Well, today is another really exciting day at the shop, because right here in front of me, ive got the brand new hubsan xeno mini pro drone. Now ive talked about this drone, an awful lot on the channel over the last few weeks ever since it was announced because i believe on paper, this drone has the potential to really shake up that sub 250 gram, category and thats a good thing for anybody out There flying a drone today for a couple of reasons for starters: anytime, a company like hubsan releases, a drone that has a feature set thats slightly more advanced than the current products on the market. It forces all the other drone companies to go back to the drawing board and scramble to build features into their next generation, drone that eclipse whats available, so it kind of drives technology forward, which is great for all of us. The other thing it does is it helps to lower prices on drones because, as a consumer, i look at what a product can do and what it cost me, and those are the two metrics that i use to compare a product against another product in the market And if you have four or five healthy drone companies all releasing new products on a regular basis, im going to look at that and say: okay whats the feature set whats the price whats the best value for my dollar. So it tends to lower costs over time, which is great for all of us now before we get too deep into the unboxing, which is what im going to do today.

I want to make it crystal clear that i dont work for hubsan im not paid by hudson to say anything that im gon na say these are all my personal opinions. I bought this drone. Just like all of you did. I paid cash dollars for it and im gon na give you my honest opinion of the drone. Now todays clips, just gon na be an unboxing because i havent opened it yet i havent flown it. Yet. I cannot wait to get inside this box and get it up in the air and start testing it, but i thought id open it up in front of you because i know a lot of people are waiting to see what the drone looks like now. I know theres also a lot of strong opinions out there about hubspot as a company and about this drone in particular, and i cant really address those but ill. Give you my personal opinions of what i think of the drone ill try and address them a little bit at the end of this clip. I know a lot of people are so frustrated that it took this long for the drone to arrive myself included. I ordered the drone the day of announcement. We were promised a bunch of ship dates through the summer and lo and behold now theyre starting to ship. Now i cant address all of those issues, but i will talk a little bit about it at the end, because any technology, quite honestly, during this pandemic in particular, is going to be delayed.

There are chip shortages or shipping delays, theres a million reasons why products from china take longer to get to the states. We manufacture a lot of products ourselves, ive had huge delays and price increases on products that we produce so ill talk a little bit about that at the end, im also not going to beat the product up because im uh im a fan of technology in general And im blown away by the level of technology the companies are able to incorporate into a flying robot for this price point so im going to talk about what it can do, im going to be honest as well. I review products from every company on the planet. There really hasnt been a product that ive seen out of the box. Do exactly what the company says its going to do on day, one thats, just an honest truth about technology, because youre involved in a development cycle, a production cycle, a testing and engineering, a packing and shipping cycle. So theres a long delay between when you build that beautiful widget and when it ends up in a consumers hands and that delay can affect a lot of things and a lot of times. You have to make a decision to ship a product, thats 85 or 90 percent, ready that you can modify in the field to be 100 or 110 ready and thats going to happen with this product, just like it did with pretty much every drone.

I fly where it lands day, one with a certain feature set that improves over time and a lot of cases even advances beyond what it said. It could do with the first day that i bought it. So i expect a lot of the things that people are complaining about that are possibly inside. This drone will be fixed with firmware updates, so well take it from there now. The question you might be asking is wheres. My drone right. I have one in front of me and again i dont have a relationship with uh hubsan as far as the financial engagement, but as a technology guy i got frustrated so i started reaching out to the company. I found a bunch of contacts. I finally reached the right person at hubsan developed a bit of a relationship to sort of say: look. I want to get the drone to test it. There are a lot of people asking about it. How do i get an advanced copy of the drone? I understand you got major shipping delays and they were kind enough to say: look. Rick were going to get one off. The production line were going to fedex it to the states youre going to have it a couple of days. So, a couple of days ago i got the phone call, hey, can you come to new york city and of course, hurricane ida was rolling through new jersey, new york at that time, so the subways were flooding.

