This is probably right after i just took it out for a little quick night ride. It was dope. I got some really nice shots. Then i also went to the field today got some other really nice shots. It was really dope. You know just the controller for it’s, pretty big but uh yeah. I got the phone holder. It got on this little thing. Most people don’t know what that is like on a neck strap if you have a like a keychain or something this little piece hooks up to it. So you don’t have to carry it around everywhere. It’S, pretty big. You know so just yeah, but um got some really nice shots to that let’s roll. Now there is actually no audio to this drone, so i’m going to be over talking this and going through some of the misfires and some of the goods. It actually goes pretty high. I mean the camera is not that still but it’s good for, like 100 hundred dollar drone it is, it actually went pretty high and um the shots were actually really good. I have to admit i did this i’m gon na. Do a an in the dark shot, but the light kept on blinking stuff. It was kind of like messing with the camera, but actually like these shots were good like um that trailer over there hold up. Then we got me right over here, king daniel, you know what it is. This is in the dark, shot: um it’s, pretty good um like if you’re doing construction.

You could really use a drone i’m gon na tell you for, like estimates and stuff um, as you can see, like i’m, getting pretty close up to the house without hitting it i’m like right up on the roof. That’S really good for estimates i’m, gon na say like if you’re a construction worker you’re doing estimates, you should definitely buy a drone and other thing it’s, not a phantom. It is the propel but uh you can see like right now. The shots are pretty good because i have the backyard light on and also i’m pretty high up in the air. Okay, guys that’s gon na wrap up the video but i’m, probably gon na come back out tomorrow with the video but i’m, not gon na get done with it, probably till the next day, everything’s really a pain, but i got it. You know you know, but uh yeah it’s it’s, not a phantom it’s the propel. As you can see right here, um it’s called the x. You can’t really see that but it’s, oh yeah purple. You have to hold it like. I don’t even know propel, but the arrow x pro, that is the name of it, and it is only like a hundred dollar drone. If you’re doing estimates for like a construction company, it would be very good, as you could see like. I was up close to the house.