Sorry, i havent uploaded for a little while my computer broke down and i had a bunch of problems with it. So i had to wait to get a new system and, as you probably know, parts are very hard to come by right now, at least for a reasonable price. So today we are looking at the hubsan xeno mini se little bit of a mouthful. This was sent to me for review by hubsam, so thanks to them for that, and as always, if youd like to pick it up, you can find a link down below now youll see i have the two battery version, which comes with a little storage bag, which Is really cool and just keeps everything nice and compact, the bag itself feels pretty decent quality kind of the standard that youd normally expect um with something included with a drone like this included in the box. Also, is your power plug your batteries? Of course, i have two, as i said. Also, you get your cables for the controller, a user manual a little screwdriver, some extra buttons for your controller, a micro usb carbon hobson. We need usb c already, a controller of course, and also a multi charger which ill show you in a minute so thats, just a quick rundown of whats in the box, were now going to look a little bit closer of some of the things included. If you want to jump straight to the flight test, look down in the timeline below for the chapters, if we can trust these really old, dodgy, looking scales that ive got, this drone comes in at 149 grams without the battery and with the battery youll see it Comes in, of course, at 249 grams as advertised the drone is using a pretty standard design and considering how light it is.

It feels a pretty good quality in the hand, and i have no real complaints there. The camera, which is on a free access gimbal, can go all the way down and then forwards theres also an option. I didnt have a chance to test sorry about that which will enable it to go a little bit higher. This drone has so many features and specs im not going to be going through all of them, but some important ones. Of course, you have a micro sd for storing your high quality footage. You have a optical flow positioning system, a downward facing light, gps, a whole bunch of sensors. Of course, your 4k 30fps camera on the front you get brushless motors and just generally, this product is very well specced and, i think very good for beginners, despite its lack of obstacle avoidance, which i disagree with some people. I dont think you have to have this. If youre a beginner but its definitely nice to have moving on to the controller, youre, of course, getting hubsans pretty standard controller that they include with most of their drones, it has detachable thumb sticks, and i just overall think this is a pretty solid, designed controller. Ive used it many times with previous versions and dont really have any major complaints. The phone holder generally feels pretty nice for me and, i think, will hold most size phones. If you have a huge phone, you might have a bit of a problem, but for most i think, youll be fine.

It holds it nice and securely and of course you have your really nice screen as well, which shows you all of your telemetry, your altitude. How many gps satellites youre connected to and you have a whole bunch of buttons for starting your recording, adjusting the camera gimbal and so on. The controller has a built in battery which, from understanding cant, be removed. The cable that connects to your smartphone from the controller keeps your smartphone charged up, and it can also be used to transfer firmware updates to the controller, and you can also update the drone easily as well. I really like the simple design of the multi charger. Thats included it doesnt charge all of the connected items at once. It will charge one at a time, so you can connect up to four batteries and also your controller, and it will start charging one of the items and once it finishes it will then start charging another, then another until theyre all fully charged. So it doesnt simultaneously charge all of them, which i quite like, because it makes more sense that if you just leave one of the batteries on there, you want one to kind of be fully charged and ready first. So if youre, in a bit of a hurry, you have one full charged battery Music, the app youll be using on your android or apple device. Is the x hubsan 2 app ive used this before and ive always had a pretty good experience with it.

I havent experienced anything really bad like crashing or just the app randomly closing, but this can be very dependent on the um type of phone youre using. So if youre using quite an obscure android phone, that doesnt have very good support, then you could encounter issues im using a xiaomi mi 90 and i do sometimes have the odd problems with apps. But with this app i didnt have any major issues which is good. Once youre in here, you can mess around with a whole bunch of options such as your camera settings all sorts of stuff. With the drone, such as the gimbal pitching speed, you can calibrate the compass and the gyro theres a whole bunch of stuff. You can do and play around with in here and its all very well laid out in a very friendly design. So for the most part the app is pretty good and solid, at least from my experience Music. Due to the wind noise, you probably just heard ive had to remove the audio from my action camera. So you cant hear the drone im sorry about that, its something im working on um. If youd like to support my channel, i do want to upgrade my audio and camera equipment when possible, so i can get better audio and picture quality for you guys. So i hope you understand that ive had to remove the audio there anyway. Lets move on to how this drone performs and how it flies.

So before i took it out here, i did do a little test in my back garden to see how stable the drone was and it held pretty rock solid most of the time and it just felt really safe and secure even flying in an enclosed space. Now you do have to remember this. Drone does not have obstacle avoidance like some of the more pricier drones, so you can just fly this straight into something if youre not careful, but if you just take your hands off the controls at any moment, it will hover in place very well and even if Theres a fair amount of wind, it will still hold its position relatively well. Also, as i said earlier, it has optical flow positioning, which means it has a downward facing camera which uses that to try and orientate itself to the ground and hold its position. And, of course, it also has gps and altitude hold as well, which helps it keep its position. One thing that stood out pretty quickly for me was the camera on this drone. It often can be a weak point of sub 250 gram drones, especially when you consider the kind of mid to lower end of this market, its not usually a problem in the higher end drones. But for this one i was just really impressed with the overall performance of the camera. Youll see how effective the gimbal is at keeping the camera nice and stable, while its not perfect, along with the picture quality, i think for most people.