I couldnt go in that day, but i went in last night. It was a bit of a james bond meeting in a little coffee shop. You know and passed the drone across the table, and i was it was neat i mean i appreciate the fact that theyre doing that, i shouldnt be picking on them. I love having the drone, but i know from that meeting that theres, a huge container that came in on a ship thats in the port right now, thats being unloaded with a bunch more of these that are going to be shipped next week. So, if youre waiting for it and again ill talk a little bit more at the end of the clip about it, i expect youre going to start seeing some deliveries scheduling next week on the technology. Now, what i have in front of me is the 128 gigabyte version its. What we call the fly. More combination of it was a dji. It includes extra batteries, extra propellers, a case all the cool things that are out there. I wanted to buy the one that was fully featured with 128 gigs in it, because i wanted to see what the top end of the line looks like so im going to open it up now, im going to do a brief, unboxing ill. Also, take a closer look at each of the components and explain the ports, connections and switches to you, and then i promise you over the next couple of weeks ill be doing a ton of testing on this ill be out flying it ad nauseam.

We have a couple of beautiful days here in new jersey, scheduled for tomorrow, saturday and sunday, its the long labor day weekend and ive got nothing to do but get outside with a bunch of charged batteries. Get this thing up in the air and start doing some testing against it and ill post other clips to give you some insight into that. So enough, rambling. On about that, let me get into the box. Now i tend to get giddy in these clips and i promise you its not artificial. I am a nerd from the early days and i know i get grief for calling myself an engineer and a nerd, but i think you should be proud that youre a geek, because if youre watching this channel youre a nerd youre flying a drone, i guarantee you That flying that drone puts you in the top three percent of the population of the world, maybe the top one percent of the population in the world that are not up on drones. So if youre flying a drone youre watching the channel youre a nerd im, a nerd be proud about being a nerd anyway lets get into the box. So here we go. Ive got my new slice cutter here. I love this thing. Its a ceramic blade ive talked about it in the channel its a little bit safer than a metal blade, but it gets me inside the box and gives me something to talk about all right, so were inside the box.

Wow, its really well packed got a lot of foam in there. Look at that. Let me get this box out of the way holy smokes all right, so ive got really nice cushioning on the sides and theres the box. Okay, so its its the xeno mini pro 128 version and everythings in the box. Let me get inside there now. You can see its still got the shrink wrap on it. So i havent flown this thing, yet i havent opened it yet. This is the first time im going to see it, and i love sharing this with you guys, because for me you get to be my age theres, not a lot of excitement in technology. You dont get christmas, presents that really amaze you, although my wife, does a good job but anytime. I get new technology like this im a kid at christmas, and i cannot help to hide my giddy side, all right that looks like its open, yeah, its open. That was interesting. All right, so inside ive got a bag. Thats got the container sealed in it theres the box. Let me just set that off to the side again, everythings sealed, let me get inside the box now. The combination i bought comes with the case case looks really nice. Its got a nice exterior. That looks like its going to do well in the weather. Its got sort of a i dont know like a almost a vinyl, but a higher end, vinyl exterior.

So if i get it wet or get it dirty im sure i can wipe it down a lot of the drones come with a case like this, so i like the fact that they built the case around it. That holds everything the drone, the hub, the controller, the cables, the props, the batteries everythings inside the case. So if im traveling for the day thats a pretty small package to bring along all right so lets open it up, theres the drone. Oh beauty, look at that! All right ill set that guy down lets see what else is in here. Alright, so ive got a charger: okay, so thats a standard, usb charger and its a usb, a and one end so again, standard wall outlet for the us plug it in you got a usb a connection. There ive got an extra battery. Here we go with the battery. Really nice got a button on top where you can test the charging on that, so it came through with three lights: lit up. Ive got another battery because the drone comes with uh three batteries. If you buy this particular combination and that ones got two bars of charge on it and theres one in the drone, let me see what thats got three bars of charge on it. There. So ive got one two: three batteries: a bunch of packing materials whats underneath here, oh theres, the hub okay, so the combo comes with a hub that looks like it has a usb a connection on the side.

So i imagine once you power this up through the usb looks like a micro. Let me get my glasses or i dont want to lie to you micro. So i know a lot of people are going to be disappointed by that, because theyre going to say why arent they using usbc. I could ask the same question: although you can fast charge through micro, usb thats the interface they chose so thats. What were going with, but i like that theyve got a usb, a connection over here and then theres a barrel connection over here that im going to have to investigate because maybe theres a way to power. This up from a solar power, a solar panel or some other technology externally, and maybe that charges things faster. I also dont know if the quad of the hub charges, serially or charges parallel im going to suspect that it charges serially, just like the other hubs, do where its going to look for the battery. That needs the least amount of charge charge. That first then, move on to the next battery and move on to the next battery and thats a really smart way to do it, and, quite honestly, you really cant charge four batteries at the same time, from a single usb charger, its really difficult to do so. Theres, the hub all right, wheres, the controller, all right so theres, a bunch of manuals here, uh theres, your manuals operating manual; okay, three connectors for the controller, so it looks like again yep micro, usb to apple micro, usb and usb c.

