Now we all have that favorite range, the one that we go to when we have a weekend off pretty much our home range and for me, thats hunters, point sporting clays in washington north carolina. Now, when my friends and i started this channel, we set out to make objective reviews of ranges and products and every aspect of sporting, clays and thats. What were going to do today? That being said, so many aspects of sporting clays are subjective and so youre going to get a little bit of that today, as well now a little bit about washington north carolina, as you may have noticed, this is not washington dc, so for all of our overseas Viewers we have a lot of washingtons in this country, so dont get too confused now our particular washington is located on the coast of north carolina. This is an absolutely beautiful part of the country and home to the world famous outer banks. Now, as we zoom in a little bit, closer youll see washingtons located on the pamlico river, which gives it that direct access to the pamlico sound into the ocean beyond it. Because of this, this is a popular stopover on the intracoastal waterway. In case youre wondering thats me down there on the right anytime, youre talking about a travel destination. The very first question is: how do i get there as always, if driving is a reasonable option for you thats what i would recommend, but its fair to point out that there are three airports in the area.

The biggest is raleigh durham international and you can get a large number of flights from that location, but pick greenville airport and my personal favorite coastal carolina regional airport down in new bern are great choices. The reason i like newburns airport so much is the sheer simplicity of it. There are only a few flights a day, but check in is an absolute breeze and its just a nice experience just two miles north of downtown. You get to a private access road that takes you into hunters point. What were trying to do with these videos is to give you an idea of what shooting at a tournament here is going to be like. So one thing that we want to start with is by showing you where youre going to park when you arrive as youre pulling down the access road. If you brought a trailer with you its going to be right there on the left and people will direct you to a spot if you did not bring a trailer, theres, just regular parking out here in this little field for major tournaments, like the east coast championship, They actually have people in golf carts that will act as shuttle drivers, and so once youve got your gear. Unloaded theyll actually drive you over to the main clubhouse. So youll go down this little road cross a little bridge, and the check in is going to be straight ahead now. This area that were coming to is pretty much.

The focal point of the whole course down there at the bottom right is where a big pavilion tent is typically set up for the saturday night dinner and youll also see a lot of vendors and food trucks in this area, as well as one of those nice Portable bathrooms, with the running water heading over to the clubhouse theres, a small out building to the left behind that is a small group of kennels on the right side. Just behind that little group of vehicles is a nice area with picnic tables. It usually stays pretty nice and shaded in the spring and summer months. Straight ahead, though, is a covered dining area and typically for smaller tournaments theyll have a buffet lunch set up there. They make the absolute best pork chops, you guys have to check them out straight ahead. We have the check in area in pro shop, with this wraparound porch with super comfortable chairs. They also have some tvs rigged up, so you can watch scores during major tournaments inside the pro shop. Youll find a nice range of shotguns available for rent or for purchase, including a really nice selection of used shotguns from companies like beretta cree golf, you name it theyve, probably got one on hand, definitely worth checking out so heading back outside after youve collected your registration Materials youre going to want to warm up before you hit the course and the best place to do that is at the warm up.

Five stand thats just across the parking lot for larger tournaments, though you have a second option, which is the make a break course and thats just outside the door of the clubhouse. If the warm up five stand area looks familiar to you, it really should, if youve been following this channel. This is where we filmed our first two videos and i think youll see a lot more of it over time. This particular five stand is set up nicely with seven traps and some crossing targets even out to 50 yards its a great warm up. If youre really looking for a challenge, though, head over to make a break braxton, oliver and mike oliver really know how to throw some targets, so this can be pretty challenging. Go back and check out our first episode. If you want to see exactly how make a break works but its a ton of fun anyway, now that you and your squad are all warmed up, lets head out onto the main course and see what thats all about with these range reviews, we want to try To give you an idea of what the shooting background is going to look like, so you can be prepared, both from the standpoint of bringing the right lenses for your glasses and just being able to practice in the right way. So the first thing i want to start off with here at hunters point is talking about the trees. The main course is dominated by heavily forested areas, and so the reason thats important in this particular case is that the first seven or so stations are facing a westerly direction, and so, if youre shooting those later in the day, you may find that youre getting the Sun in your eyes, a little bit more than you would, if you were shooting that side of the course in the morning, or even at midday.

In many instances the trees will actually block the sun, but you can also get a little bit of the strobe effect that you see here and thats once again, just very dependent on the time of day. I believe i shot this no more than about an hour before sundown and so thats, a pretty extreme example that youre seeing right there. That being said, after shooting a number of events here, i can tell you that the trap setters are pretty good about taking that into account. So dont worry about that too much now i cant talk about the trees without pointing out that theres a huge advantage to this being a forested course, and that is that you have built in shade the whole time youre out there. I cant tell you how many times ive forgot to put sunscreen on, and you just end up with a sunburn and youre miserable the next day, and so this is a really really nice feature. Keeps you cool during those hot summer shoots for those of you who are curious. They use a long range target key system here, its pretty straightforward to use and it can even be set up to shoot as a solo, shooter, so thats pretty nice for practice. Situations as well hunters point has a wide variety of interesting stations, but a few really stand out. One in particular is station 14, its the second to last station and just as youre getting to the end of the course they hit you with this one.

