 newton meters of torque uh in the dct.

You also get an n grid shift function which gives you push to pass capability uh. It gives you 20 seconds of over boost and maximum performance from the dct as well, so its actually quite a powerful little unit now and its a little bit more powerful and talkier than it was when it launched initially out here in australia in 2017 and in A car like this, this much power and torque is absolutely sufficient and serviceable its pretty quick, 5.3 seconds. 0 100 for the dct, the 8 speed wet clutch dct and five and a half seconds for the six speed manual. So a little bit of a performance deficit for the manual, but in terms of the fun that that transmission offers up and the fact that they wont be around forever. I think its absolutely worth considering now the engine itself is Music. You know i wouldnt call it sparkling its never been sparkling in any i 30, but what it is is meaty and it offers up that full ‘2 newton meters of torque in a really broad band basically stretches from 2000 rpm right up through to four and a Half thousand rpm or so, and so the overriding characteristic of this engine is that its just able to pull you out of situations, even if youre in too high a gear now thats particularly relevant for the manual of course uh. But the dct having eight ratios, really snappy shifts. This is a really good dual clutch automatic.

That kind of thing, doesnt matter so much and youve got paddle shifters. Here the dct itself is often almost always in the right gear, particularly if you start dialing up the transmission settings through the end custom mode. Much like the original i30n theres really extensive, customization available to you through that end custom setting that i demonstrated when we were static in the car, but really you can dial in the characteristics that you want into the engine response: the dct snappiness and the aggression of The shifts you can really be thrown every time it shifts if you like that personally, i, like it a little bit smoother but thats, just the whole reason. Why theres three settings for that aggression, for instance, theres three settings of damping that you can choose from for the suspension three settings of steering weight, two settings of lsd aggression. You can have esc sport. You can have esc completely off, so you can actually tailor the driving experience to what you want from the car, as opposed to certain characteristics being imposed upon. You and youve got shortcut keys right here to make getting to those settings really easy. Now spec for spec, the i30 sedan n is actually a little bit lighter than the pd i30n hatch theres, not a huge amount in it, but its quite interesting given this is kind of a notably bigger car um and i think im not going to go out There and tell you that you can feel like a few kilograms difference, but the way the weight is distributed in the car is also you know, remarkably different, its a much longer vehicle.

It has a longer wheelbase, and so the handling is quite distinct from the i30n hatch. The i30n hatch to me feels a little bit more tightly wound a little bit more serious as a performance car youre really dialed into it, and everywhere you go in the i30n hatch. It is, you know, wanting to play with you the whole time, and i love it for that. What the i30 sedan n brings to the table is actually more of a gt car persona, but – and this is a big, but when you get to a really good tight technical twisting bit of mountain road, i personally did the potty road twice yesterday in this car. It suddenly turns on a hot hatch character. It is really nimble, it turns in really well and it has a beautifully tuned australian tuned stability control system that allows you to balance the car on the brake in the way into a turn. But then you can get onto the power nice and early and keep a really tight line on exit because of the hard working lsd. Now i think the lsd actually feels a little more aggressive in the hatch than the sedan, not sure if thats, placebo or not, but in the hatch it really, you know, earns its pay in the sedan, its very effective, but its probably not as sort of crushing In terms of its uh operation, as you really lean on it through a long uphill corner, for instance, but what the i30 sedan can do, which the hatch struggles to do as well is the long loping grand touring stuff, where youre dealing with your long straights long.

Sweepers, not the tight and technical low speed work, the kind of thing where youre cornering at 100 kilometers per hour or a bit more. This thing feels settled. You can feel the benefit of that longer: wheelbase soaking stuff up and its a more relaxing car. Its also a more quiet car now ive already mentioned its on a different platform, but the other big change that can influence that as well as the handling dynamics is that this vehicle uses michelin, pilot sport, 4s tyres still a compound developed in conjunction with uh hyundai. Much like the p0 tyres used on the hatch are a hn, hyundai, n, specific recipe of herbs and spices, but the michelins are actually a better road tyre theres been quite a lot of complaints that ive read online about the premature wear of the p08 ends. Well see whether thats the case for the ps4s as well, but theyre, a nice communicative tyre on road, where you can really feel the amount of grip as you reach the limit, it sort of bleeds off linearly. And you can feel where the car is a little bit better than the p0s. Now one of the questions i was asked when i put up a post on the channel asking for your questions on the car was how well the end characteristics have been blended with you know, a saloon feel a more refined classic kind of vehicle to drive on A long trip, and hopefully ive just answered that its that it blends it really well.