So this will be the connection you use between the controller and your phone and they give you one of each and what else we got in here. Okay, some other cables, theres a screwdriver that im sure is used to change. The propellers ive got two more cables here: ive got a usba to micro and ive got another usba to micro, so this gives you the ability to charge through the hub. This gives you the ability, i guess, to charge the controller as well. If you want to now whats cool about this, is you can probably charge the hub directly through the micro plug this into your usb charger? Use a big usb charger. Thats got two and a half or three amps of current, so you can push as many electrons at that hub as possible. But i like the fact that they include a second cable because im going to use this from the hub to charge my controller as well. So everything you need to get started its in the kit, and these are pretty nice cables, this ones a little bit short. It looks about a foot this one im. Betting is a standard, maybe meter long cable. So it gives you plenty of room to the wall and then the last thing is the controller. Now, where is the controller thats interesting, oh its in the bottom, all right, so theres a little flap? You lift up here that actually lets you get at the controller.

So the controllers, really in the bottom right down there on the bottom of the unit, and then you close this flap and the drone sits above it so its a very compact case that gets everything fit in there and theres the controller now im gon na, say Right out of the gate, this has got some weight to it. It feels real. It feels, like a nice controller, very, very stable controller. Let me open up the antennas, all right, so theres the antennas now, if youve flown any of the dji products or some of the others thatll look pretty familiar, but to be fair, theres, not a lot of variants that you can build into a controller because you Need it about that far apart, you need to fit in your palms really. Well, you want the joysticks to fall right into your thumbs if youre a pincher, you want to be able to do that as well. The bottom here pops out, let me see if i can get that out before i make a fool of myself: okay, so that the phone fits below there and it is really wide ill. Do a measurement on that and give it to you, but thatll definitely fit all the bigger phones that are in the market today and theyve got the joysticks on the bottom, so theyre hidden down here, you can pull those off and put them up top and on The bottom youve got a micro usb connection there and theres a slot off to the side here as well.

Im sure thats another connection, and that may be for pushing firmware up to this later on so ill. Take a closer look at this in a minute, but i want to get to the drone, because man thats the thing that really has got me excited so heres. The drone and uh theyve got protectors on the antenna. I mean the propellers there so ill. Take that off and on the bottom, let me open her up yeah boy. This is really nice, really small, really really tiny. Okay on the bottom, ive got a heatsink attached, not a heat sink thats, the heat shield, what ive read online about the heat shield and that pops off so when youre flying im, sure that comes off, and then these swing out as opposed to down. So if youre used to the dji drones, these swing out this way these swing out that way. So when youre folding it up youre going to fold these two in and then youre going to fold these two on top of it so kind of a different design. But works just great and on the bottom, ive got a series of sensors a couple more sensors here, probably a time of flight sensor. I know theres an optical sensor on there as well theres a light and led light on the bottom and in the front youve got the gimbal lock there, two sensors up front two sensors in the back and again two sensors in the bottom.

So i can see three directional obstacle avoidance built into the unit and again im gon na test. All this stuff, i think obstacle avoidance, is really nice to have – and i think its great, especially for new pilots, if youre flying in areas where theres, maybe wires or trees or whatever, even though youre keeping it in visual line of sight. Having that extra protection in there as sort of a co pilot to say, hey youre, getting close to that tree, you better back off itll protect you now. This is an interesting feature and from what i understand from the people that have talked about this online, this bottom heatsink gets really really hot. When youre doing firmware updates, now remember the drones supposed to be flying thats part of its cooling profile, thats sitting there its going to get hot when youre flying through the air, all that heats being pulled away by the air passing the drone. But i think, when youre doing firmware updates, this gets clicked on there to actually protect you from burning the surface youre, putting it down on two feet in the back and the two front, arms up front or where youre at so ill spend a little bit more Time next, taking a closer look at all these components and pointing out again what plugs into what and what does? What just so, you have a feel for it and then ill come back at the end with a couple of final thoughts, because i really want to address the delay conversations which again im not going to defend it but im going to try and explain it and And some of the negative comments about the company because, as a technology fan, youve got an amazing flying robot here now, maybe it doesnt do everything that people think it should do but im one of those guys that you know im not going to curse the darkness.

