com thanks for joining me today, we are talking about drones and specifically were talking about my hubsan xeno pro plus and the nd filters that i bought from hubsan company, so im going to show you how to put these things on and by The way i dont know how to put them on so were going to go through this together, im going to show you what comes in the box, including a completely complete lack of instructions, and then together were going to figure. This thing out all right stay with me for just a minute: Music, hey all right lets start with whats in the box im just going to empty it right into my hand, heres what we got the four filters. They look like this ill show you close up in a minute. I got the 4 8 16 and 32, and then this dude comes in the box. You see that its a little plastic cube and in it is lets see some kind of little rubber stick with what looks like a suction cup. So im going to guess that youre going to stick this to the lens. Stick the lens into the uh or you know the filter onto the lens, so lets see for sure im going to put on the eight going to shoot some sunrise tomorrow, im going to be pretty much in direct sun and i really want to shoot at like Uh, you know 4k, but maybe 24 or 30 frames a second and then you know 148 to 160.

Whatever this thing will even let me adjust to, but i really want to open up let some light in so i have some room to play so lets. Uh get the eight, the nd8 and, of course, im taking a guess. You know im not there yet so ill show you the footage, though, for sure what it looks like so im taking the one out of the box that says eight. So now it looks like that it looks like its wrapped up in, like a uh, almost like a scotch tape. I dont know if theres a front or a back to this, i dont know anything so now im trying to peel it open. It looks like it just kinda. You know like, like almost like folded over tape. You know its almost like folded over tape and um trying to get a peel on it here, maybe ill just always leave the nd8 on and thats all i use. If its this difficult to deal. Okay, i got it, i got it open. I got it open. I dont know what you can see, but it just kind of opens im going to show you the filter without the tape just like this here. So it looks like theres like a um like a film. On top of that, too, which i wouldnt i wouldnt be super excited by well, i guess so maybe that protects it from the little suction cup here. So what im going to try to do? I dont know if its right im going to try to suction it.

On there looks like i did and then you see theres like a a pull tab here, so i think once i get that on ill be able to peel that off, maybe so heres the xeno pro plus roll up the gimbal. So i can access the camera im gon na hold it in place, guys im just gon na. Let me show you im: just gon na hold it in place like this and then my goal is gon na, be to stick that on there in there it kind of rolled, then it kind of disappeared. I think i got it in there. I dont. I dont really know how, unless its like, magnetized or something i mean it kind of, went im gon na try to peel off the plastic. Ah guys i dont know what im looking at man, i got. Ta tell you the truth. This is freaking me out a little bit see if i can, even if i can peel, that plastic off thats kind of a one time use yeah so im in there with my finger nail its not looking good look at the peeling. That just looks like im scratching it up. Of course, from that angle it looked like it was hanging off the side and i could just grab it. I did hey. Look, oh hey. The whole thing came off. It fell on the floor. Okay, im back so the whole thing snapped off when i was trying to peel the plastic off it hit the floor im going to try this time im going to peel the plastic off now.

These are, these are not a blast to work with guys im just telling you i mean im like just trying to get a hold of the doggone piece of plastic. Look how punchy i pull it off the wrong side, maybe thats what it was too. I was trying to pull it off the wrong side. Okay, look so i got that plastic off. Okay, thats there in my hand, im gon na go back im gon na steady, the gimbal i dont know if this is the right thing to do. Im gon na steady, the gimbal with my finger im gon na, stick that in there, if i can dropped it again back on the floor, picked up again. I just kind of this time. I wiped it off a little bit with a with a appropriate kind of towel, going for it again im trying again to get the suction cup deal that it comes with with no instructions, and it really doesnt seem to stick to that. You know barely im gon na try. You know they say you get what you paid for. These are about 18 bucks for the four so but maybe theyre great. You know my hope is. I can get really good footage out of a budget drone and the drone costs under 400 bucks. Its got 4k potential so far i like what i get out of it, but there are some times where you really want to open it up and let some light in, but then youre going to wash it out.

So what im doing now is im trying to shove it in with my finger. Okay, look im going to try to do this without dropping that, so i put it in with my finger there. It is now im going to take this guy and im just going to try to put some pressure to it, and i dont know what, if anything, that does. Okay, so now youve got the xenopro plus with the nd8 filter on it. Im gon na hold it upside down and see if it just pops out, give me a little shake. Okay, so were gon na surmise that that guy is in there like it should be im gon na go, get some footage. Im gon na come right back here and show you footage and ill show you the settings i use too. I am not a professional photographer yet were getting there, but i do want to see how much quality i could squeeze out of an under 400 4k drone. So hey stay with me check out this footage after the thing where i ask you to subscribe and stuff Music all right there, you see the nd filter thats. The number eight on my xeno, hudson xeno, pro plus drone, were going to get this thing in the air in just a moment. First im going to go into the settings and were going to make some adjustments were going to get out of auto mode here. It is show it the best.

I can so im just going to settings top right change it from auto to manual and then once i get into manual, then ill change, the iso to 100 iso. Think of that, as your light sensitivity, if im outside, i want that the lowest itll go in this case 100, pretty much always outside now, shutter speed, you see im going 150 because im planning to shoot at 24 frames per second, so youd want to shoot at 48 would be your shutter speed, but not an option, so 50 is as close as i can get, but im about to show you what i found out about my xenopro plus when you shoot in 4k, you dont have the option of 24 frames. A second only 30 or you can shoot 60 at 1080p, but were shooting in 4k. So, im going to go back to my settings and im going to double that 30 and make my shutter speed 60, because you basically want your shutter speed to be twice your frames per second okay, so heres some footage. This is sped up a little bit thats. Why its a little jerkier than normal, you can see the trees are exposed really good. The dirty brown water, the shadow off the trees, but the sky is overexposed and thats just the way it goes. You pick what you want to expose: okay, thats, just a little bit of exposure using the nd filter and the xenopro plus drone.

Now keep in mind the nd filters are really for cinematic cinematic photography, its not something you and i are going to use all the time. The auto features on this drone just leaving it in auto youll, get really good shots. But if you want like motion blur or you want to get real technical and knee filters can be helpful, i do need to correct something from earlier. You saw all the trouble i had getting that thing on there. Well, i finally figured everything out so im just going to walk you through really quickly how to use these filters. So there you go, you can see the filter is on there. You might remember this guy from earlier in the video hes, just a little suction cup and youre just going to hit that filter and pull out and ill look its right there and all that trouble i had getting it in was so stupid because its magnetized, its Got itty bitty magnets now watch this im just going to set it on there its going to suck it right into the thing boom back on. So, despite all the buffoonery, you had to deal with me trying to get these things in to figure out how to get it in its really quite easy. So if you want to experiment with nd filters, why not buy the set from hubs and its like? I dont know 15 16 bucks, 18 bucks. I dont remember, and you get a set of four.

You get the uh four, the eight the 16 to 32, which is what most people would use if youre going to use them. But again, the auto focus features are amazing. On this. Drone have a great day, chad from drive to lightning the channel all about electric cars and sometimes drones take care everybody.