Actually, if you drop the suspension off into comfort, but you keep other other stuff still alive like the engine in sport, the e lsd and sport, its a great blend like so right now, im on a pretty broken up bit of blacktop. The suspension is fairly compliant. Its not as comfortable as something like a sonata inline, which is the companys biggest sedan, its not as comfortable. I dont think as an audi s3 sedan, but its not far off, but those big 19 inch wheels low profile tyres. You know its. This is meant to be a sports car, its meant to be a performance car more than a luxury car, but i think it does a pretty good job of blending it and you can easily easily comfortably daily this car. It helps that youve got a nice, supportive, plush seat with seat cooling and extensive electric adjustment for the driver. So that is a good thing. Another question i received was: how does the exhaust sound well lets have a listen Music? Well, it sounds pretty good. It sounds better in the manual every time you lift in the manual with the exhaust sound uh put into its sport, setting you get crackles and pops if thats your thing that youre into – and i personally am a juvenile and like that uh in the dct, its A little bit softer less crackled and pops, but you can chase them if you want to um. So i guess thats your choice there and someone asked if you can turn them off you can you just have to run in eco or normal mode, which is not really the point of this car.

But not everybody wants to attract attention driving down main street or something. I totally understand that now in terms of the safety systems. Last thing before we jump on track, theyre really well tuned. Hyundai does lane keep assist terrifically well, it holds the center of the lane. It doesnt pogo from side to side it blends in in a discreet fashion and doesnt, make you feel like a crap driver if youre momentarily distracted, but this car doesnt have adaptive cruise control its just manual. I dont mind that personally, but it could be a consideration if you do a lot of country driving next up were gon na get off the blacktop im gon na chuck my helmet on and were gon na talk about how this car rides handles and drives at The limit, okay, so as promised here, we are on track. Ive activated, chipmunk mode ive got my helmet on because the i30 sedan in is actually very capable on track uh. So we brought it out here. Motorsport park, big fast track. You know 210 kilometers per hour down the straight here in this car. Turning into turn one at 165 um and im, pretty ginger with this stuff, like im, im, not really here to set lap times im, not a professional race car driver, but i am trying to get the best i can from this car and so im. Just putting myself in your shoes as a punter – and you know the beauty of a vehicle like this – is its a commuter thats comfortable.

You can daily it easily, but then you can rock up even to a serious, difficult, fast track like motorsport park, and you know: youre pretty competitive um, so ive been mocking up turn two all morning and i was still putting down 155s here and ive been able To shave off another second and a half, now that uh ive corrected that line and thats not a bad time like and a lot of it is, is very much in the car um. The way that the i30 sedan in has been set up is to be very, very friendly on track, and it was the case in the initial release of the hatchback that just chucking it into end mode was a bit a bit too stiff and youd get a Lot of understeer thats, not so much the case with the sedan full n is um, is pretty well set up. Theres two bucks on the brakes: nice positive, brake pedal, although after about five or six laps here at motorsport park, it does start getting pretty long but were working with 360 mil front discs, just hyundai hyundais own brakes on this car. They do stand up to um to some pretty good punishment, though back in get on the power theres that grabby lsd. That really is a get out of jail free card in the i30 sedan end, just like in the hatch, and you can feel the longer wheelbase. The longer body its a little bit more lofty, but in actual fact you can really balance the car beautifully and even just in esc, sport theres plenty of plenty of slip there for the taking, of course, youre not gon na set any lap times if youre sliding About the place like a hooligan but uh, you are getting style points and it is a lot of fun.