Im going to light a candle right im looking for whatevers coming next, even if its clunky and a little bit sharp around the edges, i want to advance that technology and people always say. Oh, i dont like to be on the bleeding edge of things and thats perfectly fine. You should buy what youre comfortable with, but for me, if theres a bleeding edge its behind me, i chase technology well out in front of that bleeding edge, because i do a ton of research and in different aspects of technology and im always wondering how that fits Into new products that are coming out, so i love the fact that companies are taking chances like this building products that are really ahead of the curve. As far as what this sub 250 category presents today, so again, ill spend a lot more time talking about at the end, but stay tuned ill. Take a closer look at all these components and then ill come back with some final thoughts inside the kit. Youll find the hubsan xeno mini pro drone, a controller for the drone three cables that are used to connect that controller to your phone or tablet on one end, theyre micro, usb connections that plugs into the controller. The other end has got the word phone printed on it and that connects to your phone or your tablet: theres, a micro usb, a usbc and an apple connector and its important. You observe the polarity of making sure you plug this end into the controller.

Youll also find two sets of replacement propellers that can be used with the drone and a screwdriver to allow you to change those propellers. There are three batteries in the kit. These two plus the one thats in the drone theres a charging hub thatll. Let you serially charge four batteries at the same time, so essentially, what its going to do is check the batteries that are plugged into it, find the one that leads the least amount of charge charge that one first then move on to the next battery. Youll find a charger in there as well, and this is a little bit more sophisticated than a standard 5 volt usb charger. It can actually voltage switch between 5 volts, 9 volts and 12 volts and change current ratings as well, depending on how much of a charge the batteries need so its much more like a qc or pd charger where it can change the voltage and current as needed. Youll also find two usb cables, this ones a longer cable, thats, a usb, a and one end, and a micro usb here for the charging hub to connect up to the charger and a shorter cable. That again, is a usb, a and one end, and a micro usb, in the other end that you can plug into this usb a connection here to charge an external device like the controller youll, also find a full instruction manual that lists connection diagrams specifications and other Information youll need to effectively fly this drone.

The batteries included with the kit are 3 000 milliampere hours on the front. Youll find a button you can use to check the actual charge of the battery. There are three leds right here that indicate 25 of a charge for each of those leds. So in this case i have two leds lit. That means the battery is at 50 charge. If the third one was blinking, it would be 50 plus about a half. So its somewhere between 50 and 100 percent somewhere in that 75 range, if that was on solid itd, be 75 charged on the back of the battery youll, see the connections right here that actually mate with the drone to provide the current voltage needed to operate. The drone – and what was interesting is i found two more connections down here that im pretty sure theyre going to use for verifying that the battery is fully seated in the drone. So ill do a little more investigation on that. But i found it interesting that there were two connections down here as well. The charging hub allows you to quickly charge up the four batteries by simply sliding them onto the top of the hub. When you connect up the batteries and then connect the hub up to a power supply, it starts a self test to see which of the batteries need the least amount of charge and fully charges that battery then moves on to the next one, the third one and Finally, the fourth one in order of charge needed and youll know which battery is charging, because, when you first connect the hub up to the power supply that center led will come on letting you know, you have valid power to the hub when you drop a battery In and it starts charging the led pointing to that battery will light up, letting you know that particular battery is being charged.

Youll also see the led strobing across the top of the battery, once thats completely charged itll move on to the next one and walk its way through all four batteries. Now, connections on the outside of the hub youll find a micro usb connection there and thats used with the included cable to connect this up to the power supply. Youll also find a full sized usb, a connection right there thats an output port that allows you to charge some external device like the controller, your phone or a tablet, and you can use the included cable that came with the kit to charge the controller, its a Micro usb here and a full size usb a there, but if you have a different style phone or tablet, you can use a standard usb, a cable to whatever device youd like to charge. Youll also find a barrel connection right. There now ill have to do a little bit of research on that my suspicion is that can be used with a different style of power supply to provide all the energy you need to charge all the batteries. The included remote controller is pretty straightforward. On the top of the unit, youll find two joysticks that control the flight of the quad, a digital display. That gives you a lot of good information about the current flight, including telemetry, so its a great place to keep an eye on your battery levels. Your distance, your signal, strength below that are three buttons.