This station overlooks a wide field. I didnt measure it, but id estimate its anywhere from 75 to 100 yards wide and its overlooked by this 40 foot tower. The tower has a pair of traps that are at different levels and naturally they can be set at all kinds of different angles. So you never quite know what youre going to get from one competition to the next. In general, though, you have to be ready for some pretty fast outgoing birds. Coming from that overhead angle, the target setters here are also going to tend to move the actual shooting station around anywhere from the base of the tower all the way out to maybe 40 yards to the right of the tower for years, or at least as long As ive been shooting here that station 12 tower has been about the most intimidating thing and thats just from my standpoint, but thats nothing compared to this new addition to hunters point this new addition is a 100 foot tall, cherry picker and its fully mobile. You never quite know what station is going to show up at from tournament to tournament, but guaranteed whichever station its at youre, going to have a good time now. The reason i say have a good time instead of crying. Is that a common theme here at hunters point is that they do a really nice job, setting the traps, its that good combination of difficult and fair that were all looking for im, not sure who set the targets today, but theyre particularly good, i mean guess it Was braxton because he likes to do this sort of thing to us? Youve got one target thats going downwards at a pretty fast speed, but its pretty straightforward to hit the next ones going up and away and from the ground its hard to tell that that ones.

Moving in an upward direction, heres a view of the targets from the ground. Naturally, since im the one editing, the video these are guaranteed, hits im not going to go into any details on how many times it took me to hit these targets. Though now the hunters point complex as a whole sits on 240 acres, they have 15 stations on their main course and they use primarily chromatic traps for anybody. Whos interested for small local events, youre gon na find most the action takes place back behind us at the main course, but for larger events, which is why youre probably watching this video, such as the east coast championship as you head out this direction, youre going to Find that you get into a wide open space as you head down the gravel road to your right, you come to the fitas course parkours 1 is over by that nice pond. Then you have two and three out in the open in the field here: youll tend to see cherry pickers and things of that nature. To really give you a lot of challenge. Parkours four is a little bit more difficult to spot and youll see that pop up here in a second, its actually back in that wooded area. So you do get a little bit of closed in parkours in addition to the big fields straight ahead, you have the side. Events like the sub gauge events and super sporting. That little grove you see off to the left is where the competition 5 stand is typically set up now this may change a little bit from year to year.

So dont hold me to any of this and, of course they like to be flexible at hunters point, but thats generally the setup ive seen for east coast championship this second little smaller field back here is also used for those sub gauge events. Now weve turned around and were headed back towards the parking area, just in case youre wondering the shooting stations are actually along that dirt road that you see there. So all the shot is going off to the left side of your screen and so its its pretty good from a safety standpoint heres, where i want to kind of talk about sort of a tale of two courses. So if youll remember, the main course was in the heavily wooded area theres a lot of background for you to see. Fi task is about as wide open as any fie task course that youll see this almost reminds me of being out west a little bit more. You dont really get a lot of background, and so i personally find this to be a pretty challenging fee task, but in a good way for sure the other reason im showing you this return view is to give you an idea of the distances involved at this Course i would highly recommend bringing your golf cart or utv with you, but the good news is, if you dont have one of those they actually have an excellent shuttle system here during major tournaments. So dont worry about that too much.

I heavily used it last year. After youre done shooting for the day, i definitely recommend checking out downtown washington. This is a real hidden gem and unless youre from eastern north carolina youve probably never really had a chance to visit before this is an area with a beautiful waterfront youll see as were about to fly over that theres, a nice boardwalk going all the way down. The waterfront extending pretty far down the river so if youre not completely worn out from your day of shooting, definitely worth giving it a try. Also anthony matarese real chaos would look perfect, docked right there. So im just saying washington has a really nice combination of small town charm, with the restaurant selection and shopping selection that youd expect in a bigger city. So its really worth checking it out on your night off. If youre anything like me, you may find thats a bit difficult, sometimes to pick out good restaurants when youre traveling. With that in mind, i want to give you some of my favorites. These are in no particular order, but the first one is the hackney. This is an upscale american restaurant thats, located inside an old bank. Building its pretty cool next up is grub brothers eatery they have a nice cajun themed. Restaurant servers can be a little bit slow at times, but well worth checking out. The final place on our list is down on main street. If you ask the oliver family, this is their favorite place in town and thats saying a lot.

This restaurant was featured in a recent pbs documentary and you can tell why, when you go there uh, even though it looks like a fairly simple restaurant from the outside, when you get inside this is the crowd at 3 p.m, believe it or not, thats how good This food is, and i can recommend everything on the menu that ive tried, at least in particular, give the buffalo shrimp a try, definitely top notch overall, for those of you looking for a shoot thats out of the ordinary and in a beautiful location, i highly recommend Hunters point sporting clays. If youve already been to hunters point before you really dont need me to tell you how great it is, but for those of you who havent been before, hopefully this has been convincing, definitely worth giving it a try. If youre interested in registering for a tournament here find them on scorechaser, the two big tournaments are the east coast championship in march and the larry corbett fitas classic in november. You can pretty much count on our entire clay lab crew being there. So if you have to be at those tournaments, come by and say, hi wed love to meet you and love to hear your ideas. If you want to help out the channel hit the subscribe button, it helps us in a huge way, also were always listening to your comments.