This is a look at this little camera drone here now. This is the xeno mini sc from hubsan. Now i need to say that im, actually a hubsan fan and my very first little quadcopter when i was a helicopter pilot – was a little mini palm sized hubsan model that started my whole love affair with multi rotors. So hubsan you have a lot to answer for. However, this little model here and if i take it out the bag, as i can talking about it, is actually a cracking little model. Now ive looked at a couple of these kind of things on the channel and unfortunately you know you theyre all relatively expensive pieces of kit. However, in my humble opinion, to actually get something thats going to do good video, you have to have a gimbal on the front. You have to have something thats going to stabilize the footage. So as the little model flies around, then it doesnt matter. The gimbal will kind of smooth everything out now. This is a little um 250 gram model. If thats interesting to you, however, in most places, to be honest, once you uh, add a camera to it, legislation that would kind of allow you to fly less than 250 gram without registration kind of disappears. But this is slightly different to the pro version. Theres. Also, the xeno um mini pro that actually has collision avoidance sensors here at the front and here at the back uh this doesnt.

This uh is a little bit cheaper than the pro, but it does take some absolutely beautiful images. Now there is a slot for an sd card, bind button at the side, the sensors at the bottom. This is optical flow and believe it or not. We also have a landing light. Most of this is plastic um. These arms all have these little rings on when they first started out. These have kind of blown out as ive been flying around. I think these are the little antennas um, but the only part that feels metal is this bit here, and i think this is the heatsink. This gets a little bit warm in flight, so the quad itself is very cute in the box as well. The kit underneath the quadcopter we get the transmitter, unlike some you can actually see. There are wires that go up into the lobes and also very nicely has the this. This to me looks like a robot, hello uh. It does also have room for a phone or something at the bottom, and it comes out its sprung a huge way. So, even if your phone is massive and you have it in the case, it still fits and then it connects via this cable uh into the phone at the bottom. Now it hasnt got any sticks in it, because the sticks normally live in these little slots. At the bottom uh very much like a lot of the others about – i put my sticks in here.

My top tip would be. I would paint these orange because i guarantee, when youre doing this in the field, you will drop one. It will disappear into the grass and youll, never see it again. The nice thing is, there is a spare set of these sticks in the kit, so standard controls, uh, left right forwards, backwards, turn around uh gain height and lose height. Other things that are come in the kit, this one comes with two batteries ones already in the model. You also get separate ones as well standard stuff, you press it once it shows you the power level and press it again. It powers it all on, and you also get in the kit, a charger which is this thing here can charge four batteries. Um doesnt seem to charge them all at once. It charges them one after the other and on here you have different connections for different usb types and different power, and this just kind of sits on the edge and it charges them takes a little bit of time to charge, and these are intelligent batteries as well. So once youve charged them up, they do gently discharge um, so you know you kind of ideally want to charge them the day. You go flying its, not one of the kind of things youre going to charge the batteries and leave them in your bag. It doesnt quite work that way, so let me just check in the bag as well.

You also get all the different cables, depending on the phone that you have. You get a little manual, which is actually really really good, um some manuals. I get in here that i read just make me want to pull my hair out in frustration. This is fab. If you follow this, you will get to the end and you will be able to fly it without any problems. You also even get, as i said, the spare pair of sticks for the radio, because i guarantee you will lose at least one of these, so brilliant spares are there and you get the little tool, which is a micro, phillips, cross, head style and thats just to Make sure that the props are held on uh, no spare props in the box. Be aware of that. So i thought the best way for me to actually show you how this thing works is for me to just clear the desk a little bit power. Everything up, connect to it and show you all the different kind of camera options that are available from this little chat, because this has loads of different options, and this is where a lot of the differences come between these individual models. So, first of all, let me turn on the receiver, so press the power button once and then press it and it powers on controls on the top thats to start stop recording for video thats to take a photo that little rotating control moves the gimbal up and Down and then you have a return to home emergency.