The one on the left is a return to home button. If you tap and hold that itll force, the drone to go into a return to home mode, which will have it fly to a certain height, fly back to the original takeoff point land pretty much where it took off and ill test. How accurate that is in the center is a power button. If you tap it once itll give you the current charge level of the remote controller. If you tap it and hold it, itll turn the controller on to the right of that is the flight mode button, and you have a choice between movie mode, which is f normal mode, which is n and sport mode, which is s, and that just varies the Speed at which the quads flying movie mode puts it really slow motion. Normal is where youll fly most days and gives you some pretty good footage and sport mode allows you to fly it really fast. On the top. Are two antenna these fold, nice against the body of it and youll notice theres a little notch right there that clicks into this stub thats sticking out. You can actually close it and keep it locked like that, so they dont flop around in your bag and get broken. Youll also find a couple of other controls up here. This is the photo button. So if you want to take a photo when youre flying tap that, if you want to start recording tap that this is the gimbal control wheel, it actually varies the pitch of the gimbal up and down, and you can use that to actually zero in on what You want to film and theres a function button right over there that you can program through the app on the right side of the controller is a micro usb connection.

You use that to actually charge the controller from the included power supply or connect up. One of the three cables to the device youre going to use for remote controlling your drone, so youll make sure you plug the micro usb end in here and then, whatever mates up with your phone on the other end on the bottom of the unit, youll find Let me fold these antennas in on the bottom of the unit. Youll find the drawer that actually pulls out to hold your phone theres a notch there, where you can grab it and slide it out this way there are two holders down there. These joysticks are removable, so you can pull those off and store them in there and close it up so theyre not sticking out in your bag, and i made a mistake earlier when i talked about this being a micro usb connection, its actually not its an open Slot, where you can hide the cable when youre closing this up, so you can actually leave the connection cable on feed it down through here. Put it in there as like, a storage slot close this up and then the cables protect it and thats pretty much it for the controller on first pass, theres a little bit of ventilation on the back, obviously to let any heat that develops during operation escape through The back now well take a closer look at the drone and its currently in its folded position, because i wanted to show you the best way to actually open the drone.

So youll start by holding it in your hand from the bottom and youre going to want to swing these two top arms out towards the front of the drone. Now you might be tempted to grab it here because its easy to get a hold of it, but thats really kind of a fragile point to grab it thats the antenna that transmits and receives from the controller. So you want to grab it right here at the motor mount thats kind of the beefiest part of the arm and youll swing these out towards the front of the drone and then youll hold the body here and swing these bottom arms back towards the back of The drone into their fully open position now one thing to keep in mind: all of these arms are spring loaded. So what youll find is when you get to about midway in the travel right here, its going to want to swing open on its own, all the way to end of travel dont. Let go of that arm because it may seem like a simple thing to just. Let it snap open, especially if youre, a hurry to get up flying, but over time the inertia of that flying open like that and hitting the end of travel, will crack this piece right in here and itll. Give you trouble down the road so always hang on to the arm all the way, through the end of travel, now im going to start on the bottom of the drone, because theres kind of a unique feature right here, this cage assembly and thats there to protect.

You from the heat sink underneath because, when youre flying the drone this wont be on. The drone is being cooled by the air passing by it. So all these components are going to be cooled really nicely when youre flying. But if you have it on your desk and youre doing a firmware update to it or youre going to transfer files off this to your computer, that heatsink is going to get really hot because remember theyre packing a lot of technology inside this tiny little package. So thats going to get really hot make sure you leave that cage on there. So youre not going to hurt the surface you set it down on, but when youre flying you want to take that cage off and it just pops off really easy. So you snap it off like that and youre good to go now. Theres a lot of technology here on the bottom of the unit. Youve got the heatsink, which again is going to radiate that excessive heat off the drone and be cooled as youre flying youre, going to find an led right there, which helps in landing. Youve got a downward vision sensor for precision, landing and crash avoidance and a pair of infrared sensors that help with low altitude stability. Now ive got to test the return to home precision landing im, assuming that it may not be working at launch because i know thats something they were working on. But these cameras are going to insist when looking down at the place you took off so its going to look down and try and match up the picture it took when you took off to actually land on the mat so ill be testing that pretty extensively on The back of the drone youll see two more sensors that are crash, avoiding sensors.