This is going to be a really great enjoyable experience, and you also have to bear in mind that this was a really overcast day with pretty bad light. So i think in good lighting conditions, this camera would look even better than it does here so ill definitely check out some more reviews, as well here im going to show you, the drones follow me mode, which, in this instance, i use the active track mode, which Enables you to track objects, not just people ive seen people use this even on ships theres a video of that on youtube and its very cool. Indeed. So not only does the drone orientate itself towards you, the gimbal will even pan up and down to keep you in view its a very cool feature and as youll see here, it actually works very well. Ive used this in other hubs and drones before and in some other products, but i have to say this is probably the smoothest experience ive had using it. You do get a very good experience. Typically, if you was to use something like a dji um, but this in the hubsan drone still surprised me on how efficient and what it worked. Even when im running here like a bit of a crazy person while youre in this mode, you also still have control of the drone to a certain degree. So you kind of get this 50 50, where you can change the drones height and move it to the left and right so youll see here.

If i change the drones altitude up, it kind of goes up and away from me pretty cool effect. So you can still have some customization to your shots. The drone will track you and you can still move it around. I really like this as it gives you a really nice shot of yourself or the object youre tracking, but you still have the ability to change the position of the drone yourself. Now. Let me show you something: really cool youll see im panning down the camera here then the drone takes over and faces it all the way down, and we see a message saying its searching for the landing pad or takeoff point, and this is where i found this Just really cool and geeked out a little bit so ill leave my live commentary in here, which is kind of funny Music. That is pretty nuts, where you going go land Music Music. Here i put the drone into expert mode, which gives you a higher degree of control and more power. So i sometimes do this just to see how well a drone performs when its being flown more for fun and not just being used as a camera drone, and it will also show the stability of the gimbal and how the wi fi feed holds up. Although the drone is not really at a massive distance, its still not a bad test to see and what the feed looks like as well, when the drone is moving at a high speed and generally i was quite impressed.

The feed can break up a fair bit and its not perfect quality, but its definitely good enough when youre viewing it on a small phone screen and for the most part i was really impressed with how this drone was able to maneuver and fly around. I thought um, it felt pretty good and very nice and responsive, even when it was far away. I felt like i was in pretty good control and never felt uncomfortable, which is a good sign. The more comfortable i feel flying a drone is often a sign of how good and responsive it actually flies, because i feel more comfortable to take it a little bit further away from me and maybe do some crazy maneuvers. I tested the drones point of interest orbit feature and what this does is from where the drone is sitting providing youre at the correct radius and altitude, which will show you on screen. It will start to orbit or circle kind of from the position that youve left. The drone before it starts that position and if it works correctly, it should orbit or turn around from where the drone is. So if youre already in the correct position, it will orbit around you or maybe an object, thats stationary and you can get a really nice shot. You do have a little bit of manual control still as with the follow me active track mode, but you can drag the slider on the screen to change the speed.

The drone is moving and also the direction really cool feature and very easy to use. Lets talk a little bit more about the camera. Also, i need to say im. Sorry, i dont have any pictures to show you um. This is a bit of a theme of this review. Sorry i havent had as much time as id like due to the pc problems i mentioned earlier, but i do have quite a few video clips. I can show you, but id also like to know your feedback and what you think of the camera, so i can kind of include this in my expectations for future reviews, but for the most part i was very happy with it. I thought it looked really sharp. Now i dont think the frame rate looks very smooth. Sometimes it seems like theres a little bit of kind of like a ghosting effect when you move the camera or pan too quickly. So its not perfect, but i think for the type of shots most people will be using this for and kind of, your average beginner user. I really think this camera is really good and will serve most of those people really well one option. I wish we saw more of thats. Also missing in this drone is the ability to film at a higher frame rate like 60 fps, and you cant do this even on the lower resolutions on this product, which i do think would be pretty cool, because if you want to get some nice cool flyby Shots or some more fast, paced action having that high frame rate can make quite a big difference and can help the video look kind of less stuttery and a lot smoother, and so this is something i would like to see, and also would this be a feature You guys think you would actually use id be interested to know, so i think im going to try and wrap up the video here, so it doesnt get too long before i move on to my final thoughts, something i need to add to this video as ive Had a few people report this problem to me, some people seem to be having problems with hubsans support, saying that their support system, when they have a problem with their drone, is really bad.

Now this isnt something ive had to use myself as i havent had any major issues, but if youve had similar issues, please comment down below, so people can know your experience and its just something i want to mention, as this is of course, part of any product. If you need help and support and the companys bad at doing that, then that is something that you need to consider when picking up a hubsan product. So please, let me know your experience down below. Moving on to my final thoughts, i just want to say, if theres anything in this review, that ive missed or any feature that i didnt talk about. Um ive had to get this video put together a bit quicker than usual. So sorry, if i missed anything or didnt answer any questions that you have, but my final thoughts are generally very positive for this product while its not cheap, i do feel it comes in a very well rounded, very user, friendly product experience. Now one of the downsides is it doesnt have a obstacle avoidance system, which i do hear some people say is a must for beginners, but as long as youre, not flying this in a very small, enclosed environment, i dont think youll have any problems as long as You dont fly near any trees. I would just advise you: go to a big open field, of course, away from any people, cars and just make sure youre allowed to fly in that area, and i dont think youll have any issues if you can get this drone on sale.

I definitely think its worth picking up. It is a little bit pricey, but i do think it offers quite a lot of features and offers a higher quality experience. So id have no problems recommending this drone to you. If youd like to pick it up. As always, if you would like to buy, you can find a link down below which does support my channel. I really hope you enjoyed the video guys if you did, please give it a thumbs up if youre new to the channel.