It comes in and out every now and then i have no luck, anyways im in canada. So everything here is dull at this time of the year, because of the weather is always cloudy. So when we get sunny days, we get pretty excited, but i havent had a sunny day in a while anyways im holding this up in the air, its very white – and this is a hubsan product, and this is the hubsan xeno mini se version. So se usually stands for standard edition its all over the world. You can buy a car thats, an sc. You can buy other products that are ses, so why do they say standard edition? Well, thats, because you have this one here: dont want to drop that thats, because you have this one here, which is the pro version, and i reviewed that a while ago. So let me tell you, the difference is really quick, so the se has a smaller sensor in it than the pro. But if i pulled the sensor out of this and pulled the sensor out of this and put both sensors on a table side by side, you would not be able to tell the difference in size because theyre the differences are in microns. This one flies six kilometers and this one flies 10 kilometers thats the range ill put below what that is in miles. This one flies for 45 minutes, which is pretty darn good, and this one flies for 40 minutes.

The reason this one flies less is because it has obstacle avoidance, sensors or, i should say, avoidance sensors in the front and the back – and this does not it just – has pieces of plastic covering where the sensors would go. However, this one does have tracking, and so does this one. So, even though you have no sensors, you still have a tracking system in this. This pro model has memory built in. You cannot put a micro sd card in it, so my model has 128 gigs in the pro model. This one has no memory in it. You have to put a micro sd card in it, so you will have to go: buy your micro sd card, whereas this one, its already included in the price and the last feature that would be of importance to you. This has a zoom. That is a little bit more than the zoom on here. From what i understand, this white battery is the battery for the se, and this gray battery is the battery for the pro and they are interchangeable. Either works in either drone. I just remembered another difference between the two drones, just in case i didnt list it. The aperture on this drone is a little smaller than on the pro model, so the pro model is supposed to be a little bit better in low light than this model here, but they say this one is still supposed to be just as good as the other One in low light now a few other things to show you about the drone check out the bottom here, what we have so we have everything the same as on the pro model, including that really cool led landing light.

So you can fly this at night and it will be stable, stable, stable in the air, because this light lights up the ground and the optical flow sees the ground and it works quite well. You know at low heights its really good three axis camera gimbal on the front, so you should get some awesome. Video micro sd card goes right. There same feature on the back where you have the usb right here and thats for firmware updates. Unlike dji drones, you plug your phone direct into the back to do a firmware update there. You can see where the avoidance sensors would be on the pro model, and if i flip it this way you can see where they would be on the rear of the pro model. Theyre, not there. All right lets go fly. One thing i like about this controller: besides the fact it has a nice display in the center and if you can see it there, i can see with my eyes, but you might not see it with this gopro camera um. One thing i like is that my iphone 11 pro max is quite large and i have a case on it, but the way this here little usb plug plugs into the bottom of my phone. I dont have to take the case off, which is nice. A lot of drones when i fly them, i have to pull the case off hey because the phone doesnt fit or because you cant plug in the bottom.

So when i put it in, i get a nice nice clicky, sound click and were in and it comes to life and were all set to go all right. So the drone is powered on the controller is powered on. It says gps on the very top. Let me bring it over see if i can show you the display its hard to see with the gopro camera. I dont know if this professional camera could pick it up – maybe maybe not oh, i dont know it doesnt, look like it its just the way. These cameras are designed to pick up stuff anyways. It says gps on it, ready to go so on my phone im going to click on the x hubsan 2, and it should say it should know that its the se version. I got it there we go. It went over to se automatically enter device and, unlike the pro model, the pro model doesnt show you a video image. When you start you have to fly to see it because it has a very powerful vtx in the pro model and it gets hot. So they shut off the video when its on the ground and they only turn it on when youre in the air. This one here, the video is turned on on the ground, so its more like a dji drone. First thing its going to tell you, since its your first flight is to do a compass calibration shows so on my screen.