Here there are stereoscopic sensors and two more on the front of the drone right here, so thatll protect it moving forward, moving backwards from running into obstacles on either side on this side of the drone, not a whole lot to look at. But on this side of the drone, youll actually notice theres a label on there, and if you read that it says warning, this slide cannot be used for a memory card. So i guess originally the design was to allow you to put an sd card in there. Like most of the other drones have, but what youve got is the sd card slot, but theres actually no carrier behind it to put an sd card into so dont try and jam an sd card in there when you buy the drone with 64 or 128 gigabytes. Thats the amount of capacity you have and all your stuff is going to be stored on that internal capacity. Thats a sync button right there and again be gentle. When you push that dont jam a big paper clip in there and really jam in on it. Be gentle but thats going to help you sync up the drone to your controller. If that needs to happen later for pairing now on the front, youve got a gimbal protector right here, which actually obviously protects the gimbal and keeps it in a locked position to remove that touch. The tab here – gently unclip it and slide it off and then save this dont crack this or throw it away.

Thats something youre going to need to put on there to protect that gimbal when youre traveling and that basically locks the gimbal in position, locks the camera in the forward position and protects the lens on the front. So thats something youre going to want to put back on and thats standard on most of the drones out there, and i think that was about it, oh other than the power supply in the back. So youve got a battery right here. You can check the current in the battery by tapping that button itll show you how much of a charge its got. If you tap it and hold it, itll, go through a power on self test and actually power up and start the drone below. That is a micro usb connection. Now you might be inclined to think well thats great. I can actually charge the battery in the drone by connecting this to a usb charger that doesnt happen. Youve got to charge this externally to the drone. The reason thats there is it allows you to connect the drone up to your computer to transfer the files from the internal memory to your computer. So youll use the micro usb cable here to whatever connection youve got on your computer, usbc or usba, and actually transfer those files and ill do a complete clip showing you how to make that transfer between the drone and your computer. I hope you found that closer. Look helpful and now i have a few final thoughts on those two topics i mentioned at the beginning of the clip and weve gotten a ton of questions from viewers over the last couple of weeks on both of these and i know, theres a lot of scuttlebutt Out there going on so i thought id address both of them.

The first one has to do with the shipping delays. Why did it take so long to get this product to consumers and the second has to do with technology? Can this product actually deliver everything that was promised when you open up the box now before i get too deep into it, its my opinion on why these things are happening, and i did talk to the representative from hubsan. So ive got a little bit of insight from their side and their perspective as well, but ill try and give you some perspective in general, because ive been fortunate over the last 40 years. If you can believe that to have worked for a lot of different engineering companies, so ive worked for consumer electronics, companies and commercial electronics. Companies and again ive been involved in every aspect of product development from initial concept, all the way through delivery to a consumer. And i can promise you this is a complicated process, that spectrum of concept to delivery involves a lot of different people, a lot of different teams, a lot of different technologies in this case, and each one of those stages introduces delays. Now you start off with a concept: there are a bunch of smart people that get together and look at a market segment and say were going to build a box. What kind of box are we going to build that competes with the other boxes that are out there? How big has it got to be what color should it be how expensive, how heavy so all those parameters are captured in a project and that project is handed off to development people theyre, typically engineers in this case, because theyre building digital technology that say to them? Heres the box build this box and they start scrambling to put together parts that are off the shelf, that they can build that product from and develop proprietary technologies.