Oh dear button, the power button, and you have three flight modes which is kind of filming normal and uh sport, ive flown most of my filming. It makes it very slow and very regal, so it makes lovely footage, but if you want to fly a bit faster, you absolutely can now in terms of turning this thing on um im, going to press it once and press and hold it again, Music. There we go, that is the quad now powered up on the phone im. Just gon na um open the application. It will open it automatically, but you need to download this x hubsan 2 app. You can see here the um, the things connected, so here on the screen. We have some text. We can see the battery level on the quad, which isnt great. We see the battery level on the top right hand, corner of this, the height distance and also the speed its going, the direction that its pointing in and how many satellites weve got. So at the moment, weve got zero satellites, but good signal. So let me just pop my phone in the bottom again because its spring loaded its very easy to kind of get it in its trickier when youre doing it around a camera, but hey ho uh well plug the usb cable in itll. Also charge cancel that out and then itll automatically, detect and say enter user interface and there we are were actually looking at it.

Now we can use the gimbal control here at the corner to zoom to look up and down, but let me just zoom in on this screen and let me kind of go through all the different modes that is available on here so to access the modes. We click over here, and these are the normal modes that you have. So you have a normal mode to price price, which is how you would normally fly it uh to arm the model which im not going to do. Youd hold both sticks into the bottom right hand, corner that kind of arms it and then the little takeoff icon is highlighted, and you can just click on that and away. You go its very, very good on the phone to actually let you know when youre going to do something dumb or not so weak gps signal when its ready, itll beep until youre ready to go. If you try and enter one of these modes, where the quadcopter isnt high enough or far enough away it will let you know that as well theres also a waypoint mode that allows you a couple of options. You can either do waypoint mission planning or record the waypoints, so you can fly a specific thing, so you can tell it where you want it to fly and hit execute and away. It goes lets close that theres also orbit mode orbit mode, allows you to rotate around yourself when its flying and you go into orbit mode.

It kind of just locks the position of the uh, the radio where you stood. You can tell it how high you want and radius set the angle, and it will just fly in a lovely circle around you, as you can see here, lovely mode for getting some really nice cinematic footage. Next, one, then, is follow mode, two types of fuller mode on this very cleverly. First one is follow me and that just uses the gps location from this phone thats sent up to the drone, and i struggled with it to be honest, its okay um. It does again, this doesnt have avoidance, so dont walk behind any trees that are higher than the drone, because it will fly into the trees. It wont have any kind of awareness of where it is. The active track is fantastic that allows you on the screen to select something that youre interested in following and then the drone will keep that in the middle of the view and will do a great job of just keeping that and following you around a really really Beautiful mode and produces some stunning footage next mode, then we got creative video, so we can do things with that and also line fly mode as well so theres, quite a few in here to actually get you going in terms of the other side, we have um The ability to to change the gimbal horizontal control um its very good at kind of making sure that the gimbal stays nice and level.

So as i let me kind of bring it in here, theres the gimbal, because i rock the quad around the gimbal stays nice and level uh. If it isnt perfectly level, you can kind of tweak it with this control. Underneath then, is also a digital zoom. So you can change things, theres, also the ability to change between video and camera, and then you also have all of your settings here of how you want everything to work: uh automatic manual, theres, the options for filming and also for how you want everything to be Done for things like photos, so its absolutely piece of cake to do this in terms of flying flying is super easy as well again, as i said, you just hold the sticks, the lower left hand corner the props will start, and then you can just fly around The optical flow works incredibly well lower altitude and at night it also has that landing light that itll turn on to help maintain a particular position. The return to home uh has let me down a couple of times and if you try and initiate a return to home when it has a weak gps signal or the signal uh it isnt great for some reason, then it will do weird things like in this. For example, i actually initiated return to home and it just started climbing into the sky, so i wouldnt rely on return to home with all these quadcopters. You know filming drones.

Id always make sure that you keep it well in sight and that, particularly for the first couple of goes that youre flying in an area that doesnt have lots of obstacles and lots of things that you can fly in. In terms of this thing, i am very impressed. This is very similar in quality and also very similar in performance to the dji kit that ive tried in the past. Now i looked at a model a couple of weeks ago that was more expensive than this, but didnt have the gimbal or the longer flight times that this thing has. This is the one that im actually using at the moment, takes the field to go out and fly. So if you have been looking for a cheaper camera drone to do the kind of stuff that weve been looking at in the video and you dont want to invest in a dji system, then this one at the moment is the best one that ive tried for The money again links down below, if youre interested in having a look. Thank you for spending your time today, watching that video. You can find me in all the usual places on social media and, if youre, trying to learn about subject, then check out the playlist.