So, as you can see here, we have the xeno mini pro which well be looking at today, but before anything id like to start it off with a quick prayer. If you dont mind father in heaven, i want to thank you mercifully for restoring my soul within me and for allowing me to live yet another precious day. Lord. I also want to pray for everyone who is watching this and hearing these words that no matter what situations theyre going through in their lives right now in these times, i hope with all of my heart that they may consider you and come to you directly for Your teaching and your guidance so that you may bless them and give them your wisdom and understanding and all truth, especially during the difficult times and uh heal those who are suffering from disease and comfort, those who have lost a loved one. May you bless them and keep them, may you shine your face upon them and be gracious to them? May you turn your face towards them and give them your peace in the name of your son yeshua? Let it be done all right so today well be looking at hubsans new xenomini pro now. I know that several people out there have a lot to say on this drone but as for me, im just going to be riding through the process. For my own personal experience with it, as i take it through some of its paces in the coming days ahead – and hopefully you guys can judge for yourselves whether its for you or not alright, so lets start off with the unboxing.

Now i removed the plastic covering already so you know just to save us some time here, but, as you can see, this is the original box that it comes with, and this is the travel bag that comes inside of it and inside of the bag. You have the drone a usb wall plug adapter, an extra battery. I opted for the two battery option: the instructions manual, a bag with three otg cables; a long mini usb data transfer, cable, a smaller usb charging, cable, two extra thumb, rocker replacements, the battery charging hub. Two sets of extra props one mini screwdriver and the remote controller. The drone does come with a removable plastic gimbal cover and a protective guard on the bottom. So lets put it on scale to see how much it weighs without the gimbal cover and the bottom guard. Music, the camera itself has a 1 over 1.3 inch, ov 48c image sensor with a fixed, aperture or f stop of 1.85, which should be able to produce very good images in low light settings being that it uh allows more light to be introduced into the sensor. It can shoot video in 4k at 30 frames per second 2.7 k at 30 and 60 frames per second and 1080p hd at 30, 60 and 90 frames per second. The videos themselves are saved in the new h.265 codec, which will require a media player like vlc that can play back these files. Many of the older systems can only handle playback of the h.

264 codec, so you want to keep this in mind. The camera is also capable of shooting pictures in both jpeg and raw formats, theres. Also, a few settings for photo and video that can be adjusted manually in the app like the iso, shutter speed, video bitrate white balance and others theres also cool photo modes like time lapse, photography, panoramic and hyperlapse, which is included in the smart mode menu. You do get an active track feature as you can see here, but in my personal opinion, i think that it needs more improvement as it doesnt work all the time: Music, Music, Music. The most talked about feature that the xeno mini pro has is its optical avoidance. Sensors, it has two on the front two on the back and one on the bottom to activate or deactivate them. You simply just press a button in the app Music. I also observe that the quad does come to a halt at a very close proximity when it detects an uh an obstacle. Um too close in my opinion. I think that it would definitely benefit to have a setting in the app where one can adjust the detection distance on the obstacle avoidance. Also, you have to calibrate the sensors using hubsans software, which you would have to download onto your computer, but its currently only available for microsoft windows. 10.. So if you have a mac os like me, you wont be able to do these calibrations, but i was told that theyre, currently working on a software version for mac, so well just have to wait for that.

The cameras gimbal has a three axis stabilizer, which is supposed to give you smooth and steady video, and with the recent firmware upgrades, hubsan has been able to further improve the gimbals performance motors are 1503 kv, 2820 brushless motors that are capable of resisting winds at the Category level 5, which is between 8.5 to 10.5 meters per second, as for speed performance, it can reach speeds of up to 10 meters per second in normal mode and a maximum of 16 meters per second, when in sports mode on the bottom, you have this heatsink Thats made from a magnesium aluminum alloy and is designed to dissipate the heat that the obstacle avoidance, sensors and other inner components produce during operation theres a cpu monitor in the app that allows you to check the heat temperature in case it gets too hot. Now, if youre just hovering in the air for a long time, without doing anything, and you have the obstacle avoidance, sensors activated, the cpu temperature will rise for sure and if it gets to 87 degrees celsius or higher, it will automatically turn off the obstacle. Avoidance, uh, video, recording and night light features, so keep that in mind when flying it. It also has two infrared sensors and what they call a fill light or search light, which is basically to help. You see your landing position at night and this can also be turned on or off in the app the battery is stated to give you around 41 minutes of flight time, but in reality it would be more around.

I dont know 34 minutes or so now. These are intelligent batteries, which means that they can tell you how much power is left in the battery and they can also discharge themselves when not in use after a certain amount of time. The remote is the same size as the original xeno, but does way more on the front. It has an lcd screen for reading the telemetry on the bottom is the take off and landing button, the on and off button and the fns button, which is to switch flight modes, and it stands for film, normal and sport Music. As you can see, the antennas are flat and different than the ones that the original xeno remote had now. These are said to give a maximum transmission range of 10 kilometers using hobsons new syncless 3.0, which is basically their own version of ocusync. The working bandwidth is between 5.7 to 5.8 gigahertz frequency with maximum video bitrate of 40 megabits per second and over here you have the photo button: the gimbal wheel, the video record button and the fn button, which is for customizing commands. It also works as the zoom function, by holding down on it and scrolling left to right on the gimbal wheel to zoom in and out the battery charging hub can hold and charge up to four batteries. Once uh, one battery is fully charged. The green indicator light will turn off and it will then move on to charging the next one to connect the remote and the drone make sure that you have the otg cable connected to the remote and to your phone now turn on the remote by clicking once And then clicking a second time, leaving it pressed down for two to three seconds now: open the x hops in 2 app and once the status bar reads aircraft is connected and the remote icon appears in the app.

It means that the remote is fully connected. Now turn on the drone and wait for it to go through its startup process. Music then put the remote next to it and wait until it syncs with the remote. Now you wont get an fpv feed out of it until youre in the air, so once youre in the air, then the fpv feed will be turned on automatically anyway, thanks again for watching the video, if you did enjoy it or found anything useful from it, please Feel free to hit the like button, and you can also subscribe to the channel as well just remember to activate that notification bell on the side.