And that takes a lot of time because youve got to build that stuff test it on the bench. Then hand it off in this case the test pilots to go out in the field and fly it and those test. Pilots give feedback to the development team to say its not doing this right its doing that wrong. Can you fix this part of it wouldnt? It be cool if we could build this feature into it, so that development team has to gestate on that for quite a bit of time, and each of these teams have to decide when they pass it off to the next team. So the development team is working with the test, people to say: yeah weve got a product, thats rock solid. We think its 85 or 90 percent ready lets push it into production. Now the production team takes over and theyve got ta. Look at what the engineers built and said: we have to build a frame for it: weve got ta source materials, weve got ta, find manufacturers, weve got ta source chips to build it, weve got ta sort, other technologies and all of thats dependent on a lot of Companies outside the company thats building the product, so in this case, part of the delay was the chip shortage. We all know about the chip shortage. I mean i just read today that general motors are shutting down plants in the uh in the u.s because they cant get ships to build their cars.

So its not just made up. People are suffering from a chip shortage and that affects this kind of technology. So once the manufacturing folks get involved now they have to build prototypes. Theyve got to put the technology in the prototype, put it up in the air and make sure that it flies the way the engineers designed it to fly once theyre ready they hand it off to marketing. Now market marketings got ta sit down put together. Some kind of glossy flyers about it put a video together to talk about it, put a website together, build a box for it, build all the materials and paraphernalia to go in that box. Put packaging together so again at every stage of this development. Its not nearly at the consumer yet, but when do you start talking about the technology? Because if i wait until i get to here, somebody else has come out with a drone that already eclipsed me, because this is a fast moving market. So anybody gets a rumor out there about. Oh hubs is building a drone, thats got, you know, crash avoidance and it can fly for 40 minutes. Believe me, the other drone companies hear that and theyre like man, we got to race a product out, so they accelerate the development cycle all the way through production to delivery, knowing full well that probably here theyre at 80 percent, and they can fix a lot of That in the field with firmware upgrades and micro code upgrades the productions rock solid, so the product can fly the marketings ready and then theres the shipping now thats, where the other delay comes in, because we all know what the coronavirus has done to all of our Lives in a very horrible way, but from a shipping perspective just to isolate that aspect of it, theres not a lot of product coming out of china, because there was a lot of problems in china with the virus initially, so that whole food chain of delivery, putting Boats in the water putting containers on those boats getting them across the ocean getting into the states, then, when they get here at the port, theyve got to unload them and theres a glut of stuff thats been hanging out there for a long time, so theres theres A ton of delay at every step in this process.

Now i guess the catch 22 is, if im the marketing manager im not for this product im not involved with the product, but in general, if i was the marketing manager. When do i tell consumers about it here or when its ready to, if i wait till when its ready to ship all of a sudden other competitors may meet me to the market? Now ive got a product thats, a generation behind so somewhere in here ive got to start talking to consumers about what were building and maybe get them to buy that product. Now companies will decide where in this food chain, they decide to talk to consumers, but it looks like hubsan started somewhere around here where they started talking about its going to be cool, its going to be amazing, heres the video then, when it was done, it was Produced we saw the video that they tested it theres still tweaking going on for the engineering all the way through the process. So what we get at the end of this process is, unfortunately, a product thats delayed now had we not had coronavirus, delay everything. I think this would have been delivered pretty close to on time, but again, its totally up to hubsan when they get the product to the consumers. But i can tell you more specifically after talking to the contact that right now in new york city theres. A large container full of these drones that is being unloaded as we speak, which means theyre going to be shipped next week now again, unfortunately, fortunate for me, because its a long weekend, but unfortunately for shipping monday is a holiday nobodys shipping anything monday.

So it would have gone out monday, its not going out monday its going to go out tuesday. So i fully expect next week midweek people that have bought the drones are starting to get shipped notifications that the drones are on their way. The other thing that complicates it a little bit is they didnt build one drone. They built two versions of the drone. Actually, five versions of the drone theyve got the drone at 64 and 128 gigs theyve got single batteries. Multiple batteries hubs, no hubs, so theres, multiple versions of this and im sure that containers got a little bit of each so youre, probably going to see these things coming out. You know in spurts of delivery. I also know that theres, another container underwear, maybe two containers on the way thats a week or two out so youre, going to start seeing these flood the market very soon. I guess just hang in there and im not making an apology for the company, even though it sounds like i am im just trying to give you my perspective of being involved in that manufacturing. The development manufacturing delivery process over the last 40 years, its a complicated process and its a bit of a its a bit of a poker game as to when you announce a product versus when you can deliver it all right. So the second topic is around technology and again its kind of the same thing, because when you promise a product, the design engineers over here have to decide when theyre ready to turn it over to production and all the things theyre.