I see compass calibration required and ill go. Do one really quick right here, so i just spin it once twice 310. No, its already telling me to put the nose down once you dont, do much for a compass calibration on hubs and drones, theyre theyre, very minimal for some reason. So there we go. Hopefully that works and um we can go, fly pretty much all right. So before we take off. Let me just show you some of the settings so in camera mode im going to hit the settings button, its in auto im not going to film in manual so lets go down to what we have. We have single shot and continuous, shooting timed photo and panoramic photo so whats continuous. Oh, i see select the number of shots you want. I dont want anything like that: ill go back to single thats. All i want so thats your settings for photo plus. You have white balance, your grid lines, your memory card. I can format it and thats about it for photos. Lets go to video remember this is the se version, so theyre going to give you less on purpose. So when we go to video same idea, auto or manual, we go down to the camera settings, i can shoot in 4k, 25 or 30 fps. I can shoot in lower resolutions, as you see it below. I also have a zoom control on here. So if i put it in zoom its kind of like a dji drone, you can fly and film in zoom or not in zoom.

So if im in zoom, whatever i film and zoom in on, is going to get recorded back onto the drone and then your other settings are just typical of a hubsan drone right here you see, i have aircraft controller, fpv settings, gimbal map battery smart battery and Of course, the drone itself so for return to home, i have the return to home set for searching for drone apron its not going to work because this, what im on here have you noticed it? Does the gopro pick it up? This is the mat from the rear of my jeep. I forgot to bring a landing pad so on the apron. It searches for a round object, thats, a landing pad its, not gon na find this uh im. Looking at the image coming out on my phone and im telling you, it looks really dull because its a very dull gloomy overcast day. So keep that in mind when i show you the image off this little baby. So let me pull these joysticks out starts up and im going to stand up with my creaky body and take it straight up there we go shes up in the air as expected, its a pretty stable drone Music. So i purposely wore this lumberjack hunting type of hoodie, very canadian of me for the sole purpose of it being a dull day, and i need some colors so now its filming me. How does this look? You know i dont have much color some green back there.

Some here ill walk this way we have some blue and some other colors over here there we go, you have the building. Can you read the sign back there up there? So this is the image quality you get off this on a gloomy dull day. Now one thing i should mention very important is if youre a newbie flying a drone like this theres, a lot of beginners. I know who watch my channel and you get this drone – do not fly in an area like where im flying check this out see whats behind me. I can smash into all of that watch. This lets turn this way see. This. Are you following me here see all this look behind me: trees, trees, trees, trees if youre a beginner do not fly around trees. Unless you buy a drone that has an avoidance system on it and then most drones have avoidance system only in the front. Some have at the front and the back, but they dont have it on the sides. So you can still crash. If you get a drone that has it front back sides bottom top. Well, then youre pretty safe to fly around the trees if youre a newbie. But if youre a newbie i would suggest fly high up in the air higher than the trees, so you dont crash these little guys. So i guess the first thing to show you would be tracking. Let me show you the tracking all right.

So if you want to do tracking look at my screen, hopefully my phone screen is recording on the top left im going to click. That button lets go down to follow mode and i have two of them. I have one that is active track and one thats gps track, so the active track ill just show you that really quick understood see the little dot on me. It found me already thats good, so ive tapped on myself and wheres the go button. Normally its a go button here, oh click, go to start there. It is its right in front of me im blind. So now active track is on. So if i walk this way, it tracks me and if i walk this way, it tracks me its that simple. That is the active track. Oh youre saying what whats that i hear you, you say what, if i walk away from the drone, will it track me? Well, of course it will its active track so see im going down the road it tracks. Now i have to tell you on hubs and drones. They only track you. If your image, you see my image its like stands out on the object im on. If i i mean not, if im not lit up really nice, it might not track me so watch this ill go over here, its a little blotchy over here. Well, its still got me. I guess i stand out nicely so its up there and its got me really.

Well all right so forget everything i said about the hubsan tracking. I guess they fixed it or made it better, because the tracking is pretty darn good on today, which is a gloomy day. So now the next type of tracking is gps tracking thats, the kind of tracking you can walk under trees do whatever you want, and it keeps on tracking you. So let me stop that exit active track now lets go back into follow mode and im going to pick the gps one, which is follow me, and it tells you right there. If your phone is compatible, it will work execute immediately, and i want to hide this screen there. We go so watch this im going to go behind this tree over here and you can see on my hat cam theres a big tree here and a tree behind it. Im just gon na walk behind this tree. So this is gps tracking. It should keep on following me: no problem yeah there you go so its got me when i come out the other side, so thats when you would use gps tracking if youre walking in the woods or something but theres no avoidance on this drone. So try to keep it away up in the air, or else youre gon na have some difficulty. Okay for this next one im gon na bring the drone over top of my head right there straight on top of me, so now heres what i do im gon na pick orbit uh you can.