Now, interestingly, on the road, i get the sense that the lightest steering mode is actually a little bit too heavy and artificially meaty for my tastes on road. But here on track its actually perfect, particularly a big serious track like this one. So the steering is actually really well set up for this kind of work. Elsd is is hard working, perhaps not quite as aggressive as on the hatch, but um definitely hard working, and you can just play with the balance so nicely in this thing, its a very, very friendly flattering car to drive, and then you can just get on the Power drive it out of corners, really well grip from the michelin pilot sport 4s. Tyres is good here on track. I definitely think we could be shaving seconds more off our lap time if we chucked on some cup twos or some tropheo rs. I mean thats the case for anything isnt it but thats definitely whats holding us back here. But that being said, theres still a lot of fun to be had with the ps4s, because the car is pretty playful, its not too sticky um. So you can just turn up to a track day, perhaps with a spare set of even just these tyres and um, and you know have a great time – and you know youre going to be competitive with um. You know a bunch of actually track ready cars and project cars and stuff that turn up on the same day as you and youre just driving a stock, pretty luxurious i30 sedan, i think thats awesome steering wheels a good size sight lines are good.

Visibility is good. The dash cal and the screens are low enough theyre, not getting in your way on track and the track uh the track lapse. Function of the touchscreen is really cool, so it actually just automatically um tracks your lap times at the moment, theres only motorsport park and wakefield, but you dont have to do anything so its just using gps. When you pass the the start, finish line thats already been programmed into the system, so its really set and forget, and as you pass the start finish line, you get a nice bit of validation in big green text in your digital instrument. Cluster. If you have improved your time, um or you know, your dreams are crushed um with big red font, if youre slower and you need to work a little bit harder. The sort of big central taco on screen is cool, and then you know here in the dct. We have the push to pass or end grin shift. I should say you can just the liftoff. Oversteer is just epic, its more plentiful, more there for the taking in the hatch. We do have that long, wheelbase that swings around behind us very willingly, and so you can actually get the car pointed straight just by balancing it by lifting off getting a little bit on the brake um thats, why its quick around here actually its the chassis balance, Which is just super well done, theres a local tune on the comfort and sport settings of the suspension.

The sport plus, which im using now is the global tune which the guys here at hyundais local ride and handling program. They were happy with it see there. We go just let the rear just glide around and then were pointing straight. I mean i dont have all that much to say. Apart from that, this is a positive fun car to use on track, comfortable and quick on the road 49. 000. It feels like value to me. It really does. I actually think its more fun to drive than a bunch of other kind of halo performance cars that ive driven in the last 18 months. I think it might be more fun to drive than a gi iris dont. Come after me fanboys, you know i love all cars but theres, something about fast front drive which lets you jump from plateau to plateau, as you start to learn the car and know the car and uh. This is just delightful, really its its a really good effort. Now i think, when the original i30n hatch came out, a lot of people were hailing it as the second coming of jesus. I wasnt quite there, but i got ta say the improvements that have gone into the product in the last four years and you know have made their way very much into this brand. New sedan version massive refinements. In that time, the chassis is more deft and delicate and agile, and not stupidly, firm, just for the sake of being stupidly firm, its a really enjoyable drivers car this one in terms of negatives out here on track.

The manual runs out of headroom in second gear. Really quickly, the dcts gearing is much better for a track like uh motorsport park, which is pretty quick, ive mentioned the brake pedal does start to get pretty long after sort of five or six laps out here um. You know driving in a pretty punishing way, but you know you start to feel a little bit um. You start to feel it. Definitely after five or six laps and yeah, like i mean its just the fact that like were not on semi slicks or anything here, so we could definitely be improving our time by investing in a more serious tire which you could uh. You know just use for track purposes and keep the ps4s for the road Music be interesting to track the wear of the ps4s after the the complaints about the p08 ends. You know i was hearing people replacing them after five, six thousand ks. So let me know your experience below, but uh yeah. Certainly all signs point to positive. So far in the sedan, let me know what you think in the comments. Is it the kind of car youd take to a track day? Tell me what youre thinking so those are my first impressions of the 2022 hyundai i30 sedan in if youve been holding out for a hot little sedan like this car nows. A pretty good time to buy 49 000 seems like a pretty good value piece for a vehicle as talented as this, its seriously good to drive it.

You know, has a hard working differential. The exhaust sounds awesome sure it is a little rough around the edges in places with some of those hard plastics inside and its definitely not frugal. But it feels like were at pretty much the last point in time here in australia, where youll be able to buy a vehicle like this without kind of copping, a huge emissions tax on it, or something like that. So i think if you were holding out, this is probably the right time to move and certainly its pretty good value compared to a rival like something like the new audi s3 sedan, which is going to be kind of 13 000 more expensive than this car.