Okay, i have to go for it bonnie. Could you bring the flying thing? He knows its the drones Applause. I didnt say this. I said the drill: wow, okay, okay, okay, you know what oh youre gon na play with me. Oh hi guys welcome to bong and im yani and today im gon na review the drone yeah, the white drone, and if you didnt see the past video that we did for coming soon, videos its in the link in the description down below. We showed that we are gon na review it and lets review it, and here it is its the hx750 drone and ill show it in a closer look – and here it is its. The hq750 drone and theyre shown a black room, but its the white one and its from h. I zhang and its 14 ages plus, but im just 12 now and im im doing this from my parents, supervision and you can see theres a white one and a black one. I, like the white one in fact: theres a detailed look of it and you can add a camera, but the camera is not included in it and im gon na open it. Okay, you get a some charger and two extra drone wings and you get a remote control and get a instruction manual Music and its the main piece and its. The drone and ill show the closer look of everything and theres a big drone and theres the charger.

The wing two extra wings and theres a remote over here theres an on and you can hear sound and you can off it and heres the instructions. Music ill show how to use this before that. You have to charge it in your mobile phone charger and after charging, you have to just connect it in this and it would be doing this different different colors and just you have to on this first. It would do a sound and this and it would stop doing that uh link blinking and slowly. If you move this, it will just yeah and you can fly how much high you want and at this side you would see this if you turn like this see just make it a bit dry and you can move this to turn it and this side. It would go this side and if you do this side, you could go this side. If not, you can do a round two. You can make it do a round and you can do it back backwards and frontwards. You can do it any side.