You can put the drone over anything. You want ill put it over me and on here i said, set the transmitter location thats. This thing, in my hand, to as the point of interest next step says, make a radius okay. So it knows im the center, so i have to go back. Let me just take it up ill make the radius about that much. So i dont have any trees here, thats good. There we go, and it says you just made a radius of 12 meters altitude at 9 meters and execute and whats going to happen is the drone is going to turn. I could control the orbit speed there, its already going but im not going to control it ill. Let it go with that im going to hide this, so you can see it on the screen or maybe you cant, but anyways there. It is its going around its orbiting me, so thats, your orbit mode. If you want to orbit yourself so if youre on vacation – and you and your wife are out – and you want the drone to orbit around, then you can do that. You can also lower it. As its orbiting, so you say ah darn youre missing the stuff behind here, so you go like this im going to lower it and you bring the camera up there we go and there we go so now its orbiting and it gets the cool stuff behind me.

As well so thats the orbit mode, these are all common on hubsan drones. As soon as you use. What, as soon as you use one hubsyn drone, you can use any other one and do the same thing, its really really good right. So let me get out of that. Another item you might use is waypoint mode, so in waypoint mode you have two options. You have waypoint mission planning and waypoint memory, so you do the mission planning first and then the memory is to call up something you did in the past, so ill click on mission planning ill just show you really quick heres where it shows. I am you see, the h is home, the red pinpoint dot in the ground is me, and then you see the drone at the bottom and i can zoom in there we go its got a nice little thing, im just going to put a waypoint over there. So im going to hit the little draw thing on the right ill pick, the first one and right over the water ill. Just draw this little thing and there we go – and i just say done, i say, submit uploading successful done and it tells me its going to go over to the water which is over there ill. Just let it go water. Is that way so its going to go up to the required height and it will go film, the water along the the course of the water that i set it at.

So let me just go back to the camera, so i can see what its doing so now i can see whats going on on my screen and i can adjust the gimbal im not controlling this at all so down in the lower left of my screen. I can see its at going to go to waypoint one so theres the river, and there we go. It looks like i made a wiggly line, so the drones going back and forth side to side, but its still doing it so thats an easy way to do. Filming and i can still operate the gimbal see i can look down if i want and look up so i charged these batteries up a week ago and i never came out to do a review so theyre automatically discharging so. I dont have a hundred percent on any of the batteries i brought ive got about 75 percent of battery power, its a very quiet drone. I think a lot of people would be very happy with this one. It flies really well its very quiet. Its got sport mode, its got a pile of other features ill, oh, i should get in the video here, so you can see me talking its just my hat cam talking yeah, so its pretty good, its got a lot of features on it. This drone is in competition with the fimi mini its not in competition with the dji mini 2, because the dji mini 2 has no tracking all right.

So lets do a really quick return to home. Now, because i want to see how close it gets over there. Im going to have to change the battery and then im going to fly it really far, theres a football game going on a way down there and i want to see if it can make it to the football game. So let me press the return to home on here and lets see what happens, should go up and ill walk over its its gone up. Im, not even gon na pay attention to it. Im just holding this up like this walking back, and it should beat me back to the return to home location which is over by my jeep over there. It should be on its way down soon im looking up now there it is up there. All right looks like im going to beat it back its coming down, though oh i didnt put the camera down its. Oh, its got the camera down its looking for the apron, ah, its not gon na find an apron, because all i have is that thing over. There so there she comes down Music come on little guy Music. Will it land on my hand, if i stay still yes there we go all right. So lets change the battery new and send you out to the football game just to show you that you can use batteries from the pro model. Im gon na put the gray one in and put this one in there we go power it on get all the blue lights happening.

I think i only have 75 yeah. I only have 75 on this one as well. Okay, now before i take off ill, let that get the gps. I just want to show you this look where im standing, i have my jeep ive got trees. I have a little river here. The football game see where my finger is pointing its a way over. There so this drone im gon na fly it im gon na be standing behind all these trees. So its not a direct line of sight so well see how good the communication is to get from here all the way over to the football game, its behind those trees. Its probably out, i dont know how many meters it is, but uh well get out to it and well see how well it goes there we go lets. Take it up again got the gray battery in this one right there. I didnt show you the camera on this, so let me show you the camera. Let me get my jeep in line and me. Okay, im gon na take a picture of myself. There we go theres, the second photo and theres a third photo higher and higher and higher okay. I want to show you quick before i go fly to the football game. I want to show you really quick. I have it in im, going to put it in zoom mode, just to show you so ive turned on the zoom ill put on record ill.