Building into this, i guarantee you that hubsans built a lot of drones in the past that, were, i dont, want to say: lower quality but lower price drones. There were more toy category type drones that were kind of cool. They were inexpensive. You could buy them on amazon, you could fly them, they didnt have gps coordination and they didnt fly for 40 minutes. They didnt have 4k 30 frames, a second video quality out of them. They didnt have crash avoidance, so theyre building a lot of space age technology into this in a lot of ways. This is kind of like the rebirth of hubsan, where theyve got a product. Now that challenges some of the major players in the market. Space youve got an 800 pound gorilla in dji that owns by any measure 70 of the market space, its a brave thing for a company to come out with a drone that says you know what were not just match here were going to do better than you. So its a its a challenge, so engineering wise, the pressure on those development engineers to get this product out to market is insanely intense, so theyre going to say were 80 of the way there. We havent quite tweaked everything yet but theres firmware coming. Thatll fix that in the field, so by the time you get through production delivery and it gets to consumers hands that firmware update will be ready so sure enough. When i power this thing up in about an hour, i guarantee theres firmware that has to be downloaded on it, thats because between when these guys signed off on it and when it got to me a lot of stuff has been improved in there.

So im fully expecting this is not going to do everything they promised at launch matter of fact, ive seen some review videos that kind of pick on aspects of it and im sure those are in there in mind as well. Maybe not maybe ive got a newer version of the firmware, but my job, i think, is to test it and to tell you exactly what works with the product today and i always tend to be optimistic because im old school im, a bit older than most of My viewers, but when i was a kid my parents always told me if you cant, say something nice about somebody. Dont say anything and i live by that credo. So im not going to sit here and beat this thing up to say gee. It would be great if it did that, or it should have done that. Why didnt they do this thats, not my design, its their design. What i am going to champion is the advances this product provides over the current technology. Why would you buy this? Why is it different? Is it worth the difference and again you have to make that decision for yourself im not going to be a fanboy for anybody im, a fanboy for the technology. In this case it happens to be hubsan. I guarantee you that all the other major players on the market and again im our nda with some of them have products coming thatll, probably eclipse this one so im going to check that neck product check the next product im going to stay on top of the Technology.

All i can do is present this as a kit and explain what it can do, but lets not cry about what it cant do lets champion what it can do today because, as i said at the top of the clip, competition in this space is incredibly important Because if we beat up these guys for not doing everything, they said they should be doing at launch and everybody gets down on them and starts cranky about them and all the rest of that. Maybe they decide theyre not going to build drones in the space anymore. Who does that benefit? It doesnt benefit me. It benefits the other manufacturers that now have one less competitor to force them to advance their technology. So just like, with the gopro karma back in the day, i was a fan of gopro getting it in the market because just having another brand name in the market, forced everybody to up their game. This is gon na force, everybody to up their game. So thats. My two cents on it now im sure i didnt answer all your questions today and again, i do have a good contact at hubsan. I know everybody says they do. I actually do so ill be talking to him on a regular basis and talking about the feedback and the technology things you want to see in the drone. I cant help you with deliveries. All i can say is be patient on that. I know it stinks that isnt here, yet you want to get out and fly, but i have pretty good authority that theyre being shipped next week and im sure some of you will see them therell be a flood of videos on youtube.

Reviewing those drones once they hit, but if you have questions that you need answered, send it to me ill collect those up ill, send them along and try and get you the answers you need, and i promise you i have so many more clips im going to Be doing on this technology im going to take it out, i cant wait to get outside and fly with it, put it up in the air and ill do video quality comparisons with the mini 2 and other drones in the category ill talk about the tech ill. Do close ups on the software and what works inside the drone but thats pretty much it for today, im sorry, the clip was as long as it was, but i wanted to make sure i fully covered. The drone gave you an unboxing, showed you a closer look and then addressed some of the controversy thats going on out there about upsin. The last thing ill say is: please dont flame me im just the guy flying drones. Again, i love the hobby. I love getting people involved in the hobby every time. Somebody calls me and says: rick i saw a clip ears. I bought a drone, my family and i are out in the fresh air and the sunshine weve never had a better time with a hobby. It lifts me a little bit. It lifts my spirit a little bit. I just love that so thats. What im here to do thats it so thanks again for watching hang in there.