com im going to do a really quick uh review on one of our drones. This is the xeno pro plus drone from hubsan. You can see. Ive got the extra strobe light. Of course, it doesnt come with that, its quite hefty, its nothing like your mavic mini or your mavic mini 2, and when it comes to weight, the batteries on these things are humongous ill. Try to show you like that quite heavy, but im going to show you some some uh some view of it here in just a minute, but just a quick overview. 4K video with a 3 axis gimbal under the thing here, obviously holds your sd card. Any kind of software updates you have to do to this or firmware updates. Rather, you have to actually put them onto sd card put a sd card in it, its just kind of a pain in the neck to deal with so far. I just havent done any of the updates and its fine something you should know when you put this in the air its definitely if youre used to flying a mavic, its a different ball game ill show you the footage in a minute, but this thing isnt going To just hover rock solid in place its going to sway kind of all over the place, um, you know, might cut your head off if you dont know what youre doing with these things. So what i do when i launch it boom, i get right up to like 300 feet.

Just so i know im not going to smack anything i paid just over 300 or so for this bought it right from the company ill put a link in the description. If you want to buy one, you can, after you see the footage of the site, if you like it, i have a couple still frames: have some shots of it hovering. I have a little bit of video at the 4k 30 frames per second to show you so lets just get this thing going here, ill put myself in the corner and there it is on the launching pad and then here ill just take off. Youll see whats up with that uh the hubsan xenopro, plus its interesting. As far as range on this thing, you can go a couple of miles out and ive done it there. It is hovering i see its pretty good there. Actually, this was a low wind day. Maybe five mile an hour on other days when i pulled that thing up it just starts even with like 12 satellites, you can see too it gets up in the air quick. I do like that. Its like you push up. It gets up there right now. I do like that, because that lets me get out of the way of trees. I put this up in my backyard, where i have a couple of trees and its terrifying, so i just got ta get right up here. It is a couple 300 feet over the grand river grand rapids michigan right outside the city uh.

The city is like a little bit to the left of this image. I dont know if youll actually get a shot to see if i drove it about a mile out just to see what it would do about 18 miles an hour in normal mode. It doesnt have cinematic mode. Uh normal in sport like a like a dji drone. Does it just has like kind of normal in sport? I just avoid sport unless im trying to get somewhere to set up a shot, but if im just you know trying to get some some video, then im just gon na fly. It excuse me in normal mode, because i dont want it. You know going too fast, the gimbal too, when you go to move the gimbal around on this. It is not as smooth as you would expect. You can adjust it and slow it down in the settings, but its just not its not a dji drone. The guts are different, but i get a solid 20 minutes. It flies it stays connected through the whole flight transmissions, pretty rock solid. So i like it for that like for getting way up in the air and going way out. This is the drone i like to use for that just to get some video and you can judge the video for yourself anyway, there it is thats the xeno. Hudson pro plus drone make your own judgment on that. If you like it, why not hit the link down there and buy it from amazon? For my affiliate link id appreciate it chad from drivelightning.