Go back to me see how its looking down at me lets zoom in to me and see how good the zoom is. So ive got the little zoom control over here its at one and im going to slide down to me. Hopefully it transfers over to the video so three times zoom. So there we go im moving around. How is that? Okay football games are way over there, so lets fly over there. Okay, my drone is away up there. I dont know if you can see it its just a dot im gon na put it in sport mode to show you so the sport mode. Is this little white button here? So let me just find sport mode ill press it once what does it say? Switch to sport mode alright, so here we go full speed. Sport mode see how quickly i get over there. So i just went over one football game im going to the second football game which is over where all these cars are parked were going to go way over to the bus station still got signal map is still working, everythings working and were almost there and were Almost there and im going to turn it right about now, im going to take it out of sport mode and there we go there we go. There is the field right there, all right so now im going to take it out of sport mode im going to put in normal mode.

So the transmission distance is no problem. It says: whats my distance im at over half half a kilometer, so im at 524 meters and now, since i have a football game going on over there. Let me switch to zoom mode and let me see what it looks like zooming into the game, all right. So, im at two time, zoom three times zoom. How does that look? I really cant tell back here. The image coming back to me is at 1080p, but you know thats what i see on my phone, but i dont know if its just i it you know. I cant make out a lot with this gloomy day, but i can see stuff going on down there. All right lets hop out of that all right lets, put it into sport mode again, switch to sport mode and lets gun it lets bring it back. Full speed. Sport mode, let me see the speed at the bottom of the screen is saying like 12 13 14. These are meters per second 15 meters per second 15.1 uh. I think 15 is about it. Thats im maxing out at 15., im going between 15 and 14.. All depends theres a bit of a wind out here, but there we go im back in no time bring it down. Looking at the school there, we go now im going to bring it down low to the ground and fly it back to me low to the ground.

Lets try this all right. Coming back to me, just like a car there, it is hey buddy. How are you doing all right, so let me just bring this up, so what did you think this thing here has a lot of cool items on it. Uh im going to end this video here, oh, i guess i should show you what comes in the box. So check this out heres what comes in the box here we have the box, your hubsan xeno mini se, comes in a very compact, very practical shoulder bag is included that can carry everything in this kit. Now the xeno mini se is the little brother of the xeno mini pro, so it does not have avoidance sensors on the front or the rear. It just has little plastic pieces to look like theres, something there. Also, you will need to supply your own micro sd card. Please note that on one side this is where it goes, but on the other side they put a little piece of yellow sticky to tell you dont try to put a micro sd card in here. Total weight of the drone is 249 grams. Now this is sort of like a dji fly more kit, so hubsan gives you two batteries: a charging hub, two usb cables and a wall plug heres, a close look, the two batteries: they are identical to the batteries that come with the pro model. You also get three cables that will work with every type of cell phone.

You also get spare props spare joysticks, a micro, phillips, screwdriver and a user manual. Finally, the included controller is physically identical to the controller that comes with the pro model, except this controller has a little less output that can only reach six kilometers, vice 10 kilometers all right. So i hope you enjoyed this video. This is the hubsan xeno mini se. Im gon na put links below rc going sent this one to me so im gon na put links to their website below theyre pretty good. If you have questions about drones, you can ask them and they will answer your questions, so go check out the link below see. If this is the drone for you, the drone is really good, at least for me. It did everything i wanted it to. I had no issues out here, but then again, im so used to hubs and drones by now. So i dont have any issues this one flies. Well, when i received it, i had to do one update after i did that one update i came out here and ive flown it, and this is it. This is what you get. So if you have questions on this drone, just post them below, i will get back to you getting windy out now and the drone is moving around in the air but its still pretty stable all right. Let me take this over and land it on my jeep. Go right over my head: oh thats, a little close Music im gon na put you over here.

Put you over here! Put you over here there we go and shut off Music. That wont.