So nerds like me that have been saving their nickels all year, wait for those two days and get a chance to buy all the stuff that i've been salivating over all year. Now, right now, dji's decided that the mavic mini flymore combination and the mavic 2 pro, where the drones are going to offer this year at steep discounts and i'll. Give you an idea how much those discounts matter so the mavic mini, is normally sold as the regular package for 3.99, and that includes the drone, the controller, a battery and a few other accessories to get you up in the air and that's a fantastic price for The amount of technology you're getting in the strong they also sell it as a fly, more combination, which includes this really nice carrying case a charging hub that allows you to charge three batteries. At the same time, they also include two extra batteries: a fly, cage, more propellers and a bunch of other stuff that really provides a tremendous value for a hundred dollars more when you add up all the stuff that they're giving you in the fly, more combination, that's Way more money than the actual hundred dollars, they're charging so it's, '9, normally 4.99 for the fly more combination right now, they're knocking 100 bucks off the fly, more combination, which means you get everything here for a hundred dollars less, which is fantastic with the mavic 2. Pro one of my favorite professional drones, it's got 4k recording footage.

It'S got gigantic sensors it's an amazing drone. If you're going to do any kind of professional photography, this is the one you want to go with they've knocked 130 off that. So i often say in the channel, if you're thinking about getting in the hobby get off the fence, because these discounts are the best i've seen this year. I don't know how long they're going to last the prime sales only on for two days, the 13th and the 14th. If you're, a prime member click, the links below you can go to amazon, you can get those discounts if you're, not a prime member, you might want to become a prime member because the discounts you're getting on these two quads pretty much pay for your amazon. Prime. For the year so it's up to you entirely, but again as a fan of the hobby and somebody that loves to see people get into the hobby and start flying. I want to make sure you understand all these discounts. Whenever i hear about them and we're going to have a lot more because i'm sure other things are going to come up before christmas, so stay tuned to the channel for those discounts. But right now, if you're thinking about either these and you've been sitting back going. I don't know i'll wait till they go on sale, well, they're on sale, so get out there and pick up your drone and start flying. We got a couple of weeks left before it starts getting really cold for the winter here in the east.